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The Third Ten

i voted 10-0 because of the probability of a green-iverson backcourt playing 40 minutes a night. oh yeah! that is gonna be exciting (for whichever team we are playing of course)!

Court_visioN on Dec 7 at 0:16

here's the thing. This team refuses to defend, yet somehow has stayed close in most of their losses. My take is Iverson has a little something to say about that. 3-7

Wait, he has something to say about them staying close? I can't wait to see more of their "matchup zone" with Willie, Iverson, Kapono, Carney and Thad as their super small lineup. This is going to be awesome.

Court_visioN reply to Brian on Dec 7 at 0:42

if they're already not defending, the issue is then if they can outscore the other team. And with AI on the team I can see them taking a couple games just by outgunning other teams.

Yeah, fair point, but there are varying degrees of not defending. Since Lou got hurt, you've always had one guard who can defend on the floor with Willie, either Jrue, Iguodala or Carney. We're now going to see not only a small lineup, but a small lineup with two guards who can't defend in Green and Iverson.

So maybe they are able to outscore opponents, but it's going to probably take a whole lot more offense than they would've needed when they were playing at least one passable defender in the back court the entire game.

Court_visioN reply to Brian on Dec 7 at 0:43

if AI and Willie Green both get hot in the same game Eddie Jordan just might jizz in his pants.

I'm going 5-5. i can really see us winning against denver because i know the crowd will be into it. then w's against detroit, golden state, la and washington but i think i'm being too optimistic.

I voted 5-5. Basically, not improving. 4-6, 2-8 are far more likely. Regardless of what zone, any zone you play you need bigs. As long as Jordan refuses to play bigs, then Brian I think we see some of these problems IMO.

If they win more than 2 games, I will be shocked. Sorry Brian, but no way do we beat the Clippers. This is going to get very ugly before it gets better.

If they go 2-8 in the next ten games, does that increase the liklihood of Jordan being fired?

That is the question of the day...

I wouldn't be surprised if Jordan pulls out all the stops for the field trip. His starting lineup will look something like this against the Clips-
PG- Allen Iverson
SG- Willie Green
SF- Jason Kapono (EJ knows that they don't call it 'small' forward for no reason)
PF- Andre Iguodala
C- Thad

Now if this group could play match-up zone the way John Chaney used to work it at Temple, EJ reasons they won't be stopped.

Here's the real key though- This group will play with HARMONY AND EFFORT. That's right, 'harmony and effort.'

6mauro4 on Dec 7 at 3:51

With EJ defense we make great every opponent but i am optimist: 3-7

2-8. Savor this moment folks! You'll never get to see coaching this bad ever again. And EJ's comments get stranger by the day. So it's going to get even more interesting. Watching the Sixers, I feel like a rubbernecker gaping at a particularly gruesome accident on the freeway.

deepsixersuede on Dec 7 at 7:42

I picked 1-9 with a fight breaking out tonight as Elton elbows his coach in the face on the way into the game with 6 min. left in the 1st quarter. His Sunday strategy of trying to get Eddie to block a Willie dunk during practice failed so this was his next move.The worst part is, after tonight, a blowout loss, there will be 18,000 witness!s that won!t return to watch this mess. I hope you guys see a good one; and Brian, you ought to put how you feel on the teeshirts.

OK 'fess up, who picked 10-0, 8-2 or 7-3? I need your shrink's number.

3-7. They get a brief emotional boost from adding AI and having fans show up. The Sixers are sort of like the stock market last winter. They are bad, but not quite as bad as their record indicates. Lousy coaching can't hold you down forever.

Lets go John Wall!

I am still sad our uniforms aren't perfect. Those little triangles on the neck and arm holes drive me crazy. Why wouldn't they just have USA piping like that brand photo.

I miss the USA piping.

Alvin reply to Mike P on Dec 7 at 11:43

Yeah the piping is damn slick.

The only Sixers jersey is a white AI one from the other AI era, also known as the ugly jersey era, but at least we were better then than we are now.

I'm going with 2 home wins and 2 road wins. 4 in total. AI plays 30 minutes tonight. Let's get a pool going.

ItAintEZ on Dec 7 at 12:40

Just read on Fagans blog that EJ said AI and AI2 will be the starting backcourt tonight.

I wonder if that means Willie will be the starting at SF?

I wonder if Willie's hurt. Here's something to make you feel all warm inside:

Jordan said he envisions a backcourt of AI and Lou Williams, when Williams returns from his broken jaw.

Sixers in last 33 games 8W and 25L.

I voted 4-6 with wins vs LA Clips, Washington, Golden State and one between Den and Det (more likely the second)

Will watch live tonight, Brian if you make a live blog I'll join

We'll be here. My preview will be up late in the afternoon EST.

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