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Team Shooting Numbers

Like HoopData. Joe's got a useful site going on there. He's a synergy charter, and a DraftExpress contributor. Didn't know he did any website development as well.

JohnEMagee reply to Derek Bodner on Dec 29 at 15:34

If you know him, let him know he has some display problems on macs running safari - something is pushing everything 'right' so data doesn't show up unless you scroll over

Get a real computer, hippie.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Dec 29 at 15:45

God Damn Hippies

I mean - in any given day i use 4 different computers - i just like the macs better

More like Yuppies.

BSD/Linux is more for hippies (the whole freedom/anti-corporate regulation/vendor lock-in thing).

I'll let him know about mac's. Probably won't see him until close to the draft, though (may-ish). I'll shot him an email though. If you have screenshots that would actually help.

deepsixersuede reply to Brian on Dec 29 at 18:19

You have called him dude and hippie today, I picture a scene from "the big lebowski". With the departure of R.Evans and Elton being back how bad were those numbers last year, or did Thad in the post help that much.

johnrosz on Dec 29 at 18:38


This is awesome, EJ is a huge asshole. "That's his opinion..." He's used that line a few times now, not the most media savvy individual to go along with his dreadful coaching. He answers questions like a snot nosed 12 year old sometimes

deepsixersuede reply to johnrosz on Dec 29 at 19:12

He has to blame somebody, it can!t be him.

Oh man, the defensive numbers are horrifying. Worst eFG% ranking on threes in the league by a ton. Even someone who is learning to read stats like me knows that is absolutely terrible. Historically bad I assume. Most makes against while only the 12th most attempts. 2nd least amount of opponents attempts on 16-23 footers too, which would be the preferable shot to give up.

The mid-range jump shooter - a nearly dead skill in the NBA.

It really should be.

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