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Happy New Year

Thanks Brian! some thoughts about our 2009 finally.

I thought our team might actually be turning the qtr until our coach lost his concentration completely in the 3rd qtr. From 3rd qtr on it was back to the illogical substitutional rotations or lack thereof and the game basically was over.

Why didn't Carney get quality minutes for a worn down AI? Where again was Sammy when the game mattered in the 4th? Thad's game is going nowhere right now. Lou & AI in that 3rd qtr???????????? Also, No post game early in that 3rd qtr! Can't we post Iggy up when Sammy & Thad are playing the 4 & 5?

Went from rooting for the win, to accepting the loss may be for the better. sucks! Change the coach!

TNT broadcast: Fantastic. Pleasure listening to insightful analysis. Also, the studio crew is so entertaining. Only drawback was watching CWEBB dancing at the party. Thank god he's no longer on our dime. Those knees looked fine on the dance floor.

The only way we could've won that game was if John Lucas was running the Clippers last night!

go eagles!!!!

Quick question. If we do somehow find a way to trade Brand and Dalembert, how will we possibly hold teams under 190 points a night?

JohnEMagee reply to Jesse on Jan 1 at 16:08

Don't worry - no one really wants either of them

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