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What To Do Once Eddie Jordan Is Gone

goood post brian. i agree with pretty much everything you had to say on here. i think if we're going to trade anyone in that core it should be thad because i feel like iguodala should be playing the 3. i see speights as our future 4, jrue our point and andre our 3, lou off the bench and draft picks to fill in the other holes, at least the shooting guard spot. i think if we find any way to trade up and get john wall this year that would be a perfect scenario and then somehow get someone who can play the 5 at a high level.

Excellent post Brain. Its articles like these that keep me returning to your blog. I wasnt on board with the Jordan hiring...but I had no idea it would turn out this bad. At first I blamed it on the players...but Brand has turned out to be a slightly above average PF for this team and Jrue can indeed play. Its not the players...its the coach and it is so obvious(as it has been for over a month now if not more) that the team does not respect or respond to Jordan. Lets have a little gambling shall we....lets say the over under is 12 wins. Do you think Jordan will be fired before the sixers win 12 games or after ? I am taking the under because I dont see there 12th win until at least February. What do you guys think ? Over or under 12 ?

12 wins could be March or later at this rate.

Right now, we have to completely rethink what is a winnable game. Only 4 teams are even approaching the horrendous level the Sixers are playing at. They're below average on offense and absolutely pitiful on defense.

New Jersey
Golden State

Those are the four teams against whom you could consider games that we should win. They have five games against those teams between now and the end of February.

I don't expect them to continue being this bad, but right now those are the only games on the schedule you can look at and say, "They should win those games."

It's very, very sad. I don't think Jordan's here to break double digits in wins, personally.

This is very close to the strategy most of us wanted when Cheeks was fired, so I guess its take two...

Good summation of what the team needs to do now that it is hitting bottom. You did not use the word "tank", but honestly not prioritizing winning is not that far from it. I would give the coach a little more leeway than you suggest- but I agree there needs to be priorities. I would not run Thad 80% at PF just to try and win more games. And I would not bench Jrue for making mistakes.

In terms of moves, Id guess someone would be willing to give us value for Thad, so he might be worth trading. I would also strongly try to move Brand, but not expect to be able to on out terms (no bad contracts back.)

Define "bad contracts." Brand has 3 years, $51.2M left on his contract after this season. So would you take back someone with equal money/years remaining, but possibly a better fit? A year less? There are degrees of bad contracts.

Monta Ellis - 4 years, $44M
Corey Maggette - 3 years, $30.8M
Rip Hamilton - 3 years, $37.5M
Gerald Wallace - 3 years, $28.5M
Baron Davis - 3 years, $41.2M
Emeka Okafor - 4 years, $52.6M
Eddy Curry - 1 years, $11.4M
Antawn Jamison - 2 years, $28.4M
Gilbert Arenas - 4 years, $80.2M

Would you take any of those contracts in return for Brand?

bebopdeluxe reply to Brian on Dec 28 at 10:38

I don't get rid of any of the core players (and I include both Brand and Iguodala in the core) until we have a HC with a freaking clue leading this team.

I think this roster can win games if we had somebody like JVG or Collins coaching them...and if DiLeo can come up with one more rabbit out of his hat this summer (preferably either a fill-it-up SG or a defensive big), this team can be RIDICULOUSLY better...if we can just get rid of Dumb and Dumber Part 2 ASAP.

Monta Ellis - 4 years, $44M- Yes
Corey Maggette - 3 years, $30.8M- If they threw in Randolph ;)
Rip Hamilton - 3 years, $37.5M- lateral move, but yes
Gerald Wallace - 3 years, $28.5M- poor fit, but yes
Baron Davis - 3 years, $41.2M- NO
Emeka Okafor - 4 years, $52.6M- NO
Eddy Curry - 1 years, $11.4M- Yes
Antawn Jamison - 2 years, $28.4M -Yes
Gilbert Arenas - 4 years, $80.2M- No

Corey Maggette - 3 years, $30.8M- If they threw in Randolph ;)

It would have to be bigger than that to make the salaries work. Maggette, Claxton and Randolph for Brand straight up :)

How would you feel about this:

Brand and Thad for Maggette, Randolph, Morrow and Claxton?

bebopdeluxe reply to Brian on Dec 28 at 10:54

We would be giving up two of out best, most talented players for a no-D gunner (Maggette), a contract (Claxton), a young guy with potential (Morrow) and a guy (Randolph) that I think Thad has the potential to eventually surpass (with a coach who has a clue).

Let's get the clowns out of here first before we do a trade like this.

Brian, from the previous blog.

Just wondering. Wasn't Dileo brought in to evaluate the personnel on the roster? Based upon that analysis EJ is hired to put his system in with this personnel? Where was the disconnect there?

JohnEMagee reply to sfw on Dec 28 at 9:43

Edward Stefanski

That's your disconnect

That's who needs to go when Jordan goes or the team is still screwed.

In Brians analysis he seemed to ignore that DiLeo doesn't get to make roster moves...I'm not sure why, but Stefanski is the man in charge.

I kind of wrote from the perspective that I was Stefanski, what would I do in his position.

If they're going to clean house and fire both Eds I'm not sure how much of the plan I'd change. DiLeo would just become the GM. In the scenario I laid out above, DiLeo's going to be the guy evaluating the entire roster and basically laying out what we have and what we need.

bebopdeluxe reply to Brian on Dec 28 at 10:20


I read your post from the perspective of BOTH clowns (aka: Dumb and Dumber Part 2) being gone. I do not see a scenario where Jordan is canned and Stefanski is still here. If I was Brian/Ralphie/Snider/Luukko, they have to be a package dismissal.

If any of those four have been paying attention at all to this franchise, they have to know that DiLeo is the only guy who has added reasonably consistent value to the franchise over the past several years...and he can probably handle being an interim GM at least until the summer. McKie I am not so sure about. I would rather have him than the other assistants, but at least in a peripheral way, he is still a part of this mess.

I think we need a new voice. If we cannot get a guy like JVG until the summer, I would rather bring a guy in for a 50 game test-drive (my choice is Eric Snow)...see if he can handle the job...see if he would want to be a HC...at the very least, he would bring what he learned as a PG with LB and a defacto assistant with Mike Brown in CLE...focust on a defensive mind-set and consistent execution on offense.

Here's hoping for a winless WC trip.

Two problems with bringing Snow in, first he isn't already on the pay roll. Second, he doesn't really have experience. When we're comparing Snow to McKie, I think I like Mckie's resume better. Playing under Brown and Phil Jackson carries more weight for me than playing under Larry and Mike Brown, plus he's the assistant that works with Jrue and Iguodala before games. He's the guy most likely to get and keep their ears in what would probably be a tough transition.

bebopdeluxe reply to Brian on Dec 28 at 10:49

I would be OK with McKie...I just worry that getting rid of EJ and O'Koren from this staff might not be enough. I also prefer Snow's mindset and approach to the game to McKie's...not that McKie can't coach defense per se, but Snow brings the mentality of a football player to defense...didn't Kobe call Snow his toughest cover back in the day?

THAT is the kind of defensive intensity that I want to bring to the table...an in-your-jock, physical, withering approach. While McKie was certainly a good defender, Snow - at his best - was a LOAD.

This team also has a lot of young guys who need help with structure and execution on offense, and I like Snow's pedigree (as an LB-schooled PG) better than McKie's.

While McKie may have more coaching "experience" than Snow (i.e. he has worn a suit on the sidelines longer), that does not make him a better HC prospect than Snow in my eyes. Frankly, I don't even know if Snow would be interested...but when it comes to things like defensive intensity and on-the-court smarts, I think that Snow would fit the bill more than McKie would.

Having said all that, I would be jumping for joy if the Ed's were replaced by DiLeo and McKie.

JohnEMagee reply to bebopdeluxe on Dec 28 at 10:52

Great players do not always make great coaches.

I find the constant calls for Snow to be HC with absolutely no NBA coaching experience odd...if he wanted to coach why isn't he on a bench somewhere being an assistant (same gods for Mark Jackson)

Being a player doesn't make you a coach

k-house reply to JohnEMagee on Dec 28 at 14:01

Precisely why Ford makes much more sense & IMHO is the best "low-cost" option we have for someone likely to baby-sit the rest of the season anyway. Plus his old position gives the organization a place to put EJ to ride out the remainder of his contract!

I want EJ as far away from this franchise as possible. Do you really see Ford getting through to these young players?

k-house reply to Brian on Dec 28 at 16:46

Given how they responded to Mo/DiLeo, it's obvious these players can be reached/productive so in my mind, it's just another excuse from EJ! Now, while it may be true they are having trouble grasping the PO, I don't think they lack a basic/fundamental knowledge of the game. So would it be too much to think that maybe they've been questioning his game-planning/substitutions/lack of a consistent offense/defensive scheme right along with us? Couple this with an unwarranted ego & his idiot head-games & I think we're beginning to grasp the potential problem here! So...yes...if like Mo/DiLeo...Ford can reach these players with straight talk (without using the press), preaching/maintaining/inpiring confidence in them & his offensive/defensive schemes...he'll do just fine!

Was he brought in to evaluate? If he was, he certainly didn't coach like it. I seemed to me like he was brought in to get the most out of the roster that he'd pretty much built, and get them to the playoffs. Mainly because they spent a ton of money the previous summer and they weren't simply going to tank away the season after a bad start. That's what moving Thad to the four, Iguodala to the three etc. said to me.

Brand going down didn't help, obviously, but I didn't really see any kind of effort to evaluate guys at their natural position. I'm fine with that, he kept the team moving on the upward arc, but in hind sight, I don't think it's fair to say he was brought in to evaluate when winning games seemed to be his primary goal.

sfw reply to Brian on Dec 28 at 11:25

Valid point. He was coaching to win.

Charles Shackleford's Top Hat on Dec 28 at 9:46

I know for a fact the Stefanski's son, reads this blog. I would bet the Big Ed reads it as well. This is the best idea that has been posted in a long time. If I am going to continue to watch this team, this is the strategy I want implemented. Isn't it clear that we are the last real fans? Iverson, "all you can eat nights", and all the other marketing shenanigans have gotten us no where. We need a strategy the core can get behind. I want to see so much Jrue for the rest of the year, that i really know what we have in him. I want to see Thad get abused by every 3 in the league so we know what we have. I want to see everything Brian just listed and i want to see them now. Or i am out. And if i am out, can you imagine how the average fan feels? Actually, you don't need to imagine. Look at the attendance figures.


Problem is, at least in my opinion, BOTH ed's need to go.

I certainly can't muster much of an argument against this thinking, but for some reason I think I'd give him a do-over on the coach thing if he's willing to hit the eject button now.

You hit the nail on the head. The average fan is already gone. So you have a unique opportunity here, you can actually make smart basketball decisions to build for the long term without worrying about alienating anyone. Compounding the mistakes you've already made with more of the same is going to slowly drive even the diehards away.

"Unique opportunity"... that is funny. You should consider marketing.

I'm reading "The Art of a Beautiful Game" right now and about halfway through there's a section on the Hoops Whisperer. Eddie Jordan is quoted in the chapter a couple times, I thought this one would make you guys laugh:

"It's crucial that the players know that you respect them." :)

He also talks about how the trainer gave him valuable insight into how to deal with Brendan Haywood, he finished that bit with this quote, "...by the end we had a great relationship." Which is kind of funny considering Haywood's quotes about Jordan since, and also Haywood's production now that he isn't stuck playing for Jordan.

Overall, the book is a good read, but oddly, I don't think it has as many insights as Simmons' book, believe it or not.

These are little things but I would like a steady rotation 6 through 10 with nobody getting 40 m.p.g.. Watching M.Bonner develop after a few years in the league makes me think J.Smith can have a similar role as a stretch 4 for a good team and Carney also could have a B.Bowen type role, and most importantly, give Iggy a break.Guys, do you think E.S. can possibly believe that Jordan!s first year in Wash. is just being repeated and would let him continue no matter what the record because he expects a turnaround? And did Jordan have an effect on who Wash. picked because N. Young seemed like a player he would like but McGee doesn!t, although he could of picked him to replace Haywood, who he disliked.

There's no reason to push anyone to 40 minutes per game, agree with that. I have zero faith that Smith and Carney are going to develop into solid role players, though. Maybe the right coach can get each to concentrate on one marketable skill, but right now they just don't have any focus. Carney's an athlete, but he's not a lockdown defender. Smith is in love w/ his jumper, but he doesn't rebound and he's completely unfocused on the floor. I just don't see it out of either of them.

I also think, if Marreese is part of this team!s future as a starter, a complimentary 4 or 5 has to be brought in yesterday.Guys like J. Hill,Thabeet,J.Mc Gee and similar types in this draft have to be looked at.Spieghts has been compared to Amare and Pheonix never put that guy next to him, though R.Lopez was brought in to fill that role. If Thad and Marreese are our future 3/4 combo than the sooner we address this the better.

Check out the post TK76 had above about Maggette. Anthony Randolph might be a really good fit next to Speights, his rebounding and shot blocking numbers are actually quite good.


I might roll with that.

I need to learn more about Randolph, beyond his feakish build. Looking at his numbers I'm impressed by his defensive rebounding % (22.3 for career) but how skewed is that in GS funky offense?

It comes down to whether you can start a Speights/Randolph front court. And right now I'd say no.

Defensive rebounding % shouldn't really be skewed by the pace of the game. Playing with a bunch of bad rebounders could skew it though.

Mike P reply to Brian on Dec 28 at 15:36

Might? F that. That would be pretty much perfect.

If you should get rid of that awful Brand contract for Morrow and Randolph you do that at the drop of a hat. Without question.

johnrosz on Dec 28 at 10:57

Depending on what you think of Stephen A. Smith and his credibility, I heard him talking about the Sixers around the time he broke the AI story. He mentioned that Ed Snider actually preferred Josh Smith AND Jamison over Elton. Stefanski had to insist that they spend the extra money to acquire Elton...

Makes me wonder how safe Stefanski will be after this season. Whether you like Elton or not, he is not the franchise changer he was signed to be(even playing 40 min a night), and right now he and EJ are both making Stefanski look foolish.

He went on to say that the organization would trade Iguodala for "a bag of donuts" at this point, not sure if I buy that but hey who knows...

Jamison signed really early with Washington and Josh Smith was never really a viable option, so if Snider had a hard on for those guys, he's as clueless as we think he is.

Stefanski's job security can't be great, though. I'm amazed by how quiet he's been through all of this.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Dec 28 at 11:05

I'm sure we'll hear from him at some point after the completion of the road trip. He will probably end up on Comcast Sportsnet, they'll ask him a bunch of softball questions because the network owns the team. He will say virtually nothing except "we need to get better top to bottom blah blah", and our intelligence will continue to be insulted. They are doing a really great job of alienating the handful of fans they actually have.

If it is Jamison or Elton, I!ll take Elton for THIS team. Another score that doesn!t defend is not what we need here.

johnroszr reply to deepsixersuede on Dec 28 at 11:09

Well, Jamisons contract seems more movable to me, I'll take that over EB's "Philly Max" contract any day. Neither player fits what the Sixers are doing here, Josh Smith would have been perfect but he really wasn't an option

If Elton continues his solid play and teams run out of options who built up cap space this summer, players stay put, Elton may gain a lot of value back. Let!s hope so.

johnrosz reply to deepsixersuede on Dec 28 at 11:19

I might just be pessimistic, but I don't think anyone is going to take on Elton's contract, it's not worth the risk. He has durability issues and I think there are major questions around the league about whether or not he can be the player that he once was.

Watching B.Wallaces effect on a young Pistons team makes me not mind Elton being here.With a bunch of soft young players here, and one more coming in this draft, Elton SHOULD have a good influence on these kids.If TK76!s scenerio with A.Randolph happened who better to toughen up him and Marreese than a guy like Elton.

If Snider wants Elton to earn his Philly max make him a player-coach for the rest of the year, we sure wouldn!t have guys out there not rebounding and defending, in fact I may go buy a ticket to watch that !!!

That's were I stand also.

Brian excellent post. Once the season is finished, who do you think the Sixers will hire as there new head coach

Good post. One thing though. If you really do want to play man-to-man AND build a defense competent roster, Lou Williams is not on it. I forget who posted it, but apparently every player the Sixers brought in off the street would abuse Williams in the summer. Also, before kicking Iverson to the curb, I'd give him the ultimatum of either coming off the bench or retiring. Yes, I know he's refused to do this in the past, but he's been much more of a facilitator than a scorer this year, and he would be a very very good backup PG.

If that's how things shake out (with Lou), then I'm fine with that. I'd like a coach to say to him, "Listen Lou, if you don't defend, you aren't playing," just to see how he reacts. If that doesn't change anything, then you move him to the expendable side of the ledger.

Duracorr reply to Brian on Dec 28 at 21:31

Great post, Brian. My only difference is I like Carney and would like to see him get some consistent minutes. Concerning demanding defense from Lou, I'd make the exact same demand of everyone, not just Lou. If you don't defend, you don't play. I think this roster has the athletes to be a top 10 defensive team.

Wow sick plan, couldn't agree more. Great to see the true fans prefer Jrue over Lou. Half of all Sixer fans I talk to have this insane hard on for Lou.

Even though this move has no future impact here I just couldn't bare seeing Iverson play less than 20 minutes as a Sixer. That would really make me cringe. I wouldn't mind seeing him get 25 or so minutes a game. Lou is really not any better than him at this point.

Watching a show on N.B.A. tv about some young players in the league. Interesting how J. Foster is becoming a mentor to R.Hibbert and Hibbert seems to be trying to absorb all his wisdom. Marreese, take the hint?

It seems like Mareese is too dumb.

That's too bad because Hibbert has improved immensely this year, and he is a guy with cinder block feet.

I'd like to see this plan implemented, but I am not a fan of Iggy at the 2. He is a not a 2. Simple as that. He is a swiss army knife 3. We need a 2 who can stroke it and defend.

Jrue should be getting as many minutes as possible at this point and I'm all for the throwing Thad and Spieghts to the slaughter defensively plan.

I'd like to see McKie coach too, or Eric Snow. Tiny PGs usually make good coaches. He could be our Avery Johnson or Nate McMilian.

Duracorr reply to Mike P on Dec 28 at 21:37

Speights is not being dumb by playing one-dimensional basketball. He is playing like his current coach wants him to play and earning big minutes because of it. Again, If I'm the coach, I tell him "Defend of sit."

JohnEMagee reply to Duracorr on Dec 28 at 21:45

He played like this last year...

If you remember, that's what DiLeo did with him last year, and it did pay dividends eventually. All of that was washed down the drain when Jordan was brought in, though. There's no correlation to defending and minutes on this roster right now.

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