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New Rotations, Same Results

johnrosz on Dec 8 at 1:23

Elton did a good job hitting the glass tonight but wow when he gets an offensive board he doesn't seem to have the lift to take it back up strong, kind of a problem when he is an undersized 4 to begin with...We can all argue that EJ hasn't used him effectively or put him in a position to succeed but it's becoming more and more clear to me that he has lost a step or two or three...Anyone think EJ is in danger of losing his job if the defense continues to be dreadful and we run this losing streak up around 15?

I was looking at the schedule, and I think if it gets to 20 we'll have a new interim coach by the New Year. They'll be out west on a long trip, they will have lost an assload of winnable games, they can make the move without having to deal with a home crowd to boo them.

I don't think the streak extends to 20 though, I actually have them winning on Wednesday against Detroit.

Completely forgot to mention the bench in my wrap, and I guess that's fitting because they completely forgot to show up. 1/14 from the floor, -12 for Willie and some of the worst perimeter defense you'll ever see. Kapono was bricking open looks. It was just sad. The starters played well enough to win.

Oh, and I also have a feeling that with Eddie Jordan letting Iverson dictate his own minutes, this will probably be his lowest minute total of the season (38).

We need A.I for 35-38 minutes a night(Seriously, with Jrue/Lou hurt would you RATHER Green/Ivey man the PT?)

A.I did solid, 11, 5, 6. I take that any day, he was a veteran and a spark that led us to where we wanted to be: In a position to get a win, ANY win.

That being said, we're not winning against Detroit. A little banged up, but they got size, speed, quickness and Ben Gordan. That's a blowout, Eddie Jordan isn't going to coach a game like last night's again.

That wasn't a criticism, hell if AI could've played 48 tonight we would've had a better chance.

As for Detroit, you're probably right. I had Iverson exploding in his second game and pretty much carrying us to the victory, but Jordan could easily squander such an effort too. Detroit is a very bad team, IMO, but you can't expect anything from this Sixers team.

johnrosz on Dec 8 at 1:51

It just doesn't seem like the defense has made any strides whatsoever, sometimes they look like they're regressing after i think they have reached their lowest point. Teams shooting 42% against the Sixers from beyond the arc after 21 games? unbelievable. Denver took what they wanted last night. I don't know if Stefanski will fire his buddy after such a short run, but if this garbage continues maybe he won't have a choice. Wasn't accountability one of the major qualities that Stefanski wanted in his "coaching search"? EJ doesn't seem to want to accept blame for much of anything, nor does he seem to have any solutions for this teams problems. He always seems to just chalk the L's up to the other teams playing well, and that is unacceptable and the mark of a loser.

Anyone seen Eddie Jordan's page at B-R.com lately?

Well played. Can you rotate what is said? Becuase it could be fun.

EJ, master of the Princeton Defense- creating open looks and a potent 3pt offense- for the opposition.

That's hilarious!

Statman on Dec 8 at 11:26

Brian, that's hilarious about the Eddie Jordan page. How much did that cost you? Was it the minimum price of $5?

Some of my thoughts on the game:
- I found it interesting that Iguodala didn't cede his spot as the last player introduced. He still deserves that spot in general, but I thought he might switch places for this game at least. As it was, he got some awkward applause (that's what it sounded like on TV at least) at the tail end of the Iverson ovation.
- Iverson still can't keep anybody in front of him on D, but I don't think any of us had high expectations in that regard. On offense, he still does one thing better than any of the younger Sixers, even at half speed: after he gets by his man, he can stop on a dime and go up *with balance* for an intermediate jump shot.
- Iguodala played great defense on Carmelo throughout and got in his head eventually. Iguodala then switched to Billups in the 4th and didn't do too badly until giving up the 30-foot bomb. On offense, it was definitely too many jumpers, which was fine while he was hitting but hurt when he missed a few (7 in a row overall, actually) during the big Denver run. On the plus side, very quietly (because it's all come during the losing streak) Iguodala has brought his FT pct. up to 75% with a 49-56 streak (87.5%) and his 3-pt. pct. up to 34% with an 11-24 streak. On the downside, he's also had at least 4 turnovers in 6 of the last 7 games.
- Also very quietly, Thad's 3-pt. pct. is up to 41.5%. He's also starting to see the floor a bit better, made one or two nice passes in this game (and his assist-to-turnover-ratio is inching up toward the magical 1.0 for the first time). On defense, I thought he held his own, other than the expected overhelping.
- Brand's offensive rebounding has been good this year, but I wonder what's happened to him as a defensive rebounder? His def. rebound rate is the lowest of his career, lower than Iguodala's at this point, and it's part of the reason the Sixers haven't been able to control the defensive glass even *with* the big lineup.
- Willie was horrible shooting-wise, but he did make one nice penetration that led to a dunk. I've always thought he has some decent PG skills when he doesn't fancy himself a scorer.
- Ironically, the 4th quarter lineup the Nuggets were using (Billups-Lawson-J.R. Smith) called for a smaller Sixer lineup to match up better on D, but with Jrue out, there was no one to bring in (Ivey would have been a liability on offense with the team trying to catch up, Carney also a liability on offense recently).
- I do have one major problem with Jordan's coaching this game: his wholesale substitutions in the 2nd (and to a lesser extent in the late 3rd). Why does he insist on taking out Thad and Iguodala at the same time? He did it at 8:49 of the 2nd, and the team went from a 32-22 lead to a 34-30 lead by the time those two came back at 4:22 (any Sixer fan could have predicted that the lineup of Kapono-Carney-Green-Ivey-Dalembert would have had a hard time scoring). It was a bit better at the start of the 4th, but I have to question the Royal Ivey isolation (who called that play??).
- Finally, I found it most interesting in the postgame when someone asked Iverson about what changes/improvements he had noticed in Iguodala from then (2006) until now (2009). His answer: "He's older" [has more experience]. Not exactly complementary, and I still wonder if they will be able to coexist.

DeanH reply to Statman on Dec 8 at 11:41

Thankyou for your summary. Would like to see it more often (hint). Brian, love the link (is there a way to leave comments? (if so, email me how).

This coach is driving me crazy. We would have won this game with any coach in the league (including Franks) as no other coach would have left Willie Green in there and would not have removed all our starters.

Thad needs to learn how to stay with his man. Way too many open shots by JR Smith that Thad was suppose to be defending.

"Iguodala has brought his FT pct. up to 75% with a 49-56 streak (87.5%) and his 3-pt. pct. up to 34% with an 11-24 streak."

Yeah, he's been getting to the line more as well. I was shocked when I saw him shooting the tech, though. Isn't Brand over 80% on the season?

JohnMagee reply to Brian on Dec 8 at 12:37

Power forwards do't shoot technicals, jeez what are you thinking

ty lawson! ty lawson! ty lawson! ty lawson! ty lawson!
did you see Ty Lawson........sorry, with the ban temporarily lifted I had to get it out of my system....at this point, if Holliday EVER GETS as good as Ty Lawson is RIGHT NOW, he'll be a success....check back in 4 years...yawn.......

Was nice to see Brand and Sammy play some D and do some dirty work.....and I think Elton Brand needs a shout out.....that guy hammers anyone who thinks he's gonna get an easy dunk....I LOVE his fighting attitude....he needs to start and play every game....I watch in San Francisco on DirectTV's NBA package and I never get the Philly feed. The announcers for the opposition ALWAYS make a snide comment about our silly flailing on the defensive end.....one guy said, "I think PHilly is applying the MUSICAL CHAIRS defense tonight, Tom" Ugh.

"I think PHilly is applying the MUSICAL CHAIRS defense tonight, Tom"

That's a good way to describe it. Just keep passing the ball until your best shooter is wide open, doesn't take long against the Sixers.

Wille Green and Kapono shouldn't ever take their sweats off in the fourth quarter....Kapano looks horrid....Green couldn't stay in front of Todd McCullough...I mean Todd McCullough now.

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