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The Day After

Tyronne Hill on Dec 8 at 15:10

I hope EJ doesn't sub Green for Dalembert anymore. One thing that upset me is that he doesn't drive toward the basket anymore.

JohnMagee on Dec 8 at 15:11

I think this is the starting line up until lou gets back...

I don't think he's tht much 'help' on offense cause he breaks offenses
So no I don't htink he'll help much to offset the succotash defense.
I think the Iverson bump might last a few more home games, but not many, especially if they continue to play like succotash

Rob_STC on Dec 8 at 15:18

I think Jordan will stick with the big lineup. He said something in his press conference about possible going small to help perimeter defense but he sounded like he didn't think a small lineup would work. One of the things I think Iverson will help with is toughness which I haven't seen from this team. Sammy had a swagger in that 1st half and Elton showed some toughness rebounding. Iverson himself said he never played with as talented a team before with the Sixers. If they come out with that type of intensity every night they should win some games. However I think the novelty will wear off with Iverson if they don't win games eventually the crowds will get smaller again. I liked the way Sam played and I like the way Elton played although I would like to get him more shots maybe a few of the ones that Andre got. I would like to see Elton get to the line also. I think Iverson is going to get more assists then he did before especially when he gets his legs under him as he said to penetrate more. I thought it was ironic they asked him about Ty Lawson. I suppose after last nights game a few people will be going to the I love TY site.

Depends on the coach. If he puts the proper lineup that makes up for AI's lack of defensive effort, they'll compete for a playoff spot, again. If not, forget about it. Since AI determines when he comes in and out of games, maybe he'll also dictate who else is on the court with him. He'd do a better job of than the coach has up to this point.

It's much too soon to say because his legs seem very weak. His selfless play may reflect that he knows he doesn't have it right now. Hopefully, when he's back in shape and has more quickness, he'll maintain his facilitator-first approach. I agree that he's a much smarter player than Willie Green.

"Of course, this is a much more talented offensive team than any he played with back then, who knows what the old AI would've done with this crew."

We know what he did with Denver and that's shoot too much. But this was a surprisingly promising debut. What's the chance, though, that he keeps this sort of play up? Sooner or later he'll probably think it's his responsibility to shoot us out of our losing streak and awful record, never understanding, of course, that he'll just be shooting us into an even worse record.

Yup, that's the big question for me. He's really happy to be back here right now, he probably looks at the team and says to himself "we can win with this roster," but what happens when he wakes up one morning, realizes his coach is a moron and the team is 15 games under .500. What does he do then? In the past he'd (a) try to do everything himself to turn the team around or (b) call Stephen A. Smith and start hammering the coach in every imaginable way. I actually think option B could be a good thing for the team, believe it or not.

DeanH reply to Brian on Dec 8 at 20:14

Agree! I am actually hoping the sixers get a very good lottery pick! And play exciting, fun basketball in the meantime.

And maybe SAS will be the one to get Jordan fired??????

bebopdeluxe reply to Tray on Dec 8 at 22:54

Crap. Crap. Absolute crap.

Have you actually LOOKED at AI's '07-08 numbers in Denver? Huh? My guess is the answer is NO...because that "we know what he did in Denver, and that is shoot too much" statement is absolute garbage.

In 2007-08, AI cut his shots per game from an average of over 25 shots a game to 19 (which was LESS shots per game than 'Melo). He shot almost 46% from the field that season...he also shot almost 35% from 3 (well above his career 31% average), he averaged over SEVEN assists a game and his 2.4-to-1 assist-to-turnover ratio was by far the best ratio of his career.

THAT is what he did when he had a full season in Denver. He gave up some of his game for 'Melo, and had - statistically at least - the best all-around season of his career.

Get your facts straight.

Matt Harpring on Dec 8 at 15:55

Anyone else rally frustrated with Jason Smith and Rodney Carney?

JohnMagee reply to Matt Harpring on Dec 8 at 16:03

I'm not - but then again i expected very little from them while others seem to think they were major impact guys

I didn't realize Smith lacked opposable thumbs. That guy has gotten his hands on so many balls without actually collecting the rebound. Complete butter fingers.

Carney's just on a cold shooting streak, and his defense isn't valued in the least if he isn't making shots.

I think the defense was improved because they gave more effort. Not because of coaching. Because they were playing in front of a pecked house with national attn and adrenaline kicking. Sort of like the increased defensive intensity during the playoffs.

I expect the increased intensity to wear off after few more losses. But they might steal some wins in the meantime.

pretty good performance for the most part. Everything was going great until that 4th quarter which always seems to be a huge problem for the sixers. Another thing i didn't like was that iverson wasn't introduced last. they were probably trying to show iguodala that he was still the man on this team but basically everone forgot about him because of iverson's ovation and who can blame them. all in all though a lot better on the defensive end and a very entertaining game to watch.

I remember a preseason game against the Knicks when we were all wondering whether a nice third quarter run was PO and we got a taste of Jordan, just saying they NBA sets or something. That's all we need to run and I hope Iverson makes the Princeton Offense extinct. It won't be all isos either because even though he wasn't in shape, AI can't get his shot whenever he wants now. Maybe Allen and Iggy off curls, some pick and pop play with Brand, AI9 two man game with Thad and Brand. I was encouraged to see EB doubled last night because we were getting it into him. He needs more work getting it quickly out of the double to an open shooter like Allen or Kapono. That's something to keep an eye on in the next couple of games.

JohnMagee on Dec 8 at 19:32

So the nuggets had 26 FT's last night and the sixers had 9

Can someone explain WTF?

Bob reply to JohnMagee on Dec 8 at 21:29

Well, it wasn't because the Sixers weren't getting fouled.

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