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Jordan Post Game Presser Video

what the fuck is wrong with this guy? why is he being deliberately cryptic? he obviously knows we're going to jump all over the "i'll just leave it at that" comment.

I actually disagree with you on this one. I liked the move, as long as it's a single game.

The job Holiday did on Ellis I thought was the key to the game. The main mismatch you have with our traditional lineup was Thad on Morrow, but he had a similar mismatch on Vlad, who didn't have a chance in hell of stopping Thad from driving.

If you make the change, you do it by saying "I want to get my best perimeter defender on Morrow, I think Thad still has a mismatch he can exploit, and I think the Warriors are bad enough on the boards (missing their two best big men) that they won't be able to exploit the disadvantages our small lineup creates on the offensive glass". In the end, all 3 turned out to be true. Jrue shut Ellis down, Thad destroyed the Warriors regardless of who defended him, and the Warriors grabbed only 15% of their o-boards.

For once, I think EJ actually made a move that made sense.

Now, if he does it against Cleveland, then I'll grill him about it.

Jrue on Ellis, yes. But I see Vlad guarding Brand as a bigger mismatch than Vlad guarding Thad, plus Thad still has a huge mismatch with Morrow on him, probably an even bigger mismatch honestly.

I just have a huge problem with going away from tremendous advantages to match up with a shitty team. But that wasn't the reason for this anyway, just the reason he's trying to sell us on.

It was like there is the "right" move, and the "really" right move. The really right move would have AI coming off the bench last night.

Phil Jackson has a standing philosophy on playing against Nellie-teams that I agree with; he never sizes down to match them. He prefers to bully them with his size and win the games that way.

Now, I'd prefer if the Sixers had played Jrue, Dre, Thad, Brand, Sam. Let Thad and Brand bully them inside from the jump. Play power basketball. They likely would've won this game even earlier.

EruThePhenom on Dec 15 at 13:37

Do you guys remember the bobcats game? where brand leave boris diaw for wide open jump shots. Well, Vlad is a much better shooter than diaw. How many 3's will he had? and how can you debate a move which had us up by 30+ points. AI played great 20 pts 7/10 6/8 FT's 4 assist and 1 TO.

EruThePhenom reply to EruThePhenom on Dec 15 at 13:41

Also by going small it meant less minutes for brezec and smith

That's Jordan's logic, I assume. For me, it's backwards. It should be "how the hell do they expect to get by with Vlad trying to guard Brand."


Inviolable Fandom on Dec 15 at 17:25

Brand can not guard three point shooters. His offensive game has not showed that he can dominate anyone no matter how inadequate the defender. He has no shown one skillset consistently.
Thad I love but having a quick guy in front of him will hinder his drives to the basket. Yeah he can post up but he can post Vladimir too. And drive by him with ease.
Eddie also has given ai carte blanche. He's starting, period. We needed to get jrues d on the floor.

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