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Eddie Jordan Confidence Meter (1/4 Season)

Brian, you can run this team better, I'm pretty sure of that.

I voted a 1 and I concur with Alvin, you could run the team better. These last 3 games(Dallas, Cha, Denver) were all close games, what do they all have in common?

Sam played at least 35 minutes, and he's been dominating this past month, it's something new with Sam. This ain't the 07 year where his 10/10/2 was reveled, he's playing at a far higher level then that. His fouls are down, way down. His effort has been spectacular and without Sam, this "defense" would look 10 times worse then it is now.

It is indeed 1/4th of the season and some of these numbers he's been getting are so extraordinary, but if Sam can keep up such a similar effort, then why move him?

I only move him, if this effort actually gets me something big for the team moving forward. Like a SG( a really good one)or another top-ten first round pick.

Sam and AL Jefferson would really compliment each other in the low-blocks. I would revisit Minnesota talks. There's nothing wrong about acquiring a 6'`11 center that's just been outstanding.

Sam's my MVP for this 1/4th of the season, we're probably worse then the Nets without him.

Why trade him? There's this kid, Larry Summers outta VCU and I like his stuff on BOTH ends. Unlike Sam, Larry Summers has a developing offensive game and his defense is just spectacular


3 BPG in 16 Minutes!(2.7 this year in 26). I have a feeling as more games are played and the more he develops, he's going to be one hell of a beast. A franchise-type C potentially.

Sam is a conundrum in so many ways. Just think about the situation for a second:

1. If they're going to be a legit defensive team they need him on the floor, playing well. But, he doesn't always play a that level and can kill the team at times. Another but: are we ever going to be a legit defensive team with this coach? If not, how long will this coach be here? Sam is a free agent after next season and I don't see any way he's re-signed here. Add all of that up, and moving him makes sense. Which brings me to...

2. They've tried to move him. They've desperately wanted to move him. Now that he's upped his level of play, you'd have to hope his trade value has increased somewhat. But, we're talking about his value starting at zero, so how much has it increased? I guarantee you there isn't a team in the league who would give up a lottery pick for him right now, not even close. Not with his history (fair or not), and the amount of money left on his deal. If you're saying don't trade him unless you get something of great value in return, then essentially you're saying there's no way they should trade him, because that simply isn't going to happen.

The mostly likely "good" trade they could pull off for Sam would be an expiring deal, which doesn't really help the team on the floor in any way, but does save the franchise a decent chunk of change next season.

As for Larry Sanders (awesome name), and yeah, he's exactly the type of guy I'd love to see them draft, but do you think Jordan wants a guy who's defensive game is much more developed than his offensive game? I sure don't.

JohnMagee reply to Brian on Dec 9 at 12:13

Portland has suffered major injuries in all areas
Portland needs a big man to be there because Oden's new nickname is Mr Glass
Portland regrets signing Andre Miller
I'ts pretty obvious to everyone that the sixers miss andre miller ;)

Seems pretty simple to me

I appreciate the humor, but on a serious note, Pritchard is afraid of his shadow when it comes to trades and bold moves. POR made a series of bad moves this summer, in my opinion, and no one even bats an eye. They should've moved the LaFrentz contract last summer, but he was stubborn.

I'm not even sure Portland could put a package together at this point, to be honest. The Sixers don't want Miller (I'm pretty sure of that), so who else could possibly equal $13M+ from their roster? Bayless + Blake + Outlaw doesn't even come close.

JohnMagee reply to Brian on Dec 9 at 12:37

Find a 3rd team - make it bigger - get T-Macs expiring deal PLUS how exciting is it to see T-mac AND Iverson on the floor together.

Seriously, my feelings for sam (and willie) are that they should be traded for a sack of doritos...so whatever you can get...

The miller thing of course was joke - because nba.com writers thing that's the defensive issue this year

deepsixersuede on Dec 9 at 7:05

I voted 1 because there wasn!t a zero, stay with the big lineup, play Jrue when he comes back and I still won!t give him credit, because E.S. probably ordered it.

I have to say, I voted a 3. I'm still holding out hope that he will come to his senses. What can I say........

Regarding Sammy. I will say he is putting out every game this year for a coach who isn't giving him much of an opportunity. Not sure what is causing it because that wasn't the case in past seasons.



Tom Moore on Dec 9 at 8:44

Hello, all. Wanted to pass along that my story for today is on the Sixers' dreadful 3-point defense. Did some research and the Sixers are on pace to allow the most 3-pointers in NBA history (691, breaking the old record by Jordan's 2007-08 Wizards) and opponents shooting 42.0 percent beyond the arc would be another single-season record. Link is below.


Alvin reply to Tom Moore on Dec 9 at 9:18

Wait so EJ's Wizards in 07-08 gave up the most 3 pointers in a season in NBA history? How come no one brought that up to the FO before they signed this loony?

Tom Moore reply to Alvin on Dec 9 at 9:32

I didn't realize it at the time. Don't think any of the writers did. Just discovered yesterday -- NBA doesn't keep official records. Had to spend time at basketballreference.com to get the answer.

Nice article, Tom. I find Jordan's quote about going small a little bit disturbing, he's essentially placing blame on Elton Brand in that statement, but the team has been just as bad with Brand on the bench and any variation of his beloved small lineup on the floor.

The simple answer is that this defensive system is designed to fail if teams either (a) beat their man off the dribble or (b) swing the ball from side to side. Two things that really aren't difficult to do, especially with AI3, WG or LW at the point.

I don't see how a zone is going to help shore up the three-point problem, either.

If three-point shooting was the only defensive deficiency with the squad I'd be more hopeful, but the only aspect of the defensive game they aren't truly atrocious at is steals. So many holes and don't think Jordan is capable of filling any of them.

JohnMagee reply to Brian on Dec 9 at 12:24

If Eddie Jordan can blame elton brand publicly, he seems to do it.

I think a PF picked on Jordan at soime point and it scarred him for life.

However, bad mouthing him publicly won't help trade him

Neither will benching him, maybe that was the reason for the big lineup.

JohnMagee reply to Brian on Dec 9 at 12:40

The fact that it's the 'optimum' starting five has nothing to do with it - of that we're sure?

So - are the sixers going to win tonight?

I'd love to say he used it because it's his best starting lineup, but he's eschewed the best starting lineup several times, and he was almost gleeful when he was talking about how EB could eat shit if he didn't like it. Something changed and my money isn't on Jordan suddenly realizing he was dead wrong.

I still have them winning tonight. Detroit is a joke, and there's another GM that gets WAAYYYYYYYYYY too much leeway from the press.

JohnMagee reply to Brian on Dec 9 at 12:53

Did you see the 'playoff odds' today on espn?

Is it still 14% for the Sixers?

Honestly, right now I'm more interested in the T-Wolves/Nets, the only teams worse than the Sixers, both showing more signs of life than we are.

JohnMagee reply to Brian on Dec 9 at 13:03

Yup - only two teams in the east have a worse chance than the sixers


(PS - I think if the nets get healthy they finish with a better record than the sixers)

If the Sixers don't address defense, that's a distinct possibility. The Sixers only have three more wins right now.

Iguodala seems to have a handle on the 3pt defense. They just help too much.

Of course that is just part of EJ's Princeton Defense, so that won't be changing.

Yeah, Jrue said the same thing really early in the season, he was rewarded with a series of DNPCDs.

Jordan already benched him once, in the DC game. He has a new AI to play with. Just wait for the next time Iguodala's shot is not falling and Jordan can run an AI, Green, Kapono, Thad, Sam or Smith lineup, because "we need to score to catch up"

Well, he's got two reasons now. 1) because they score the ball and 2) because that's the only possible way to defend the three (which is false, but he'll say it anyway).

The sad thing is you're likely right about both reasons.

You know, your convo about the Nets got me thinking. I think the moment that the Nets pass them in the standings(and its a when, not if) is the official hot seat moment for EJ, barring no more major injuries as an "excuse." Getting lapped by a team that broke the record for worst start has to be a red flag, right?


But tonight is WINNING TIME!


Kingtizz on Dec 9 at 9:24

I should have put a 2 down because that is my real confidence in Eddi Jordan but i put a 1. He is ruining our defense and uses lineups suited for Golden State or D.C not Philadelphia. If we had bruce bowen, ron artest,or dikembe mutumbo they would not play over willie green and the rest of E.J offensive substitutions. And the only reason we went big with A.I on monday is because of E.S.

The Sixers need to blow everything up. Just start it over with a Number 1 pick Iverson style but more in the Thunder role.

We need to sign a young nerd GM like Morey or Presti. Ed S is doing a shitty job.

We also need to get Pat Croce to stop playing golf and own the team again.


I'd have given a zero had it been there. Worst coach I've ever seen. My buddy coached 7th and 8th graders in a catholic school league and I'm 100% confident he'd do a better job than Eddie Jordan's doing with the Sixers. I agree with Alvin and LG that Brian would do a better job. Tony Deleo (sp?) would do a better job (obviously).

Honestly, I'm blown away... just completely blown away that Eddie Jordan is an NBA basketball coach. How did that happen? How? He has absolutely no idea what he's doing and he's a complete a$$hole to boot! Wait... a revision. If he had no idea what he was doing, we'd still have a chance of winning a game here or there out of dumb luck. He'd say, "come on guys... man up on D and take good shots." If he only did that and nothing more, we'd be a .500 team right now. The problem is that this complete moron has a very clear vision of what he thinks he needs to do, but it's 180 degrees in the opposite direction of what a sensible or knowledgable person what do if success was the desired outcome. He's like a reverse coach... like a coach you'd plant on a team you wanted to lose! It's literally unbelievable that they hired this guy. Unbelievable.

Lol. So you're saying he is the Anti-Coach. Sounds like a Marvel villain.

Kingtizz on Dec 9 at 14:47

Thank you sixers.com for introducing me and Ed Stefanski, and Ed Snider to this article. http://www.phillyburbs.com/news/news_details/article/126/2009/december/09/its-raining-threes-2.html
It's is about our little defensive problem.

As far as your poll. I had to settle for a 1, but I would've preferred a negative number to show the confidence I have for EJ pulling this franchise in the wrong direction.

He is like a Bizarro-Coach, striding boldly forward to put the right things wrong. After 2 years of Andre Miller, affectionately referred to as the Ping-Pong ball killer, Stefanski decided to hire a coach who apparently collects them like Pokemon cards

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