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Iguodala For McGrady Would Be Unforgivable

Court_visioN on Jan 2 at 3:43

the last thing i want to see is this roster get blown up so it can get molded the way Eddie Jordan wants it to be. honestly, i'd rather suck and be able to blame the coach.

Jesus, could you imagine what kind of roster they'd put together for him? He has to go, and honestly if they blow this whole thing up, they'd have to clean house starting with Stefanski, wouldn't they? They'd be admitting he fucked up every decision he's made since he got here.

Max reply to Brian on Jan 2 at 10:23

Brian, I can't agree more. Also, I'm not sure if anyone has done this yet but maybe we could debate/grade every move Stefanski has made in his tenure?

I want this team to blow it up because i don't see them being a east championship contender without adding star which without money they can't do. I would love that cavs deal and I think it would be great for them this year too but can't they re-sign lebron with all that money being given to the sixers guys?

They'd have to go way into the lux tax to re-sign LeBron, but I don't think they'd have a problem doing that coming off a championship. LeBron + Iguodala could rival Jordan + Pippen. So many things they could do with that combo, plus their shooters, plus Brand on the blocks, plus shot blockers. They could win the next five championships, to be honest.

Alvin reply to Brian on Jan 2 at 7:45

Agree with you that if your proposed deal went down the Cavs team would be damn good and that it would give Philly a great chance to rebuild the team.

But if anything EJ has to go first. If Stefanski has to go too then so be it. Hiring EJ has to be the worst decision I've seen a GM make.

This would be effectively giving up Iggy (and 2 other guys) for cap space. And that would be a much worse deal than the Gasol one.

The Cleveland trade I proposed above would leave the Sixers with the following roster for the rest of this season.

PG: Iverson
SG: Anthony Parker
SF: Thad Young
PF: Hickson
C: Speights



I'd be shocked if that roster won another 5 games this season.

The Greek on Jan 2 at 10:02

All this self trade jobbings make me very sad to be a lifelong Sixers fan. Stefeanski is a tool and Snider is a moron. Eddie Jordan is a condescending prick.

deepsixersuede on Jan 2 at 10:07

Brian, if a 3rd team got involved and draft picks were included along with cap space I MIGHT think about it. Sacramento may feel Brand gets them deep in the playoffs, they had the Lakers beat last night if they hit their f.t.!s, so if extra cap room and 2 #1s were included maybe.

The Greek on Jan 2 at 11:35

Elton Brand is a good player who is improving every day. If our Malaka coach played him 35 minutes a game, then he would be kicking ass and taking names. Trading Iggy for a contract is sad man, but if its the best we can get then I say go for it as long as houston gives us some draft picks.

Kingtizz on Jan 2 at 11:41

If this talented roster is blown up for this idiot the best case scenario would be to be molded into the image of the Washington Wizards under Eddie reign and that is unfortunate. This city likes blue collar play (defense, penetration, easy buckets) but eddie jordan is going to make this a roster full of three point shooting, offensive players who may have solid seasons down the line but will never make it out of the first round like Washington

deepsixersuede reply to Kingtizz on Jan 2 at 12:04

I would rather go in the other direction, build around Iggy, Elton and A.I. for the next 2 years but with the lower cap and money restraints it sounds like it is not possible.

eddies' heady's on Jan 2 at 12:17

As with the pre-Iverson signing, I don't care to delve into or debate speculative situations. But one gratification (a diehard Sixers fan being gratified at this moment, can't be can it?) received from all of this is, that the heavily-defensed GM from this past summer is now finally, and rightfully so, under the gun.

And in looking back, I guess I can feel gratified also in that I never liked or was in favor of Billy King not getting a chance to finish his clean-up job of the Iverson trade and subsequent cap space AND I NEVER wanted to see Mo Cheeks go the way he did just because of a failed and forced incorporation of a new piece, as soon as the team had found an identity of a way to play and compete, while masking shortcomings in other areas, the year before.

Snider canning BK a year or two too early and bringing in this mortgage specialist excuse-for-a-GM brings back not-so-fond memories of the Barkley trade for scraps, and the #1 pick (Daugherty) trade to the Cavs for even worse scraps, and the power struggle that eventually forced Croce out. Meaning they were enormous set-this-franchise-back-years type moves.

This damn guy, from the jump, came in and started shaking up a ship that didn't need to be shook just yet. He traded Kyle Korver (a player that every team needs) before he even hung pictures on his new office walls. He never allowed Mo room to coach as he gave directives of how they should play (although this was maybe the only way that roster could compete). Next, he can't hide his brilliance by giving Cheeks not one, but two extensions, only to give him the boot around 20 or so games into the next season. He didn't like Mo's inability to fully incorporate Brand (his prize signing) so he saves money and brings down a front office guy (DiLeo) to coach the rest of the year and *evaluate* the roster who wasn't able to incorporate Brand either due to injury. But in the same breath, he then hires a guy who still doesn't incorporate his signature singing but instead relegates him to sixth-man duty? WTF!!??

So Cheek's failure to incorporate the big fish and slow start record-wise was enough for immediate firing but your hand-picked selection fails to do the same thing and has a worse record? Go figure. Sadly, I expect this from Stefanski because it just keeps in line with the rest of the many boneheaded decisions (and there are many that weren't mentioned) he has made since nearly the first month he stepped foot in the door.

As fans, we all think the grass is greener on the other side and someone else's treat looks better than yours, but as ES and EJ have proven single-handedly - be careful what you wish for. No matter how much hatred or dislike some fans had for Billy King and Mo Cheeks, wouldn't you love for them to still be here now, considering the alternatives?

Please Snider, or someone, anyone, realize the storied history this franchise once had and right this friggin' ship once and for all. That isn't too much to ask is it? Well.... maybe it is, when taking into account King Ed is who you're relying on.

*Sigh* *Sigh* *Sigh*

johnrosz reply to eddies' heady's on Jan 2 at 12:29

Billy King was going to sign Brand as well. King was dreadful, its indefensible that Willie Green and Samuel Dalembert are STILL contracts from the Billy King era. He also gave Kenny Thomas a 6 year deal, and the Webber trade was a disgrace. I don't like Stefanski either, but I think you're forgetting how awful Billy King was.

eddies' heady's reply to johnrosz on Jan 2 at 12:51

No, I'm not forgetting how bad he was and some of his misdoings. That's just how bad I think Stefanski has been and how much he has screwed up our franchise. We may not have had much of an outlook when BK was here, but it was never as bleak as it is now under Stefanski.

I will somewhat, with the key being somewhat, give Billy a pass with him trying to fit a team around an unfittable part (Iverson) and being raped yearly by letting Larry Brown dictate most of the moves we made. Really bad ones at that.

Right or wrong, I tend to blame LB more than I do Billy, sans the way too lenghty contracts and money given out in them.

k-house reply to eddies' heady's on Jan 2 at 19:37

I think you're also forgetting that Snider was a Billy King guy! As his firing & the subsequent hiring of ES was mandated/forced by Lukko!

eddies' heady's reply to k-house on Jan 3 at 10:51

Not sure how true any of that is. Unless you are somehow in on meetings with the front office. Provide me with a published report on that and then I'll believe it.

johnrosz on Jan 2 at 12:21

There's no need to panic, Stefanski isn't this foolish. He's only dangling Iguodala as an incentive to move Brands contract. I'm sure Ed is saying "take it or leave it", I don't think he's done a very good job thus far in his tenure as GM, but he's not that clueless. Iguodala isn't going anywhere unless Elton is going along with him. I would actually fully support that move for the record, a do-over for Eltons dreadful contract.

JohnEMagee on Jan 2 at 12:25

Or Houston said we want iguodala - and we don't want brand - which is hella more likely - since the sixers are the desperate team and Houston isn't.

My problem with fagans articles is that there is no indicator that the sixers turned down the idea flat out of Iguodala to Houston

johnrosz reply to JohnEMagee on Jan 2 at 13:45

If the trade goes down and it is in fact Iguodala, Williams, Green for T-Mac it's a pure salary dump. It will be a reflection on the poor job Stefanski has done thus far (Brand contract,not trading Miller at the deadline, hiring EJ), but it will also be a reflection on Ed Sniders unwillingness to invest in the franchise. I'm 21, I've seen one or two really good seasons of Sixers b-ball in my entire life. Everyone that calls for Stefanskis job, for Jordans job...why aim so low? The root of the problem is Ed Snider, always has been, and always will be.

JohnEMagee reply to johnrosz on Jan 2 at 14:32

Because selling the sixers isn't easy and you can't 'fire' your owner any more than the grizz can fire their owner

moving Iguodala is only reasonable if you can get them to take Brand too. cap space is the only thing an Iguodala trade would accomplish. sad that our best player can only fetch that much.

no one is talking about the possibility of Iguodala and McGrady together. i like that. McGrady, has always been criticized for taking too many shots, Iguodala needs to take less shots. at SF and SG, both interchangeable. TMac is no defensive slouch. good size. shooting ability off the charts, will give Iguodala a good excuse to pass on all those Kobe shots he takes. we get a #1 option.

TMac has a loooong history of knee and other injuries, no one will pay top dollar for that in free agency, especially a contender. also he is crashing the market at the same time the big boys; LeBron, Wade, Bosh etc. will reduce his value significantly if they dont re-sign immediately. all we need to do is find a way to dump Brand or Sammy or both to free up cap space.
a pipe dream but i think they'd do very well together if it ever happened.
well provided he stays healthy; i'll chalk his fragile state to the burden of being a #1 option and playing too many minutes. he's not old yet.

johnrosz reply to jkay on Jan 2 at 14:08

T-Mac couldn't defend me if he wanted to. I've always considered him to be a selfish player, he's out to get his, and his defense is far below average. He was a gifted scorer before the injuries. But if T-Mac comes to philly, he's not playing, im sure theyll buy out his contract.

jkay reply to johnrosz on Jan 2 at 14:19

yeah there is a reason Houston wins when he is out of the lineup.
my try at a big 3-like trade. when players come to the right setting (coach, organization etc.) their attitude may change; like the 2nd coming of AI or PPierce starting to play strong defense with KG and Allen coming in.
worth a try, not my 1st option if we actually had cap space to sign him. with those knees, could be the next CWebb.

Couple comments. One, T-Mac is totally washed up and any move for him, by any team, is a money move. Oh sure, he can jack up 18 jumpers a night if his back permits and make 6 or 7, but he's pure detriment at this point in his career. Not just all-around, but offensively. Two, I don't know if Cleveland would do that deal. Iguodala isn't really the sort of second scorer they need - he does a lot of the same stuff as LeBron, and I think they'd be reluctant to deal away their size. They'd get Dalembert, but I think they like the luxury of being able to go so big. Helps with Orlando, helps with LA's front line (see the Christmas game).

johnrosz reply to Tray on Jan 2 at 15:46

Sixers could buy out Big Z and Shaq, and they'd be free to go back to Cleveland after 30 days.

Were Jordan and Pippen redundant on Chicago? I mean, they were both strong perimeter defenders, neither really had a deadly jumper to stretch the defense. Both could play multiple positions and make plays for teammates. I think it's a perfect parallel, only LeBron is actually more versatile than Jordan was (with the ability to defend for or five positions).

Cleveland would be stupid to turn down this trade if Philly actually offered it.

" I think it's a perfect parallel, only LeBron is actually more versatile than Jordan was (with the ability to defend for or five positions)."


Jordan was a much better defender than LeBron, IMO. LeBron might be better suited to defend PF's, but Jordan was better at defending PG's, SG's and SF's IMO.

Pippen allowed Jordan to take the easier perimeter matchup, which is exactly what Iguodala would allow LeBron to do. You're probably right, Jordan was better than LeBron vs. smaller players, LeBron is better vs. bigger.

Inviolable Fandom on Jan 2 at 15:53

I don't see why the trade couldn't be Iggy and Sam for McGrady and the rookie Budinger.

I am somewhat anti-TMac I always felt that tayshaun broke him in that Orlando Detroit series with Orlando up 3-1...he hasn't been the same since. But besides that there's a part of me that would be very curious to see what Ai, tmac and Elton could do wearing Sixers jerseys even in their advanced years.

TMac is useless.

Duracorr reply to Brian on Jan 2 at 17:02

The very idea of trading AI9 for nothing but $7-10M of cap space is frightening. We tend to undervalue AI9 because he is not a 30 point scorer. Brian had data posted a few days ago that showed that AI9 is not overpaid. Elton may be overpaid, but seems to be rounding into the player we expected. The Sixers problem is they are not playing respectable defense. Their defensive efficiency rating is 112 and climbing. Wasn't it around 100 last year with basically the same players? Their offensive rating was almost the same as their defensive rating. I expected them to be 3-5 points lower on defense and 3-5 points higher on offense this year. They are indeed better on offense, but much worse on defense. It is NOT the players fault the defense is poor. If the caoch say you have to defend to play and showed that he meant it by playing the better defensive players, they'd get better in a hurry because defense is about reasonable scheme and effort.

No need to discuss T-Mac because he is no longer a star if he ever was one. He is only an expiring contract.

Go play NBA Live then. The real life version would be a waste of time

Maybe we could reunite the 82-83 Sixers and see what they could do in their advanced years.

zig reply to Tray on Jan 2 at 16:56


This whole cast needs to be entirely blown up.

From GM to Coach to players. Everything needs to be scrapped and rebuilt through the draft. No one wants to come to Philly for any reason. If we had some exciting young players that would probably change very quickly.

Brand is not a Franchise player who is going to win us a championship, neither is Iggy. They are two second bananas to whom we are paying first banana money.

If Snider really wanted to field a competitive basketball club, he'd bring in a GM with the specific purpose of cleaning this all up from top to bottom and starting over.

Until someone admits that the Sixers just aren't good, it's going to be mediocrity town for the franchise and the fans.

We need to get on the upswing of this basketball metrics trend and get a young GM in the Presti/Morey mold. I would kill to have Morey be the GM of our team.

Duracorr reply to Mike P on Jan 2 at 18:09


I agree that you can make a case for replacing the GM and everyone makes a case for replacing the coach. However AI9 is a valuable piece and is only in his mid-twenties. Thad and Mareese are both up and coming young players (who need to learn to play defense). Jrue is a promising rookie and Carney and Williams are at least serviceable bench players. Elton Brand seems to be rounding into the player we expected him to be. Sam D at $8M instead of $12M would be very valuable. What we need is a coach who can use the players he's got. If one of our promising young players becomes a star or they all continue to mature this team can be competitive. Your proposed alternative - "Blow it up" and start over is a major gamble. What teams have "Blown it up" and been successful?

Mike P reply to Duracorr on Jan 2 at 18:48

The Zombie Sonics. Although they got very very lucky in getting their number 1 guy and garbage man do it all in the same draft.

I'd happily keep Jrue, Speights, and Iggy though. But I'd be more than willing to give up Iggy for some high picks and cap relief.

So I guess blow it up would translate more to "Get rid of Brand, Sammy, and the Eds"

I'm pretty meh about Thad though. Lou is a fine player off the bench.

Iguodala, Brand, and Sammie's contracts are all pretty awful though.

Mike P reply to Mike P on Jan 2 at 18:55

Jinkies, could I type though anymore times?

I guess that is my Steven A "HOWEVA"

But yeah, I'd love to see that Cleveland trade happen. Sure it would make it so the Sixers wouldn't win an EC title for a very long time, but that wouldn't be that different from our current situation anyway.

Keep Jrue, get a good coach to help mold our point of the future, and build a smothering Defensive hussle team around him. I could live with anyone aside from maybe Speights being dealt.

Iguodala's deal is not "awful".

Top-20 player making top 30 money

Mike P reply to rswknight on Jan 2 at 19:23

I actually agree, but believe his contract is awful for this team/situation.

He is not a player that you can build your team around. He is an ultimate complimentary player.

Like Brian was saying, with LeBron he would be amazing. By himself, not so much, especially with the Brand hindenberging.

How would you define a player to "build" around?

He's not the leading scorer type, but his game doesn't clash with most primary scorers anyway.

Iguodala is a cornerstone. You put efficient finishers around him and watch him flourish. This whole short-sightedness of wanting to be rid of a guy just because he's not a potential scoring champ is nonsense.

Duracorr reply to Mike P on Jan 2 at 19:32

The Sonics, now the Thunder won 52 games in 2005-6 then went south in 2006-7 because of a coach that didn't work out. They then got lucky and won the lottery. They traded Ray Allen for a #5 pick and then lost Lewis to Free Agency. They then drafted Durrant and Green around whom they are now building. This may be the only example of a least a partial "blow up" leading to success, but they are not there yet and are probably 2-3 years away from competing for a championship. No championships have been won yet. This is a highly risky strategy.

Mike P reply to Duracorr on Jan 2 at 22:33

Remember they had the 2nd pick and Durant "fell" to them, but yes, all those things falling into place were a combination of Luck and Sam Presti.

I am just insanely jealous of the Thunders Roster and franchise. Everything is falling into place for them. Durant is almost unguardable and he is just 21. *sigh*

And RSWknight, Iggy is a cornerstone in the way that he is a perfect second banana. He is a good building block, but not one you build everything around. Yes, he does lots of things well and plays great defense, but I don't think opposing coaches are worried about him singlehandedly taking over a game.

So, you're willing to scrap a cornerstone for the off chance of getting a primary scorer, when there are other ways of getting a primary scorer(including individual development) that don't require sacrificing said cornerstone. You are talking about stepping way back to go forward.

This is similar to dumping Korver to get Brand when you need a Korver to be successful with a Brand type.

Not to mention your premise that Dala is making "1st banana" money when he's not. If anything, Brand's contract is the issue. And he becomes more movable once Jordan gets his head out of his ass and uses him more.

Plus, there are multiple ways to dominate the action. Iguodala has had multiple stretches of dominant play where it is clear he is the best player on the floor without actually needing to go on prolonged personal scoring runs. More than one coach has admitted to game planning for him specifically.

Mike P reply to rswknight on Jan 3 at 19:02

I never said I wanted just McGrady.

McGrady for Iggy/one or two of our young players is an awful deal. Awful Awful deal.

I'm saying if we have chance to deal Iggy in a good trade, say the one to Cleveland that Brian proposed, we do that in a heartbeat.

I will miss him if something like that happens, but it will be nice to see him in a situation where he has a chance to actually contribute to something.

To make franchise altering deals, I'd think they'd want to be able to evaluate the talent that they have--which isn't insignificant. But how is this possible when the coaching has been so bizarre?

Why would ANYONE want T-Mac? The guy's overpaid, washed-up and locker room poison. I'd rather trade for Nate Robinson than that guy.

Tray reply to Cotton on Jan 2 at 19:02

For money.

You've missed the point of the trade.

Jesse reply to Derek Bodner on Jan 3 at 2:37

Trading for money never works out. Give me one example

Sam Samford reply to Jesse on Jan 4 at 7:41

How do you think the Lakers got Shaq?

Sixersnoob on Jan 2 at 19:23

If that trade with Cleveland actually happens, and the 6ers luckily got the #1 pick, who would you draft?

Would you go BPA and get Wall, who most consider the #1 pick? but if you do that, what do you do with Holiday?

or would you go for someone that fits a need?

Mike P reply to Sixersnoob on Jan 2 at 19:27

Gotta go with Wall. Dual Guard lineups are all the rage now as the NBA goes smaller and smaller.

Plus Wall and Holiday would compliment each other very well.

Just put Wall at SG and we have a Snow/Iverson 2.0. Except Holiday has the potential to be way better than Snow and Wall knows how to pass.

jkay reply to Mike P on Jan 2 at 19:32

from what i've seen and heard Wall is no Iverson. he is a pure PG with questionable, albeit improving, shooting.
with the pass-first Jrue Holiday who aint exactly a lights-out shooter either, it may be the definition of redundacy.

Duracorr reply to jkay on Jan 2 at 20:28

Wall and Jrue are both about the same size so if they develop their shot, that would be a great backcourt. We have more of a need for a defensive-minded big, though.

You go with Wall, period. At that high in the draft, when you're looking at a potential all-nba type talent, you don't worry about fit. If we get Wall we get the rest of the talent to fit around him, not the other way around.

Jrue Holiday's nice. John Wall's amazing. You don't sacrifice amazing because you already have nice.

Duracorr reply to Derek Bodner on Jan 2 at 20:55

It's hard to see through the hype. For example, would Jrue have been classified as "amazing" if he'd played point instead of shooting guard because of Nick Collison staying in school lastyear or if UCLA was as good as UK is this year? Weren't both players high school players of the year?

I'm not sure if Jrue won the naismith. doesn't really matter, in terms of evaluating a prospect. Louis Williams is a former Naismith award winner.

Jrue was considered (although not unanimously) the best prospect of the 2008 high school class, at least even with Tyreke Evans and Brandon Jennings.

But there's differently levels of "#1". Kenyon Martin was the best prospect in his draft class. That doesn't mean he's equal to Kenyon Martin.

John Wall just has innate physical abilities that Jrue Holiday doesn't. While Jrue is incredibly quick moving his feet, he has athletic limitations, most notably his vertical, which not only hurts him finishing inside but also makes it harder for him to get off his jumpshot. Whereas John Wall can rise up and get a clean look over most nearly everyone guarding him, Holiday doesn't have that same luxury. Watch his jumpshot and it's almost a set shot.

And body control wise, they're not even close. Watch John Wall finish at the hoop, and compare that with Jrue.

And Wall's jumpshot is much more advanced than Jrue's. Not that Wall's great, but he goes through periods where he looks extremely good, and looks like he only lacks repetition from becoming good. Jrue, on the other hand, looked largely broken last year at UCLA.

You compare their situations, and had John Wall been at UCLA last year:
1) He would have been much more successful at the 2, should he have lost out to Collison.
2) Would have most likely overtaken Collison from the moment he stepped on the court.

John Wall had been rated as the top prospect in his high school class for over 2 years. He's been the top prospect in this draft since before he donned a collegiate jersey, and hasn't faltered from that spot since. He's, quick frankly, the best point guard in college basketball I've seen since Jason Kidd.

It's not that Jrue Holiday's not a bad prospect (although playing off ball really showed some of his flaws, which killed his stock). He's a very good prospect. It's just that there hasn't been as "can't-miss" of a prospect since LeBron.


"But there's differently levels of "#1". Kenyon Martin was the best prospect in his draft class. That doesn't mean he's equal to Kenyon Martin."

Should have read:
"That doesn't mean he's equal to Tim Duncan".

Duracorr reply to Derek Bodner on Jan 2 at 23:01

Thanks forthe info.

You're exactly right we take Wall, everyone would take Wall this guys is incredible you see him make great plays. He is really fast and has strength to finish with contact I really wish we would have the #1 pick to get this guy. I would trade dala if that meant getting Wall but the Nets are too bad to get the #1 pick

Lets make it simple.

Wall is the best player in college basketball as a freshman (much like Durant was, but with different skills.

Players like Holiday and Thad Young were top HS prospects, but middling college players as freshmen. You can argue they would have played better at different positions (PG or PF), but they still would not have been college player of the year material their freshman year like Wall is.

Danny J reply to Derek Bodner on Jan 3 at 2:40

ummmmmmm. no.

Danny J reply to Danny J on Jan 3 at 2:42

Referring to last post:

"You compare their situations, and had John Wall been at UCLA last year:
1) He would have been much more successful at the 2, should he have lost out to Collison.
2) Would have most likely overtaken Collison from the moment he stepped on the court."

Care to expand upon that?

Danny J reply to Derek Bodner on Jan 3 at 3:48

Yes. Jrue Holiday was about as highly touted as Wall coming out of high school. Holiday was forced to play the 2. Wall was not. Guessing that Wall would perform better at the 2 is pointless. "Overtaking" Collison at point guard has less to do with talent than it does with seniority. It's fine to have your opinion but be careful not to state it as fact.

First of all, I said he would have most likely overtaken Collison as the starter. That IS stating it as opinion.

Second, there's absolutely every reason to believe Wall would be more successful off-guard than Jrue. His skillset simply matches up better there. He's much better at driving to the hoop, his jump shot is more advanced, and he's much better running off screens off the ball. If you deny that I question how much of Holiday you saw last year.

Third, Holiday was not as highly touted coming out of high school as Wall was. I could pull out the years of Rivals and scout.com rankings.

Holiday didn't chart as the top recruit no either scout.com (4th) or rivals.com (2nd) in the 2008 class. Wall has been at the top of the 2009 class on virtually every major high school ranking since 2007 when he dominated the older Brandon Jennings in AAU basketball.

Jrue Holiday was not the same level of recruit that John Wall is, and John Wall has backed it up.

Danny J reply to Derek Bodner on Jan 3 at 15:17

As a point guard

If part of the trade included our coach, Eddie Jordan, I would be hard pressed not to do it! That is how horrendous Eddie Jordan is. I would assume for that to be done, we would have to include both Speights, Holiday and Thad.

For the sake of our sanity, I hope that the team just wises up and gets rid of Eddie Jordan FAST before he ruins anyone else's life.

Wall is Kobe lite. He is a special talent. Jrue can be a solid player. I hope.

On a random note, Memphis, frequent whipping boy/team around here, is playing well, winners of 5 of the last 6 and beating the Suns by 20 at halftime. I always enjoy Rudy Gay's exuberant quotes:

"People who said we couldn't play together don't know what kind of person I am," forward Rudy Gay said. "They don't know Juice* or Z-Bo. We've been deferring to each other all year. We know we all need each other, and Marc's stepped up to give us another option. As long as we're moving the ball around, we're virtually unstoppable."

* Mayo.

Brian, in a world where we're going to trade away Iguodala (totally stupid in my opinion), what do you think of the following deal:

Iguodala and Dalembert to the Heat
Jermaine O'Neal and draft picks (the Heat have their own 1st rounder, as well as Toronto's, plus a few future 2nd rounders from the Hornets and Memphis)

This would be a blowing it all up kind of deal. We give up our best player, but we get out of one of our worst contracts, keep all of our under 25ers, and stockpile some picks to augment that.

From the Heat's perspective, they need to keep Dwyane Wade around, and this move shows how serious they are. They get an ace wing who can ratchet up the defense and take pressure off Wade, and as bad as everybody says Sammy's contract is, it's only one more season after this and they don't have a single center signed beyond this season.

I think it works for both sides. I'd like to get an actual player in return, but the only person I'd take off the Heat is Beasley, and I don't see them parting with him. Whadya think?

Tray reply to noah on Jan 3 at 1:32

Now I'm not a capologist, but wouldn't this taking on of salary possibly impair Miami's ability to re-sign Wade next season? Not to mention that if the results don't work out on the court, which seems pretty likely - would what that move make them, really, the 4th best team in the East? - he presumably would bolt, whereas if they entice him to stay with some sort of free agent signing, he won't have that half-season trial period to discover that the future isn't really that bright.

You can always re-sign your own player, as long as you have his bird rights (which the Heat do), and if you have bird rights, you can always offer way more than anyone else. Higher yearly increases, plus an extra year.

The question with Miami is whether or not they think they have a legit shot at keeping Wade and adding LeBron, which I've heard batted around. If that's their goal, they won't make this deal. If they don't think they can get LeBron, then they might be interested.

One thing you keep overlooking is exactly how good Iguodala would be next to a player like Wade, or LeBron, or Melo, or any guy who legitimately can carry the scoring load on a nightly basis.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 3 at 6:35

I think that's sort of speculative, really - the how great Iguodala would be alongside a great scorer bit. It never worked with Iverson. Even last year when we were force-feeding Brand at the start of the season, Iguodala was terrible. It's possible that he would simply disappear offensively once he wasn't forced to take shots, as he often did in the past. He would, of course, continue to rebound and defend. But we really don't know that he would just slot in alongside a Wade or LeBron and become Scottie Pippen lite.

"This would be a blowing it all up kind of deal. We give up our best player, but we get out of one of our worst contracts, keep all of our under 25ers, and stockpile some picks to augment that."

At this point, do we really consider Dalembert one of our worst contracts? It's gone in 18 months.

Uggghhhh...I'm at the point where all Sixers talk starts and ends with the firing of Eddie Jordan. Without it we either continue to flounder with our current line up and never develop another young player, or we blow up the team and play terrible basketball with even poorer results, because as we've seen with Jrue, and even Speights, this man does not have the capability to develop talent. Not possible. So until I read a headline confirming Eddie Jordan's firing, I will root for well fought losses and pray that Aaron McKie is holding secret practices in the old Spectrum to keep some kind of defensive effort and basketball IQ in the games of our young guys.

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