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Sunday Night Housekeeping

The "logical reason" is as follows -
-He doesn't like to change the line-up that much.
-It's a sensitive subject amongst the players.
-He likes to stick with what works.


This guy is just full of shit it's unbelievable.

Wow, easy questions. The first lineup is out because everyone is at their natural position. The second lineup is no good because it could jeopardize our record-breaking rate of 3PFGs allowed.

Hey Brian, I'm sitting here thinking about the conundrum that is Thad Young, and one thing I keep coming back to is how often he has a monster first half and then completely disappears. Is there statistical evidence to back this up/Do you know where I could find such a split? It doesn't seem that he plays less effectively in 2nd halves, just much less aggressively. I would bet his usage drops by 50%.

Also, I've observed this phenomenon through several different coaches now. If it does exist, what do you think the issue is? Play-calling? Conditioning? Focus?

Hmmn. Let me see what I can pull together from the game logs I've compiled. It should be fairly easy to get his pure shooting numbers broken down by quarter, so we can get percentages and actually shots/minute played.

Yeah, I'll try to do it tonight if I don't pass out first. Great idea for a post.

The only troubling thing is that I believe the numbers will show that he's been less involved after the half, but I don't think we'll be able to detrmine why.

I am jealous, Brian. That ball is sweet!

I stated to the booth that has the gift wrapped balls for sale that I would buy one but with my luck I would get one signed by Willie or Sammy. He laughed and agreed!

Another tibet. One of the ushers got a complaint for booing Willie Green and Sammy when they come in! He still does it, however!

I may be alone here, but I actually prefer seeing Jrue Holiday at the point rather than Lou, AI,or whoever else EJ decides to use there(damn willie). I am a big fan of defense and throughout my basketball playing days it all starts with the D. Holiday is definetly one of the top 5 defensive point guards in the NBA right along with Hinrich, and Rondo IMO. He is lightning quick and his offense has so much room to grow.

I love him and hope he keeps getting his minutes. I also liked that the team went to Speights for their go to guy at the end again like they did in the Boston game. He was doing a great job as the offensive force, but the D leaving guys like Sual Butler open from three. ughhhhh

You're not alone. Jrue really only needs to contribute a little bit as far as scoring the ball, to keep defenses honest, to be a huge positive on the floor.

Quick Correction to one part of the post above.

Holiday, Iguodala, Thad, Brand and Dalembert have played together. They were on the floor together for a 2:16 stretch against the Rockets.

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