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He might be the worst coach in the history of the NBA. I've never seen someone make so many boneheaded decisions in a 3-week period. How is it that he's getting paid millions when all these bloggers on the internet would easily do a better job of coaching, for free?

Utter bullshit. Let's hope JRUE isn't hurt too bad and can get back into the lineup.

i don't think i've ever been more mad at this team. 99-89 with 4:22 against the bobcats...the BOBCATS, and we lose. why can't they close out games? it's ridiculous and eddie jordan NEEDS to be fired right now i have absolutley had enough i can't deal with it anymore. 9 games in a row! we had better have a hell of a second half of the season like the last 2 years or we can kiss the playoffs goodbye, and as long as ej is the coach i guaruntee that won't happen.

Can't close out games when you intentionally put lineups out there that can't stop anyone. EJ is a moron

I honestly believe that the Nintendo's prehistoric Double Dribble game could be randomly set to spit out basketball jargon on periodic intervals and do a better job(especially on D) coaching than EJ.

What is the magic number? How long does the losing streak need to go for him to get canned? Into the teens? O-for-Dec? What is it?

Whatever that number is, I will hope they hit it so he can be gone as a X-Mas gift to Sixers fans.

Kingtizz on Dec 5 at 22:24

With all honesty he should coach grade school teams he would be a great coach there. I don't even see him having much success at a high school level. Truely. I am a die hard sixers fan but i find and this is the most frustrated i've been watching this team since 19954-95. And it has nothing to do with the personell, or guys playing it's ROTATIONS and eddie jordans Defensive schemems. I truely do not understand why he hates big men.

that's the thing that's so weird. Not only is he an idiot, but he's actually a generally mean person. He just hates big talented players, and trashes them publicly. Haywood in DC, Brand in Philly. For absolutely no reason.

Kingtizz on Dec 5 at 22:26

excuss the grammar and spelling.

deepsixersuede on Dec 5 at 22:42

Larry and Eddie, polar opposites; when Larry coached here he would have a lead and go to his ugly defensive lineup, get a few stops, and win without scoring.

You beat me to the punch. This game was the immovable object vs the unstoppable force...

The Sixers defense vs Bobacats offense.

One guy who can't coach offense a guy who can't coach defense.

Yeah, it's funny, I think Larry Brown likes it when his team scores points, though. And occasionally he'll make a smart move, and even go back to something that's working on the offensive end. Jordan, on the other hand, seems to get pissed off by quality defense and actively makes decisions to make sure the Sixers are in the worst possible position succeed on that end of the floor. It's really quite a revolutionary way to coach, and very bold when you have an average offensive team.

Yes, bold and revolutionary. The Princeton Defense really brings the best out of a poor offense. It sure turned the Bobcats into great 3 pt shooters.

The Bobcats- the worst 3 pt shooting team in the NBA, just shot over 50% from 3 against the Sixers. Is anyone surprised? They even were left wide open when they had to hit 3's down the stretch.

They just made shots. Can't do anything about that.

BTW, this is the 20 game mark.

Guess we are free to criticize his defense now, per his rules.

I wish someone had the guts to walk and say:

"Eddie, your team, who was at worst average at defending the arc over the past couple seasons, has successfully turned every opponent into Jason Kapono, Care to Comment?"

Tray reply to rswknight on Dec 6 at 0:54

"Eddie, your team, who was at worst average at defending the arc over the past couple seasons"

Is that true? I thought that's been a consistent problem for a long time now. Granted it's worse this year.

Nope, you can check the stats. They would have some games that looked bad, but they were pretty average for the most part in Op 3ptFG%(14th in 07-08(.353), 16th in 08-09 at .367(exactly the League average).

The thing people often brought up with the team was the not effectiveness in percentage, it was the volume differential.
In 07-08, Sixers made 302 while the opponent made 557. Next year, it was 341 to 585.

They were outshot from deep in pure volume & percentage, which meant they had to make up the points from the line and off the break.

Now, they are allowing the opponent to shoot 41% from deep. A major dropoff all tied to EJ

bebopdeluxe on Dec 6 at 0:45

So, what I have to hope for here is for Eddie Jordan to stay our coach for the rest of the season...piss away another year of Brand's contract...wait to see if Iverson can keep his cool for 60 games...

Even if we fired him tomorrow, we are already 10 games under .500...the best that we could probably hope for would be a low seed and a 1st round exit.

Probably the difference between, say, the 8th-9th pick and the 16th-17th pick. Wow.

The pick and roll D was the worst I've ever seen it tonight. When we ran them at the end of the game, the Bobcats did a generally good job and were aggressive on every one. We had no clue and that will continue to be another way to pillage us at that end of the floor. Why is Jason Kapono in the game when we need stops?

Because according to our coach we never need stops.

By the way, against just about every other team the Bobcats would struggle to score 10 points in the final 4:22 of a game. Meaning, if we didn't score a single point down the stretch and just held them to their typical offensive production, we probably win the game. Instead they out-score our small lineup 17-6 in the final 4:22. I'm going to lose my mind.

KingNor on Dec 6 at 18:21

There should be a move for Ed Snider to sell while the value has gone up and we dump loser Eddy Jordan also so that AI won't have to do the Kunta Kenta dance and the Sixers can rebuild for properly for 2011. No more "Sixer Bling" for Ed or Eddy.

JohnMagee reply to KingNor on Dec 6 at 18:49


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