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SixersBeat Radio Show Tonight

JohnEMagee on Jan 7 at 16:55

Who is your ideal coach AND why? (You can't just say thibodeau without a good reason :) )

If you were replacing stefanski - what would you do second (first is firing Jordan)

Who do you think should replace Stefanski (harder call to make)

If you replaced the Eddies:
a) Would you prefer the all-in-one model(a la Pops in SA or Brown when he was here)

b) A separate coach/GM?

If b is your choice, but your primary preference to replace Jordan demands that much authority, is that a dealbreaker?

What do you guys make of Thad's last five games? They have all been with Iverson back and his splits are terrible. Is it because Jordan lessening his playing time, Iverson, Thad playing at the 4 with Iverson, Thad himself, or a combination of everything?

I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but I have a trade idea. The Wizards are going to be very thin at the guard position because of the Arenas-Crittenton situation. They also said they are willing to deal anyone on the roster...How about Thad, Lou and Willie Green for Butler? The Wizards would get some new blood and some desperately needed guard depth (not to mention some talent in Lou and Thad) and don't really have to take on any bad contracts.
From a money standpoint, I figure that two years down the road, Thad could demand an iguodala-esque contract (unless jordan continues to kill his progress). So if we did resign him, we wouldn't have any money available after next season. If we did the Butler deal, we might have enough money to sign an FA after next season even if we did resign Butler. From a basketball standpoint, Butler is probably a better fit alongside iggy at the wing position than Thad. We would have a season and a half to figure out if the two could play well together. Think about a lineup of Jrue, Butler, Iggy, Brand, Dalembert, with Iverson, Carney and Speights coming off the bench. And if Butler doesn't work out, than we just won't resign him and will be in pretty good cap shape in the 2011 free agent period. Thoughts?

JohnEMagee reply to Eric on Jan 7 at 18:52

I think Caron Butler has more value around the league than a disappointing 3rd year player (disappointing in his 3rd year) and two bench guys

Tyrone Hill reply to JohnEMagee on Jan 7 at 21:07

Caron Butler was traded for Kwame Brown. KWAME BROWN. I would rather keep Thad or get something better for him. Maybe use him to shed Brand's contract

I wouldn't make anything out of who he was traded for in the past, but I also wouldn't want Butler. I think he's a fine player, but his age/skills don't really fit all that well w/ the team's age/direction.

Thanks for the questions, guys. We'll use most of them. Tune in at 8pm for our answers.

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