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Clash of the Titans

JohnMagee on Dec 14 at 18:06

Lucky 13, winner winner chicken dinner

I am happy I will watch the clash replayed, the good thing about being 5-18 is that I'm no more asking myself whether to stay up to watch live

good night Brian & everybody :-)

I think it'd be not wise to under-estimate the Warriors. When healthy, that team can put the points on the board and do alot of damage.

JohnMagee reply to LG on Dec 14 at 18:27

Who under estimates the warriors?

I suppose I can just follow Roy Halladay rumors all night

Anthony Morrow is the best jump shooter you've ever seen? Are you basing that on statistics or form?

Results and what I've seen. He's just a pure shooter, looks like he could stroke it from 40 feet w/ no problem. 47.2% on his career, 133/282.

Dean Harner on Dec 14 at 18:40

Game 2 of my strike of not wasting $9 going to the game. A little disappointed in my decision as Jrue is starting.

Anyway, excited about the Holiday trade and will watch much of this game. Expect loss #13.

I read an article this weekend by Martin Franks about why Jordan will not be fired. Disappointing to say the least since he made sense.

Anyway, I hope and pray the Jrue atleast has a good game.

JohnMagee reply to Dean Harner on Dec 14 at 18:44

Wait - is Holiday starting or being traded?

Is Brand hurt or is Jordan just a moron

Eddie Jordan's a moron....To say the very least. Brian's a prophet though :).

Anyone at all shocked that Jordan takes any/all opportunities to play small?

JohnMagee reply to Brian on Dec 14 at 19:09

Then shouldn't Brand be at center

Well, he it has to be small and fuck Elton Brand in some way.

JohnMagee reply to Brian on Dec 14 at 19:14

Well his wife did just have a baby so he's probably not getting any.

But that made me laugh

Morrow, Watson, and who's this third excellent long-range shooter of whom you speak? Oh, Radmanovic.

heh. rad is 4th on my list :)

Can we start a fire Ed Stefanski petition? He's easily becoming our Isiah Thomas.

Stop making god damned excuses Zumoff. AHHHHHHHH horrible mood tonight, I apologize in advance for my salty language.

JohnMagee reply to Brian on Dec 14 at 19:25

It never pays to insult your employer too much

Jrue and Ellis look to have a duel?

I have a feeling we don't win that one.

Alvin reply to Brian on Dec 14 at 21:34

We did.

Looks like there are hundreds of people there to see this one.

Nice D on back to back possessions by Jrue on Ellis.

JohnMagee reply to Brian on Dec 14 at 19:15

What the hell does holiday think he's doing playing defense, get willie in there STAT

JohnMagee reply to Brian on Dec 14 at 19:20

What the hell does holiday think he's doing playing defense, get willie in there STAT

Can anyone please tell me why we so believe in Iggy? Dude's 25, I don't think he has much upside left and he's not a 2 guard. Just keep Thad at the 3 and trade Iggy for a top-ten pick.

I'm in a really bad mood to begin with so I'm going to ignore this.

Thought was you, Dedicated...

JohnMagee reply to rswknight on Dec 14 at 19:21

wait dedicated76erfan from real gm?

Dear god tell me you'e kidding

I don't think so... Very similar lines of argument,

And Morrow for three.

EruThePhenom on Dec 14 at 19:18

If Jrue make a shot, he always takes another shot in the next position it seems he thinks he's hot everytime he makes a shot and does a heat check

Could have something to do with his coach rewarding guys who take bad jumpers early in the shot clock with more minutes than guys who concentrate on defense.

God they are worse than we are on defense. How do they perform better?

JohnMagee reply to Brian on Dec 14 at 19:22

More efficient offense?

Making their defense better? They're way ahead of us in defensive efficiency.

JohnMagee reply to Brian on Dec 14 at 19:28

Think about that for a minute

eddies' heady's on Dec 14 at 19:19

I thought Jrue was wearing #3 the way he came out gunning.

JohnMagee reply to eddies' heady's on Dec 14 at 19:24

He's 1 for 2

Dalembert has taken 4 shots

I'm not sure what 'gunning' is in your world but obviously it's different


Of our starters he's taking the least shots despite playing the second most minutes.

Yeah, he's gunning.

Had tickets for this, got called for work, heading down there for the second half.

Love watching the Iverson-Dalembert alley oops. Sammy is a new man this season.

Is Willie hurt or is our coach doing something kind of right?

Kind of right in one way, completely wrong in another. Best we can hope for, I guess.

That ball hit the backboard. That wasn't a travel.

It never ceases to amaze me. We run post plays for Daly but not for Brand.

Jrue is stoning Ellis.

EruThePhenom on Dec 14 at 19:24

moore doesn't miss one lol

EB and 1. Nice re-post.

Iverson diming like a fiend. I want to see more of him and Brand two man game

JohnMagee reply to Jesse on Dec 14 at 19:32

3 assists on 12 baskets, NO ONE is 'diming' like a fiend

Well, Iverson had all 3 at that point :)

jesse reply to JohnMagee on Dec 14 at 19:46

Wow, just wow. You don't have to love the Iverson pickup to appreciate the players on the floor.

It takes injuries for us to have a productive lineup on the floor.

EruThePhenom on Dec 14 at 19:29

not to say that jordan is doing a good job but, I get putting a small lineup with rad being PF, Jrue could guard monta ellis. I just hope that brand gets good minutes

AI9 to the locker room. Carney in before Green, must be an injury to Willie.

A.I is kicking ass.

I thought Iverson had two injuries? He's scorching. Still the toughest player in basketball.

JohnMagee on Dec 14 at 19:34

I can't wait for this Iverson nonsense to end

Ugly shot by EB, drops. You might not want to leave Morrow open in the corner.

EruThePhenom on Dec 14 at 19:35


In other news, Jrue Holiday is Eric Snow on Steroids.

Really pretty drop pass from Jrue to EB for an elbow jumper.

This ain't the Houston game, Golden State SERIOUSLY sucks.

Big first quarter, up 36-24. It wouldn't be a quarter of Sixers basketball w/out a 20-foot jumper from Willie.

JohnMagee on Dec 14 at 19:38

Looking forward to the 3rd quarter collapse - aren't you?

It's a shame that blog name is already taken.

JohnMagee reply to Brian on Dec 14 at 19:40

come on - you're thinking it too - i mean they started off strong against houston too :)

Alvin reply to Brian on Dec 14 at 21:37

We can have fourth quarter collapse. Remeber the Boston game?

eddies' heady's on Dec 14 at 19:40

Dre is 0-7 with 2 turnovers in 9 short minutes.

Please shop him Ed, he is one of the few pieces to use that can make us better. If not, put him back at his natural position and have Thad be the sixth man. Or, just get a bonafide 2 in here from the Dre trade. Something Ed, something.

Uh, he was 0-7 at his "natural" position. Solid logic, though.

JohnMagee reply to Brian on Dec 14 at 19:41

Can we trade some of the posters to philly.com for some tastykakes?

Yes, that 0-7 line in tonight's first quarter conclusively settles the question of what Iguodala's future with this team ought to be.

Sort of seems as if EJ made multiple smart calls with playing time tonight, almost as if someone's telling him what to do.

Thad abusing Randolph. Hilarious.

Don't look now but they jhave Willie "Chucker" Green and Royal "I ain't royal" Ivey in the game. But it looks like that doesn't matter as GS is putrid.

JohnMagee reply to LG on Dec 14 at 19:43

So are the sixers...nice to see you've learned some things

JohnMagee on Dec 14 at 19:44

Monta Ellis is 1 for 6
The rest of the warriors are 8 for 16

I wonder why that is

That first quarter, and just about every other game Iggy's played. He's barely an average shooter, he can't finish. Unlike Brand and Thad, who have numerously shown an ability to actually finish in traffic.

I'm sorry, Iggy's a SF and a mediocre one.

Iguodala was the #1 finisher in the league last season, ahead of LeBron. Any other thoughts?

LG reply to Brian on Dec 14 at 19:48

Finishing as in dunks? Come on, all you have to do is watch the game dude. Thad's taking contact, getting to the rim. Iggy is getting stopped mid way through the drice.

Joe reply to Brian on Dec 14 at 19:49

Don't feed the troll

Here's the link, if you don't believe me.

You may feel more comfortable commenting at Philadunkia.com.

EruThePhenom reply to Brian on Dec 14 at 19:50

yea and dampier is the 5th lol

Definitely Dedicated.


Tray reply to LG on Dec 14 at 19:51

Um, where do all Iguodala's fairly efficiently scored points come from if he can't shoot and can't finish? He has an offensive game, it's just not conventional, pretty, or good enough one for him to quite be your go-to guy.

BTW, on non-dunks and times where he doesn't get to the line, Iguodala is actually a fairly inefficient finisher. his body control has never been great. I'll come up with the #'s from synergy when I get back if you wish to debate it. Maybe i'll make a post at phillyarena about it.

56.5% on non-dunk inside shots last season, according to 82games.com

41.4% this year, 47.5% in '06-'07, 49.3% in '07-08.

By comparison, Young this year is 59.7%, last year 60%, his rookie 57.5%

last year was an anomaly.

I think some of it is because he goes through prolonged periods of driving to "get the call" as opposed to finishing, which is all Thad focuses on.

He doesn't have the body control or touch thad has. Never has. It's actually improved. I actually like the fact that he looks for the call because of that.

Yes, but there are periods where he seems to play "for the call" as opposed to just finishing with power and aggression.

EruThePhenom reply to rswknight on Dec 14 at 20:07

Also Andre Miller give a lot of aley oops and good passes down low for Iggy and Thad to finish. But, Thad has done it without him

EB, 9 points in 6 minutes. Get used to the bench, big guy.

AI9 had a rib contusion.

Ivey can't handle Ellis, get Jrue back in there.

EruThePhenom on Dec 14 at 19:47

damn carney can't hit anything lately

Carney's a rhythm guy who needs a set routine and role. This weird rotation ain't helping

JohnMagee reply to rswknight on Dec 14 at 19:51

Carney just isn't very good which is why the sixers got him cheap

That's a part of it, though I remember he became at least a rotational capable player once Mo had a steady routine and in Minny


LOL Willie

Key: LBJ 3pt plays: in the 90's. Iggy: 40.

That means LBJ actually finishes with CONTACT. More dunks, does not a finisher make.

LeBron also gets BS calls as well, meanwhile Dre gets mugged, "misses" w/o calls. You might try actually thinking the game for a bit.

That was "Showtime" as interpreted by Ivey-Green...

Jrue is good.

Holiday's p&r is f'ing gorgeous. So good even Sammy can't screw it up.

Love the Volleyball Spike dunk at the end. Just emphasizing how small GS is.

Christ, this pace is too fast. Tough to keep up w/ rotation chart, watch game and comment here.

Jrue Holiday is SMEXY.

smother D by Holiday. He frustrates people.

I hope he gets 20+ from here on out.

Beginning of the end here?

I have confidence they'll blow it in the 3rd.

They've played good D, especially holiday on Ellis, but I can't see it lasting.

j r u e

Jrue Holiday is better at finishing then Iggy.

JohnMagee reply to LG on Dec 14 at 20:15

My 7 year old niece is better at thinking than you

EruThePhenom on Dec 14 at 20:05

YOUNG is abusing anyone who guards him

Dre's ankle combined with his rib seemed to be really bothering him tonight

I have a project for halftime.

BTW, Brand played 7 minutes, 4/4 from the floor for 9 points. And done for the half.

I'll give Jordan this: At least we're not the Warriors. That team looks to be in disarray.

I don't think I've ever seen Thad this aggressive. Good. They don't have anyone who can defend him.

He's got 23 on 15 shots in the first half.

I like that they keep feeding him, which is key. Now, saying that, would I be surprised if they iso Sam and run AI/Sam screen-rolls all 3rd Quarter? Nope

I believe Thad likes the matchups he's seen so far.

10/14 for 21 points in the first half. Never seen him this aggressive for this long.

Well, pretty much an excellent first half for everyone but AI9, as much as you could hope for. Up 14, let's see what happens in the third. Worth noting, GSW only attempted 6 threes.

Thaddeus Young: Thanks for being such a hard worker and a genuine baller.

Joe reply to LG on Dec 14 at 20:46

Willie smells blood

Joe reply to LG on Dec 14 at 20:52

Can we not get out of hand with the Jrue Holiday stuff. link

Let's wait till he isn't a terrible NBA player...

Curry was the 7th pick of the draft and is nearly 3 years older than Jrue. Everyone (including Jrue's mother) knew he was more ready to contribute than Jrue. And Jrue outplayed him tonight.

I agree that Iguodala's not such a great non-dunking finisher, but he dunks so much that it more than balances out, you know? I don't even like the guy at all but one feels compelled to defend him when people suggest he's what's pulling us back.

eddies' heady's reply to Tray on Dec 14 at 20:38

Others may have made such suggestions, but I, myself, haven't. He's not pulling us back BUT he IS the piece with the most value (sans contract, of course) to make us better. And free up money in the short and long term to boot.

AI3 has to be the last Sixer to score 40, right?

Yeah, has to be.

Goal is to build the best starting 5 on the floor. Thad's our SF. We don't have a SG. There just so happens to be some solid SG prospects in the top-10 of this year's draft.

Use our top 3-5 pick on a franchise-altering big, and get a legit SG with it. With M-16/Brand we'll be set.

Please give it up. Your theory is flawed & unnecessary. How about they use their likely high pick for a legit defensive anchor who can replace Dalembert, while sending Jrue to the Mark Price shooting camp every single summer for the rest of his rookie contract. Shooting issue solved.

Tray reply to rswknight on Dec 14 at 20:29

Not everyone who goes to that camp becomes a great shooter, you know.

True. Herb Magee is local and could help too.

Don't want to be negative but Thad should do this to a terrible defensive team when he's playing the 4. Great job by him though. Still, this season all comes down to getting a definitive answer on him playing the 3 with AI9 at the 2. This game does not answer that question, but his aggressive mentality is great. That's the only damper on a great 1st half performance by Thad.

EruThePhenom on Dec 14 at 20:31

Apparently the warriors coach told them to shot a lot of threes

It feels like we're playing ourselves.

1/10, including being blocked by Mikki Freaking Moore. And yet, Jason Kapono hasn't gotten a second of playing time.

EruThePhenom on Dec 14 at 20:36

really love how AI is playing, not forcing anything, getting foul and taking good shots

EruThePhenom on Dec 14 at 20:37

Jrue playin great defense on Ellis and when Ellis gets by him someone is helping out

Allen Iverson :).

the 2009/10 philadelphia 76ers: at least we're not the warriors

They should put that on the programs at the wach.

This looks a little too easy for Jrue. Better get Willie in there.

Well, at least they got up by 27 before they started settling for 20-foot jumpers.

You know, I don't know about Holiday vs. Lawson, but I'm very confident Holiday will be a better player than Steph Curry. How fortunate we are that we weren't high enough in the draft to avail ourselves of his overrated shooting and defensive sieve services.

Heh. He can shoot and pass, the defense does look porous.

Tray reply to Brian on Dec 14 at 21:22

He can shoot but I don't know that he's the world-class shooter he was supposed to be. And his passing is probably the best part of his game but turnovers are a problem.

He's young, and I don't think that's exactly a good system for a guy to learn to be careful with the ball, or with his shot selection.

That's Willie for ya. Jumper on the break with guys on each wing.

Well, if you're gonna win, may as well win by 50.

Iverson's quote from the other night is kind of cracking me up, "The next win we get is going to be the hardest win ever. We're going to fight for it."

Garbage Time is in his element.

i didn't catch the 1st half. any reason brand isn't playing?

Jordan just doesn't like him.

Mike reply to Brian on Dec 14 at 20:51

yea kind of figured. at least holiday started and not green

holiday should have finished that himself

Willie blows the assist for Jrue. That's probably the proper pass, but not when it's Wilie.

Curry for three.

def. 3 seconds on willie.

Wow, 11 points for the Warriors in the third quarter. That +15 is going to completely throw off the match from my post earlier today.

Why didn't Kapono shoot that?

because he's a stiff and only takes wide-open threes so he can keep his % up.

Gotta love the hot potato to Dre there. Make the guy w/the bad rib take a hurried bailout shot. Brilliant play there

If you compare Jrue and Monta, they aren't close. Jrue has been a terrible pro thusfar.

JohnMagee reply to Joe on Dec 14 at 22:53

Ones been a pro for a while one's been a pro for a few months and jerked around by his coach.

Jrue Holiday made Monta Ellis his BITCH tonight - and everyone who has a clue knows it.

Atta boy Willie. 20-footer from behind the backboard with 23 left on the shot clock.

Well, at least Jordan's nice enough to get EB some garbage time minutes.

The main reasons they are winning is because the Warriors(w/o Biedrens) are the only team in the L that the Sixers still outsize when they go small.

Plus GS went cold. But EJ will take all the credit, I'm sure.

harmony and effort, no doubt.

I almost cannot wait for his pat-on-the-back PC

Vlad leads GSW with 5 boards. Hilarious.

-9 since Willie came in, by the way. Brand gets virtually no run in the second half either.

is this the 1st game all season where they've been able to rest their starters in garbage time?

Somehow, Thad still ended up with 40 min, even though they started the quarter up 30

Nah, they got blown out at least once, right?

Nice of EJ to find 16 minutes for Brand. Even in a blowout he finds a way to say fuck you to EB.

Alright, anyone who gets the presser, leave a comment with the highlights. Glad it didn't reach 13, I guess. GSW is just pitiful and I'm not sure how much of a difference Biedrins and Azubuike can possibly make.

Biedrens, at least, might mean you don't get blasted 59-26 on the glass.

Warriors still shot 50% from deep, though. This game is such an aberration, yet I am so sure EJ will use it as a "roadmap" for future success.

Alvin reply to rswknight on Dec 14 at 21:41

it may be his road map for the future, but there sure as hell won't be success.

I forgot that Turiaf is out too. So was Nellie. And this was the classic "last-game-opposite coast-trip-Getaway game" for GSW. Talk about a Perfect Storm.

So, of the Sixers 6 wins, 3 came against bad teams that were the walking wounded when they met them.

Best part of the game- Jrue's D on Ellis.

Strange game to mention defense with these two teams...

Yep. That and the domination on the glass meant victory. I like Thad's increased rebounding efforts of late. Iguodala's nagging injuries are concerning

JohnMagee on Dec 14 at 22:57

So - I didn't watch the game.

23 points first half
3 points second half


Pretty much garbage time midway through the 3rd.

Jesse reply to JohnMagee on Dec 15 at 3:23

I never do this but I have to in this situation. You have been nothing but negative this entire game. That's fine if you have facts to back it up or someone who you are criticizing is playing poorly, but you have blindly been calling everyone out for no reason. Im not sure if your comment is sarcastic but I have to say, you are an idiot. If you didn't watch the game you shouldn't be commenting. If you did watch the game, you must be blind, because when people have been playing well, you completely ignore it because you haven't liked them in the past (obviously I'm talking about Iverson) and you have an axe to grind with them, and you can't give them credit when they play well. You blatantly ignore it and just sound like a complete amateur. It's one thing to be a depressed fan, it's another thing to be a depressed idiot. Pathetic.

Court_visioN reply to Jesse on Dec 15 at 3:40

um... okay...

JohnMagee reply to Jesse on Dec 15 at 9:39

You just wanted to rant for no apparent reason huh? I asked a simple question that would confuse anyone who wasn't able to watch the game, derek gave me a simple answer that made sense, you on the other hand felt that like many you had to take a personal shot at me.

Actually he contributed in other ways . He took a couple of charges,created turnovers,and he created for others( included jrue ). There are things that the box score just don't show.

deepsixersuede on Dec 15 at 0:30

If Thad can continue his play of the past couple of weeks maybe an Elton/Marreese combo allows this team to always have some toughness out there.A lightbulb seems to have gone off in Thad!s head ,similar to the run of games last year, prior to his injury.He had a nice block and seems to be playing more physical lately. On a night when Morrow, Curry and Ellis were on the court, we had the best young guard out there, sweet !!!

johnrosz on Dec 15 at 0:32

If i wanted a serviceable 4 i'd have gone out and gotten Antonio Mcdyess or something. Brand just isn't the player he used to be, I can't stand EJ but don't put all the blame on Brands situation on him. 80 million folks, 80 million....

11 points and 7 boards in 17 minutes for Brand, coming off a 19 point/10 board game. He's playing well.

deepsixersuede reply to Brian on Dec 15 at 7:27

Brian, it is a nice problem to have but which way would you go if the choice was this; Elton or Jrue starting?

If it's Elton or Jrue, I'd go with Jrue. That shouldn't be the choice, but the odds of the Sixers competing in the length of Brand's contract have basically been reduced to zero thanks to the choice of Eddie Jordan as coach, so I want as many minutes as possible for Jrue.

JohnMagee on Dec 15 at 9:37

Here's a novel idea, how about you start Holiday and Brand and Iverson grows the frack up?

Oh wait, that's never going to happen

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