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Ending A Losing Streak

sick play by Jrue

Was this the strip/lefty dunk? That was nice.

Even a thirty point lead is unsafe when you have Green bringing the ball up court.

After Rips first FG, he and Gordon and are a combined 5-24.

Only 12 now, could get hairy, kind of hope it does

Jrue, Igg, Thad, Brand, and Sam all on the floor at the same time down the stretch. Hope you all aren't missing watching the girls beat up on the birds.

So, when did the come back come, who was on the court w/ the awesome defense?

Ryan F reply to DeanH on Jan 9 at 22:03

Those 5 for the most part. Lou came in for Thad w/ about 2:30 left, and they got it down to less than 10.

k. Looks like a win. Good thing Detroit lost 2 of their starters in the game! I am sure the coach will say we going up town!

I believe most of the lead was surrendered by the starting lineup during the third period. When Brand came in things stabilized a bit. I lost the feed at the beginning of the fourth so I'll have to wait for Brian's rotation chart to see for sure.

The DET run started w/ the starting lineup still in there in the third and really continued until he got Jrue, Iguodala, Thad, Brand and Sam in at the 8:15 mark of the fourth. That lineup kept it around 10 the rest of the way, pretty much, I think the closest they got was 7, the biggest the lead grew was maybe 14 in that stretch.

I watched the Sixers first, then the other game on DVR.

Uptown. Brand looked great. EJ decided to go with Jrue instead of Lou down the stretch, and Jrue did a nice job feeding Brand.

The Pistons (12th straight loss) looked as lost as any team I've seen this year (and that includes the Sixers.) Talk about no chemistry.

I've still got the game on DVR. It'll probably be late before I get to it, though. Got a lot of driving to do tomorrow.

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