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Our Weakness is Weaker Than Yours

Kate Fagan just said on Twitter she thinks Jrue won't play. Apparently he's shot with his left hand exclusively in warmups. Great.

Court_visioN on Dec 9 at 18:15

I'd rather have Jrue play shooting left-handed than Willie. But I'm not Eddie Jordan.

something to comfort us all about ej's coaching abilities:

"Eddie Jordan's Sixers have given up 177 3-pointers so far, which projects to 691 over 82 games. The NBA record is 683 by Jordan's 2007-08 Wizards. The team record is 585, set last season." -Tom Moore

Any surprise there?

Court_visioN on Dec 9 at 18:46

the Sixers are on pace to set league records in both 3 point makes and percentage.

Ladies and gentlemen, your Philadelphia 76ers!

Court_visioN reply to Court_visioN on Dec 9 at 18:47

records as in worst defense against threes.

How is Jrue's 20 foot range with the left hand?

Alright, about to tip it off. I think we'll track EB tonight. Interested in seeing how he plays off Iverson and vice versa.

Rich reply to Brian on Dec 9 at 19:09

That sounds good. He got doubled a lot the other night in the post. I'd like to see if he could make the first pass out of it a little quicker and crisper. AI could make these guys pay if he does that.

Great block by AI on Atkins.

Baseline J, no double came. Make.

1/1, 2 points for Brand.

Transition 12-footer. Make

2/2, 4 points for Brand.

Rich reply to Brian on Dec 9 at 19:16

I know it's Chucky Atkins, but great effort from AI on the defensive end early.

Alvin reply to Rich on Dec 9 at 19:49

Defense? We talkin' bout defense?

Is anyone else using Firefox on a PC? If so, is the video player working for you at the top of the right column?

Court_visioN reply to Brian on Dec 9 at 19:19

working for me.

OK, must be my computer. Thanks.

Elbow extended, face-up jumper. Miss. Not a great shot.

2/3, 4 points for Brand.

Settled for three long jumpers, all misses, Detroit comes back to tie it. Followed by a Brand walk at the end of a strong drive.

Great hustle by Thad. That's a four-point swing.

Two early fouls on Iverson, charge and then a b.s. tripping whistle.

AI with two fouls early.

Court_visioN on Dec 9 at 19:28

I think after all these years Dalembert still surprises defenders with the types of shots he takes.

They're playing EB straight up tonight. We gotta take advantage of that.

Court_visioN on Dec 9 at 19:29

how long can AI keep this pace up? Not that I want him playing 40 minutes butwhen you look at the roster the options are pretty limited. AI needs to stay on the floor.

He's gonna have trouble with Bynum, but Sammy was up to the task on that one.

I'd run a little w/ AI9 at PG and Carney at SG.

Court_visioN reply to Brian on Dec 9 at 19:34

that's what i would do too, but since he's gone cold shooting from the field I don't see EJ playing him major minutes. More Willie. Ugh.

That was a sweet pass from EB to SD on the cut, pass out of the low post.

Dalembert and Brand both challenging every shot in the paint.

Court_visioN reply to Brian on Dec 9 at 19:37

and on cue, EJ sits sammy for willie.

Court_visioN on Dec 9 at 19:35

Ed Pinckney annoys me.

His BS analysis of the small lineup particularly.

Do they count that buzzer beater by Brand?

I guess it's 16-18, Pistons, after one.

Defense looking better with the big lineup in there. Let's see what kind of lineup Jordan sends out and how they handle the glass in the second.

Turnovers will kill us. That was pretty much as good of a defensive quarter I've seen with Eddie Jordan on the sidelines. 6 already and I bet they have 8 points off of them.

6 turnovers in the first Q, ugh.

Stuckey was salivating when he saw Green was "guarding" him there. Right to the hoop for an uncontested layup. Willie is pitiful.

Ryan F reply to Brian on Dec 9 at 19:42

Willie gets after it

Kingtizz on Dec 9 at 19:42

Another good thing about A.I or even Lou Williams out on the floor is that it reduces double teams.

Kapono at the 4 in this lineup...

I have AI9 at the four. Refuse to believe JK is playing PF.

AI9 at the four. Bleh.

Court_visioN on Dec 9 at 19:43

this small lineup is killing the Sixers.

Someone should slap Kapono for the foot on the line.

Alvin reply to Brian on Dec 9 at 19:56

I won't complain if he actually makes the shot. We need SOME bench scoring, 1 basket all game is not gonna cut it.

AI3 getting to the line. Need that.

AI horrendous on the offensive end early but actually defending well.


I thought Iguodala should've hit Kapono as the trailer on that last break.

Court_visioN on Dec 9 at 19:49

if you're going to press at least do it properly. AI stuck in no-man's land. Easy lob over.

Bad shot by Willie, he hit it. Expect more bad shots to follow.

AI back to the line. He's relentless in attacking the hoop and he needs to be with the way he's shooting (1/6).

Alvin reply to Brian on Dec 9 at 20:24

He's all about getting to the hoop, difference is he used to be unstoppable 1-on-1 getting there. But just having someone to draw the attention of the defense, drawing fouls AND making the free throws makes such a difference for this team offensively.

Charlie V is such garbage.

Court_visioN on Dec 9 at 19:52

i don't understand the Sixers' offense. Why are they running dribble-hand-offs to Brand at the 3 point line?

Harmony? Or maybe, effort. Can't remember which.

Wilie and EB execute the worst two man game in the history of hoops.

Court_visioN reply to Rich on Dec 9 at 19:53

yeah that was pretty ugly.

Court_visioN on Dec 9 at 19:54

defensive rotations are making me scratch my head. as usual. and in comes royal ivey!

Ivey Willie Kapono at the 1-3 right now... sigh.

This is their fourth shot on this trip down the floor. Miss, o-board, miss, o-board, blocked shot, can't control the ball. They will probably shoot 25% on this possession and come away with 2 or 3 points. Smith is a stiff, I'm sorry.

Nope, they were 0/3 on the possession w/ two points on two made threes.

Bad shot by Willie, long. Kapono w/ the o-board.

Brand with the o-board, goes up strong, converts and one.

3/4, 7 points for Brand.

Great work by EB, sadly on his 1st touch of the possesion.

Court_visioN on Dec 9 at 19:59

this lineup - green, ivey, kapono, smith, brand ... this team has no depth right now. Jrue, Lou, and Speights needs to come back.

great play by Brand.

Ivey isos crack me up.

Get EB's ass on the blocks. No one else can get their own shot with this horseshit lineup.

He's at the 5 now and they still have him 22 feet away from the hoop. I just don't get it.

Court_visioN on Dec 9 at 20:02

when Willie Green is aggressive and looks to pass he's not nearly as putrid offensively. too bad he and EJ both prefer contested 20 footers.

Charles freakin Atkins abuses Willie twice on defense.

Green torched again on the defensive end. Nice drive and kick to Thad for the three, though.

18-footer for Brand, a little deep. Miss.

3/5, 7 points for EB.

SAMMY with the sweet dish!

EB finishes underneath.

4/6, 9 points for EB.

Nice look from AI3 to a diving EB, fouled, hits both.

4/6, 11 points for Brand.

Kwame with 10 points off the bench, that's just sad. 6/6 from the line.

Thad's really stroking from three, huh?

Baseline 10-footer. Make, nice pass from Thad.

5/7, 13 points.

You can tell when a Thad 3 is going down. Rhythm and arc are the keys.

penetration hurt in the second half. At least the Pistons are shooting as billed from the perimeter.

Tied 42-42 after two. EB should get a ton of touches in the second half w/ the way he's playing.

13 points, 5 boards, 3 dimes, 3 blocks.

Alvin reply to Brian on Dec 9 at 20:21

I've been pleased with Brand's output since the hamstring problem.

The only thing keeping him down now is the coach.

Kingtizz reply to Alvin on Dec 9 at 20:25

yea even prior to the hamstring Elton has been playing very well. We just have the anti-big man coach.

Alright, here we go.

Brand misses elbow jumper, thought he was fouled.

5/8, 13 points for EB.

Nice oop from ai3 to sd.

Court_visioN on Dec 9 at 20:31

what would your rotation be when everyone's healthy? (what should happen not what's going to happen)

Iverson - 28
Williams - 28
Holiday - 12
Iguodala - 24

Young - 36
Brand - 36
Iguodala - 12
Speights - 12

Dalembert - 32
Speights - 16

Court_visioN reply to Court_visioN on Dec 9 at 20:35

damn. didn't even think about carney and kapono.

I'd have to think about this. I think I want more minutes at SG for AI9, but I don't know where they'd come from.

Court_visioN reply to Court_visioN on Dec 9 at 20:47

meant 16 minutes for Jrue.

Sammy with a nice move on the blocks for the and-one. Wow.

He's having a nice game, need more work on the boards, though.

Miss from free throw line.

5/8, 13 points for EB.

Court_visioN on Dec 9 at 20:36

hahaha dalembert traveled after the o-board

BS foul there...

8-0 run for the Pistons. Ended by an Iguodala three (don't like the shot in that situation, but he hit it).

Someone tell Pinkney you don't have heat checks when you're ice cold.

Court_visioN reply to Brian on Dec 9 at 20:39

like i said. ed pinckney annoys me.

Ryan F reply to Court_visioN on Dec 9 at 20:56

He said Willie Green attempted to try and get in the lane, you can tell he is just trying so hard. It sounds like he attempts to try to think before every word he says.

And he follows it up w/ a bad 18-footer. Come on.

Our offense is creating theirs...

Court_visioN on Dec 9 at 20:40

Iguodala needs to look to attack the rim on every pick and roll.


Ugh, another jumper.

Anytime now they could go to Brand on the blocks. Any fucking time.

Bill reply to Brian on Dec 9 at 20:47

Totally agree Brian. Put Brand on the blocks and make them double. Jeez.

Also, AI has 6 TOs. Not exactly the stat I want to see.

Court_visioN on Dec 9 at 20:44

young looked good on that break didn't he?

Best handle I've ever seen him have.

Court_visioN on Dec 9 at 20:45

are these jumpshots the product of this offense or is it the players' mentality that's causing all these outside shots?

I don't really see any offense being run. Dribble handoffs and isolations, that's it. Once in a while they bring a screen up on the ball, but they almost never use it. This is just sloppy.

Good to see Iverson's mom back, always enjoyed her.

The only way the Sixers win this game is if Willie or Kapono gets insanely hot and Detroit goes ice cold when Jordan makes his wholesale subs at the beginning of the fourth.

Small lineup, o-boards. Ugh.

Thad's third three.

Excellent D by Sammy on the blocks, 2 o-boards later, they still score.

Court_visioN on Dec 9 at 20:51

there we go Dre. That's what you need to do.

Court_visioN reply to Court_visioN on Dec 9 at 20:52

you have to hit those FTs though.

AI9 w/ nice D on Charlie V, again an o-board for DET followed by a foul. Come on. This is fucking ridiculous.

Court_visioN on Dec 9 at 20:53

"one of the better games of the season for him"
how often do we hear that line?

Hard not to conclude that if not for AI's 6 turnovers and 2-8 shooting we'd have the lead. So far the AI for John Wall strategy seems to be working.

Yep, he's been quietly bad, though :)

Tray reply to Brian on Dec 9 at 21:02

We should trade for McGrady; then we'd be two fifths of the way towards an All-Overrated-Stars of the Post-Jordan Era team. And we'd tank even deeper, sell even more tickets, and get lots of cap room.

That would probably do the trick.

Good work by Thad on that last deuce.

OK, down by 4 heading into the fourth. The question is did Jordan sit Brand late in the third so he could have him on the floor to start the fourth?

The first couple minutes when he leaves Green in there are going to be the key, can he do more good than harm?

eddies' heady's on Dec 9 at 20:57

They will play like gangbusters about midway through the fourth quarter as if it was suddenly something to play for at that point. Somehow forgetting that there were 3 1/2 quarters that needed the same effort.

They take on the life of the crowd for some reason. Crowd is listless, just like their play


Willie needs to hit bad shots here, keep it close.

Come on AI you're not playing for the Pistons anymore, stop passing to them.

Court_visioN on Dec 9 at 20:58

is that like the first time AI's taken a smaller defender into the post?

Yes, Sam. Rebound the FUCKING ball.

Court_visioN on Dec 9 at 21:00

Iguodala looking to go to the rim more aggressively lately.

Thad getting hurt is the only reason EJ went big here. Let's see what happens.

Man, Iguodala cannot contain Stuckey.

Give and go AI9/EB. Make from elbow.

6/10, 15 points for EB.

Missed 12-footer in transition. good shot, missed.

6/11, 15 points for EB.

That should've been a tech on Kwame.

And it was.

Brand drives right by Wallace for a nice scoop on the other side.

7/12, 17 points for EB.

Baseline J rims out.

7/13, 17 points for EB.

Questionable call on Willie.

eddies' heady's on Dec 9 at 21:07

Dre getting abused by Stuckey.

Can you box out anymore in the league? Apparently not w/Willie getting the BS foul there boxing out Kwame.

Court_visioN on Dec 9 at 21:08

slap kapono again for stepping on the line.

Jesus. That's two bullshit calls on the Sixers here.

Another fucking foot on the line for Kapono.

eddies' heady's on Dec 9 at 21:10

Does Kapono know where the three point stripe is anymore?

Court_visioN on Dec 9 at 21:11

if the sixers lose by 1 or 2 i'm pointing at Kapono and his oversized toes.

Court_visioN on Dec 9 at 21:13

how on earth does chucky fuckin atkins blow right by willie like that?

Does Iverson have 3 good minutes in his legs?

Court_visioN on Dec 9 at 21:15

Pinckney said EJ's upset at the transition defense. I think he called timeout to praise Iguodala for his contested fadeaway missed jumper over Wallace.

eddies' heady's on Dec 9 at 21:16

Dre just seems to have a man crush on his own jumper for some reason.

Making the gesture with his hands that he is 'shutting it down' after a made three only to come back and 'settle' for a step-back jumper that was a brick one possession later. sigh.

I mean, why step back to clear space to launch a clanker? Just give the Andre Miller-patented head/ball pump-fake and draw the foul. Just simple basketball.

Miller would pull that out a couple times a game and at crucial points in the game too, but the guys on the team now don't seem to have that in their arsenal.

This is what I love about Iggy: he has the talent to play the 3, the 2, and now even the 1.

I'm glad he took out willie in the fourth.

missed 16-footer. Decent shot.

7/14, 17 points.

2:12 to glory, how many jumpers will the Sixers attempt the rest of the way?

Sammy has been the best Sixer on the floor tonight.

Biggest disappointment, Brand only 1 board in the second half so far. Need more out of him.

Sammy w/ ice in his veins at the line. Come on, 90 seconds of life.

Court_visioN on Dec 9 at 21:21

dalembert with 2 huge FTs

Fuck me. The Pinckney jinx: "Iguodala's gotta be the guy." Followed immediately by an Iguodala turnover.

Iguodala locked Stuckey down on that possession. He was in his jock. Finally.

Court_visioN on Dec 9 at 21:23

stuckey can't get by iguodala one on one but philly's pick and roll defense is horrendous.

Who gets the shot here?

damn it

Well, at least he went to the hole. Stuckey walked when he got the board.

Court_visioN on Dec 9 at 21:26

iguodala and sammy knocked the o-board out of each others' hands!!

Yup. Good teamwork.

Iguodala has played 46 minutes so far. Jeebus.

Son of a ............................

eddies' heady's reply to eddies' heady's on Dec 9 at 21:31

Dre D'ed Stuckey up to a T......and he gets the loose ball for a deuce.

And Dre just had to go for the win with his lovely three point jumper that was invitingly given to him by the Pistons. No one within 10 ft of him and guess what? CLANK!

The three was the right play, and he was open because of a sick screen set by Brand. Why the play wasn't run for Kapono, and why Kapono wasn't even in the game are entirely different questions.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Dec 9 at 21:42

I don't know. I would have went for the tie and taken the two being we were at home.

Better yet, instead of him taking his time and sizing the three up, since no one was anywhere near him, he should have driven the ball and seen what defenders he could have drawn in, and at worst pulled up from 15-17 ft for the higher percentage shot.

Typical. I'd get Kapono in there and go for the three here.

Alvin reply to Brian on Dec 9 at 21:29

And hope he remembers where the line is.

Court_visioN on Dec 9 at 21:29

gotta get the ball inbounds here. no stupid turnover please.

fuck... the life of a sixers fan.

Why does it have to be Iggy every damn time?

Well, they went for the three, just had the wrong guy shooting it.

Now they're out of timeouts. Game. Set. Match.

Court_visioN on Dec 9 at 21:31

too open?

Watch out NJ, here we come!!!

Well, penetration and O-boards. And the offense was worse again with Iverson on the floor.

John Wall, here we come?

Thanks for hanging in, guys.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Dec 9 at 21:45

You should see the kid in person, he makes it look so effortless. Hell, just go down the street now :)

Brian I was most amused when I saw this message:

"Comment Submission Error

Your comment submission failed for the following reasons: Too many comments have been submitted from you in a short period of time. Please try again in a short while."

Another sign I care too much for a rubbish team.

according to stefanski, there are no untouchables on the team. if that is true then maybe they should fire jordan! yay!

eddies' heady's on Dec 9 at 21:37

I don't know how much more losing I can take in this fashion. So close.

The bad thing - Wall will never happen b/c after Speights comes back in Jan. and Lou in Feb., they will go on a tear upping their record and fall to mid-lottery. Sigh.....

Don't it. They don't defend. Their great runs were built on defense. Don't think we have to worry about a run this year

All Sixers fans should tune in to ESPN right now. John Wall playing, just picture him in a Sixers uniform and you may feel a little better.

I'll be back later with the wrap.

Had the chance to go to that tonight, but couldn't get out of work in time. damned real life job.

Damn that Eddie Jordan.

I killed a cockroach this morning, I almost wish it were him.

Every caller after the game on WIP610 is asking for the coach to be replaced. There has not been one call I heard with a compliment. Not one.

I was there tonight again, and same old. When Willie Green was introduced to go into the game, there were a lot of boos! Some yelling Willie, you stink! I wish I could get a fire Eddie chant going!

Not going to waste my money on Friday, cannot park for free anymore and not worth the cost.

bebopdeluxe on Dec 9 at 22:44

I wish Iguodala would get off the rag and not look like he is pizzed off every time he is out there with Iverson.

Grow up, 'Dre. YOu want to be a leader? ACT like it.

It will be interesting to see how much longer Iverson gives up his game for Iguodala...and how much longer Iguodala acts like he's too cool to share the space with Iverson.

The firs person to console Iggy after he missed that 3-ball was Iverson. If it was Iverson who bricked that last shot, do you think Iggy would have done the same?

No f'kin' way.

The more I see Iggy acting like he is on the rag out there, the more I want him to be the guy we trade.

Don't really see what you see. Not sure where you pulled that one from.

I'm with RSW on this one. I didn't see anything even remotely like that. Actually, I thought Iguodala got back to playing his game tonight, stuffing the stat sheet.

bebopdeluxe reply to Brian on Dec 9 at 23:27

It's not about his game...its about his attitude on the court. He acts like is he is perpetually preturbed about something...or somebody....there is ZERO in the way of supporting his teammates...you know - being a LEADER (this predates Iverson's return, but in my mind it has only increased now that ht eother AI is back).

When Iggy missed that 3 at the end, the first one who came over to support him (probably telling to take that shot EVERY TIME) was Iverson. As I said, if the roles were reversed there is NFW that Iggy returns that gesture...and that is what TRUE leaders do (the kind of leaders that other players want to follow).

Iguodala is a fine player - I am just getting tired of his joyless, b!tch-on-a-rag attitude on the court.

Yeah, you aren't the first person to say things like this about Iguodala. My only question is have you ever seen Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Kevin Garnett or any number of other "superstars" play? You guys act like Iguodala is the only one who bitches about calls. What about Iverson for fuck's sake?

Listen, I get that some people will never appreciate a guy who does everything well but shoot/score. That's fine. Just stop holding him to a higher standard than every other player when we're talking about pointless shit. Go back and look at tapes from when Jrue was playing, who was the first guy to pick him up when he made a mistake? It was Iguodala. That's leadership, him doing the exact same thing Iverson did for him tonight with a younger guy. Take off your blinders.

bebopdeluxe reply to Brian on Dec 10 at 1:00

I don't give a rat's azz about any of those other guys.

I care about ANDRE IGUODALA.

The guy bitches to refs. He gives dismissive stares to teammates who f*ck up on the court (hey! who gives Iggy dismissive stares when he turns the ball over in the guts of the game? Huh?). And people want to bury Jordan for blaming everybody and everything for the losing other than his coaching...I can't wait for the post-game comments where Iggy sacks up and said "yeah, my turnover late was a killer, and I've simply got to get tighter with the rock in crunchtime..."

(Man...Iggy's got some SERIOUS fanboys on these Sixers forums - doesn't he?)

And comparing Iggy to the list of guys you mentioned is a joke. You know that - right?

Look, I know this is your forum, you are really knowledgable about basketball, and I really appreciate what you do here...but I also have seen you get tweaked and borderline personal with posters on this forum when they go down a road that you don't agree with...and I think that it's pretty poor form.

I don't give a rat's azz about any of those other guys. I care about ANDRE IGUODALA.

That was kind of my point when I said you hold him to a higher standard. Is your point that Iguodala isn't good enough to complain about calls but all those other guys, and honestly every other guy in the league, are? He hasn't earned it, or something?

The main point of your post was what a great leader Iverson was for basically consoling Iguodala, then you made the leap that Iguodala would never do that because he isn't a leader. Well, I gave you an example of Iguodala doing the exact same thing with Jrue and you have no comment.

Listen, I'm fine with people criticizing Iguodala, I spent a pretty good portion of my wrap doing it. The thing that kills me is this persecution by Sixers fans basically because he isn't a 30-ppg scorer. The guy sprained his ankle three games ago, refused to come out, he played 46 minutes in that game 42 minutes the next night and 46 minutes tonight. He's done everything humanly possible to pick up the slack for his teammates this year, dominating the glass and leading the team in assists. Every single night he takes the toughest defensive assignment and you never, ever hear him complaining to the press about his role. Not once. He's got an idiot coach right now who's screwing up the entire team, he hasn't said a word.

You know tonight's game is a perfect example. You and the other Iguodala haters are patting each other on the back and saying, "See, he isn't a star," because he missed a three at the buzzer. None of you seem to care that his defense down the stretch is what gave them the opportunity to even have a shot for the win. Or the fact that he had 9 assists, 6 boards (playing the majority of his minutes at the two), 2 steals, 2 blocks only 2 turnovers.

Playing four positions on a nightly basis because the team is under-manned and over-coached means nothing to you. All you want to talk about is how he complains to the refs, just like every other player in the league, and how he should somehow be above it, and be a leader, like Iverson. The guy who revolutionized bitching at the refs and even went as far as threatening them.

Poor form or not, I think it's crap. You want to question the guy's shot selection? Fine. You want to question his heart or his leadership, I call bullshit.

bebopdeluxe reply to Brian on Dec 10 at 8:08

Sorry, bro. I could care less about him missing the 3...in fact, I'm glad he took it. It does NOTHING for the future of this team or the development of our assets for Iverson to take that shot.

This is also not about the guy's skills. He is one of the best all-around players in the league - who is being tragically let down by a abysmal coach and a GM who does not have enough sack to DEMAND (w/l record be damned) that this team get some answers about where this roster is going.

This is about the man's ATTITUDE on the court. And - again - I don't care if Tim Duncan, for example, acts like he never fouled anybody - his whiny act with the refs has always my level of respect for him. However, he has also been an MVP and has three rings - so my guess is that his act does not have a negative impact on his team or the overall perception of his game.

If you honestly do not believe that Andre Iguodala is a joyless b!tch on the court, whose pithy stares at his teammates and absence of enthusiasm impact his team, then that is your opinion - and it is an opinion that I do not share. The next time that he turns the ball over in the guts of the game (like he did again last night, with that horrific pass attempt to Iverson after he left his feet - something that I expect from my 6th grade son in a middle school game, not an veteran NBA player who views himself as an unappreciated, unrecognized superstat-in-waiting), it would be nice for him to look at his teammates, point at his chest, say "my bad", and then have the sack to man up after the game and say "I have to do a better job at the end of the game of taking care of the ball, instead of "McNabb"-ing it and talk about how "we" have to do a better job.

Iguodala is a fine player...I am truly happy he is on my team...I just want his demeanor on the court to develop and mature in a way befitting a true leader. If you do not agree with my opinion, that's cool...after all, it's just my opinion.

Danyell in the post game... he suggested the team go bowling.

Believe it or not, did not have any big problems with EJ's coaching tonight. He used the right players and they got a good open look on the last shot (off a big time illegal pick by Brand.) Team just was not good enough to be a below average and shorthanded Piston's team.

Yeah, I had a couple minor things, but he didn't lose this game, check out the wrap, it's up now.

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