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There Is a Precedent

Somehow this team is going to win close to 30 games. I guess you can still find a good player at the #8 pick...

Logically, you'd think so, but have you seen anything on the floor to back up that logic?

This team is not winning 30 games unless Jordan is fired with a large number of games left.

Their runs were built on D, an area of the court Jordan ignores.

JohnMagee on Dec 10 at 14:53

Obamas the precedent right?

Missed that one.

JohnMagee reply to Brian on Dec 10 at 16:29

that's because you're not as much of a looser as I am...

Just a note, I may be moving a new server in the next couple of hours, so any comments made after 4pm may disappear.


JohnMagee reply to Brian on Dec 10 at 17:14

Your preference or your gender orientation?

johnrosz on Dec 10 at 17:30

I think they'll start winning some games when Speights and Lou return, but then again, this team doesn't play any defense, so who knows.

This team desperately needs a star,they are a faceless franchise. Let EJ finish out the year and take your chances on a top 5 pick. About the only positive thing with this franchise is Dileo's ability to evaluate talent in the draft

OK, at some point this will be a dead page, probably when I'm on a train on my way home. Later tonight we'll be back upon the new server. Things should be faster there.

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