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A Big Accomplishment

very happy with the w tonight, i wish elton brand would start again though because he has really brought a spark to the team everytime he plays lately. the two games without willie we win...coincidence? anyway happy for the team and i really dont know why they are even bothering airing this game nationally. at least put 1 good team in there so more people will watch.

I guess they're hoping the drama of the Sixers 6th man returning to his former home will draw some eyeballs.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Dec 31 at 11:37

There are no other games starting at 7:30 tonight and TNT needs a double header :)

Just because you choose to leave EJ alone doesn't mean I have to. What exactly does Jrue have to do to earn second half burn? Royal Ivey seems like a decent fellow and all but come on. Is EJ just missing out on his need for backcourt suckitude with Willie G. sidelined?

Also thought the honky brigade was real sharp tonight, excellent contributions from Smith and Kapono.

If EJ doesn't start (or use at all) the no height/no defense backcourt, gives the minutes he gave Smith to Speights...they probably win by 30.

Am I crazy or could Jeff Van Gundy take these ingredients and craft a recipe for .500 ball or maybe even a tad better?

We touched on this last night in the SixersBeat radio show. I seriously think with Larry Brown or JVG coaching this team they'd have a shot at 50 wins.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Dec 31 at 11:44

I personally have no interest in either of those megalomaniacs coaching the sixers

You prefer the megalomaniac we have, who also can't coach?

megalomaniac with a basketball IQ > megalomaniac with no basketball IQ

90% of coaches are megalomaniacs

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Dec 31 at 11:51

I despise Larry Brown with the hate and fury reserved only for Republicans hatred of intelligence or Democrats hatred of common sense...the mess and misery that this team finds it in traces back to his rat like behavior and all that followed in my opinion.

As for Van Gundy, commentators who campaign for jobs while they are covering games kind of irritate me...if you wanna coach, coach, i'm sure JVG has had numerous opportunities to be a head coach since he left, he passed on them, so stop saying 'if i was the coach' nonsense...you want to coach, coach, if not stop undermining the guys running the teams (even worse for a guy like Marc Jackson who has never coached a team if he does the same thing)

Though, hell, I'd rather have Randy Ayers coaching than Eddie Jordan

bebopdeluxe reply to Brian on Dec 31 at 15:31

Winer, winner, chicken dinner...

I would take LB in a NANOSECOND over this clown. And I agree - LB with this roster is a team with 50-win potential.

"6-for-14 shooting and added five rebounds, three assists and three steals in 32 minutes."

I like the rest of AI's stat line...shooting % is a bit :-S but yeah.

hey guys, what are your thoughts on iverson? to me, he's looking like he's getting his legs back. i believe he's going to prove himself to be an asset to this team, as the season progresses.

He's already an asset since he is playing within himself and not dominating the ball. His approach to how much he has the ball in his hands is completely different and fits his current skill level.

He's playing really well, and he has been much more of an asset in the short term. Still not sold on his presence long term, but whatever.

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