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Brand, Post-Speights

With the roster that we have EJ's dream lineup:

PG: Willie Green
SG: Allen Iverson
SF: Jason Kapono
PF: Andre Igoudala
C: Thad Young

With everyone healthy, I think he'd go with this:

PG: Lou
SG: Willie (Iverson doesn't run the PO)
SF: Iguodala
PF: Thad
C: Speights

I think Jordan hates traditional bigs from NC schools for some reason. He hated Haywood and hates Brand.

Jordan is an idiot. The primary reason Mo got fired was for the "inability" to integrate EB, yet Jordan gave it 2 games and said thanks but no thanks? Stefanski needs to man up, point blank.

Brand should not be the 6th man, that is just plain stupid, even ignoring the cost factor. If anything, when Speights is healthy, EB, Sam and M16 should all play around 30 min per game, give or take based on matchups and foul trouble. Thad's mins at the 4 should be situational only, as a change of pace, not a steady diet.

His preferred 5? As the roster is presently: Jrue, AI, AI, Thad, Sam.

When the roster is healthy, AI, Lou, AI, Thad, Speights.

That's EJ's radio station - All offense, all the time.

Agreed. This is identical to his hatred of Haywood. Haywood was so much better than any other center the Wizards ever trotted onto the floor, and was the only player on their 12-man roster who played defense. So of course, Eddie J hated him. Even in the playoff series against the Cavs, Eddie J would bench Haywood, even though Haywood always shut down Ilgauskus, but Ilgauskus tore up everyone else who tried to cover him.

When healthy

PG: Iverson
SG: Williams
SF: Green
PF: Kapono
C: Speights

bench in order

A line-up he fantasizes about:

PG: Lou
SF: Green
PF: Ivey

Ok that was over the top, but seriously, Brand shouldn't have to fight for minutes over Thad at the PF spot. Iguodala, Carney, and Kapono should never be playing PF.

If this team plays well with Iverson and Lou at PG/SG then maybe Brand can come off the bench, but he should be getting at least 25 minutes. Either him, Lou, or Iverson should alternate coming off the bench.

We could have a bench team of (in no particular order)
A) Lou, Green, Speights, Jrue, Carney/Kapono (depending on the skill-set needed)
B) Iverson, Speights, Green, Jrue, Carney/Kapono
C) Brand, Speights, Green, Jrue, Carney/Kapono
*You can alternate Smith in there depending on how many potential rebounds the team needs fumbled.
Brezec and Ivey should be used for garbage time only.

With option A and B, you have a small bench that can play at a high pace and score.
Option C would give a little more size and still some scoring and offensive rebounding with Brand. Also, I still don't see why Brand and Kapono can't play off each other. I guess that's a dream that will never come to fruition.

Jeff reply to Jeff on Dec 15 at 21:17

also note: I think with the bench players, it's important to always have at least one starter in there at all times.
The bench players i suggested were simply the ones I thought were the best of the group. That doesn't necessarily mean they should be playing out of their positions.

These are fascinating questions because Jordan seems so irrational. Why does he do the things he does? Why does he bench Brand and disparage him at every opportunity? When his eccentric and nonsensical strategies fail, why does he stubbornly refuse to adjust? He may indeed be an idiot, but it's more than that. There's something broken inside. I'd love to hear from someone who actually knows the guy and has some insight. How could Stefanski have worked with him and not have known this?

nomam@aol.com on Dec 15 at 22:22

whatever the lineup is, green and kapono should NEVER be on the floor at the same time.

I'm in Washington DC. Sixers fan for life. I asked some guys in my office what they thought of EJ and it seems like he wasn't liked here either. Same stuff we are seeing; bench moves that make you scratch your head, infuriating comments about players creating rifts, no defense, and he just doesn't get it. Here is my line up. I'm not adding the minutes up so forgive me it's unrealistic.

PG Jrue Holiday (30 min)
SG Allen Iverson (35 min)
SF Andre Iguodala (40 min)
PF Elton Brand (35 min)
C Sammy D (28 min)

Bench (Since These guys don't contribute on both ends historically and AI3 isn't going to be here)

PG/SG Lou Williams (25 min)
SF Thadius Young (30 min)
PF/C Speights (25 min)
SF Kapono (10 min unless he's on fire)
SG/SF Carney (10 min)

The rest, only if there is foul trouble so they might not play.

You know, that reminds me of when Ray Rhodes was fired by the Eagles and wound up coaching the Packers. I had a friend who was a Packers fan and he was excited about getting Rhodes, I told him again and again that he'd be disappointed. I wish I had a Wizards fan warning me about this guy all summer. At least I would've been better prepared.

I actually could see EJ go with:


At least the next time they play a depleted GSW team.

Alvin reply to tk76 on Dec 16 at 0:51

LOL AI would be the smallest '3' in history but hey, EJ is crazy enough to do it.

Can we make a shirt saying "EJ GO HOME!!!"?

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