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Endless Possibilities

Court_visioN on Dec 25 at 1:15

I say fire the coach first then wait and see. So I guess I'm going with "Fix it"

Who knows? Maybe Eddie Jordan can net us a top 5 pick and then we can get a coach who actually has a clue, and now we have the same draft pick except we're adding a top draft pick. And SammyD is expiring, we could trade him (probably in a package deal with a young guy) for another piece.

I think two major changes need to be made right away. First, fire Jordan and get a decent coach. Yes, a decent coach would be enough at this point and shouldn't be that hard to find. Second, choose a sensible starting lineup and rotation (very much tied to the first change). My choice would be Holiday at the 1, Iverson, if healthy, at the 2, Iguodala at 3, Brand at 4, and Speights at 5. Jrue would cover the more dangerous guard on defense, obviously.

I like Thad and Lou coming off the bench and punishing tired starters on offense (or the opposition's second team). Dalembert would be a defensive sub. I'd stick with this 8 man rotation for the most part but would sub in Green and Kapono for more offense and Carney for D. Jason Smith would play spot minutes until he showed improvement or recovery from the ACL tear. It seems that for most players it takes more than a year to FULLY recover from the injury.


Kenneth on Dec 25 at 2:29

First thing's first -- FIRE THE COACH.

After that, then we can talk about blowing up or fixing the problem. But that first step is a must.

If you don't fire the coach, everything else is moot because the team will fail regardless of what you do.

I fire the coach and offer A.Mckie the "intermin" title with Lynum as his vet. assistant to lean on, no money can be spent here.I put feelers out, quietly, to E.Snow about possible involvement around his N.B.A. t.v. schedule to have a similar role to Moses a few years back; very modest pay for very valuable experience for him; I read when he was hurt in Cleveland he helped M.Brown , like an assistant coach would, during huddles, etc..I hold a team meeting open to the press and basically tell everybody, you defend you play, if not you sit. I say THIS will be the starting lineup till further notice: Sam/Elton/Carney/Iggy/Jrue and it is subject to change IF players earn it.I aim those comments at Marreese, Thad and L.Will., our supposed young core. I use Jason Smith to push Marreese,Carney to push Thad and Willie to push L.Will. because wins are less important to me this year than establishing a mindset.Whoever responds badly to this is gone over the summer, man up or your outta here!!! Making this meeting open to the press allows 2 things: 1] embaress whoever needs to be embarressed 2] make the next move easier, to tell A.I that his services won!t be required any longer and a gracious sendoff will happen, if he wants to retire. Losses, but losses with hard play , will probably result from all this change but it gives our REAL fans some hope. The more viable option between Aaron and Eric will be the new coach next year with the other person part of his staff. Sam won!t be traded but next year he comes of the bench , and if he gripes,who cares because he is more valuable as an expiring contract than anything else.If Marreese mans up, he gets the nod next to Elton.My dream draft night is Aldrich, as our backup 5 and D. James in the 2nd round as a guy to push Thad. I have a feeling L.Will. will be gone, because he doesn!t seem to value what is gonna be this organizations credo, hard play down the other end, iof so replace him with a vet. [Dooling type] who plays hard.I think this team CAN be a contender if the young guys are held accountable and Jrue grows up quickly, meaning major minutes, just my opinion.

johnrosz on Dec 25 at 10:47

If you can move Eltons contract w/o moving Iggy, its a no brainer. But if Iggy has to be moved as well, than I would have to consider it, this team seems to have no real sense of direction right now.

Some thoughts on the young core: I have a tough time lumping Thad in with Speights and Lou as the "young guys that don't wanna play D". I think Thad is lost at this point, but I have no doubts that he wants to defend. I remember seeing some of his pre-draft interviews and he talked a lot about defense, and his father played in an era when D was at a premium.

As far as Lou, his 1 on 1 mentality bothers me to no end. He thinks when he gets embarrassed on the defensive end, he can just make it up on the other end of the court. I don't think theres a place for that street ball mentality on a winning squad. He grew up in the era of kids that idolized AI, and it shows. As far as I'm concerned he is just one of a long line of "poor mans Ai's" that have made their way to the NBA

I don!t think effort is Thad!s problem, just his technique.He needs to learn how to become a perimeter defender. Carney was terrible his rookie year, stood srtaight up but has improved to become slightly above average, hopefully Thad can do the same at least.

JohnEMagee on Dec 25 at 10:50

Let Jordan and Stefanski finish this disaster of a season, fire them both, do not hire someone with no nba even assistant coaching experience...talk to the big names who aren't working around the league not to hire them but to get advice, what does a guy like jerry west think when he sees the roster...invest in a thorough GM and coaching search, do not let the money get in the way....hire as many assistants as necessary and get comittment from the players to improve in the off season.

johnrosz reply to JohnEMagee on Dec 25 at 11:01

Snider has gotten cheap with the Sixers, I don't think they will fire Jordan(another coach on payroll) and replace him with a big name coach that will command a lot of dough.I think if EJ gets fired you'll see an assistant or rookie coach. At this point I'd even let a guy like Mark Jackson give it a shot, at least we know he won't tolerate a team that doesn't play defense...

JohnEMagee reply to johnrosz on Dec 25 at 11:16

No coaches with NO NBA coaching experience, I find it ridiculous that a guy like Mark Jackson thinks he can skip the 'prelims' of learning how to coach...I wouldn't hire patrick ewing either but at least he'll work as an assistant.

And if hiring a point guard with no NBA coaching experience, I'd rather it be Eric Snow

johnrosz reply to JohnEMagee on Dec 25 at 11:23

I suppose you're right, but what are the options? Would you be in favor of Mckie? I guess saying I'd take Jackson right now is just a sign of how horrible EJ is...Jackson cracks me up on ESPN though, all he talks about is what he'd do IF he were the coach

JohnEMagee reply to johnrosz on Dec 25 at 11:30

Jackson campaigning for coach as he works for ESPN kind of irritates me.

Here's the thing, we don't know who would make a good coach as an assistant...as fans we know very little about the 'non' head coaches out there, which is why fans constantly throw out retreads and bemoan when a retread isn't hired because they know very little about him.

I'd like to see a thorough search, of numerous candidates of a variety of approaches.

But if I have to throw a name out of nowhere to be the sixers next head coach I nominate Lawrence Frank

John, I totally agree with your one point, turn over every rock to find the right guy; but unfortunately I doubt that money won!t be a concern, which really makes this difficult.Frank works for me because I really think even an average to slightly above average guy with a semblance of coaching ability can get this turned around and Frank is a notch above that.

JohnEMagee reply to deepsixersuede on Dec 25 at 12:19

If you think about it, the budget constraints make finding the 'next guy' smarter...new guys without experience, with their first NBA job should cost less money because they don't have any sort of NBA head coaching 'cache' to build on.

eddies' heady's on Dec 25 at 11:34

I would like to take a brief respite from my Sixers fanaticism and my monikers persona and say:

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! First, to l'il Nora and James Donald (what a joy today must be for them). Second, to the entire Ward family (yeah, you too Brian :)) And last but not least, to the limited collection of fellow Sixer diehards in this community that rip me a good one on a weekly basis.

We all tend to release our frustrations and chippy-ness at each other sometimes, needless to say, but when it all comes full circle we really are just uberpassionate fans of the same team, all feeling the unjust impositions that comes along with loving and following this franchise.

Its hard not to get angy when your team is a disaster. Merry Christmas, happy holidays... Festivus...let this winter be a short one.

All I want for Christas... is Brand traded without taking back any bad contract :)

JohnEMagee reply to tk76 on Dec 25 at 13:28

Sure, ask for something easy

Aha! A little off topic but when I picked up my morning Inquirer, I found this article as the main story on the front page. I'm a DN guy for obvious reasons (generally just a way better sports section) but I gotta admit that Fagan really impresses me:

Read the content, it skillfully makes EJ look almost as clueless as he really is.

Also don't be fooled by the online headline, which you guys can only see. Anybody that has the actual paper (probably not many) can see that the big print of the Inq says- "Weak on Defense" and "Despite coach's exhortations, 76ers defend poorly." I don't know why they changed it for online, but whatever. This might be the harshest piece yet, and thank you Kate Fagan.

I seriously feel like Jordan's trying to get fired.

Rich, jumped at the same article. Led me to post this thread at realgm:http://www.realgm.com/boards/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=970895&start=0

This post will be for Eddie Jordan quotes. A compilation of his pearls of widsom. Think of it as a [b]Dummy's Guide to Coaching Basketball... by Eddie Jordan[/b]

Todays Entries:

[quote]"I remember spending an extraordinary amount of time in training camp with the Wizards on defense and we started out 0-5," Jordan said. "Then we put a little bit more time into offense and we won six in a row."[/quote]

[quote]Our defense is good when Andre [Iguodala] is a major scorer.[/quote]

Feel free to add your own favorite Eddie Jordan quote for the archives.


Rich reply to tk76 on Dec 25 at 14:58

TK, I looked exactly at one of these quotes for a whole ten minutes just trying to digest what I was looking at. This might be the most befuddling comment of Jordan's tenure so far-

"Our defense is good when Andre [Iguodala] is a major scorer."

Wow. I don't know how to respond to that one.

Merry Christmas to everyone!

I've spent some time looking into this question and there is no easy solution. While the core young talent is exciting and full of potential, who can say these young ones will take us to the top? In many ways, this team reminds me of the Bulls a few years ago; they stockpiled young talent, signed the big free agent, and then collapsed.

And then picked up a potential franchise player in D Rose ;)

However, with the Bulls, they at least played the young ones and found out what they were capable of. A few years ago, those same players could have been traded for a Pau Gasol or a Kobe Bryant. That's at least something of an option.

Now I don't think Elton Brand is a Ben Wallace-like mistake. He can still play well, potentially very well if given the opportunity. Again, it's a question of playing time.

And who is responsible for giving out playing time? The guy who should probably be the first to go.

If the sixers would fire Eddie Jordan, I believe giving it time will take care of most of its woes. Therefore, I state give it time. But after firing EDDIE JORDAN!

Just so all know, Kate's article is the headline today in the sport's section of the paper. I hope that Ed S. will be embarrassed into firing Eddie Jordan soon! Yes, I am on drugs so I am probably wrong. Sad....

On another word, Merry Christmas to all!

johnrosz reply to DeanH on Dec 25 at 15:50

I am volunteering to drive EJ out of town when the time is right, but the time isn't right until the season is over. He will get us at least a chance at John Wall when the lottery comes around, and for that I am grateful. I dont buy into the theory that I am not a real fan because I am openly rooting for this team to lose. Those of us that are rooting for the team to lose are realists, and if anything its tougher to sit through each game and hope for the team to lose.

Giving the young guys "valuable playoff experience" is a load of bs...talent wins out in the NBA, we all know that. The experience doesn't matter if you dont have the personnel to get it done.

Go Nets, Go T-wolves.Go Warriors.

DeanH reply to johnrosz on Dec 25 at 20:18

Is that a money back guarantee? Actually, glad you said about rooting to lose as I am doing the same a good bit of the time. Just hard to do but cannot stand this coach. If he does not play Jrue when it is close, I am rooting for them to lose. Sorry folks that don't respect that but I am fed up and want a long term winning 76ers team. And with this "...." as the coach, I just can't root for anything that makes him look good.

EJ needs to be fired.

He's a bad coach because he tries to fit players in to his "offensive system" regardless of each player's talent. It's like trying to force-fit square pegs into circles.

A good coach will analyze the talents of each player and construct a system that maximizes the talent of each player to the benefit of the team.

EJ has no regard for the talents of each player. All he cares about is creating his "wonderful" princeton offense, without any regard for defense or looking at the whole picture of "winning". He's just a very very bad coach that needs to go.

Try to become as much like the Thunder as possible without moving the team.

They just got Harprings expiring contract and Eric Mayor for a second round pick!


We need new owners, a new gm, new coach, new everything. No one cares anymore and for good reason.

Blow it all up.

I asked this at realgm, but would be interested in what you guys think (sorry if you are reading twice.) Maybe Brian would want to answer this in a full post?

Its sometimes hard to evaluate players on a bad team. Look at the roster and tell me which players fit well on a good team.

Break players into the categories:

R: positive role player on a good team Has a specific skill or a solid complemetary skill set that helps a good team.

I: Potential impact player on a good team. Can be a major part of a winner.

N: Skill set looks better on a bad team. Think Zach Randolph or Corrie Magette... players who look better on bad teams then they would on a good team

B: Bum. Just not good enough to have much value on a good team.

Here is the roster to copy and grade:

Brand, Elton
Brezec, Primoz
Carney, Rodney
Dalembert, Samuel
Green, Willie
Holiday, Jrue
Iguodala, Andre
Iverson, Allen
Ivey, Royal
Kapono, Jason
Smith, Jason
Speights, Marreese
Williams, Louis
Young, Thaddeus

Brand, Elton R (a top level one)
Brezec, Primoz B
Carney, Rodney B/R
Dalembert, Samuel R...N (if more than a back-up)
Green, Willie R (9th man)
Holiday, Jrue R...I (if he develops the ability to shoot/score)
Iguodala, Andre I (but wonder if he can adapt to not having the ball in his hands so much, so poss N)
Iverson, Allen Former I, now maybe R if he agrees to a bench role
Ivey, Royal B/R
Kapono, Jason R with a tightly defined role
Smith, Jason B/R - needs to heal, rebound better and refine jumper to get to R
Speights, Marreese Either I or N, depends on if he learns to defend, rebound, pass
Williams, Louis R(but a top one) vs. N depends on how he shares. good signs early this year
Young, Thaddeus Either I or N.... see Speight, Marreese

Kenneth reply to tk76 on Dec 26 at 0:26

Brand, Elton (I, when healthy)
Brezec, Primoz (B)
Carney, Rodney (B)
Dalembert, Samuel (R)
Green, Willie (R)
Holiday, Jrue (R right now, I in a couple of years)
Iguodala, Andre (I, definitely)
Iverson, Allen (I can't grade AI until he plays a few more games. It's too early to say if he's I or N, but definitely not R)
Ivey, Royal (B)
Kapono, Jason (R)
Smith, Jason (B)
Speights, Marreese (N)
Williams, Louis (I)
Young, Thaddeus (I or N. His lack of consistency prevents him from being an I)

Kenneth reply to Kenneth on Dec 26 at 0:29

Btw, I know most of you will disagree that Speights, Marreese is a N, not I. But considering that I don't see Speights ever pass the ball or play any defense, it's hard for me to give someone like that an "I". He's definitely either a N or a R. You can't be an "impact player" if you don't play defense or pass.

OK, here's my take.

Brand, Elton - R/I- (No way to tell until he's given proper minutes and is integrated into a system. He's either a solid R or a borderline I, I lean toward the latter. If he's traded to a contender, I see him making a difference)
Brezec, Primoz - B
Carney, Rodney - B
Dalembert, Samuel - R
Green, Willie - R-/B+
Holiday, Jrue - will be a solid, solid I.
Iguodala, Andre - I, without question
Iverson, Allen - Hate to say it, but B. He could be a solid R, but he'll never accept that role.
Ivey, Royal - B
Kapono, Jason - R-
Smith, Jason - B
Speights, Marreese - R+ (I don't think he's ever going to defend/rebound enough to be a cornerstone, but if surrounded by solid defenders, especially a big who can clean the glass and block shots, he's talented enough to be a primary scorer on a contending team)
Williams, Louis - R (points off the bench is his only role on a good team)
Young, Thaddeus - R/I- (Need to see where his development takes him, at worst, he's going to be an efficient scorer and his athleticism will provide a change of pace off the bench. Well-defined role on any team)

This exercise just drives home why I think Jordan needs to be gone much sooner, rather than later. I hear people talking about keeping Jordan around because he'll get us John Wall, but (a) the odds of getting the #1 pick are way too slim, and (b) if Jordan lasts the season we're going to be further away from figuring out what we have than we are right now. Not to mention the damage he can do to these players in the mean time.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Dec 26 at 13:43

What makes you think we're so far away from John Wall? The Sixers are going to continue losing games, the Nets aren't going to go 2-80...Would you rather try to salvage the season and win 30 something games? Even if they make the playoffs they'll get smoked by Boston. Not seeing how it would be progress. The only way to break this cycle is try to hit a home run. Just the way I'm seeing it right now...

Duracorr reply to johnrosz on Dec 26 at 14:26

The problem though is the low odds of obtaining a stud and building successfully around that player. As was pointed out yesterday, most teams drafting top players have not won a championship. The first problem is drafting the right player (The right player might not even be available in the draft or might not be the most highly rated player) The second factor is the coach. The third factor is that there could be another dynasty (Lakers, Spurs in current time frame.) Fourth problem is that the complimentary players could be ruined with a losing mentality before the "stud and stud coach are ready to win.

I agree with what Ed Snider said a few months ago. The basic agreement needs to be changed to increase the flexibility teams have to improve. In the meantime, the current plan of adding and evaluating players to put together a good foundation is as good as any.

johnrosz reply to Duracorr on Dec 26 at 17:39

Jordan has 6 rings, Duncan has 4, AI took the Sixers to the finals, Dwight Howard took the Magic to the finals. Pierce was a top 10 pick. Wade was a top 5 pick,Dirk was a top 10 pick, Kenyon Martin was the 1st pick...

You have to factor in that the Clippers of the league have had the top picks pretty regularly, Odom, Olowakandi, etc. and they always find a way to screw it up. The league does need to be restructured, but John Wall has all the makings of the real deal, you may be underselling his potential.

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