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Inviolable Fandom on Jan 12 at 13:47

I think eddie's offense is working. It would be great if he was an assistant. I think the inside scoring is really allowing good spacing. I'm curious to know when we make our threes. Seems like they tend to come in the first quarter.

This is a little off the topic but it does involve kapono:
I'd trade Lou and kapono with smith as a throw in for Spencer Hawes and Kenny Thomas(contract).

I'm pretty sure they've completely abandoned the PO at this point.

Inviolable Fandom reply to Brian on Jan 12 at 13:58

True. I think the principles of ball movement and off ball movement have caught on. They all seem to be on the same page. They know where to be for the outlet to bail out a guy. I hate Jordan but he has improved our offense.

I was curious about whether Jordan had improved our offense, so I looked it up. To this point, the offense isn't as good as it was last year.

Offensive efficiency rating (points per 100 possessions)
2009: 104.7
2010: 104.0

2009: 48.49%
2010: 49.10%

Free Throw Rate (measures made free throws vs. FGA)
2009: 33.9%
2010: 28.6%

Turnover Rate
2009: 13.35%
2010: 13.69%

Offensive Rebounding Rate
2009: 31.26%
2010: 28.68%

Now I think the Sixers are trending upward in a big way since Iverson/Jrue are on the floor most of the time, but to this point, the offense has been worse than it was last season.

Rich reply to Brian on Jan 12 at 14:25

Not completely true. I tracked the game for a little bit last night but then just started watching it in about the middle of the 2nd quarter.I wanted to see if they ran any Princeton stuff whatsoever. I was specifically looking at their offensive sets. I feel that a Princeton set is pretty easy to diagnose with basic things being a two guard set, Sammy or Elton at the high post, back cutting, flare screens, etc. They ran stuff with some elements of Princeton 4 of the first 9 possessions. The other stuff was freelance off a missed shot where Iverson or Iggy made a decision for a P and R or hitting Thad for an early post. They got a lot of early shots against a slow-recovering New Orleans defense.

When EB went into the game, they started running box sets to free him in his sweet spot on the left side. The Princeton stuff last night had a purpose too. Sometimes it would get Thad into good position for an iso on West. Jrue and Sammy got a pick and roll dunk after some nice early Princeton action with EB, and Willie was freed for an open three off a basic Princeton movement, where he flared off a screen by Sammy I believe.

Jordan seems to let Iverson and Jrue run their own stuff when their pushing on a delayed break, and they were getting quality shots last night. Iggy can also push it as well, but when there was a set D, Jordan found a mix of PO sets and traditional sets like a low double screen for the wings and a box set. Still, they definitely ran PO last night, even with Iverson in the game.

In your eyes, how does the stuff they're running now compare to what they were running early in the season?

Rich reply to Brian on Jan 12 at 14:56

Well, I can't say that I have the trend and I am going off looking really critically for a few minutes last night. When I paid attention to it last night, it seems like they are running basic Princeton motion to get each other into good spots. One play was great where they ran the Princeton stuff and the ball was swung to Thad who caught it comfortably to iso on West from 15 feet on the left side. Another time they ran it to get a Jrue pick and roll. Basically, last night showed that they can run it efficiently as the initiator of offense, but not the whole thing.

I think that it looked different because they are running it to get guys in practical and comfortable spots. There was less dribble hand-off last night and no real 911 shot for Iguodala off a flare screen for 3. To me it's all about running it aggressively to get guys in good spots. Last night, that worked well.

It's also about not running it every time. Jordan dialed up a few box sets for EB when he got in. AI, AI9, and Jrue were also free to run pick and roll if they were facing a recovering defense. Last night, the offense at least made a little more sense early on. They were getting good shots, but it also was against the Hornets. Just one game too.

Inviolable Fandom reply to Rich on Jan 12 at 15:28

I'm neither as critical or analytical but that's what I saw- decent to good movement. They look much better with ai and jrue initiating the offense.

The Greek on Jan 12 at 14:16

That dribble handoff always leads to the same thing, nothing but seconds run off of the clock.

I liked that on one play where Willie came out for a dribble hand off Jrue simply dribbled past him and fed the post. he saw an opening and broke off the typical weave and heave that was called for.

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