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Tempered Expectations

To be fair I think that you should mention that you underestimated the last 10 game win-loss record. This team is abysmal, but the talent on the roster alone should be enough in a couple games.

Yeah, I had them at 2-8 in games 20-30, they finished 3-7.

I think Chris Paul could have a perfect shooting night for 30 points and something like 17 assists. Jrue gets 1:30 to guard him as well to "get after it."

this team coached by any other coach in the wordl would win all the upcoming six games: all these team are worse than Sixers to me

being Jordan our coach I'd say 4-2, with losses vs Toronto and New Orleans

if we lose at Minnesota I don't see how Jordan can NOT be fired

i hope to christ the sixers lose that game then

Hi everybody,
being Jordan "The Master of missmatchups and rotations", 1-5 @Minnesota ("the lonely win"). Toronto have improve their defense and Calderon is back, so I don't see a win. vs NYK and SAC yes, we are better (I still believe our roster should be at 4th - 5ht seed in Eastern Conference without Jordan), but we were also "better" than Wizards and... 0-3. Jordan learning something... no way! Please FIRE Jordan!!

Knicks are sneaky good this year. Watch out for them.


This is where is "all starts coming together" and we get some empty wins. I certainly won't mind seeing them win (while I watch I root for the win, but big picture understand losses right now help long term.) But I have little stomach for any positive spin I here from the team's mouthpieces.


"here" should read "hear"

They will probably win 2-3 games. I'll go with Brian's answer.

Court_visioN on Jan 8 at 11:05

1. vs. Toronto: bargnani is the exact type of big man that gives us problems - he stretches the floor. Which means less than 30 minutes for Brand. Which means a loss.

2. @ Detroit: Third time's the charm? Philly squeaks out a win.

3. vs. New Orleans: CP3 vs. whoever-the-Sixers-throw-at-him. And you know Jrue isn't getting more than 10 minutes this game in order to protect his psyche. Loss.

4. vs. New York: One of their shooters is going to get hot. And Nate Robinson is going to run AI and Lou in circles. If he plays. Loss.

5. vs. Sacramento: If Tyreke Evans does play this may be a different story, but still the Kings (off the top of my head) are much weaker away from Arco. Win.

6. @ Minnesota: It's sad when you think about it, because looking at the rosters the Sixers should win every matchup - except at guard. And unfortunately the Sixers can lose to guys like Ramon Sessions and Jonny Flynn. Loss.

2-4, just with a different win than Brian.

I believe it will be either 5-1 with the 5 being either wins or losses. Btw, I am usually wrong!

And, why would any Philadelphia fan watch the 76ers Saturday night when the Eagles are playing (of course, unless it is like last Sunday!).

2-4, likely 1-5, with the only win in Minnesota

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