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Thriving At the Two?

Iggy at SG, Thad at PF: -6.3 points per 48 minutes

Iggy at SF, Thad at PF: -5.6 points per 48 minutes

Iggy at SF, anyone at all at PF (meaning not necessarily Thad): -15.6 pp48:

Great research per usual, Brian.

I have gotten tired of the meme about needing a "classic" 2G. There are teams that have thrived w/o a great deep shooting off-guard(Drexler's Portland teams, Dwayne Wade's Miami team, Jordan's 1st 3-peat Bulls).

If Jrue can evolve into a proficient shooter from deep and Thad's percentage continue to stay above 40%, then Iguodala's performance becomes a non-factor, not to mention the fact that 3-point shooting can improve even well into a player's career(see Kidd's late-career transformation from Ason to Mad Bomber). Iguodala does need to improve his post game, but I don't believe that he won't.

You add this to the fact that Speights is most likely the Big of the future(and, by all accounts, has legit deep range), then Andre's inability to impersonate Ray Allen is not needed.

Since we're talking about two guards, compare Kobe's age 26 season to Iguodala's so far.

Their percentages are eerily similar pretty much across the board, and this was Kobe's 9th season in the league, it's only Iguodala's 6th. Kobe scored more points, basically because he was a huge ball hog that year, otherwise, but Iguodala's numbers still weren't far off.

Wow, that is similar.

Dre is more of the jack-of-all trades type of swingman, in the Drexler/Pippen mold, but people don't remember that Jordan and Kobe were not major high-percentage shooters from deep.

Iguodala is not a 25 PPG type, but this team will be better for it, with players like Thad & Speights on it. Just hope the team lets them grow together, doesn't make any rash moves

Interesting analysis. Thanks. The problem though, as I'm sure you're aware, is that he never plays the 3 with Brand and Sam on the court. So it's like comparing apples and oranges. Still, the higher FG% at the 2 is surprising and counter-intuitive. Is there anything to attribute that to beside being surrounded by better players?

Would love to see a lineup of Sam, Brand, AI9, Carney, Jrue protecting leads in the 4th.

Wow, I just checked the rotation chart and AI9 has played exactly 1:45 the entire season as the 3 with Sammy at the 5 and EB at the 4. One brief run, which was marred by a back court of Willie Green and Royal Ivey.

You'd think with the amount of clunkers this team has turned in that he'd at least give every possible lineup a decent shot, especially one that features your top three defenders at the two forwards and center.

My best guess for his better shooting numbers at the two is that he has a physical advantage over just about every SG in the league. He doesn't have to worry about getting his shot off, when his jumper isn't falling, he can drive past them or overpower them. He has some advantages over threes, but not to the extent that he outclasses most twos in size and athletic ability. That and possibly the extra attention paid to Brand down low (and teams do pay extra attention to him, no matter what anyone says).

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