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Someone Had To Win

Kenneth on Jan 10 at 4:20

Eddie Jordan actually PRAISED Elton Brand tonight. It's obviously NOT the first time Brand was the critical element to the Sixers big wins yet, he has never directly praised Brand...until tonight.

Maybe this is a sign of things to come...maybe pressures from the 2 Eds upstairs are finally forcing EJ to USE the talent he has on his team instead of wasting it on the bench.

Nice win for the Sixers...but I'm far from convinced we've turned the corner.

khouse reply to Kenneth on Jan 10 at 11:44

I think it's great that Brand is finally getting his props but EJ does this at his own expense! His criticisms of Brand/others were done primarly to deflect attention from his short-comings as a coach & thankfully with this, the focus will be where it should be!

Kapuono has played that many minutes at PF? Who else but the 'Master of the Mismatch' could think of such a brilliant strategy and force teams to guard a 3-pt threat at PF.

Didn't catch the game last night but also noticed that AI was not in the game and is likely to miss at least the next 1-2 games. Is it me or does this team not really miss much at all when AI is out? He takes minutes away from Holiday, is a complete defensive liability, is fairly limited offensively, and refuses to come of the bench in limited minutes.

The only real reason I can see for keeping him around is that the Sixers can always use another scorer and that it takes minutes away from the likes of Green/Ivey.

smh1980 on Jan 10 at 9:06

Is their anyone in the league that puts up these monster performances like Brand from the bench? I can only remember Ben Gordan doing so last year but its pathetic that Brand cant get more than 29 minutes when he was the best player on the court.

tyrone hill on Jan 10 at 14:06

Most of Elton's points came of jump shots. I want him to be more of a presence inside. You mentioned that there were 6 minutes of a jrue, andre, thad, elton, sammy lineup but you didnt report their +/-. Just curious as to what it was that's all.

Anyway fuck the eagles and fuck my life. I don't know what i'll do if the cowboys win the superbowl.

If the Cowboys win the Super Bowl after the Lakers and Yankees won their championships, I will have to stop watching professional sports.

jkay reply to zfg on Jan 10 at 16:15


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