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Tee Ohh, Eh?

Wow, you replace a great shooting but defensive liability at PG with a better defender and a team starts winning.

Shhhh... nobody tell E.J.

-In reality I have no idea why the Raps have been winning. I haven't really been following them. But as usual the Sixers should have a good chance if the Raps miss their shots. The Raps are even more imbalanced against the Sixers because Sam usually does a great job denying Bosh's short range game and turns him into just another jump shooter (but a great one.)

I really hope EJ isn't planning on having Thad trying to lock down Bosh.

I'm sure Thad will be on Bargnani and Sam will be on Bosh, until he picks up two fouls in the first four minutes. Then it's Brand on Bosh, maybe Speights on Bargnani. However you slice it, I'm expecting a huge game from Bargnani with multiple threes.

deepsixersuede on Jan 8 at 18:34

Do you think we can swap Premo for Nesterovic while they are in town, all those big europians look alike anyway.

ItAintEZ on Jan 8 at 18:40

ES was made available to the press at 6. Would not say that EJ job is safe for the rest of the year. Is there actually hope we get rid of him this year?

Has anyone seen/heard what Stefanski had to say? I can't find anything yet.

ItAintEZ reply to Brian on Jan 8 at 18:52

just saw a couple of clips on the pregame show. Also a couple of quotes from T Moore on realgm.

bebopdeluxe reply to ItAintEZ on Jan 8 at 19:00

Please, please, please...

I hope the Sixers lose by 30.

Philly feed in HD on League Pass. Special treat.

I love hearing Pinckney get everything wrong in his preview.

ItAintEZ on Jan 8 at 19:03

Donyell Marshalls "best starting 5"


He must be studying the EJ book of defense.

Oh my.

Best news of the night: Pacers playing the T-Wolves. Somebody has to win.

Usual, depressing starting lineup for the 76ers.



Here we go.

What do you think, quick start for Philly then a fade? Or fall behind early then fall short on the comeback?

Reggie Evans is street clothes tonight, still smiling and loving to be given a paycheck. For all of Reggie's offensive shortcomings, I LOVED his effort and attitude.

JohnEMagee reply to Rich on Jan 8 at 19:22

Did you love his defensive short comings?

Rich reply to JohnEMagee on Jan 8 at 19:23

No, but his offensive shortcomings were a full-time job.

JohnEMagee reply to Rich on Jan 8 at 19:34

Actually - offensive rebounding was ever his only positive ont he floor :)

Ugh, a walk, a brick and an airball from Thad early. Active on the defensive end, though.

This is a set defense and Lou Williams is on Bargnani on the blocks. How does that happen?

That was a goaltend by Sammy, Bargnani got the T, but he was right.

Even though that was an absolute goaltend, Sammy looks rejuvenated.

Bargnani just drove by Thad like he wasn't there. Awesome.

Sammy with a sweet outlet, sort of.

Dumb turnover by Lou. Pump fake with his man 7 feet away, then picks leaves his feet when he runs into two defenders.

AI and Thad have been really aggressive so far, and Thad's been off with AI looking sharp.

Kate Fagan has video of Stefanski up, watching now.


two minutes in, so far he's blaming the players. Will finish watching during commercials.

Ryan F reply to Brian on Jan 8 at 21:48

That squirrelly little ninny boy. So nervous. They need to harass him some more and force his hand.

"We work on defense every day at practice, we start with defense." - Well the garbage he's selling these guys is counter productive. Ayers isn't the problem, he's in charge of implementing the insane system Ej is running.

Sammy's doing a real nice job on Bosh so far, despite the foul there.

God, Thad need to grow a pair.

Sweet pass from AI9 to Thad there.

Looks like it's going to be a start fast and then fade kind of game Brian.

Yup, there's two on Sammy. Took 9 minutes.

It will be interesting to see if Jordan sticks with a 11 man rotation today, as to not give in to the media pressure.

I think there's a chance we could see some influence from Stefanski on the rotations in this game. Just from watching this press conference, he's pissed.

Wow, AI has been basically perfect on offense so far. Not on defense, but I'll take what I can get.

Speights first guy off the bench, no sign of Brand.

Rich reply to Brian on Jan 8 at 19:35

So EB has one bad game and he just gives up on him playing a lot?

Nice drive by young, Iverson playing really good and what a pass!!

eddies' heady's on Jan 8 at 19:35

Please get Thad's tail on the bench.

DeRozen is kind of going off.

Brand is in the doghouse, apparently. Green off the bench now, still no sign of EB.

Up by 9 after the first. 32-23, thanks in large part to Dalembert's defense and Iverson's offense.

Still no EB. No mention of it by Zum and Pinck either.

Iguodala looks tired or disinterested to me out there.

Terrible transition defense on two straight possessions. This lineup has one solid defender in the game.

Holiday and EB please!!

I may be wrong, but I can't find EB on the bench.

eddies' heady's reply to Rich on Jan 8 at 19:44

i didn't see him either.

Brand is now the 9th man, I guess. If he even gets in the game.

This is Eddie Jordan's defensive solution. Completely bench Brand and Jrue.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jan 8 at 19:45

I think Jrue was checking in at the table.

Stomach virus for Brand, questionable now. I'd have a stomach ache if Jordan was my coach too.

I guess Jordan poisoned EB's food.


Rich you're not wrong. Still waiting to see him and Holyday.

Kenneth on Jan 8 at 19:48

Wow, what a waste of $80M. You have someone with Elton Brand's abilities and he's not even the 10th bench guy?

He's sick, apparently. Or he got traded.

JohnEMagee reply to Kenneth on Jan 8 at 19:49

Not when he has food poisoning - no

Getting to the line at will.

8 straight for AI9.

Rich reply to Brian on Jan 8 at 19:55

And stuffing the stat sheet as well, which a lot of people don't understand the value of.

Anyone getting sucked in?

Rich reply to Brian on Jan 8 at 19:59

Possible let-down for the Raps after the huge win at the Magic. Still, even if a team hands the Sixers a win, they just don't take it. Often they give it back.

Let's call this a let-down half.

Ryan F reply to Rich on Jan 8 at 20:03

We'll lose this game. If I had money, I'd lay it down

I'd take the Raptors -11 for the second half line. Easy money.

Even Willie is a night and day defensive improvement over Lou. That's sad.

Zumoff sounds shocked that Jrue is in Jack's jock. Does he not watch these games?

eddies' heady's on Jan 8 at 20:01

Let Rodney play instead of Thad. He gives you most everything TY does plus a made jumper.

+5 for Jrue, take a seat rookie. 5 minutes is enough for you.

Teddy's jumper is looking horrid. I just don't have the same faith in him that some fans have. I still don't understand why no one is working with him on putting the ball on the floor before he takes a step

I dont see Brand on the bench so maybe he has been traded but still they are no news

He's sick. They had a report on the game, stomach problems.

Loved Jrue's effort, as usual.

Does anyone think being exposed to Jordan on a day-to-day basis is actually able to make someone physically sick?

I'd believe it.

Watching him coach makes me sick.

Ryan F reply to Rich on Jan 8 at 20:09

I think not being given the chance to be appreciated by fans because some ass is holding you back would do it.

Zone, Sixers have no answer.

That was a bullshit call on Iguodala.

If Chris Bosh would do something with his hair I would appreciate him even more.

Rich reply to Ryan F on Jan 8 at 20:11

I don't know, he kind of looks like a dinosaur with that look. Keeps up the raptor theme.

Ryan F reply to Rich on Jan 8 at 21:52

Thats what my girlfriend says. Is your real name Kerrie?

just had a flashback to 2003 with that non-pass by ai... iverson could have been the all time nba assist leader with his ability to penetrate

Better get those bench ends some time in the second half to keep the offense afloat.

Can't wait for J. Smith to be the big off the bench instead of SP8s in the second half.

Jrue = +9 in the first half.

Sixers up by 11, 60-49.

that was flava falv with yeah boy hahaha I didn't heard that before

Speights making like Vintage AI!

Why Thad at 4 instead of Speights in the starting lineup? What a steal!

I bet Kapono sees meaningful minutes in this half.

Holiday better than Lou for the team effort.

Bleh, just finished the Stefanski video. He could've been a lot more forceful. Spent most of the time blaming the players, not the system. Did seem like he's stepped in a little bit to get the defense fixed. Sixers just allowed 26 points in the second quarter, but the defensive efficiency is probably decent for the half, just from looking at the box w/out doing any math.

Ryan F reply to Brian on Jan 8 at 20:23


That interview was interesting. Like Fagan's direct questioning, who actually got him to refuse to commit to Jordan on the record.

He kept talking about 5-man and stuff. Nobody asked him how somebody can expect a lineup featuring AI, Lou & Thad to play defense, though

Yeah, it seemed like he wasn't taking follow-ups.

tyrone hill on Jan 8 at 20:26

Mckie, that guy says the right things. Thats what I want to hear from a coach

Better get Kapono on the exercise bike. Gonna need his offense soon to protect this lead.

Jack goes by Lou with no problem for an easy deuce.

xavi reply to Brian on Jan 8 at 20:35

better get Eddie Jordan. We hope he injuries himself like McMillan and we will not see him in the road games. :-)

There's the first three for TOR. 0/5 in the first half. Keep an eye on that number.

ItAintEZ on Jan 8 at 20:32

bosh sets pick and roll on lou and he switches?

eddies' heady's on Jan 8 at 20:32

See, wtf was Thad doing right there? Why sag off Bargs?

There's the second three.

Jarret Jack's eyes are lighting up. He's running all day on Lou.

eddies' heady's on Jan 8 at 20:34

AI's stroke looks GOOD.

Phew, they could've given that to Sammy, would've been his fourth.

Does that counts as a steal and turnover for AI?

Don't think so. Came down with his foot on the line, right?

Lead down to six. Need a sub here, and that sub should be Jrue for Lou.

Did you see that Lou and Thad were still behind half-court on that 8th chance rebound?

That is getting after it.

ItAintEZ on Jan 8 at 20:37

Ok guys here comes the big run.

Come on, Smith and Kapono here, let's see it!

Heh. 1-point dunk for Iguodala if they hit the T.

Rich reply to Brian on Jan 8 at 20:41

Zumoff called the hang on the rim "celebritory."

eddies' heady's on Jan 8 at 20:41

Thad just doesn't possess the proper skillsets. He doesn't have much in the repertoire as far as moves w/handles.

He can wow you but he also just sort of floats, like mentally.

I often why DiLeo gets so much credit for the last few picks. (especially when most of them can't play defense)

I know certain things can be taught, but that's a tough go of it in today's basketball age, what with AAU and playground etc.

Sixers shooting 8/10 this quarter, and the lead has shrunk.

eddies' heady's on Jan 8 at 20:44

I just wish a few of our guys could draw fouls like Iverson does and Miller did. We don't get to the line enough for my liking.

ItAintEZ reply to eddies' heady's on Jan 8 at 20:47

We can get to line but, the coach seems to be ok with us shooting jumpers. Everything about this guy is soft.

just FYI, Iguodala is getting to the line more this season than Miller ever did with the Sixers.

ItAintEZ on Jan 8 at 20:45

Just gonna take 3min. without scoring and we lose.

eddies' heady's on Jan 8 at 20:45

What a block by Dala. Man, but he waits too long for the break to develop and Thad gets a late pass and misses a bunny.

Great entry pass from Jrue to AI9.

don't trade AI9!

Don't like that three by Jrue. Bad possession.

ItAintEZ on Jan 8 at 20:50

starting to slip, bring in Kapona and Smith.

1-point game, folks. 31 points for TOR this quarter.

3-straight TOs.

Wheels are falling off fast... Thad the conductor of the train.

3 TO: 2 for Thad.

Iguodala is the best player on the floor in this game

Rich reply to rswknight on Jan 8 at 20:54

Trade him now!

Shhh. He's overpaid and not a leader.

lol. He would practically have the Trip Dub if his teammates could actually convert

Tie ball game.

Jrue unties it off a feed from AI9.

34 points for the Raps in that quarter.

Alvin reply to Brian on Jan 8 at 20:57

Only 34 points.

Triple double possibility.

Iguodala: 17 points, 9 boards, 6 assists.

ItAintEZ reply to Brian on Jan 8 at 21:00

Impossible, we would have to score 8 more pts.

Game, set match. Fourth three for TOR.

eddies' heady's on Jan 8 at 20:59

That isn't scheme, that's just lazy defense Sam. Clang again by Dre.

Are you Eddie Jordan's speech writer?

Lou and AI3 coming in here to settle things defensively.

Barganani tells Thad to get off him.

eddies' heady's on Jan 8 at 21:00

Bargs with an up-fake and one dribble and pop right in Thad's face. Heh.

Btw, Carney and Speights both played well in the first half. No sign of them so far in the second.

Alvin reply to Brian on Jan 8 at 21:04

I think Carney has potential to be the next Matt Barnes. Good in very limited minutes for us, then gets picked up by a better team and plays more minutes and becomes a very useful player.

The fact that Toronto is trying harder than Philly on the defensive end is something to be ashamed about.

Iggy is the only one who is playing right now. I mean, how can we trade the one guy who isn't dependent on shooting for good play?

Rich reply to Rich on Jan 8 at 21:02

Sam/Jrue are exceptions but not as consistent as AI9

what a highway for Calderon and too easy for Bargnani!

Thad has 12 points on 16 shots, and five turnovers.

Alvin reply to Brian on Jan 8 at 21:06

Get Speights in there for Thad already. That's what a coach may consider.

eddies' heady's on Jan 8 at 21:02

Please put Carney in for Thad.

4 on Sammy.

Ugly turnover by Jrue.

May as well get the scrubs in there.

I mean the other scrubs.

go thad

eddies' heady's on Jan 8 at 21:04

DAMN, good outlet Jrue. And Thad with the cheap finish.

A ton of Thad's buckets have been because of AI9 putting him in a spot where he can't fail.

eddies' heady's reply to Rich on Jan 8 at 21:07

Exactly, anyone can be the beneficiaries of those.

Please keep Iguodala in there long enough to get the triple double. Something to root for.

eddies' heady's on Jan 8 at 21:06

Zum: "Thad's 3 of 4 last shots have been blocked."

And Zum: "Thad's best night in a while with 16 pts and 13 rebs".

Please. Don't be fooled Mark.

Lou coming for Jrue, I believe.

Alvin reply to Brian on Jan 8 at 21:09

Fuck Lou. Seriously.

Hmmm... Jrue/AI/Iggy/Thad/Daly. If it were Brand instead of Thad it'd be the lineup I was rooting for when AI was signed. Heck, if Brand had 20 shots in this game he'd be 13-20 or something.

17/11/7 for Igoudala. 3 assists in 5 minutes?

Alvin reply to Brian on Jan 8 at 21:11

The players have to make the basket after Iggy passes. Not gonna happen I think. only guy who can score is AI, and he usually scores off his own move and jumper.

Alvin reply to Alvin on Jan 8 at 21:12

Speaking of AI... 7-12 for 22 points, 4 assists.. 0 turnovers.. he's playing as well as you could expect from him.

Thad with the season high in rebounds

16 points on 20 shots for Thad now.

Whoever has the ball last wins?

5 threes now.

There's assist #8. Come on.

Haha nice make by Hedo.

Imagine the horror if this team wins a game without EB. Maybe the coach will use it as an excuse not to play him at all.

5th on Sammy.

matchup: lou-AI3 vs jack-calderon... let's see...

Wow, Speights has sat the whole half and now you bring him in?

ItAintEZ on Jan 8 at 21:14

and speights in after sitting the whole half

woah, Thad Young actually scored when they got him the ball!

Who made that pass? Was it Iguodala?

Rich reply to Brian on Jan 8 at 21:16

yes # 9

Yup, that's 9.

Maybe he gets the 10th after at the buzzer to pull the Sixers within 5.

Alvin reply to Brian on Jan 8 at 21:17

Come on Iggy, one more!!!

ItAintEZ on Jan 8 at 21:15

What the hell are u saving sam for? There's only 3 min. left in the damn game.

Hey, he gave Sam an extra foul tonight, don't get greedy. usually he fouls out with 4.

Alvin reply to ItAintEZ on Jan 8 at 21:18

Well it's an improvement... Usually he doesn't play after his fourth foul..

Calderon/Williams is a battle in defensive ineptitude.

Alvin reply to Rich on Jan 8 at 21:25

At least one of them is a point guard.

Ugh. That Speights jumper was #10.

AI9 did a terrible job running that P&R w/ SP8s.

He should have got Thad out instead of Speights.

two quick fouls on speights in less than a minute in crunch time and he should have taken thad out huh

Alright Eddie, what're you drawing up here?

Rich reply to Brian on Jan 8 at 21:23

He runs that a ton. Worked this time for Lou.

Got a good look for Lou, I think off a give-and-go. Not too bad.

ItAintEZ on Jan 8 at 21:22

Nothing like a little YMCA to get the crowd going!

Have to hope TOR misses a wide open shot.

Sweet defensive subs by Jordan there, huh?

Slammin' Sammy!

TOR chooses Turk iso'd on Iguodala in that situation. That's stellar coaching.

ItAintEZ on Jan 8 at 21:25

Ok lets see if lou and ai are left in for D.

Carney in for AI3. Lou left in there. Didn't matter, they took Bash iso'd on Sammy. Good play. And that's a continuation 100/100 times in the NBA. Zum needs to shut up.

Damn Iggy, what are you shooting for? go for the Triple-double!!

w00t way to earn that lead back guys! (even though they should have gone back ahead about ten time by now but whatever)

Dre's going to fall short on the TD, it seems. TOR should run a P&R with Calderon/Bosh. If they run a Bosh iso, they probably lose

TOR go for the game-winner here? Milk the clock? Not sure what I'd do.

Awful call. Stunned.

no,no,no!!!! no way!!!

AI/Lou/Kapono/Smith/Brezec. I think that's the worst 5 you could put on the court for defense in the entire NBA.

I'm just waiting for Eddie Jordan to try that once. LOL.

All I wanna see is Iggy pass it to someone who takes a shot. At least 1 shot for the TD. Haha. Don't really care about the W at this point.

why was Lou. Will on the court for that defensive possession? I know it didn't end up mattering, but it is still maddening

ItAintEZ reply to ojr107 on Jan 8 at 21:30

was thinking the same thing

1-4 set w/ Carney in the corner, AI9 w/ the ball. Drive the lane, kick to Carney for the three at the buzzer. Hit/miss, win/lose. That's my call here.

I know I shouldn't, but I'd really like to see the home team get a W here. If only we could win out and somehow EJ still get fired

ItAintEZ on Jan 8 at 21:31

Good Play there EJ

eddies' heady's on Jan 8 at 21:31

Was Dre supposed to have passed that to Lou?

Dre never touched the ball after he threw it in.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jan 8 at 21:42

I know that. I'm talking about the inbounds pass. Why didn't he hit Lou as Lou came off that first screen?

He passed it to AI which started the commotion, when Lou appeared to be the primary with the AI come-to-the-ball being secondary.

Didn't look like that to me when I rewound it. Lou's man was in his hip pocket. Looked like Lou was cycling through then AI filled the void behind him. I think it was supposed to be in AI3's hands.

The Greek on Jan 8 at 21:32

Lol EJ is DONE!!!!!!

AI9 never even was drawn up to get a touch there. Does anyone want to blame that on him?

Another Jordan Special.

I haven't had many complaints about Iverson's play, but he really trashed that play. Oh well, another nail in the coffin hopefully.

I think he drove early because they had a foul to give and he thought they gave it. I think he was right about that too.

Pretty much exactly what we expected, right? They hung in a little better while they were blowing it, but you don't win close games when you can't get stops down the stretch. And you don't beat all O/no D teams by playing no D against them.

60 points in the second half for TOR.

Nothing to do with stops. They just left points on the board tonight. Just didn't make plays.

I can't wait to hear how great the defense was tonight.

Not Lou.

For AI9's TD's sake, I was actually hoping the shot would fall.

Alvin reply to Alvin on Jan 8 at 21:37

But i certainly wasn't expecting him to not get the ball.

From now on, I don't want to hear crap about Iguodala and the last shot. Lou Williams actually created a 27-foot pump fake three after getting the ball on the wing. At least Dala has never taken a shot like that with the game running down. Just horrible play call from the jump

Alvin reply to rswknight on Jan 8 at 21:36

I betcha Eddie Jordan says "we got a good shot".

bebopdeluxe reply to Alvin on Jan 8 at 21:41


AI had a nice offensive game, but there is no excuse for AI9 not getting the call to make the play at the end of the game. No excuse.

Not totally unexpected though.

ItAintEZ on Jan 8 at 21:38

20 free throws in first half 5 in second including 0 in the 4th qtr.

eddies' heady's reply to ItAintEZ on Jan 8 at 21:43

But Iguodala gets to the line more than Miller from this year to last. Like stats matter more than timing.

Yep, you're right. this one is definitely on Iguodala.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jan 8 at 21:48

Sarcasm so misrepresented...

Only heartbreaking thing about this game: Iguodala falling one assist shy of the triple double.

bebopdeluxe on Jan 8 at 21:39

Whew...that was close.

Thad had averaged about 22 minutes a game in his last game. Tonight he played 46 and he was pretty bad. He's gonna play more with EB out, but come on, 46 minutes.

Speights gets 10 minutes. Carney gets 3.

How do you expect a guy to go from playing 20 min per game the last couple of weeks to 46? Genius

Good news, Wizards won.

Ryan F reply to Brian on Jan 8 at 21:59

I never thought I'd say this and I hate to be the pessimist, but I am truly going to start hoping for a top pick.


Is this team going to make a hard enough push to make the playoffs as lead or constructed? I have a hard time believing so. Even if they played extremely efficient offensively for the rest of the year they'd do just well enough to get a mid round pick.

If they made the playoffs, could they even challenge the top team, even win a game? Not with this defense.

It's beginning to be too late. The season is lost.

I can't believe the break is almost here and the most enjoying thing so far this season has been reading about how bad they've been. Dark days for us loyals.

I haven't even begun to worry about draft position, honestly. If this team makes it through the season with Eddie Jordan still in place as the head coach all hope is lost. I'm focusing on that.

Ryan F reply to Brian on Jan 8 at 22:15

If we do no better in the next few weeks I think there is no way ES could justify keeping him around.

So one has a hand in the other.

eddies' heady's on Jan 8 at 21:47

Wow! With EB out, he played Thad 46, forty-six minutes. And it showed.

johnrosz on Jan 8 at 22:07

I know the Elton support runs high around here, but as I watched tonight's game and saw what Bosh ended up doing, i thought to myself "So THATS what a max contract power forward looks like..." Not Eltons fault he couldn't get off the toilet but wow Bosh is a true talent.

Ryan F reply to johnrosz on Jan 8 at 22:11

If you measure by offensive metrics alone.

I think if it weren't "make it take it", I am almost sure I could put a couple up in a game to 16.

But yes, he is something with the ball.

Ryan F reply to johnrosz on Jan 8 at 22:13

No disrespect, but he is about soft as shit in a slipper, even though I'd take him as my #1 any day.

johnrosz reply to Ryan F on Jan 8 at 22:16

It was awesome when Shaq called him the Ru Paul of centers.Still a really talented guy on offense despite his softness

Alvin reply to johnrosz on Jan 8 at 22:15

No doubt Bosh has offensive talent, but he plays on one side of the court. Elton Brand doesn't.

We are now officially worse than these teams:

New York

That is truly hard to fathom.

How has it happened this fast?

What is the common denominator?

To whom do I owe my sorrows?

Ryan F reply to Ryan F on Jan 8 at 22:24

After more thought, I truly would not trade our roster for any of those teams.

All favoritism and emotional attachment aside.

Maybe, just maybe the Clippers. If Griffin still becomes the man.

Teddy took 24 shots and not 1 trip to the line, horrendous and frail.

johnrosz on Jan 8 at 22:28

Looks like the Wolves are gonna win.

Man, the Nets just blew one against the Hornets.

johnrosz on Jan 8 at 22:35

yeah im watching that right now, bullshit offensive foul called on Yi

Statman on Jan 8 at 22:46

Scary thought, guys, worthy of some discussion: in 06-07, the Sixers started out 10-29 (even worse than this year) but never stopped trying and got to 35-47. They then missed out on both the playoffs and the Durant/Oden lottery (I guess they had a tiny chance). So are we actually rooting for the team to do so badly that Jordan gets fired? And then random Interim Coach X emphasizes defense and plays some sensible lineups, so that the Sixers can't help but get to 35-47 again? Or are we rooting for Jordan to do just well enough not to get fired until the end of the regular season, "guiding" them to a 22-60 record or so and a higher draft pick? Because I'm not sure I can stomach seeing Jordan the rest of the season (and all the damage he might do to the development arcs of Jrue, Speights, etc.), but he's probably the only guy who can ensure a 22-60 record with this roster (way too talented to be this bad).

I don't think they'll be cracking 30 wins this year. Too many issues, especially because I don't see Jordan getting pulled before the ASG.

Per Tom Moore:

The Sixers are 7-8 this season when leading by double digits.

If that isn't another indictment of EJ and his "defense" I don't know what is

Check out Kate Fagan's site, deepsixer asap!! Exiciting news imo.

bebopdeluxe reply to DeanH on Jan 8 at 23:39

What is the news? Before the game, sho posted the PC with Stefanski where she askec (twice) if Jordan was safe...and ES danced around it. After the game, she reported that AI took a knee to his bad knee and won't be playing in Detroit tomorrow...

What's the big news?

mike reply to bebopdeluxe on Jan 8 at 23:41

yea not sure what the news is either. pretty standard ES interview

DeanH reply to bebopdeluxe on Jan 8 at 23:42

Kate believes Jordan is on shaky ground and may not make it through this year. She asked the question twice and he would not commmit. Btw, she is the only beat writer to question that I think.


Noticed ya'll already saw interview. Sorry. I was at the "game".

I took it as Jordan is on shakey ground and I think Kate took it the same way.

i didn't initially agree with john chaney when he blamed this team's problems on the lack of a point guard, but after seeing them blow so many games in the 4th lately, you have to think a PG who knew how to manipulate the pace of the game, who to get the ball to & how to get it to them in the right spot, etc, etc, would help. iguodala is the closest thing they have but they ask so much from him already.

It takes a very special talent to be the leading scorer and the PG. Especially when you are also needed to be the best defender

Ryan F reply to tk76 on Jan 9 at 1:56

finally some national coverage.

Nothing new there. I wasn't really blown away by what Stefanski said. It's good that he didn't give any kind of endorsement to Jordan, but how could he under these circumstances?

I'll start feeling a little better when there's an actual rumor that he's got one foot out the door. This press conference was about Stefanski showing the fans that he's as pissed off as they are, but the fact of the matter is he's not. If he was as pissed as we are his buddy would be gone already.

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