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Sixers Return Home To Face the Wiz

Is it wrong that I look at your analysis and think "Hey this game could really expose how terrible Eddie Jordan is!"

JohnEMagee on Jan 5 at 18:18

76ers announce they will extend Iverson's contract for remainder of season.

So says Kate Fagan

She also says that Haywood is a GTD and miller might be used in 'special situations' if Haywood is unavailable.

JohnEMagee on Jan 5 at 18:32

Seems that while he'll probably be suspended by the NBA, Arenass won't be suspended today

JohnEMagee on Jan 5 at 18:47

Oberto listed as starter for Wizards - if only Sam had offensive game

Haywood and Miller both listed as 'active' for the wiz

PS - how much money is primo getting this year?

The minimum, I think it's $1.2, $875K is paid by the Sixers, the league makes up the rest (or the rest doesn't count against the cap, something like that).

I argued at the time for Sheldon Williams, thinking he'd be a more skilled banger/post defender needed as insurance in case of injury and good practice player.

Instead, we got PO-Primo. Thanks Eds

Alright, here we go. Oberto is in fact in the starting lineup.

Lou on Arenas, as thought. Dalembert on Blatche, Thad on Oberto. Iverson on Butler, and they tried to go to that right away, but there was a walk on the pass.

Second time, Sammy lagged off to double Butler and blatche hit the jumper.

Pinckney is a fucking idiot. "The defense has been much better."

Oberto on Iggy, he uses the dribble to set up an 18-footer. Hate that.

1 on Sammy, 3:25 in.

Two other defenders floating right behind Oberto to close on him if he drove, and no cutters for the back door lob which was there

Lou with a 27-footer, 10 seconds left in the shot clock. Awesome.

Brilliant shot lou

"Jamison is the most uncanny finisher in the NBA"

Gotta love Pinkney

I hate this lineup. No shooting, no rebounding, no defense. What is this guy thinking?

This is pitiful basketball. Almost unwatchable.

good pass

Can you imagine sending your kid to a camp with Coach Jordan. Jesus, that's child abuse.

They will master the dribble hand-off and/or bringing the ball in after the other team scores, though

Eddie Jordan, "If we don't run after they score, we'll never be able to run."

lol. Maybe they will get Orthodontist coupons too

50 kids that will grow up learning how to not play defense

Sadly, they won't even be taught how to play bad defense. They'll just be taught that defense doesn't matter at all.

Pinckney likes the "foot fire" drills. "Great fundamentals." Do you think he has down syndrome?

Jesse reply to Jesse on Jan 5 at 19:24

That was in poor test. I apologize. Pinckney is cracking me up, though.

Gotta love the PO

Nice. Dunk leads to a dunk on the other end for the Wiz. Awesome transition D.

that's the third or fourth time Lou has driven right into 4 players in the paint with no idea what he was going to do.

Did Sam have 2 fouls, or was he just too productive?

The latter.

Heh, Iverson on Jamison there. This is funny.

Willie = first guard off bench. Shocker.

Lou on Javale McGee under the hoop. Awesome.

But Lou's a great defender?

Jordan on what he's seen from Iverson and Lou Williams starting together in the backcourt:

"It’s still a work in progress. It’s going to go better as the season goes along. I like the tempo. I like the fact we haven’t gotten hurt with guys posting up. Sacramento tried it, Utah tried it. Our team defense overcame all of that. Defensively, the things people thought would hurt us hasn’t hurt us. Offensively, they’ve kept the tempo for us."

10/17 shooting, tied at 23. Story of our lives.

Speights w/ the cross-court kickout for a Willie three, he drains it. First and last time I'll ever write that?

Likely. A Speights Assist for a Willie Three. That is deep

If the Sixers win this game I guarantee an epic meltdown from Flip Saunders.

Jrue made that play, long cross-court pass to Iguodala to push the ball, then AI9 to Sp8s for the dunk.

Jrue can play. What happened to that AI, Holiday backcourt? It was working well.

For the record, Lou doesn't push the pace. Jrue does.

Ryan F reply to Brian on Jan 5 at 19:54

agreed. lou tries to make himself look like a pg. the only time i see him push the ball is when we have the numbers.

Speights used up his one assist already I see

Pretty, pretty feed by Jrue to EB after the fucked up a P&R.

Brand needs to show on that P&R. He's stuck to Jamison.

Great hustle by Speights after nearly coughing one up.

Jrue 4 3!

He'll still get pulled

at high speed

+10 since Jrue came in.

Ryan F reply to Brian on Jan 5 at 19:55

ball pressure and good decision making. if brand was showing on those screens it would of been even better

deepsix reply to Brian on Jan 5 at 19:58

+10 since Willie came in

The name for Jrue's section of seats: The DNPCDs?

Nice D Lou.

So glad Jordan found a way to get you back in there. I absolutely hated seeing Jrue run the offense and defend.

defense, uhhhh. Jrue should be getting 35 mpg

I love Lou's shot selection and D

Is it possible the Wizards are worse than an EJ coached Sixers team?

A Wizards team reeling from Lee Harvey Arenas issues? They look broken

It's like watching an older, slower version of what Eddie Jordan has turned the Sixers into.

You're right. lol

Dalembert is a man among boys.

That was funny, Sammy picked Iverson off and caused that switch.

Sammy with the Double-Double!

Up by 14 at the half on 61.5% shooting. That was a pretty good defensive second quarter, believe it or not. We'll see if they can hold on.

Flip might asked to borrow one of Gil's guns to threaten them with... :-)

I wonder when Flip's going to bench all the starters at once tonight. It has to be coming, down double digits to this Sixers team is unforgivable.

Sammy played 15 minutes, 1 foul. Seems light to me. Wonder if he cracks 30.

Not a good shot from AI3 there.

Flip wants to cry

Thad getting to the line, this is a truly bizarre and terrifying basketball game.

Are the Wiz already on the bus?

Man, Lou just is not good. This is a rough game to watch, but he just stands out as having no clue what he's doing out there.

Ryan F reply to Brian on Jan 5 at 20:55

My absolute least favorite "regular" on this team

Iggy drive lob to Sammy for a tough conversion.

Why did Sammy just come out?

Nick Young just hit an impossible shot, falling down after Jrue played excellent D on him, and Jordan calls a timeout, I think to yell at Jrue.

Jordan giving the Wiz every opportunity to come back. Kapono in for Iguodala instead of Carney.

Someone explain to me why J. Smith and Kapono are taking Speights and Carney's minutes in the third.

He's keeping the bench on their toes, makes them stay ready to "get after it" gotta have everybody "ready" or else we'll never "go uptown"

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jan 5 at 20:47

EJ and ES are purposely trying to tank?

Sure seems like it.

Here we go folks, 10-0 run. Speights in for Smith in the timeout.

Key substitutions by the magician.

Elton "no layups" Brand could've fouled Arenas harder there, I thought. He's a reputation to uphold.

Fucking Kapono bitch. Shoot the three.


Unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable.

Sixers up by 2 heading into the fourth.

Horrible defense, can't blame anyone but the players for that shit effort

Smith and Kapono on the floor? I think you can.

Ryan F reply to Brian on Jan 5 at 20:57

I meant the last play in particular

eddies' heady's on Jan 5 at 20:55

WTF Kapono?

Man, I had no idea at the beginning of the season he was this useless. I predicted he couldn't get on the court long enough because of defense but damn, he shoots bricks on long and medium two's and doesn't get enough separation to get off his own three's. It may be hindsight, but what I thought was a good trade is going to turn out to be nothing more than adding more salary.

I have to say, I'd rather be watching Reggie brick free throws than JK's act.

It doesn't matter, they both suck.

IS it me or does Eb look completely out of it as well. I think he feels the cold shoulder of his contract

4 shots might have something to do with it. 3/8 from the line is inexcusable, though.

Did Kapono just get his hand on a ball on the defensive end of the floor? Wow. That's about the 5th time that's happened this season.

This is actually a decent lineup he's got in there. Let's see how they play and how long he let's them stay in.

eddies' heady's on Jan 5 at 21:02

What is the deal with the larger than usual crowd tonight? I mean, the Wiz at home?

eddies' heady's reply to eddies' heady's on Jan 5 at 21:04

Maybe they're trying to 'get on the bus', "uptown" that is.

Maybe Special Ed is trying to give the Wiz a boost with a tight game. Can't ruin their morale at this crucial time, that would be cruel...

The answer, 25 seconds. Lou Williams in for EB.

Dalembert looks like the best player on the floor.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jan 5 at 21:09

That doesn't sound so good for the rest of our personnel. What is that saying about them?

Well, he's going for 20/20, so not much really.

eddies' heady's on Jan 5 at 21:08

Iverson just always seems to set Sammy up nicely. Always.

Nice work, Lou.

There goes the lead.

That pass had a zero percent chance of getting through.

hmm i haven't been reading this blog that long, but now is as good a time to ask as any...is there an official term for "fan back in the day, stopped following when they traded Iverson, but this team is so reminiscent of the late-90s Phillies they are almost watchable"?

Were the late-90's Phillies a train wreck?

This is the train wreck that other train wrecks talk about in scared whispers

Gotta love this team blowing an 18-point lead.

18/19 for Sammy. Quest for 20/20 is the only thing in doubt at this point. Game is blown.

He did it! In barely 32 min! :-)

ItAintEZ on Jan 5 at 21:15

Lou earned all these minutes how?

Are the Sixers purposely throwing this game away? As an token of a gratitude towards their coach?

No subs needed. These guys are really getting after it.

that should've been Sammy's 20th. Now we just need one more hoop. Come on, hit these free throws.

eddies' heady's on Jan 5 at 21:18

AI3 - 7 turnovers
Lou - 5 turnovers
AI9 - 3 turnovers

and this with 2 minutes left and we 'only' have 16 total.


eddies' heady's reply to eddies' heady's on Jan 5 at 21:25

Check that now, 18 total and 15 coming from those guys. ugh


Woo, Sammy got it!!!!!!!1

eddies' heady's on Jan 5 at 21:21

Lou you're swell, I'll tell you.

Nice work, Lou. Pump fake, avoid the contact and put up a long two with a foot on the line.

Alvin reply to Brian on Jan 5 at 21:58

Honestly, he has sucked so bad since he came back from injury, and this is the Lou I expected (sadly) when Andre Miller left.

The first few games before he got injured were a fluke.

eddies' heady's on Jan 5 at 21:22

Listen to the crowd! HA!

I drove to the game tonight, felt sick and decided to drive home. I am so glad I did even though I wasted my ticket.

Just love the coaching once again tonight. Will look forward to seeing Brian's rotations as our genius, coach Jordan, did not play the same guys on 2nd half as first! What an awesome coach. Special Ed, indeed!

eddies' heady's on Jan 5 at 21:23

I will join them: Booooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am totally surprised by the outcome of this game

I can't watch the post game, but I'm guessing Eddie Jordan will say something like, "My team is soft. We just didn't hit our jumpers."

Ryan F reply to Brian on Jan 5 at 21:27

or "they just made more shots than us", "the offense is going to take time".

btw, the licking of the braces is implied in all my fake Eddie Jordan quotes.

You're missing likely animal references, puppies to dogs or goats and kids or other random references.

At least Gil actually does shoot from well beyond the arc.

Unfortunately, so does Lou

Up 18 with 8 mins to go in the 3rd, lose by 7. That's how Ed do, baby!

ItAintEZ on Jan 5 at 21:27

What the hell posseses a coach to go with a totally different rotation in the second half after they dominate in the first.

Alvin reply to ItAintEZ on Jan 5 at 21:28

Nothing possesses him. It's part of being EJ.

This has to be a first for Iverson. More turnovers (7) than FGA (6).

johnrosz on Jan 5 at 21:28

Goin' Uptown

I can't believe I still lose sleep over this team. Can EJ please be fired now.

In a way I am actually glad. I want EJ to fail so bad they have no choice but to fire him.

Hey, they've won 3 of 5, that's winning basketball! Uptown, baby. With harmony and effort.

ItAintEZ on Jan 5 at 21:31

FIRE this fucking asshole now b4 I go fuckn nuts trying to figure out what he is thinking.

Best thing about this game that no one will admit. They played pretty much the same as they played in their 3 wins, Washington just wasn't missing several of their best players.


ItAintEZ on Jan 5 at 21:34

Not a big deal we are just taking the scenic route uptown.

I don't know how Stefanski or Luukko doesn't just ride down there and beat him into the ground with Hip-Hop's head

Hey at least Gil had 19 points and 14 assists! Go my fantasy team!

I totally thought "Man the wizards must really suck ass if they are losing to the Sixers" and then the Wizards go and flip the script. Oh Sixers.

bebopdeluxe on Jan 5 at 21:39

That was probably some of the most ridiculous postgame comments that I have ever heard....but when you are completely clueless during the game, why should I expect thoughtful, insightful observations after the game?

Wonder how Stefanski feels...watching them puke the lead with no PG to settle the team down on the floor, a HC who is utterly incapable to make adjustments (how often did the LB-coached Sixers get a good shot after a time-out?), and an $80 million PF who is glued to the bench, watching it all unfold...

PhillyMax, indeed.

Time to take Thad out of the starting lineup. He needs to ruin with the 2's for a while...let Jrue help him get his game back.

Can you share some of Jordan's comments? I don't get the post game on League Pass.

Lost my link before that part

bebopdeluxe reply to Brian on Jan 5 at 22:10

It was a very short presser...he said, basically, that when a team starts a run on them, the players lose confidence (he actually said that). Then, when Kate tried to follow up on that point, he went into this long, jibberish-y explanation that when a team starts pushing us, we need to push back, but for whatever reason, we don't/can't/aren't pushing back.

He said we couldn't make shots and we couldn't get stops.

Fucking BRILLIANT insight there, bro.

He pointed out that we had the Wiz in the penalty less than 3 minutes into the 3rd quarter, yet failed to take advantage of it, and that the players need to do a better job of recognizing that (hey, you smacked-azz, hopw about calling a time-out and TELLING them that, huh?)

It was a very short presser...my guess is he wanted to get out of there before they got into substitution/PT issues - particularly down the stretch.

Iguodala's post-game quotes (which I am sure you will read about) were WAY more insightful...

"we have to start playing like we are 10-24, instead of 24-10..."


bebopdeluxe on Jan 5 at 21:42

Iggy after the game - we need to play like we are 10-24...not like we are 24-10...we need to play with more cohesion on both ends of the floor - particularly on the defensive end...we have a lot of guys who have been in the leage for a while...

Ummm...could it be the...coaching?

Stefanski should kill 2 birds with one stone and let the guy playing Hip-Hop coach for a bit. Can't be worse, right?

JohnEMagee reply to rswknight on Jan 5 at 21:51

Hey - it's even a movie named after them - i say go with 'eddie' as the next coaching method - you might get more fans at the games

Whoopi could run circles around him while never leaving the View set and coaching by cell phone

JohnEMagee reply to rswknight on Jan 5 at 22:08

I say coach by twitter - allow people to send plays to @coachthesixers - randomly selected tweets are implemented - could it be worse?

I'm in, but only if we ban Eddie Jordan from Twitter.

That's great. Lol

Wow, I just missed the entire2nd half. What happened?!?!

johnrosz on Jan 5 at 22:00

Those Wizards teams that EJ got to the playoffs must have been really talented to be able to overcome his ridiculous philosophy. I wonder how good those teams would have been if Doug Collins had stuck around to see it through

I stopped watching at halftime to assist my grandson with a project. Kind of depressed with both teams and the thought that we'd have an easy win. I guess I temporarily lost my sanity. Forgot who our coach was. Can't help but root for a loss at this point. Picked it up towards the end of the 3rd. They just had better offensive players on the court at the end of the game. We couldn't outscore them. AI, Lou Will & Thad on the court together. Just not many stops in those 3. We have a tough match for Jameson. His game is too perimeter for Elton and Thad just can't cover. I would have had AI, Jrue, Carney, Iggy and Sammy on the court down the stretch but that's just me.

Jamison wasn't a problem from the perimeter, he was a problem at the rim. If you want to win a game with a decent lead, you close with Jrue, Carney, Iguodala, Brand and Sam. If you want your best two-way lineup on the floor, it's probably AI3, AI9, Thad, Brand, Sam. If you want the other team to score at will on you, you put Iverson and Lou together in the back court, or Iverson and Green. Or Lou and Green. Any variation on that theme will put you in a position where you're trading baskets, at best.

This is nothing new. The only new thing tonight was the white guy infusion in the third quarter, to kick start Washington's offense. That was truly a master stroke.

sfw reply to Brian on Jan 5 at 22:23

Brian, seemed to me Elton was having trouble with Jameson from the gitgo. I believe you can get by with one weak link on 'D'. AI would've provided some structure on offense. Playing with 2 to 3 porous defenders that's brutal. That's our Sixers. Combine that with first game back from the west coast trip which ALWAYS kills the sixers. Not a good thing for EJ's team.

johnrosz on Jan 5 at 22:11

Lou Williams is never within 2 feet of his man on defense, he's quickly becoming my least favorite sixer. Zero effort on defense, and as far as i can tell he's EJ's favorite player, not a shock

You know, that might have been the least effective 8/13 from the floor I've ever witnessed. The whole night he was making shitty decisions and getting torched beyond belief.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Jan 5 at 22:23

Lou Williams is the reason that kids aren't allowed to go straight to the NBA anymore. He is fundamentally flawed, he dominates the ball yet he can't pass or facilitate. If his shot isn't falling...he contributes NOTHING. I dont know how he's not embarrassed by his defense, doesn't it bother him that he gets TORCHED every night. He seems unphased

JohnEMagee reply to johnrosz on Jan 5 at 22:27

Well there were a lot of failures before louis williams (including one suicide attempt) - but 'one year' is a ridiculous rule and doesn't solve the issues that both the NBA and NCAA refuse to deal with.

Lou Williams would have been a shoot first second and third guy in one year in college too - how much can you truly learn?

I don't even care about the shoot first/second/third part of his game. Generally, he's been efficient and not turnover prone. It's the defense I can't deal with anymore.

JohnEMagee reply to Derek Bodner on Jan 5 at 22:39

If he's supposed to be the 'point guard' who initiates the offense - then it's a problem.

He's a nice bench player - he replaces willie greens minutes (which i've been advocating for a year now) but he's not a starter.

ESPN Coast to Coast went to the sixers game in the fourth just in time for me to see lou williams take a rebound straight down the court into 3 wizards players and try and make a lay up - that's intelligent basketball

When did I say I wanted him as my point guard?

JohnEMagee reply to Derek Bodner on Jan 6 at 9:36

You didn't, the sixers did :)

Statman on Jan 5 at 23:11

This loss is all on EJ, and I'm sure we'll all have fun dissecting his horrible substitutions (if he weren't a historically bad coach, I'd be convinced he was in full tanking mode), but did anyone notice the subtle shift that Flip Saunders made to start the 2nd half? He started Nick Young instead of Blatche. This had the effect of slowing down the Sixers' dribble penetration (which was killing the Wizards in the first half) and, more importantly, moved Jamison to PF (away from Iguodala), where he [Jamison] torched whoever was guarding him (Thad, Brand, Jason Smith -- ugh). See, that's what decent coaches do, make adjustments with a purpose. Not put in players because they didn't get to play in the first half.

But but but

How can you get everybody involved in a loss if they don't play?

You can either have everybody play and feel involved or win, which one?

Good points.

After the 1st half I was thinking the Wiz looked out of sync with Butler/Jamison at SG/Sf in the same way the Sixers do with Iguodala/Young at SG/SF. Good adjustment by Flip. Also he went to Young on a smaller AI down the stretch. Punishing the Sixers for their insane Lou/AI backcourt.

On the flip side E.J. kept going to more offense when the Wiz started making a run. he tends to go offense over defense when the other team is clicking. Mot exactly conventional wisdom.

Since I'm pro-tanking for this Sixers team due to their awful contracts RE: brand, bert, green, williams ; i'd say Eddie Jordan is doing a wonderful job.

johnrosz on Jan 5 at 23:44

Seems like tonight was the tipping point for a lot of us, hopefully it was for management as well. For the record, if Jordan goes, I want Stefanski gone too, Anyone who'd hire Eddie Jordan doesn't deserve to be within 1000 feet of an NBA front office.

tenson reply to johnrosz on Jan 6 at 0:24

Which is why Jordan won't be fired. Stefanski won't fire Jordan because he will lose his job. And if Snider fires Stefanski he will look bad.

Since Larry Brown left in 04 our coaches have been:

Randy Ayers
Chris Ford
Jim O'Brein
Mo Cheeks
Tony Dileo
Eddie Jordan

How embarrassing will look it look for the sixers to fire their seventh coach in 5 years? How much of Jordam's salary will they have to eat up if he is fired?

Regarding the really first-rate discussion earlier today about whether or not to blow it up/trade Iguodala, I would say this in favor of Brian's view. Though I am inclined to agree that the notion of a championship contender led by Iguodala doesn't seem to pass the laugh test, I'd note that the Sixers of 2000-01 were an offensively awful team that made it to the Finals because of stellar defense. Yes, they had Iverson, but they weren't even as good on offense as we are today, and nowhere near as good as we could become if Thad and Speights continue to develop into really effective one-way players. Similarly, Detroit - outlier, I know - scored the sixth fewest points in the NBA, but held teams to 84 a game. So if you believe that this team could become really great defensively, which is at least possible given Iguodala and Holiday's abilities, the fact that defense is one of those things that's very coachable given the right coach, and that good defenders are pretty cheap and easy players to pick up if they don't come with a ton of offensive skill, then it's hard to see why, mathematically speaking at least, we couldn't contend so long as we were a solid enough offensive team. We'll never really be that good on offense so long as Iguodala's our go-to guy, but even Brian doesn't want that to continue to be the case; he sees Thad or Speights as growing into that role.

That said, I think there's a reason that this sort of thing hardly ever works in practice (even the Spurs were a really offensively efficient team, even if they played too slow to rack up a ton of points). The winner of the Finals typically outscores opponents over the course of the regular season by somewhere around 5-8 points. (Miami didn't but as we all know, they got lucky.) If you look at the really good defensive teams, they tend to struggle to score much more than they allow. The ones that do are typically teams that are built around big offensive names (the Mavs, the Celtics, the Spurs, the Lakers some seasons) and get coached into being good defensively, that and they surround their big-name scorers with good defenders. Teams that start out being all about defense - Hubie Brown's Grizzlies, Riley's Knicks and Heat teams, any team coached by Scott Skiles, Brown's Sixers, Brown's Bobcats, the Van Gundy Rockets (a tricky case in that they had two superstars, but still a very defense-first philosophy) - tend not to score a lot, perhaps because when you put a ton of defensive players on the floor, slow the game down, emphasize rebounding, you're just naturally going to be forced to play less skilled players on offense.

You do need a balance, but they have the building blocks of the elite defensive team. This is why I liked the direction they were headed in, a team that defended, got stops and really ran off those stops. If they're getting 20 fast break points/game, and they aren't gimmick FB points (meaning, running off makes, playing no defense, etc), then the half-court offense doesn't need to be stellar, doesn't even need to be average, just needs to be close enough to average where coupled with the extra easy points on the break you become average offensively.

Its what makes the E.J. choice as coach so incredibly baffling. You have some decent defensive building blocks and some young guys with athleticism but who need to be taught how to defend... and you bring in E.J.?

So interesting listening to Iguodala's fantastic post game interview where he talks almost entirely about lack of defensive cohesion and committeemen... as compared to E.J. talking offense. So are we to take it that Stefanski falls more in the offense first, second and third camp?

And then to cap it all off, they are brutally bad at offense because this type of team only flows well off of good defense...


Spell checking... committeemen should read commitment. But either way raises good points...

Kingtizz on Jan 6 at 1:22

This is embarrasing coaching. Eddie Jordan should be ashamed. I suggest a protest and pickett on every sixers home game untill Eddie Jordan is fired.

Kenneth on Jan 6 at 2:18

I think all the BOOs tonight were for Eddie Jordan. His terrible coach made them lose the game and I'm shocked he's not even admitting several of his bad coaching decisions today.

That's the scariest part...he probably thinks he's doing a great job as head coach.

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