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How Bad Has the Defense Been?

JohnMagee on Dec 7 at 14:31

Who knew Andre miller was so important


You had to skim, no way you could've read the whole post in the amount of time since I posted it :)

You forgot to mention Reggie Evans (who played about as many minutes through the first 20 games last year as Jrue has this year), and Theo Ratliff (who played 40 fewer minutes than Royal Ivey has so far this year).

JohnMagee reply to Brian on Dec 7 at 14:42
Court_visioN on Dec 7 at 14:40

Eddie Jordan said after practice yesterday that "Brand got better shots today, Dalembert got better shots today" in terms of what AI's impact was. I think he forgot to mention that they were being defended by Sixers, which means none of those "easier shots" are going to be there on game nights.

Willie was guarding AI :)

Great writeup. I did some research of my own yesterday. Found out that Jordan has never had a defense ranked higher then 19th in def rating, EVER.

I think we should email this to every beat writer for the Sixers and the national bloggers too. Might help

JohnMagee reply to rswknight on Dec 7 at 16:49

Kate Fagan believes that Reggie Evans is a strong defensive presence, so my guess is these these numbers won't make a whit of difference

You might be right. One thing that might help is that one beat writer said that Jordan does have the tendency to be a bit arrogant. That is a similar thing to what was said during the JOB era. If that arrogance continues while the product continues to falter, that might lead to more critical articles, similar to what happened to O'Brien. Ironically, that team also got its head beat down from deep.

A couple of the national beat writers I have had past dialogues with have indicated they will be looking at the situation. The question is who will be the 1st mainstreamer to say it?

My guess is that Hollinger hasn't paid one bit of attention to the Sixers, if he had, this would've been a per diem column already. Maybe on a slow news day.

Brian, Blew me away with the numbers. Just read your conclusions. Great analytical work! Maybe, the sixers should hire you. Doesn't look good going forward unless the leopard changes his spots.

Sent a link to this post to Kate Fagan after her chat session. Hopefully the raw numbers alone might get some people talking in the right direction.

from philly.com:

Jordan said he would let Iverson dictate when he needs to be taken out. He said that in his first time coaching Iverson, he wasn't going to take the guy out unless he called for a sub.
So, AI will be winded and will conserve all of his energy for the offensive end of the court. Looking for 'D' stats not get any better any time soon with AI controlling his substitutions.

AI coaching the team, awesome.

That comment is on top of his statement of how "matchup zones" will help AI conserve his legs. Offense gets better, defense gets worse, Black Nellie rules supreme.

JohnMagee on Dec 7 at 17:07

This is just awesome...

AI Decides his own minutes - so 48 MPG huh?

All other things aside... AI is a 34 year old vet.

So this team has decided to basically habd the keys to a 34 year old vet... a few months after letting go a 33 year old Andre Miller?

Even a 500 record here on out ends up at 36-46 and no playoffs. Can we please just play the young guys (in their proper position), let the chips fall and maybe learn what the team has and needs? Maybe get the draft rights to a future superstar while we are at it?

The Sixers- the relentless pursuit of mediocrity.

Great post. It seems like we always double team, no matter who we are leaving open and who the guy with the ball is.

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