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Looks Can Be Deceiving

Great post as usual Brian. I laughed out loud on that last sentence about Thad.

Did anyone else see that quote from Jordan about "playing the right way" on Kate's Deep Sixer blog? I lost my appetite after reading that. It was probably the most revolting thing I've read in my life.

Gerry Mac on Jan 9 at 8:34

Is it true that AI3 is out for tomorrows game at DETROIT (cough, cough)? If so, we know why he's out(not b.c of his knee).

Yes it's true, and yes it's because of the knee. He bumped knees with someone in the 3rd quarter.

i was away, why didnt elton play tonight was he hurt or was it really a dnpcd

I think they said Elton had a stomach virus or something. Maggio reported it in the second quarter from the sideline I think.

Inviolable Fandom on Jan 9 at 13:04

Man Jordan has to go, like, now. Dude wants everyone to bea chucker and it's going to ruin them for good. Im scared for Thad and Jrue.

The way that the Sixers are playing and the fact that I want the coach gone is really tough. I don't want losses, but I felt numb when they lost and down the stretch. I wanted them to win, but my interest was similar to watching Boston/Atlanta and Cleveland/Denver. There's no real passion except for criticizing Jordan to be honest. Thanks Eddie.

The Greek on Jan 9 at 13:25

The crazy part about us hitting rock bottom is that individually we have a lot of talent.

We need to focus on the draft. The problem that I see in this draft is that besides John Wall, and Wesley Johnson, and Xavier Harriss the top of this draft lottery will consist of mostly bigs such as.

Favors, Ed Davis, Motiejunas, Aldrich, Cousins, and Patterson.

Is this a problem? No but it would mean that we would have to depend on our Lark of a GM to makes a trade or 2 for the pieces too fit and that is the problem.

IMO, considering this team needs a big man, that is a blessing, not an issue. They need a defensive anchor

The Greek reply to rswknight on Jan 9 at 15:02

RSW its great that there are a lot of bigs, but do you really want Willie Greene getting major burn for us once again next season? We need a SG, I mean who was the last good SG with a good stroke that we drafted? Hersey Hawkins?

If we draft one of theses bigs do you or anyone else trust Easy Ed to get us a good deal by trading away Speights?

NO MORE WILLIE GREENE!!!! When it's all said and done this guy will be a 15 year 76er vet...

JohnEMagee reply to The Greek on Jan 9 at 15:07

The sixers don't need another SG to stop willie green playing - they just need a smart coach.


If a smart coach realizes those are his 3 best guards, there's very few minutes left for willie green, and if you want, you could include Carney as well on that list.

Organizing your draft thoughts via removing minutes for willie green is short sighted and unecessary - he has one year left on his contract and all that's required is a smart coach to limit him to 10 MPG - not another player

in the top 5 you draft the BPA on your board...

The Greek reply to JohnEMagee on Jan 9 at 15:53

John, we need a real SG. You know one who can actually make an outside shot. I think that in Philly the term shooting guard refers to an undersized guard who can't guard a lick and has no outside shot. I can assure you that we are the only team that has a lockdown on this department. When willie G is a major playor year in and year out in your rotation then guess what? Your teams sucks and here they are at 10-25 sucking like its there job.

The most pressing need, imo, is to get a defensive anchor. The thing that's been most frustrating(even more than Green, imo) is watching this team be held complete hostage by Sam.

There is no reason why this team should have never addressed the issue of why their defense tends to fall off the map whenever Sam is forced to leave the floor or is playing poorly. They need a guy who can be a game-in, game-out force on that end.

The most important thing this team can get moving forward is a legit defensive anchor. If they can get a guy in the draft who can consistently be what "Good Sam" is, then the rest of the pieces can fall into place. Shooters, especially wings, can be found virtually any year in the draft. That isn't a concern for me. Getting a guy like Favors or Aldrich though...

Plus, who said anything about trading Speights.

My preferred lineup of the future:

Def Anchor

ryano reply to rswknight on Jan 9 at 18:34

I think drafting a defensive anchor depends on what position we draft at. If we end up with a top 5 pick we gotta go for the guy we think will make the most impact...a Wesley Johnson, Xavier Henry, and yes, perhaps an Evan Turner. But I think Dileo needs to be scouting for a mid-late first round defensive big. I'm thinking a Dejuan Blair type player. And I really, reeeaaaally don't think that player is Cole Aldrich.

you're missing out on an extremely big talent in Evan Turner.

The Greek reply to Derek Bodner on Jan 9 at 14:57

Derek good point but I left him out because he is another swingman who can't hit a 3. His numbers are indeed very Iguodala like which is good, but doesn't make a good fit for us.

His midrange game is very good. He's a much more complete offensive player than Iguodala, IMO.

The Greek reply to Derek Bodner on Jan 9 at 15:48

Derek would you take him over Johnson? Would you take Turner and trade Iggy?

I'm much more confident in Turner than Johnson. I do not think you would be able to maximize both Iguodala's and turner's skillsets playing them together, though.

deepsixersuede reply to Derek Bodner on Jan 9 at 18:06

Derek, is M.Bouldin athletic enough to be part of an N.B.A. guard rotation. If L.Will. is going to be here it would be nice to back up Jrue with another big p.g. that can also shoot. [2nd round ?]

Turner is a complete player, but will his stock drop because of the back injury? I think his skill-set is much more compatible with Thad than Iggy. That being said, can you imagine Turner and Iggy on the defensive end with a sound defensive mind? They would wreak havoc.

JohnEMagee reply to Rich on Jan 9 at 19:35

No one can really know about the impact of the injury until he plays...19/8/7 in 38 minutes today - his team lost but he seemed ready to play some minutes

I don't really believe the defense was that much better, even in the first half. The same defensive players did their job that do so night in and night out, and the usual suspects were allowing dribble penetration, and easy plays at the basket. There were some contested jumpers, but that should never be an issue.

It is the same story every game and this is why I blame coaching all the time.

Recently we have played strong 1st halves offensively against teams. At the half, the other team makes adjustments, realizes what they can do to punish our defensive weaknesses and exploits the shit of them. Our coach doesn't. He consistently makes horrible decisions or doesn't do anything to adjust.

McKie was asked at the half about the offense and his only answer was defense, defense and some more defense. I know he thinks that the things Jordan is trying to do on the defensive end is plain silly and if he had the opportunity, he'd put one of the small guards on the bench in favor of Jrue or Elton.

I'd really like to see him get an opportunity, at least for the rest of the season, and get Snow off of the NBATV team and bring him in to help with Jrue. That would at least give me something to look forward to.

One interesting note:

Thad was shooting 41% from three in Nov. He shot the same percentage for Dec until the POR game(i.e. the 1st game Lou & AI started together).

He hasn't hit a three since.

Kenneth on Jan 9 at 17:37

I agree with everyone about Thad being a huge defensive liability and losing his many over and over again. His numbers show it as well, as Brian pointed out -- 0 fouls.

It's funny how in the past 2 months or so, I haven't heard a single person praise or defend Eddie Jordan. I mean, surely, there's gotta be some crazed lunatic that will go against the grain and say something good about him.

NOPE, not a single person. Not even a crazy-person. Nobody has said anything good, or even moderately neutral, about Eddie Jordan.

I guess it just shows how bad of a coach he is...not even one of the crazies will say anything decent about him. He's terrible...just terrible! Please fire him already Ed!

tyrone hill on Jan 9 at 18:41

what if we get the first pick overall? shouldnt we draft john wall since he is the bpa? what would the lineup look like with jordan gone?

Wall - Holliday - Green
Igoudala - Williams - Carney
Thad - Kapono
Brand - Smoith
Dalembert - Speights

JohnEMagee reply to tyrone hill on Jan 9 at 19:32

Yes you should draft wall first - it's a no brainer

and you should never have an NBA rotation that lists Willie Green in the point guard position

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