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Rip City Letdown

JohnEMagee on Dec 28 at 19:16


It is a bit unclear

How do you feel about LaMarcus Aldridge?

If Elton Brand started this game and got 40 minutes, he'll have a MONSTER GAME. Who's going to guard him? Aldridge? Pendergraph? HAHA! You're joking right?

Elton Brand would absolutely DESTROY Portland on the offensive glass and have 5-10 dunks/layups minimum.

Unfortunately, we have a coach in Eddie Jordan that's clueless and hates Elton Brand. So he'll probably have a much smaller impact today.

Watching Brandon Roy put the Blazers once vaunted "Roster of the Future" on his back is one of the most entertaining things in basketball today.

Agreed on Aldridge though, that is an awful Sammy-esque contract that the "genius" Pritchard gave him.

Totally sucks for Roy that they boffed on that Durant choice though.

John, that was a good one. Brian, I feel this will be a close one, in defeat of course but Iggy loves disspelling the "Roy legend" !!.

JohnEMagee on Dec 28 at 19:38

Totally sucks for Roy that they boffed on that Durant choice though.

Oden was the consensus number 1 at the time and pretty much every GM would have taken him - hind sight is a beautiful thing - but no one knew this was going to happen

The Oden decision is Pritchard's version of the Brand signing. No one wants to admit it, but they're a fair comparison. Except Stefanski didn't really have a viable second option like Durant.

I liked Oden, btw.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Dec 28 at 19:55

Pretty much EVERYONE liked Oden over Durant - a big man with his ability - no one thought he was mr glass - you can't use hindsight to osay a guy made the wrong pick - though you can say that araujo as 8 could be one of the dumber picks ever

Two problems with Oden:
1) Fouls
2) Injuries

His per-minute production this year was insane. He had a +13.4 PER differential (!!!!!!!). He had a +5.3 on court/off court split. He had a roland rating of +10.1.

He was on his way to putting it all together and being that dominant, 2-way big man teams dream of. I can't call that a mistake.

He's still only 21. he has plenty of time to put it together if he can come back.

Tray reply to Brian on Dec 28 at 20:15

We didn't have to sign anyone.

JohnEMagee reply to Tray on Dec 28 at 20:17

And then the cap room vanishes the next season and the fans lament the waste of the cap space.

Or asking why the sixers didn't get josh smith instead

True, we could've just watched the cap space turn into a pumpkin when Iguodala and Lou were extended. Of course, again, no one seems to say Pritchard should've "just not signed anyone" instead of wasting his cap space on Miller, do they?

I think Aldridge is being slightly underrated as a defender. He's not great, but I think he's an average team and man-man defender. His length causes some problems.

I put him at below average in man-to-man etc, and worse overall due to his rebounding numbers. Although his defensive rebounding numbers are up slightly this season. .5 blocks/36 minutes for a 6'11" interior player is just pitiful.

McGrady has left the Rockets and his agents/the team are looking into working out a trade.

I'm having a hard time believing Houston would take back any kind of lengthy contract for McGrady right now, though. His number comes off the books this summer, leaving them with $43M committed for next year, not enough to make a splash, but Yao comes off the books the following summer, and then they'd have a ton of cap space. The Sixers could put together a package built around Dalembert and Kapono/Green that would fit with their timetable, assuming they're really looking toward the summer of 2011, and they could absolutely use some size/shotblocking up front, but I just don't see it happening. They'd rather just eat the rest of his deal, I believe.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Dec 28 at 20:13

Houston doesn't want anything back, it's why he's not on the Knicks yet - they want to include Jeffries

I was loving the quotes saying that tracy just wanted to be a good teammate and helop the team win but left cause he thought he should have gotten more minutes :)

No Willie tonight, so I guess we will see Jrue.

Here's the tweet from the Sixers:

Update leading into game tonight - Willie Green will be listed as out with a sprained left ankle.

Nets have a chance to win this one. 33-34 in the second quarter vs. OKC.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Dec 28 at 20:23

They had a chance to win their last game (or two games ago) too...

I've watched literally 2 minutes of game action of Nets/OKC and Westbrook has already gotten into the paint 4 more times than he did the entire time Jrue was guarding him when the Sixers played the Thunder.

JohnEMagee on Dec 28 at 20:35

I have no idea why - maybe it's the only available game - but the sixers clippers game on new years eve is on TNT

Why not. No one's going to be watching the NBA at midnight on the east coast. No one but me, that is.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Dec 28 at 20:38

The clippers game is the one game of the year i ever consider attendaing (cause tickets will be much much cheaper) but new years eve in LA and then driving up to SB around 10 PM sounds awful

mike reply to JohnEMagee on Dec 28 at 21:03

i wonder if more people will watch this game or their home opener that was the same night as a phillies WS game. do you think more than 25 people nationally will have watched either?

mike reply to JohnEMagee on Dec 28 at 21:01

it's actually pretty hilarious that their only nationally televised game of the year will be in the 2nd half at midnite new year's eve

I just checked ESPN's NBA home page and there was no word of Willie not starting due to injury...weird. Normally they put stuff like that up there..


AI/Lou/Iggy/Thad/Sammy the starting lineup tonight.

Jordan re-enforced his stupidity.

JohnEMagee reply to Derek Bodner on Dec 28 at 21:05

We all knew it was coming :)

Seriously, though. How hard do you think Andre Miller's laughing in the Portland locker room right now?

btw, Ryan's comment above made me crack up, the "heh" wasn't sarcastic.

Sixers' fans really miss Andre Miller in the pregame show? Besides his ability to throw the best alley-oop in the league to Iggy for 1-2 jams a game, there isn't much I miss about Andre.

No Willie Green? Maybe Jordan will give some of those minutes to Carney tonight so that he can put up some bricks from 16-18 feet.

Well, one thing has gone right today. The game is on in HD on league pass.

Alvin reply to Brian on Dec 28 at 21:59

Ugly basketball looks uglier on HD.

And this team was not ugly the past two seasons.

If anyone is flipping back and forth between to the MNF game, give score updates in the thread please. Hoping the Eagles can snag the #2 seed and a bye.

Someone should tell Pinckney that 40% on two-point jumpers doesn't make Aldridge an elite level perimeter shooter. It makes him about the same as Andre Iguodala on those shots.

.241 winning percentage as Sixers coach. Awesome.

OK, here we go. Wondering how much matchup zone we're going to see, I'm guess a ton.

Kate Fagan said Iverson would be limited to 28-30 minutes on doctor's orders.

Sammy on Aldridge to start. He promptly airballs a 15-footer. Ugly offense by the Sixers so far.

Lou on Miller. Funny.

If Young does not score much, this will get real ugly.

Hmmn. Iverson guarding Webster. Smart.

eddies' heady's on Dec 28 at 22:18

Remember those good feelings we all had last year when we played at Portland? That spirited comeback and OT victory. Ahhhhhh.....nevermind

EruThePhenom on Dec 28 at 22:19

whoever miller is guarding should attack if that is iverson o lou

EruThePhenom on Dec 28 at 22:19

Great possesion by the sixers nice passes

As a Villanova alum I hate to say it, but I think Pinckney has been terrible most of the year...

Why does POR keep going back to Aldridge w/ Sammy on him? They have Lou on Miller and AI3 on Webster. Two gigantic mismatches.

BS whistle on Thad, following a BS whistle on Sammy.

i'm getting pretty fucking sick of these fadeaway jumpers by iguodala. whether he makes them or not it's an awful shot

Especially when he has Juwon Howard on him.

EruThePhenom reply to Brian on Dec 28 at 22:24

That's what I hate about him he always settles for jump shots instead of attacking

So this is what a crowd sounds like, huh?

Best pro basketball fans.

Sammy out-playing Aldridge so far, and it's not all that close.

Would have loved Miller/Jrue splitting minutes at the point.

Second on Sammy w/ 2 minutes to go. Still getting the better of Aldridge.

eddies' heady's on Dec 28 at 22:30

Bears up 16-6 now.

Missed xtra point?

Make that 23-6 now

Don't like this three-guard lineup for Portland. Also don't like Jrue on Blake and Lou on Miller. Miller looks like he doesn't give a crap, honestly. Last year, if he has a guy like Lou on him, he's going to work on the blocks. He'd be in double digits already.

That's because all the plays are either for Roy or Aldridge, or else they'll pout.

Alvin reply to Brian on Dec 28 at 22:44

The difference is that in Portland he doesn't need to score as much as he did for us.

Smith in before Speights.

eddies' heady's on Dec 28 at 22:33

Well, Bears 23-6 now.

There, did you see what Lou did w/ that screen from J. Smith? Went the opposite direction, dribbled to strong side, set up a bad shot for Iggy against the SC.

Then Lou loses Blake for a corner three on the other side of the floor. They have no clue what they're doing on defense. No clue whatsoever.

down 22-25 after one.

DeanH reply to Brian on Dec 28 at 22:37

Yes, they look like Eddie Jordan's 76ers!

Man, Brand slows this team down so much.

eddies' heady's on Dec 28 at 22:39

Damn, Jason cant grab a board for nothing.

Nope. Fits right in. Nice charge, though.

Brand smells blood in the water.

Jason Smith looks incoordinated out there. Get him out of there if you want to win. Oh, we don't, leave him in!

Don't like that double by Brand on Blake in the corner. He wasn't going anywhere, Jrue was all over him.

EruThePhenom on Dec 28 at 22:42

iverson can really sell a foul that's the dude

Shooting 54.5% from the floor, down by 3. Sounds about right, huh?

How is it that a past-his-prime AI is still a better defender than Lou Will?

Part of it is Lou Will coming back a month early. The rest is that LW just isn't that good.

EruThePhenom on Dec 28 at 22:47

Brand working hard out there

Brand could literally score 40 tonight if given enough minutes. No doubt in my mind.

Brand does it by himself again. 6 points 3 boards, he's sick. Time to return to the bench!

Excellent thought, bad execution by Jrue on back-to-back plays, the pass to Brand that got picked and the drive to the hoop that he faked into a much tougher attempt.

BTW, you just see how Jrue and Brand ran that pick and pop?

Nice jump hook by MS

Brand works HARD out there getting offensive rebounds and playing defense. People keep ragging on him saying he's washed up. He's not, and this game is clearly showing that he's far far from washed up or lazy...he works hard man

He works hard and he's nasty. He'd be 20/10 again this year if he got the clock he's had every other year of his career.

EruThePhenom reply to Kenneth on Dec 28 at 22:53

Nobody here is saying that he's washed up he's playin almost all star caliber right now

Agreed here, although Fagan recently wrote that Brand can't fit in on the roster, which is complete crap.

bad shot by Jrue there.

He seems like he likes to square up a fair amount slightly beyond the top of the key and he misses alot of them in the process.

Jrue taking weird shots...and missing open ones too. Iverson playing well.

55.2% from the floor, down by 4 now.

Don't worry, Eddie will get mad about the lack of defense, then he'll put in the small lineup and cancel practice.

eddies' heady's on Dec 28 at 22:53

23-13 Bears. Start of 4th

oh man that is classic.

Gotta love that high-quality CYA...

Jesse reply to Brian on Dec 28 at 23:00

Hahahahaa. Even players on other teams think Jordan is a bad coach.

Anyone notice how everything went to crap when Iverson and Jrue came out, offensively. Lou has no idea what he's doing with the ball.

Jesse reply to Brian on Dec 28 at 23:02

Yes I did. Put them back in.

Well, almost the right lineup here for a minute. SD, EB, TY, AI9, LW

Good love for Brand from Pickney. I wish he'd come out and say what he really wants to, that Brand should obviously be starting.

Nice decision to not pass on the drive Lou.

Dude, just keep fucking going to Brand. Nice feed by Sammy.

Who the heck are Danny Cunningham and Jeff Pendergraph? It doesn't matter, players tend to get career nights against Philly.

Remember Donyell's 12 threes, Joe Smith's 40-point game, etc?

Down 6 at the half. At least they don't look like quitters out there. Getting torched by the three and killed on the offensive glass. Where have I heard that before?

Alvin reply to Brian on Dec 28 at 23:08

Broken record's been playing since 2005.

I'd give my left nut to be executing at 2006 levels right now defensively.

Alvin reply to Brian on Dec 28 at 23:17

Good point. But the defensive rebounding was still poor though.

Lou, is running the break really that difficult? I have yet to see him execute on the break correctly.

Lou has actually played better at PG this season than I thought. My expectations were that low coming into the season with him as the starting PG/no veteran PG on the bench.

I am willing to give him a pass for the next week or so yet because he will still finding his legs/strength after the injury.

Portland doesn't have an answer for Elton Brand.

I much rather take a shot by Brand than a lame attempt by Lou.

LW is just a walking negative out there. This whole start has shown that he is not a starting quality guard. He isn't good enough to inspire the unconventional lineup he would need in order to start.

Lou and Speights should both be rehabbing right now. Only reason their in the lineup is because Jordan's job is on the line. That's on the FO more than the coach, though. They should know better.

Agreed. But he's one of those guys that can't play big min due to his bad decision making and poor, lazy defense. Min/Chi game tied at 23, btw

Lou is my least favorite player because of his attitude/demeanor and lack of hustle on the defensive end. He hasn't improved one iota on the defense end (e.g., defensive footwork) and has been in the league now for several years.

Yep, he needs a defensive taskmaster who will pull him when he slacks off. That's the only way

Shit, the Bears are going to blow this, aren't they.

Hey Brian, you're 20/10/3 blk (what-if) prediction for Elton Brand might come true...

It probably still won't be enough.

haha I was thinking the same thing. I wonder if EJ will decide his grudge against Brand is more important than winning the game, and cut Brand's minutes in the second half. He chose his grudge over winning a playoff series when he benched Brendan Haywood against the Cavs, so there is precedent.

Alvin reply to Kenneth on Dec 28 at 23:24

Well if he played 30 MPG he could do that on a nightly basis.


Damnit. CHI just rolled over and died. I'm expecting a Cutler pick right here just so we can hear the announcers lose their shit praising Favre.

Same starters in there to begin the third. Miller finally takes Lou to the blocks and makes him his bitch.

Jesse reply to Brian on Dec 28 at 23:24

That was just pathetic

Did CHI just bring the kickoff back?

Jordan said he "likes his matchup, no matter who it is."

what the fuck does that even mean?

I'd like being guarded by AI or Lou too...
But I don't think that was what he meant

Take Lou out. Now.

Isn't it great having two unbelievable defensive liabilities on the floor at the same time?

You know what makes it even better? An asinine defensive scheme that has them constantly switching.

Brand in. Immediate 3 pt play.

EB in early, means he won't be in late, most likely.

EruThePhenom on Dec 28 at 23:32


Fuck me, Sammy is the only one who will pass to him.

Put Elton Brand in --> BOOM! Instant points!

Nice, someone goaltended one of Sammy's shots!

4 on Sammy. Game over if he sits here.

This is depressing watching Vikings march up the field and AM march to the hoop!

Ivey instead of Jrue. Doghouse, city.

DeanH reply to Brian on Dec 28 at 23:36

Awesome coaching!

EruThePhenom reply to Brian on Dec 28 at 23:37

He has being playin pretty bad

Zumoff: Brand "often playing starter's minutes." I'd have to disagree. But at least he acknowledged he's producing like a starter.

Brand is a beast. Look at the comeback since he's returned. At I love Pickney saying, "you can't guard Brand with single coverage." Imagine EJ having a heart attack as he watches the replay with the sound on.

"Iggy's got the touch tonight." - Pinckney. He's shooting 3/6 on the game.

Come on, get over the fucking hump.

Football update anyone?

DeanH reply to Brian on Dec 28 at 23:38

4th and goal for vikings

f' me. OT.

+9 w/ EB and SD in there. Let's see what happens in the final 2:30 w/out Sammy.

Brand is a fucking beast.

EruThePhenom on Dec 28 at 23:41


Did anyone see Dalembert jump out of his seat when Brand made that ridiculous drive? It's clear the two have hit it off. Dalembert passes to Brand a lot. Brand made comments about guys playing good defense and then getting benched (seemingly referring to Dalembert). I like it.

darn, touchdown vikings.

Brand is incredible. He's literally carrying the team and keeping it close.

How can you sit this guy on the bench? Seriously...how???

58.5% from the floor, about to be down 1.

Did Iggy just pass the ball to Brand, like for real?

I thought I was seeing things.

And Brand with the left. Fucking Jordan.

EruThePhenom on Dec 28 at 23:44


EruThePhenom on Dec 28 at 23:46

Damn what a shot loll

Alright, I hate to be the one to say this, but if they're going to win this game, it's going to have to come with defense. Plain and simple, they will not keep shooting like this. No way in hell.

So you don't believe in the Royal Ivey step-back fallaway three as an offensive staple?

The only thing that can stop Elton Brand scoring 30 tonight is his coach.

If Brand sits on the bench in the 4th, my head will explode.

eddies' heady's on Dec 28 at 23:48

Pride is abound and alive in most of the guys tonight. Good sign.

Feelings from the POR game last year returning? Or 4th quarter wilt coming?

Did they call that a two?

When did we sign a 3-point specialist wearing #12?

chic going for field goal for win in ot now.

Great. Jumper city.

and missed field goal.

EruThePhenom on Dec 28 at 23:51

Missed FG bears loll this is vikings game now there's no way that favre isn't going to make something happen

EruThePhenom reply to EruThePhenom on Dec 28 at 23:55

Well, there was a way lol 2 sacks and put bears have it

It's getting chippy out there.

Atta boy AI9.

Nice. POR needs a TO. Stop fucking celebrating, too much time left.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Dec 28 at 23:55

That pissed me off. As if they've gotten the monkey off their back with half the 4th left. Sheesh

eddies' heady's on Dec 28 at 23:54

Up 8. TO Portland. Finish guys, please FINISH!

21 assists so far for Sixers. The only thing that would make my day is if Speights got just 1 assist tonight!!! Come on Speights, just 1 assist!!!! you can do it!

Alvin reply to Kenneth on Dec 29 at 0:49

SAMMY had 2 assists. Yeah, the same Sam that apparently has no basketball IQ.

A tie doesn't help the Birds, huh?

DeanH reply to Brian on Dec 28 at 23:59

vikings just fumlbed ball!!!!!!!!

EruThePhenom reply to DeanH on Dec 29 at 0:00

Adrian always fumble my man Chris Johnson is the Best RB in the league

That's the type of play Iguodala makes. Setting up dunks off the drive. Sick play.

eddies' heady's on Dec 29 at 0:00

Man, what a bounce pass by DRe to Speights. That ball bounced 7 ft in the air.

Anyone notice Thad's been sitting on the bench this entire run?

mike reply to Jesse on Dec 29 at 0:10


Bears WIN!!!

chicago wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sick. Take care of business against Dallas, baby.

Why didn't that scoop count?

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Dec 29 at 0:05

I think they said the foul occurred on the floor before he started into the shot, so no continuation. But it was nasty though that Iverson was able to get it between the guy's two hands.

Put this team to sleep!

eddies' heady's on Dec 29 at 0:03

Damn, this feels good! Fools gold?

If you count Jordan as the Fool...

You think EJ's figured he can't play AI and Lou together?

Doubt it.

Since Brand came in the game with 6:54 left in the third, the Sixers are on a 40-17 run.

EruThePhenom reply to Brian on Dec 29 at 0:06

That's a valuable thing to get out of your bench, the best teams have a great sixth man

or we could start him so we don't need to come back. This what every coach who's not an idiot would do.

Kenneth reply to EruThePhenom on Dec 29 at 0:12

Hey EruThePhenom,

Kobe Bryant would be a great Sixth-man too wouldn't he? Dang, he'd be awesome off the bench. Lebron would make a great Sixth-Man of the year candidate too. Let's put both of those guys on their respective benches...according to your logic, that's how great teams are built! LOL

Look at Sammy dancing on the bench!

eddies' heady's on Dec 29 at 0:07

Man, Sammy has been into this game from the bench tonight. He's been very demonstrative and showing good support.

wow that was an amazing rebound and put back by Brand. And then the turnaround! God he's nasty.

EruThePhenom on Dec 29 at 0:08

I like brand coming of the bench as long as he gets a lot of minutes and finish games

The problem is he only gets the minutes if he puts up insane first half numbers like 11/5 in 14 minutes. He shouldn't have to be an insane beast every first half to earn minutes, he should automatically earn minutes due to his talent and career production.

Kenneth reply to EruThePhenom on Dec 29 at 0:14

Yes, let's make Brand a Sixth man. While you're at it, let's bring Kobe off the bench too. He'd be a great Sixth man. You think like Eddie Jordan...you should join his coaching staff.

Heh. Sammy and AI9 both going for the oop. Classic.

Did Sam just Block Dre's oop?

Hmmn. Ivey for three with about 17 left on the shot clock, up by 14. Yeah, I'm not in favor of that.

Jordan should get Kapono in to take that shot.

Speights and Brand killing it just like the Boston game. AI's been good tonight.

19 minutes for Thad. ouch.

This makes sense. Need stops, go fucking small with AI3 and Lou at the guards.

Fuck you, Eddie Jordan. Royal Ivey is playing the god damned 3.

Yeah I had to put my glasses on because I couldn't find Brand. Oh, he's on the bench.

DeanH reply to Brian on Dec 29 at 0:15

I can see replacing Ivey but why not Jrue for defense??

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Dec 29 at 0:21

I can't explain him putting Lou back in. (maybe offense for that offensive possession b/c the lineup was AI3, Lou, Dre, EB, and Sam). After Iverson was fouled he brought Ivey back in for EB, mainly b/c POR was running with four perimeter players and Aldridge (Miller, Blake, Roy, and Webster). He played the matchups right there regardless of positional labels or who was at the "3".

It's a good think Sammy is a beast.

this 2nd half has been the best basketball they've played since those 2 wins against orlando last spring

Really only since the 6:54 mark of the third. They started slow in the 3rd w/ the Iverson/Lou back court.

Glad he got Brand out of there so he couldn't score 30 or get 10 boards. Good man, that Eddie Jordan.

Kenneth reply to Brian on Dec 29 at 0:21

What a classy coach huh? Took Brand out so that he couldn't finish the game after the effort he put in. They couldn't have won this game w/o Elton Brand. Look at his stats, he's played hard, played good defense, played smart and was simply unstoppable tonight.

Of course, EJ doesn't even have the class to let him finish the game...what a jackass.

Bob reply to Brian on Dec 29 at 0:21

Doesn't matter. Jordan will dismiss Brand's performance by saying he's chalking up empty stats against a team without a center.

mike reply to Brian on Dec 29 at 0:23

good call

Nice work, Lou.

A nice big helping of Eff you served up by Elton Brand to Eddie Jordan.

Two solid wins in 2009, 57.7% shooting.

BTW, LaMarcus Aldridge, still soft. -23, 17 points on 16 shots.

isn't that a little small sample size for a guy who has had 6.2 and 9.5 win shares the past two seasons?

For a guy who had a +5.3 PER differential last year, and a +5.0 the previous year?

Whose team, btw, has been a much better rebounding team with him on the court each of the two previous years?

He's having a down year, and I get it, you don't like him, but I'm not sure I get your argument.

A 6'11" guy who plays PF, grabs minimal boards (15% and change every season prior to this one), blocks minimal shots (decreases every year from his rookie season, to a dismal 0.5/36M this season) and shoots more than 50% of his shots from outside the lane is my definition of soft.

You can call him the next generation of PF, but I don't buy that. He doesn't stretch the floor to 3pt range, he shoots midrange jumpers and he doesn't shoot them particularly well. That's not what I want out of my PF. I'll take whatever Brand has left in his tank for the remainder of his contract over a guy like Aldridge any day of the week.

Elton Brand shoots more than 50% of his shots from outside the lane. Has for quite a long time.

Elton Brand is not a great defensive rebounder, at least not by your definition (I'm not a big fan of DRB%, because defensive rebounding isn't an individual task). Elton's been in the 18-19% range the for most of his career. Slightly better than Aldridge (16.1%), but not great.

Elton Brand and Aldridge get to the line at about the same frequency the past two years.

Your criticism of Aldridge is mystifying to me considering his overall productivity, both in his own stats (53% TS% for his career, 6.2 and 9.5 win shares the past two seasons, PER differential) and his team stats (on court/off court differentials, +5 ORTG/DRTG).

Your pleasure in calling him soft (with him not fitting your ideal prototype of a PF) seems to come at the expense of realizing he's been a damned good player the past two years (while admittedly having a down year this year).

Do me a favor and explain to me why LaMarcus Aldridge isn't simply the reincarnation of Zach Randolph, only a version that doesn't rebound as well. That's all I see. Here, compare their first four seasons.

I'm not sure why you're so excited about his TS%, it's basically the same as Al Harrington's. In fact, Al Harrington is another guy who's a comp to Aldridge.

He's a perimeter four who doesn't score effectively, doesn't rebound effectively, doesn't block shots or force turnovers. He scores points, basically because he takes a lot of shots. He doesn't get to the line (3.8 FTA/36 on his career, I'd say compare that to Brand's numbers, but that wouldn't be fair. Instead compare it to Randolph and Harrington's numbers).

He plays for everyone's darling of a team with everyone's darling of a superstar so he's over-rated, but I'll be shocked if that contract isn't an albatross hanging around Portland's neck when they realize they don't have the pieces in place to become a true contender out west. The guy is a one-trick pony and he isn't even particularly good at that one trick. If he was a sick offensive player I'd say fine, the defense and rebounding don't matter as much, but he's playing a power position with no power and he is not scoring efficiently enough to make up for what he lacks in the other areas of his game. The win shares are great, just imagine what Portland would be capable of if they were giving all those shots to someone who could score as efficiently as, say, Mehmet Okur, who happens to beat Aldridge in every meaningful category accept FGA and minutes played.

And as for the shot selection, take another look. His favorite spot on the floor by a large margin is 16-23 feet. Brand's sweet spot has always been either at the rim or 10-15 feet.

"Do me a favor and explain to me why LaMarcus Aldridge isn't simply the reincarnation of Zach Randolph, only a version that doesn't rebound as well. That's all I see. Here, compare their first four seasons."

Because Aldridge has actually won? Because he's played in meaningful games?

But here's the real kicker. Because Aldridge is a complimentary player, and one that fits their star perfectly. You may not like his midrange game, but Brandon Roy certainly does. Last year Aldridge had a +10.0 on-court/off-court split. Most year's Randolph's in the +1-+2 range.

Because Aldridge could contribute a 19.1 PER with only a 23.7% usage rating last year? (whereas Randolph is a career in the 28% range to get his 19.5).

Because Aldridge is a better defender (a little of the tallest midget argument, but you're the one comparing him to the midgets), and a much better second fiddle and role player whose strengths help the primary offensive option rather than take away from it, because he opens up the lane for penetration and doesn't need to pound the air out of the ball to disrupt offensive rhythm.

"I'm not sure why you're so excited about his TS%, it's basically the same as Al Harrington's. In fact, Al Harrington is another guy who's a comp to Aldridge."

Never said it excited me. What I did do was compare it to Elton Brand's post-achilles.

"He's a perimeter four who doesn't score effectively, doesn't rebound effectively, doesn't block shots or force turnovers. He scores points, basically because he takes a lot of shots. He doesn't get to the line (3.8 FTA/36 on his career, I'd say compare that to Brand's numbers, but that wouldn't be fair. Instead compare it to Randolph and Harrington's numbers)."

A TS% in the 53% range isn't inefficient. It's not uber efficient, but it's not inefficient either.

He's a better rebounder than you give him credit for. I've said before that DRB% isn't the stat I'm most concerned with, as it's not the goal of rebounding. Aldridge boxes out well, and this is reflected in his on-court/off-court splits.

Okur may score more efficiently, yet they're a better team this year with him on the bench, barely better with him last year, and better with him on the bench the previous year (and his man has either equaled his production or outproduced him each of the last 3 years).

Honestly, I think you're selling Aldridge short on him defensively on the boards, ignoring the stats his man is putting up and his on-court splits on both defensive efficiency and rebounding. I'm not sure why, considering the considerable amount of effort you put into charting rotations. Defense is measured in more than blocks, and rebounding in more than personal rebounding rate.

If you're of the opinion that Aldridge is a defensive sieve in the category of Zach Randolph or Al Harrington, I can see being underwhelmed by his offensive stats (being neither a #1 option nor an ultra-efficient #2). If you look at him as being a great complement to their #1 scorer, opening the lane up, not dominating the ball, and working a great two-man pick and roll game while being an adequate defender and solid on the boards, then he's a much better option. We'll just have to disagree on where we each stand on those respective opinions.

LA is not a cornerstone classic PF, but he still is a effective player. He is a career 48.7% shooter, so his jumper happy style is not hurting his FG%. If anything his style reminds me of David West. Aldridge basically plays smaller than he is, but he's effective in his own way.

EruThePhenom on Dec 29 at 0:22

Iverson 7/11 19 pts 4 rebs, 5 assist 3 steasl and 3 TO's
Brand 11/16 25 pts 9 rebs

EruThePhenom reply to EruThePhenom on Dec 29 at 0:24

Iguodala 14 pts 7 boards and 9 assist

eddies' heady's on Dec 29 at 0:24

OK, I've figured it out. Everytime you write in your articles that the team will get killed or blown out they come out and take care of business. This game and the BOS game. You have officially put the good jinx on!

Great interview for Elton. He's such a nice guy. START HIM! good god.

I can't believe EJ didn't let him finish the game on the floor. The contrast between Brand, such a nice person, and EJ, such an amazing jerk, just jumps out at you.

EruThePhenom reply to stoned81 on Dec 29 at 0:28

He had played since the 7 minute mark in the 3rd quarter, He should have been tired and also the game was won what was the point?

bebopdeluxe on Dec 29 at 0:40

Words cannot express what a mind-fark watching this game was. They actually played some DEFENSE. The ball moved. I am shocked that they didn't run about 20 iso posts of Miller on Lou...perhaps Nate really is as dumb as EJ...

(which would defy the laws of nature)

I am actually even starting to like EB off the bench.


Kenneth reply to bebopdeluxe on Dec 29 at 0:45

Elton Brand should be in the starting lineup. You don't put your best big-man on the bench and expect to win. If you bring your best guy in when you're down 10-20 points, it's really hard to catch up.

Sixers need to establish their big men EARLY ON so that will open up the game for their guards and shooters.

That's why they need to START ELTON BRAND. EJ, are you listening? START ELTON BRAND!

bebopdeluxe reply to Kenneth on Dec 29 at 1:31

I would be fine with starting Brand...but if it is EFJ's stubborn position that EB starts on the bench, as long as Brand is getting 30+ minutes and is getting the ball in the guts of the game, I can live with it, I guess...

I don't think that anybody thinks that Manu is not one of the five best players on the Spurs because he doesn't start. The only difference with Brand is that I think he would help our interior defense more as a starter alongside Sammy...and keep us from getting in big early holes.

Kenneth reply to bebopdeluxe on Dec 29 at 1:44

I totally agree bebop. The Sixers tend to dig themselves into a deep hole early in the game.

But in today's game, when EB stepped in, the whole dynamics of the game changed. EB's +/- tonight was +17 in 30 minutes. He scored 25 points in 30 minutes...how's that for efficiency.

I agree with your Manu comment as well. It's true that Manu is good enough to start but Manu comes in purely for offense. He's an incredible shooter and can light it up like crazy.

In Brand's case, we need him in there for defense and rebounding. The Sixers were clearly a different team tonight with him on the floor, on both the offensive and defensive end. I don't mind having him come off the bench purely for offense, but we lose too much on defense and rebounding without him on the floor. That's why we need to start Elton Brand.

Kenneth reply to bebopdeluxe on Dec 29 at 1:46

You also need to start Brand just for his intensity. Man, that guy is a beast. He scares me...I wouldn't want to play defense against that guy. He's intimidating and fearless and I think that rubs off on the other players on the Sixers too (especially Sammy D).

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