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What Could Their Record Be?

johnrosz on Dec 23 at 15:15

I believe Thad went down in the Atlanta game last year? Came down on Josh Smiths ankle. Before that, this team had won 5-6 in a row, he was scoring up around 25 with ease, they were defending and rebounding, they went to Portland and LA and won big games. Dileo got a raw deal. I think this team would be at least .500 this year with Tony, and I feel like we would have seem some major progression from Thad.

Good post

I think they'd be right around .500 Defense has cost them so much early on, yet would Speights be allowed to go as nuts as he did early with a coach less willing to ignore his warts on D?

I also think Thad would be better, even back to that 20-point run he was on in March.

Brian, are you assuming we still sign Iverson?

I think the team would have won the games they were supposed to, like you had them winning, but just like beating the Celtics showed us, anything is possible. So I'd say chalk up one or two more wins based on spirited play and good defense, which we would see a lot more of with a decent coach and more than 10,000 fans a night.

I just assumed DiLeo would have the exact same roster as Jordan in every game. So yes, with Iverson, even though there's no way they stoop to that move if they're 10-7 at that point. Not a chance in hell.

I think losing Miller and then Lou was a huge blow. I doubt they would be above 500 this year with Dileo or any coach. that said, they've had an easy schedule.

JohnEMagee reply to tk76 on Dec 23 at 16:30


SOS is exactly at 500

I think Brian is overly optimistic, I don't see this team above 500 by more than a game or so with even DiLeo coaching (the suns game - they'd still lose - piss poor 3 point defense is a hallmark of every coach since Brown)

Uh, isn't the SOS skewed a bit by the Sixers opponents being 14 games over against them?

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Dec 24 at 12:39

Or maybe it's just the sixers suck?

I think you are correct. I may give one more win, but either way, no way would we be below .500.

This is getting more and more depressing! I guess you are living up to your name!

Thank you for giving us all a place to vent! When will this purgatory end with Jordan as the coach?????

We would not have felt the need to get Iverson as well with DiLeo so that Detroit game at home is probably a win.

Here is another great reason why Jordan. must go. According to John Hollinger, we are playing with the 4th slowest pace in the NBA. I hate Eddie Jordan, he ruined this team's offensive identity as well.

You know what's funny? Last season we played at a slower pace than you would've expected because our defense pressured the hell out of the ball, caused opponents to really work to get good looks and we dominated the offensive glass. This year, we're playing at a slow pace because we're putrid at controlling the defensive glass and every one of our half-court possessions involves about 10 seconds of useless dribble handoffs before we finally start looking for which guy is going to take the 20-foot jumper late in the clock. Brilliant.

Rich reply to Brian on Dec 23 at 16:54

That's the thing. I could care less about offensive half-court execution if the priority is defensive execution and rebounding. Then the coach could take the shackles off the team and let them run. People complained about DiLeo's half-court sets but I think if Brand was on the floor, he would have found a much better way to utilize him. Jordan has him playing like Kobe at the top of the arc and somehow EB is scoring the ball.I wish Brand was playing at his current level at then end of last year and we would have seen what happened.

The Sixers have had their share of bad coaches. But can't remember anyone reaching EJ's level of incompetence except maybe Lucas and Doug Moe.

Doug Moe actually had to be talked into taking the job and was only it for the check. He mailed it in because he was burnt out. Even Lucas had more success in his history. But this is Jordan, this is who he's always been. My vote goes to him

So the Sixers could be 16-12 instead of 7-21 with an INTERIM coach? Note the keyword "Interim" coach.

Imagine if they had a GOOD coach, they might be far better than 7-21 or even 16-12...maybe they'd be 21-7.

Statman reply to Kenneth on Dec 23 at 19:13

So the Sixers could be 16-12 instead of 7-21 with an INTERIM coach? Note the keyword "Interim" coach. Imagine if they had a GOOD coach, they might be far better than 7-21 or even 16-12...maybe they'd be 21-7.

This was exactly my point originally. I didn't think that highly of DiLeo, but in retrospect he was at least an average coach who recognized the strengths of his team and had them playing the type of ball that maximized their chances of success (wreak havoc by scrambling on defense, run whenever possible, get halfcourt shots off dribble penetration by Iguodala/Lou or Miller post-ups). Brian makes a great case that even an average coach could have this team at 16-12 (or, let's say conservatively, 14-14). So the Eddie Jordan Effect has turned a .500 team into a .250 team (40 wins to 20 wins over a full season). That's historically bad coaching, and I think we all agree that Eddie Jordan is a historically bad coach.

Then let's think about a "good" coach in the Sixers' recent past: Larry Brown. Love him or hate him, he's always gotten his teams to play defense with intensity. Take a look at the roster for his 02-03 team and tell me whether there was as much talent on that team as this team -- yet Brown got 48 wins out of them. That was a team that started a frontcourt of Kenny Thomas, Keith Van Horn, and Derrick Coleman (any defenders there?).

Now, Brown had a noted propensity not to play rookies, but something tells me he would have liked Holiday's game (though Speights might have been traded by now for somebody like Jason Maxiell). In any case, Larry Brown with this team? 18-20 wins easily, I think.

I liked Dileo as a coach and thought he did a good job with what he had last year.

If we have a fire sale of our big contracts like AI9, Sammy, and Brand, do you think that would that make us a player in this summer's free agent Lebron/Wade/Bosh extravaganza? If so, we might be at a point where the front office might want to think about that, also since that would increase our odds in the John Wall lottery.

Nick, let me ask you.

Why on earth would Wade, Bosh or Lebron want to play for Eddie Jordan??? Let's think about that before we talk about fire-selling big contracts.

In my mind, there's no way in hell either of those 3 franchise players would want to play for EJ. He's a loser, his team has a 7-21 record, and he has no clue how to coach.

Nick reply to Kenneth on Dec 23 at 18:23

I was assuming the coach going as part of the fire sale...

"Anybody see the latest Simmons Piece?

2009-10 payroll: $64.0 million
Projected 2010-11 Payroll: $65.3 million (OVER TAX)

• VP's Take: No chance of dumping Elton Brand or Sam Dalembert unless they include Andre Iguodala in the deal.

• Mitigating Factor: This is the same front office that A) spent $85 million on Brand, and B) took two weeks to realize that signing Allen Iverson might boost ticket sales and local interest. Not exactly a bunch of Mensa scholars here.

• VP's Verdict: Shop Iguodala-Brand-Dalembert for expirings. (Their only chance: If Wade threatens to leave unless Miami does something by the deadline, so Miami bites on an Iguodala-Brand-Dalembert for O'Neal-Haslem-Richardson. Odds of this happening: 10-to-1.) After every team hangs up, call an audible and shop Iguodala and Dalembert as a package. Iguodala isn't worth the franchise max for a bad team, but if he's your second- or third-best player on a contender with deep pockets, it's not the worst thing in the world. He's not making or breaking the Sixers. He doesn't sell tickets. Doesn't that make him expendable? Leading us to …

Fake Trade 11: Philly trades Dalembert, Iguodala and Jason Kapono's EC to Miami for the O'Neal/Richardson/Wright ECs. Philly ends up with their fifth overpaid has-been frontcourt player this decade (joining Mutombo, Webber, Coleman and Brand in what's becoming a tradition right up there with Easter and Thanksgiving); Quentin Richardson adds another team in his quest to play for all 30; Kapono ends up back in Miami, a nostalgic romp for all 43 Heat fans; and Miami becomes a fringe contender with a Wade-Iguodala-Dalembert-Beasley nucleus. This one makes too much sense."

Why do people keep insisting that Iguodala makes the Max?

Not to mention that Sam becomes an EC(a sizable one) next year. Its not like Comcast can't afford to wait a bit.

johnrosz reply to rswknight on Dec 23 at 18:37

Would you say it's a good contract?

I would say it isn't a bad contract. He's paid, no "over" or "under" attached. Certainly not near a "max" deal. Considering he is one of the best 2-way players in the game...

If anything, I'd blame King for not giving in and offering the 5/60 that rumors say would've gotten it done.

johnrosz reply to rswknight on Dec 23 at 19:52

Personally, I don't think Iguodala should have gotten any more than 5/60. They gave him the 80 million (whether its technically a max deal or not) to be the cornerstone of this franchise. Is the deal Rashard Lewis bad? No, of course not. But when I see guys like Granger and Smith signing deals for 5 years 60 mil around the time that Iggy signed, I can't say that Iguodala isn't overpaid.

The difference between 5/60 and 6/80 is maybe about 4 million, not enough to get worked over

Ryan F reply to rswknight on Dec 23 at 18:50

Something is going to happen sooner rather than later, I can feel it. I just get the most nauseating feeling that is going to be in favor of an EJ related system.

I guess that depends on whether Ed takes his buddy's side or the side of his big signing.

Other players have made statements about the defense too, Dre and Green among them. It also helps that they are right

johnrosz on Dec 23 at 19:02

The nightmare scenario is that were going to move our young players in favor of veteran guys that EJ feels can help to run the Princeton, and also don't know how to play defense. Stefanski is probably dead set on making the iggy/brand duo work.

Don't get me angry. Things are bad enough.

I would be fine trading away Iguodala or Brand, if only to get out from under their contracts. Both are good players, but I'm not thinking their next 4 years here will be winning ones.

johnrosz reply to tk76 on Dec 23 at 19:27

Simmons proposal seems kind of ridiculous to me, what team is gonna be willing to take on Brand AND Iguodala's contract over the next 5 years? What team could even afford to do that? But hey, if we can hit the reset button, Stefanski would be a fool not to do it.

If he begins to mold the roster to EJ's liking, I will renounce my sixers fandome, as painful as it will be I will not watch a team that collectively only plays one side of the ball for the next 5 years

JohnEMagee on Dec 24 at 12:49

Does Bill Simmons know that the sixers have been shopping Dalembert since February? No one wants him, he has no value for 'expiring' contracts, cause he lasts longer.

Look at the deal the Jazz just made this week, that's the kind of deal the sixers are going to make - giving up something to save luxury tax payments...no one wants sam dalembert, not even portland who is going through big men like willie green goes through knee pads

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