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Flip Must Hate Eddie Jordan

David Thorpe's latest update on Jrue:

Dec. 22: The youngest player in the league showed off his talent in wins over Golden State and Boston with a combined 24 points, 13 assists and 10 rebounds. Of course, he followed those games up with an 0-for-6 clunker in a loss to the Clippers. Still, Holiday continues to show the promise the Sixers saw when they drafted him in June, especially on the defensive end. In a league filled with scoring point guards, this talent is even more valuable.
JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Dec 22 at 16:35

So where did he fall in the top 50? And where was he before?

No mention of how he was guarding one of the most physical big 'point guards' in the league huh?

Bleh. His offensive line wasn't the impressive thing about his play over these past four games, but the Clippers game was a clunker, whatever the reason. Can't argue with that. He didn't compound his mistakes, though.

I love how people mentions Jrue's struggles against the Clips w/o mentioning that he was facing the best bully at the point.

Jrue's value is such that he could not score and still impact the game, not too many players can make the same claim

Nice analysis Brian.

If the battle tonight turns into an offensive battle, the 76ers are in for a long night. If they play some good defense, they might pull out a win.

But considering that 76ers, with the exception of Dalembert and Brand, are a poor defensive team. They are going to be in for a long night...

That said, Flip would LOVE this roster. Stefanski wanted to become Detroit redux, besides Brown, you can't get closer than the guy who lead them to their best record during their run.

JohnEMagee on Dec 22 at 17:19

But considering that 76ers, with the exception of Dalembert and Brand, are a poor defensive team. They are going to be in for a long night...

True, Holiday and Iguodala are horrible defensively

The Willie Green era lives on!

This from the Sixers twitteritteritteror

Coach says @teamlou23 will not start tonight, just needs a few more practices to get back. Likely going Jrue/Willie backcourt to start.

Did you all see this? From Tom Moore via RealGM board:

Jordan praised Brand somewhat pregame, but also took some shots at him.

"I think he feels aggressive coming off the bench. I think he feels confident. He’s coming around. It’s almost January. He’s had three months under his belt. We always said it’s going to come – and it’s coming. Maybe he feels more aggressive, more confident, against – I hate to say it – second-line players. He’s got more of a confident mindset. And we’re looking to him. He knows it. He’s the primary scorer out there when he comes off the bench."

Also: "(Elton’s getting better) It looks like he’s going pretty good. I’d still like to see him run a little bit faster and more and longer, but when he gets to his sweet spot, he’s got his strength, he’s got his rhythm. He’s getting his shot off. That’s important. I’m pretty sure his whole being is coming around – playing with his teammates, getting his conditioning, getting used to playing again. All that is coming around. Maybe it’s because of his conditioning and legs. I just want him to keep trying and give more effort – just like everybody else."

I swear, he is just asking for a Spreewell...

JohnEMagee reply to rswknight on Dec 22 at 18:40

Except that's not in Brand nature, he may disagree with Jordan publicly but he's not going to rock the boat publicly - he may start demanding a trade first and if they don't accomadate him then go public (which never works) but Brand doesn't strike me as the lashing out type

True, which is the whole reason Jordan is pulling this crap anyway.

Do you think Jordan gets down on his knees every night to thank the Heavens for Vinny Del Negro & the Nets?

JohnEMagee reply to rswknight on Dec 22 at 18:46

Even without Del Negro and the Nets - the sixers are irrelevant nationally - this still wouldn't make a blip on the radar.

PS - Flip went with Foye, not young, bad for my fantasy team

deepsixersuede reply to JohnEMagee on Dec 22 at 18:49

It seems if they start winning Elton won!t mind, but if the losing continues, he may explode. Brian, I know you disagreed with me about Wash. being good this year back in the preseason but I really thought Saunders would be the reason, as much as adding Arenas, Miller and Foye.

I think the bench will be key. Washington has Nick Young, Stevenson, and Blanche. All of them are very athletic, and will be tough for the Sixers back-ups to handle.

Cool site. Maybe we can trade coaches?

Rich reply to Saltzie on Dec 22 at 19:11

Anybody here would do that in a millisecond.

The Wiz were on national TV twice last week and the guy that impressed me both times was Haywood. He is really active around the rim and is averaging a double double which further proves that Eddie Jordan is a terrible coach. The offensive glass is where he was great and I looked at the stats and he's averaging 4.4 per game this year, which is 2nd in the league.

Come to think of it, he should get that many offensive boards because of all the missed jumpers from his teammates.

Check out this doozy:

Jordan was asked about his team's defensive abilities with the Sixers and Wizards. He said: "I don’t know anything about defense, from my understanding (smiles). I concentrated a lot on defense with the Wizards and with the Sixers. I’m a true believer that you’ve got to have some defensive leaders and some defensive personnel. Our defense is good when Sammy’s good and when Andre’s a major scorer. We have a young team. We have to learn how to play team defense. I remember spending an extraordinary time in training camp with the Wizards on defense and we started out 0-5. We put a little bit more time on defense and we won six in a row. Sometimes you don’t know how things will turn out. As a coach and a guy who’s been around basketball for a long time, I’m a true believer that you have to have that type of personnel to be a good defensive team."

What an arrogant Idiot

Baffling. How did this guy impress ES in the chalk talk?

Alright, about to tip. Actually getting this one in HD on league pass, with Zumm.

Sam misses two passes on the first possession. ugh.

Jrue on Agent Zero. Satisfied that I can watch that.

Jrue starting out on Arenas. Let's track that matchup throughout, Arenas w/ Jrue on him vs. Arenas w/ someone else on him.

Three over Willie for Arenas. 1/1, 3 points w/out JH.

1/1 w/ Jrue on him, off high screen.

2/2 w/ JH on him, banker. JH lost him weird play.

Alvin reply to Brian on Dec 22 at 19:17

Come on Jrue.

Shut this guy's mouth.

Alvin reply to Alvin on Dec 22 at 19:30

I meant Arenas

Thad overhelps off Butler with Sammy on Haywood. Can't make that a habit.

1/2 w/out Jrue on him. Three early in the shot clock.

Nice drive by Jrue, right through Arenas.

1/3 w/out JH. Three as shot clock expired.


This is Eddie Jordan...

Down 10 already. Great start.

EJ's right. He doesn't know anything about defense (Not smiling). Maybe Brand and Speights early tonight, Thad's having a lot of trouble with Jamison.

Jrue out for Lou in this timeout? Can't get a stop, better get the worse defender in there. Eddie Jordan logic 101.

Nope, stuck w/ the same lineup.

Alvin reply to Brian on Dec 22 at 19:26

Said that too soon, Brian.

Here it comes!

And Lou for Jrue. Jrue will have the fewest minutes among he, Lou and Willie tonight, I guarantee it. This starting spot for Jrue is BS, same as with Sammy.

Gilbert 2/4 w/out Jrue. Another three.

If even Thad is not scoring early, this is gonna be a poor game.

Pinckney just said Thad threaded the needle w/ a pass that two Wizards got their hands on. Spectacular.

Randy Foye is a shell of himself right now, which is sad. He was unreal in college and I thought he was a surefire solid NBA starter.

Eric Maynor traded to the Thunder.

I bet Ej is thinking that we're just not scoring enough right now.

Yeah? Who did the Jazz get?

Court_visioN reply to Brian on Dec 22 at 19:33

Yeah, they were right up against the lux tax because of the Millsap deal. This may move them under, i'll check the math later.

Lou on Arenas. Uh-oh.

Thunder get Harpring & Maynor

Jazz get the rights to Peter Fehse?

Ahh. That Maynor trade got Utah under the luxury tax threshold, I believe. OKC gave up cap space by taking on Harpring's contract. Good move for OKC, they needed a backup PG.

2/4 w/out JH. AI on him that time, blew a bunny.

3/5 w/out JH. Three in AI9's eye. 11 points w/out. 4 points w/ JH guarding him.

Arenas with a contested three over Willie. Willie answers after Arenas leaves him wide-open.

Sorry, that's 4/6 w/o JH on him for 11 points. 2/2 w/ JH on him for 4 points.

Well we didnt give up 30. Damn miracle. This team's defense makes me want to shit.

Arenas has 15 now, probably should go big (Speights for Lou or Willie) and stick AI9 on Arenas. Sound good?

Down 6 after 1. 27 points allowed, that's very good for the Sixers in the first Q lately. No sign of Speights yet. Wonder if he starts the second.

Arenas had 15 and who was guarding him? Boy, this is going to be an ugly night...Arenas is going to have 60 tonight with Eddie Jordan's defensive scheme thrown at him...

Good first offensively for Willie. 4/5 from the floor.

Let's run this through Speights and Brand here. Good start off the curl by Lou.

That's a jump ball at worst!

Nice D on the inbounds by Lou.

5/7 w/out Jrue on him now.

Jesus, he shoots too much. 5/9 w/out Jrue.

Kapono rocks.

AI9 shooting step-back jumpers. Hate that Speights can't get a touch. Great, he walks on his first touch.

This is so hard to watch. Jrue coming back in after this TO?

Bad decision on that break for Jrue

Yeah, should've pulled it out instead of trying to split those guys.

Defense sucks as usual... What else is new?

Alvin reply to rswknight on Dec 22 at 19:47

We talkin' 'bout defense???

Boykins just bitched Lou.

Here's a link for the financial implications of the Maynor trade:


Nice drive and kick by Jrue. Why Kapono was inside the line in the corner is anyone's guess. EB's jumper is pure.

God, EB is operating like Brandon Roy at the end of games right now. That's the PO for you.

Holy shit what a block!

Fucking Kapono. Has the three, pump fakes, dribbles in for the two. POS.

Rich reply to Brian on Dec 22 at 19:53

Up to 41 percent from three!

If Earl Boykins breaks down Lou and the D again.... My god.

That was a freakin moving screen on Oberto who hip checked Lou. They're calling that stuff on the other stuff of the floor.

Long run for Kapono here, huh? He's still in there.

Jesse reply to Brian on Dec 22 at 19:55

He's a shooter who plays no defense. Surprised Jordan doesn't play him more.

Oh man, he's not gonna shoot another one unless he can really tee it up. Gotta take Kapono out.

Can anyone remember the last layup the Sixers hit?

Alvin reply to Brian on Dec 22 at 20:01

Lay ups don't look as cool as contested 20-foot jumpers.

Jrue hits a J. let's see if that gives him some confidence.

Sweet look by Willie. Him and EB have been our best players tonight. Surprised a little that Kapono took that one.

Me too. Probably pissed he missed the previous two clean looks.

6 points, 6 boards and a block for Brand in 13 minutes.

Rich reply to Brian on Dec 22 at 20:00

EJ's starting to play him more and more.

Don't you love our coach. Just as Kapono is starting to get his stroke, guess where he ends up? On the bench!

Kapono pisses me off. He's coming back in now.

For Jrue? WTF?

DeanH reply to Brian on Dec 22 at 20:05


Foot on the line, won't take threes unless there's no one w/in 10 feet of him, plays no defense. Not necessarily in that order.

Nice run to end the quarter. It all starts on the defensive end. Starters plus Brand seems to be our best lineup tonight?

That was a brilliant playcall, especially with KAPONO IN THE GAME!

We're are probably down 15 points if EB is not on the floor. He's a six point swing on both sides of the floor.

Well, he can obviously only take advantage of second stringers. Fucking Jordan.

Two keys, and only two, to that run. Elton Brand's rebounding and defense. Jrue Holiday orchestrating the offense. Jrue set up guys all over the floor over the last five minutes of the half, 3 dimes and a couple of passes that didn't result in assists, but put players in excellent position (including that Kapono three, his pass to push the ball to Willie set the play up, not willie's dump off to JK).

Anyway, down 3 at the half. No idea what to expect from here on out, though I doubt the Sixers will continue to shoot 50% from the floor, especially considering how many jumpers they're taking.

Agreed. I have no idea how this team expects to win games moving forward...

Kapono only got 9 minutes of PT? Seemed more like the whole quarter to me.

Who gives a shit about Sam's feelings? He's got a stellar minus 8 to show for his work tonight. Let's go with EB from the start of the half.

Odds of that happening? 1 to 10,000,000, I'd say.

Rich reply to Brian on Dec 22 at 20:20

You know, I don't get it though. Sam is one of the worst offensive players on the team while EB is probably the best. You would think EJ would act accordingly. Not to be though..

He's afraid of how Sam would react. Check the post I wrote earlier today.

I'm thinking Speights has re-injured that knee. Only 6 minutes of action in the first half, and he was really favoring it the other night. Keep an eye on him if he gets in there in the second half.

AAAAANNNNND Lou in for Jrue to start the second half. FUCK YOU EDDIE JORDAN!

I was going to say that maybe Jordan is getting better w/ his rotations. But, befoere I could say anything, here he is starting Green over HOliday. He is INCOMPENTENT. I AM SICK OF THIS IDIOT AS A COACH OF THIS TEAM WITH SO GREAT TRADITIONS!

Nice finish by Thad on the break. Why Jamison grabbed his right arm is beyond me.

One of the worst things about Eddie Jordan is that the team is not exciting anymore on the break. We set up a BS offense when we have greyhounds to get up and down the floor.

Nice defense by Lou? He let Foye go to his strong hand, right to the rim and then fouled him.

Rich reply to Brian on Dec 22 at 20:30

Sad because Willie and the team has done a good job on Arenas since the first.

Now he's in gunner mode. Those are the first two shots he's taken in awhile. AI9 picking this spot for a run.

Nice D by Willie denying the inbounds and forcing a timeout for Washington.

Court_visioN on Dec 22 at 20:30

I can't remember the last layup the Sixers attempted not in transition.

Another run to start the third, sparked by D. Willie is doing a good job out there.

Court_visioN on Dec 22 at 20:31

wow. Flip Saunders sending a message with this sub.

Flip is pulling his entire team off the floor.

Arenas is now 6/11 w/out Jrue on him.

Oh man, I love it when coaches take 5 guys out. We gotta punish this lineup.

Layup for Lou. Finally.

That's three timeouts called by the Wizards in the first 5 minutes of the third. If this game is close, they could be screwed late.

Sammy with some inspired offense. Who knew?

Lou couldn't guard me.

Alvin reply to Rich on Dec 22 at 20:37

Did Sam just make a hook shot?


OK, so what's going right in the past 10 minutes or so of action? Why have they been able to put this extended run together?

Rich reply to Brian on Dec 22 at 20:37

Defense and rebounding. Forcing guys other than Arenas to take contested jumpers. Better ball movement offensively, and a little less 1 on 1.

Willie is going to get rug burn dragging ass like that.

Matchup zone out of the timeout. Good work by AI9 and Thad to secure the defensive board.

Sick pass by AI9 to Thad for the layup. Very patient possession by Iguodala, let the play develop.

Wouldn't mind subbing Jrue for Lou. EB in now, good job Sammy. You shut me up.

Damn. Can't get one bounce tonight.

Great ball movement on the high low between Willie, Speights, and Green.

When they miss 2 free throws, grab the o-board and score, it makes me almost lose my mind.

Rich reply to Alvin on Dec 22 at 20:44

Me too. Happened late in the Boston game if I remember.

Great sub by Jordan, Carney comes in for AI9 and gives up the board cold off the bench.

Was that another block for Brand? Either a block or a steal, I guess, and leads to a break.

See how much EB slows down the running game?

Alvin reply to Brian on Dec 22 at 20:43

People forget that you need the ball to run. Brand is a big part of securing the ball after a miss.

Court_visioN on Dec 22 at 20:43

rodney carney sighting. out of his slump, i hope?

Flip has roster-envy...

With Brand and Speights on the floor there's no excuse to give up o-boards.

Flip with some salty language.

Ryan F reply to Brian on Dec 22 at 20:49

Salty Flip swearing like a sailor

Jason Smith sighting.

Lou is getting abused by Boykins. Jrue has not played in this quarter yet.

Speights out quickly again. I'm convinced that knee is hurt again.

Gotta say, Willie has played a very good all-around game to this point.

Definitely. He and Brand have been the best Sixers on the floor tonight.

Sick dime from Jrue to EB, then another to Willie, but Willie blew the bunny.

HUGE lineup to start the fourth. I guess EB is the SF?

Alvin reply to Brian on Dec 22 at 20:58

I bet J.Smith is the SF, since he can't board and can shoot the 3.

He can't chase any SFs around though, but who cares, right?

Brand, Smith, and Speights. Big lineup.

Jrue, Iguodala, Speights, Smith, Brand.

I guess I'll say Speights is the 3.

Good push by Jrue.

And thanks for coming tonight Jrue. You got your 18 minutes, have fun on the bench the rest of the night.

Force by EB right there. We just gotta keep the ball moving crisply, even if its just one pass and a shot of P and R. The last two possessions were bad because the ball was stuck in EB's hands.

Nice drive by Lou.

Anyone feel like stopping the ball?

Rich reply to Brian on Dec 22 at 21:08

Not when 0 has it.

I'd love to say this is surprising.

Wizards out of TOs now.

Arenas is going to win this game if they leave Lou on him. He may win it anyway.

Pinckney said that was a nice job of staying in front by Lou. Wow.

He's clueless. Lou stays in front by backing down all the way to the cameramen and giving Arenas wide-open looks wherever he wants them.

Rich reply to Rich on Dec 22 at 21:16

It's easy to stay in front of someone when you play 5 feet off him when he's at the foul line.

Come on. Fucking sloppy basketball. Missed FTs, careless turnovers, no help defense on the Butler baseline drive. this is pitiful.

Down 6.

Rich reply to Brian on Dec 22 at 21:14

They aren't running shit on the other end too. How about a set play or something?

Lou can't defend my cat right now

6 seconds on the SC, timeout, Jordan draws up a play to get Sammy the ball at the foul line. Amazing.

Words can't describe how poor Lou Williams is as a defensive basketball player.

Two word review... Shit Sandwich.

Excellent work by Lou and Sam there. Sam was busy giving an elbow to a cutter while Lou was busy getting his ass burned, again, off the dribble. Pitiful.

Lou Williams has a brand on his neck that says "Earl Boykins' Bitch"

I have to laugh, so I don't cry.

Offense/defense subs that leave Lou on the floor for defense. Brilliant.

DeanH reply to Brian on Dec 22 at 21:31

This team is stupid and led by an idiot. Why do I waste hours watching and following this worthless team. We are playing against the 2nd team of one of the worst teams in the league and losing. I am glad they are leaving this area and going out west. I have turned the game off. Done. Thank you so much for ruining my team, Mr. Eddie Jordan.

Brand is the shit. The worst part about Jordan as the coach is he can't understand that.

Would have liked to see Speights pull that one. He was in rhthym.

So down 4 with 1:11 left. Where does Jordan go here? The past couple games it would've been Speights, but he's barely been involved tonight.


Willie for the jumper, Speights w/ a big o-board, need these FTs.

Damnit. misses the first.

Why foul down by 3 with 38 seconds left?

Eddie Jordan calls for the foul and says "My fault...."

Jordan has forgotten about the whole offense/defense thing. Left Dalembert in for Brand after that foul shot. Fucking moron.

A double foul? WTF?

They call a double foul. That is the dumbest shit ever.

This team is lost and they will not be found until Eddie Jordan is sitting on a beach, licking the coconut out of his braces and collecting pay checks he does not deserve.

That was simply not a good shot by AI9 on the break down 3. It was a pull up 2 with a foot on the line and it wouldn't have been good as a 3.

True, especially he didn't take many shots in the 2nd half at all...

Well, Wash got the favor returned for that loose-ball foul that mistakenly got a bucket erased

Didn't matter. The refs didn't cost the Sixers this game.

By the way, no matter what anyone tells you, Jrue Holiday is being systematically phased out of the rotation.

Oh certainly not. EJ crapped the bed in the 4th. Jrue is getting reduced to his "promised" 15 min

This game reminds me of a story that I heard a couple of years ago. It was when Lou was a second year player with the Sixers and a buddy of mine had a family member that was affiliated with the team on a daily basis at the time. I talked to my buddy and his relative and they were talking about the workouts the Sixers were having in the summer and I mentioned how impressed I was with Lou's athleticism. The person affiliated with the team laughed and said, "It doesn't matter who we bring in off the street for some of these workouts, they all go by him whenever they want."

Um, Earl Boykins proved that again and again tonight.

That fits, sadly.

At least young AI didn't get killed by midgets. He gambled too damn much, but Lou is just disappointing

This coach is pathetic. I hate the fact he has retained his job this long, there are so many qualified unemployed people out there. He has absolutely no clue how to manage players or a game. Off with his head. Please save my friends and family, I don't no how much longer they can put up with my post game EJ rants.

Alvin reply to Ryan F on Dec 22 at 21:41

Off with his head.

I am developing an unnatural hatred for the guy. I think I may have half-meant that literally.

He told Willie to foul down 3 with 38 seconds. Insane, that's just terrible.

That being said, I'm really disappointed by that Iguodala shot at the end of the game. To jack a three in transition down three when we can get whatever we want on offense is a killer. That heave had no real shot of dropping.

JohnEMagee on Dec 22 at 22:00

Well, I must admit, I'm not missing not having league pass this year - thanks to the eddies

I really don't miss my comcast bill either... :-)

No winners in this game- just losers.

Both teams should be demoted to the B- League.

tmoore wrote:
Jordan was asked about his team's defensive abilities with the Sixers and Wizards. He said: "I don’t know anything about defense, from my understanding (smiles)."

I flipped back to Comcast at a commercial break on a real NBA game (Mavs vs Trailb) and Marshall stated on post game live: "The team needs a leader on the court that does not shoot up 3's." Excuse me, you have that player on the bench, his name is Jrue Holiday.

I enjoy watching basketball, but it is quickly not becoming the 76ers. Something has to happen in Philly. I cannot endure 3 years of this mess!

Agreed. I'm sure I'll find a reason to watch, but right now its not easy.


deepsixer3 Elton Brand on tonight's loss: "Our unit that we had out there, certain guys didn’t box out, didn’t rebound, weren’t tough. Certain guys have a longer leash than others so they played longer and the mistakes were shown. No one should have a long leash.If we’re going to not box out and not rebound and not play defense,then you shouldn’t be out there."


Thad, Speights, Lou. Applies across the board.

Jesse reply to tk76 on Dec 22 at 22:44

Could be Speights also

On Twitter (note DUMBPLAYALERT):

johnschuhmann #DumbPlayAlert Willie Green fouls with 35 seconds left and the Sixers down 3. ??? Caron Butler goes to the line and hits both.

I believe this play was called by our coach.

EJ owned up to it after the game. Just emblematic of a floundering team approaching rock bottom. They look about ready to fully self destruct by attacking each other... which will probably signal the beginning of the end for EJ.

-so I guess there is a silver lining in everything :)

Happy Chrismahanakwanzaka to you!

We've all been "iAiring of Grievances." Ready for some "Feats of Strength", and the labeling of easily explainable events as "Festivus miracles"... you know, like a game where the Sixers play defense...

Approaching rock bottom? You mean you think they can go lower than this?

How much do you want to bet Jordan tries to lay down the law with Brand in their next game. I'm betting he sees 25 minutes tops.

Court_visioN reply to Brian on Dec 23 at 0:29

small ball vs. the utah jazz. wonderful.

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