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They're grilling Jordan about AI showing up late in the presser.

I count 10 brace licks so far.

Someone just asked about threes.

"We've gotta get better...Need to put guys out there who can get out to the perimeter. If we go small, we can probably do it." Really? Going small is going to help you stop the three-point shooting, huh? Why hasn't it made a bit of difference all year long with your ridiculous small lineups.

If small ball helps there 3 pt defense, imaging how bad they would be struggling if they didn't go small 70% of the time?

EJ, please educate us about D,

zig reply to tk76 on Dec 8 at 0:35

"well, i can't tell you much about defense, BUT i can tell you that the keys to winning are not grabbing defensive rebounds at all when they matter. that is actually what the 60's celtics and 70's knicks did. and playing guys like willie green is really important as well. boy willie can sure get after it. he could teach jrue a thing or two about defense." -eddie jordan

Yes, like not to try and block my(WG's) shot at practice. That kind of defense hurts you... and the team.

Brian: Hearing Eddie Jordan is like hearing some awful punk music. What'll help with the 3's and overall with the defense, is if you STOP the insane switching system.

The reason we only allowed 93 pts as compared to the 106
Charlotte scored is because Eddie somehow had the 'crazy' idea of starting Brand/Sam. Easily making the zone that much better.

I hate the thought of Andre Iguodala shooting a basketball shot. He's not a 2 guard, when they go down you have to remind yourself that they'll miss eventually.

True to form, they gave Iguodala some hard doubles and he disappeared. Unable to create his own shot or pass out of the double.

Iggy is nothing more then a second-tier rate SF. Whereas Thad gets far too much heat. They all look bad in this crazy defensive system.

Joe reply to LG on Dec 7 at 22:14

a 2nd tier SF is a stretch IMO and I'm as big of an Iguodala fan as there is.

Lebron is obviously by himself on tier 1 right?

Beating the doubles is also the responsiblity of the other players and the coaches. There were no designed release points, especially considering that Iguodala will always look for the open man if he's doubled because of his pass-first mindset. Everybody watched and didn't come to the bal, or cut to the open area. Hence, TOs

Denver 11-18 from 3. They just got lucky and hit some shots :) Very out of character for a Sixer opponent.

zig reply to tk76 on Dec 7 at 23:02

well, what can the team do? when the other team is just hitting their shots?

harmony and effort, man.

congrats on inky.

I'm not going to comment on anything else because i'm trying to be positive. If Iggy doesn't have an above and beyond first half, this game was a blow-out.

Glad to see you get mentioned. Hopefully they can interview some bloggers more and the Jordan topic can be introduced

Will Smith on Dec 7 at 23:49

Ed Snider gets a free pass in this town for no reason IMO, the Sixers have been a nightmare under his ownership as far as I'm concerned. Also, he is glorified by the hockey fans, yet they haven't done anything since the disco era. The product on the court flat out sucks, but why should we even be surprised at this point?

Loved you in I Am Legend.

Can't argue w/ your take on Snider either.

Will Smith on Dec 8 at 0:24

Did anyone catch how fired up Iggy was to hit those back to back 3's in garbage time? The game was out of reach at that point yet hes clapping and fired up...down double digits with probably about 40 seconds remaining so I don't think he legitimately envisioned a comeback...All about stuffing the stat sheet, this team is just so unlikeable outside of the young guys.

Eh, I don't think he's a stat-obsessed guy. I just saw it as him wanting to come back and hitting back-to-back threes after a frustrating stretch earlier in the fourth.

mike reply to Brian on Dec 8 at 1:02


mike reply to Will Smith on Dec 8 at 1:01

he wasn't fired up in a happy way. he was smacking his hands because he was pissed that he missed those same shots while denver was on that huge run.

I also felt that on some boards, A.I was getting a little too much heat. My memory's vague, but I don't think he was guarding Billups when he exploded in the 4th. Plus, A.I gave us some nice PG Play: 11 PTS, 6 Assists, 5 Rebounds.

I'll take that, wait till he gets his legs under him and he'll be a solid dimension to this offense. Him, Lou, Speights. Imagine what we'd be with a defensive HC.

No, he was getting smoked by Lawson though.

For the most part, I agree with what has been said. Brian, long time reader, infrequent poster, but I felt like I had to get this out.

Seeing some of the game tonight leaves me with the same feeling I think I will have for the remainder of the season, happy at times, frustrated most times, and utterly ashamed in the end.
(2 caveats here, if EJ somehow miraculously changes his rotations or overall strategy or morphs into a good coach OR if he is fired, this comment is basically null and void).

Happy times...
-It was great to see AI in his true colors. Didn't miss him arguing every call with that whine (especially when he was so "rusty") but throwing that lob to dalembert off a broken play was nice to see. The pick and roll with EB is awesome (I remember thinking the sky high thoughts when CWebb joined AI...). Now have 2 legit pick and roll options with EB (Jrue's recovery would make it 3).
-So many weapons. Seriously. With Speights and Lou, that's 6 potential 20 pt scorers on a given night (Jrue could evolve into this group). Exciting to watch, just wish it wasn't us, because it won't win us a championship.

The frustration...
-The AI dribble fest makes me crazy. Didn't miss that in the slightest.
-Hearing Zumoff talk about how AI is making Iggy that much better will get to me every time. I don't believe it. Now, Iggy has more defensive responsibility, period. Offensively, Iggy may get a little help here and there, but in no way, will I allow Zumoff or the public to take away how well Iguodala plays with or without AI.
(Side note: I can't imagine the mental aspect Iggy is dealing with. Must be rough.)
-The lineup mentioned in the ingame feed featuring Willie Ivey Carney Kapono and Smith or Dalembert was truly atrocious. HOW does that make sense?
-Thad Young rebounding? Aggressive offensively and defensively? We just need to sign someone who will draw media attention to get national publicity to get him to play a little closer to his potential. Anyone have Matt Geiger's agent's number? (But seriously, I wonder if we had a coaching staff who motivated Thad to play like that more often and who encouraged the appropriate roles of each player versus conforming to a system that negates talents)
-2 BENCH POINTS!?!?! Wow.
-Willie makes me sick. Yes, he went off the other night, but overall, he's inconsistent and doesn't have a red light when the shot isn't falling. Could be partially blamed on EJ for playing him and not benching him at the right times to send a message, but Willie has to be able to provide more than that. And the fact is, he doesn't bring anything to the floor other than streaking shooting. I will not waste anymore time on that dud.
-Casual fans who love this transient boost. Enough said.
-Tonight, it seemed like Iggy had never dealt with a double team before. Yes, someone should have flashed to help him, but if he is doubled at the catch, he has to be able to atleast recognize it and not turn it over. Use your dribble effectively or split it. He knows this.
-Why isn't EB either in a P&R with either AI or Iggy or simply post EB every time down the floor scattered with some posts for Thad or Iggy? Why doesn't it revolve around this? Is that too simple? Am I dumbing it down too much? (Reminds me of the frustration during the Pistons series when whoever Rip was guarding (Thad or Iggy) was not put on the block everytime down the floor.)
-If AI can condition himself into game shape, he will continue to make me say "what if" regarding the potential of this team if we had a coach who wasn't allergic to defense and didn't play ineffective small ball. So much offensive firepower. Yes, AI doesn't help with main problems, defense or rebounding, but he has heart, and that can't be quantified at this point.

Utterly shameful.
Like the consensus, we are in deep trouble long term. This move, this coach, this franchise, all going in wrong direction to save a couple dollars and save face. I don't want to elaborate because it basically depresses me too much.

Keep up the great work Brian.

Good points. Last night Iguodala was pretty much the point guard. AI will probably handle/dominate the ball more as he gets his legs back.

Wonder how AI's powers of recuperation at 34 compare to the AI we remember?

Thanks for the comment Bill, keep reading.

"(Side note: I can't imagine the mental aspect Iggy is dealing with. Must be rough.)"

Seriously, this had to be a rough night for him, he was introduced last, almost as an afterthought. I think it's definitely a positive sign that he came out and played a pretty great all around game. Maybe putting his stamp on the team, and the important thing is that he did it on both ends of the floor. I hope we don't wind up seeing him take 20 shots/night, though. He played a good game until those doubles started coming. They should've gotten him the ball at the top of the key so he couldn't get hemmed into the sideline by the double, but ultimately, if they're going to double Iguodala out on the perimeter, this team has the weapons to make teams pay. I just think he wasn't prepared for it, no one has done that to him since Orlando in the playoffs last year.

LG reply to Brian on Dec 8 at 4:13

I think another reason is that Iguodala had the size and power advantage over Affalo, he clearly was dominating him 1-on-1. The Nuggets also realized he was our only source of offense(ugh)

So, it was like stop Iggy, you stop the Sixers. And that's what happened.

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