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What Is Going On With Thad?

6mauro4 on Jan 15 at 5:03

My mean concern is to Know if the sixers staff Knows wath kind of player TY is. Everybody says he is a 3 who can play somatimes at 4; in three years in the NBA he has play 90% of time as a 4 and every summer he has worked to improve his perimetral skills. When ES will talk about money with TY will he Know the real value of him? This is a big question.

deepsixersuede on Jan 15 at 7:12

Brian, I think teams have prioritized him in their scouting reports more after his late run last year and taken more of his left hand away, plain and simple, and until he makes his right hand a threat, it will continue.

I would agree with that, but when I watch, I still see him get the quality looks he was getting beforehand.

Inviolable Fandom on Jan 15 at 8:49

Thad hasn't been taking awful shots...much. But he's been missing the bunnies. It seems like more of a concentration issue. I wouldn't be surprised if he was having girl issues.

They should try to offer him a lowball extension right away alla Eagles-style.

He's forcing it. Young is the type of player that relies on feeling in rhythm to hit his shots. He always has shown the propensity to look really bad for stretches even on simple layups and open jumpers. I remember his first summer league games when he could not even hit a layup, and then all of the sudden he was finishing high degree of difficulty shots 3-4 months later.

Its all still there, but he's lost on the floor right now.

The Greek on Jan 15 at 10:05

@VioletStrawbery , if Thad is spending less time on basketball or is having girl problems I am willing to bet that she is the reason why.

Yeah but all of a sudden his rebounding numbers have gone up. Still, his free throw shooting is poor and he's missing a lot of easy shots I expect him to make.

And I wonder what happened to that first-year hustle. It seems to be gone for good, and it wasn't like he was playing for a contract yet.

Inviolable Fandom reply to Alvin on Jan 15 at 10:41

That is contradictory. If he's not hustling what would attribute the increased steals and rebounds to?

In the short term his rebounding and steals have gone up. But I thought he put in more effort on the defensive end in his first year, maybe it was being hungry as a rookie. But this season he has been poor defensively, even when he's been playing at the 3.

I'm not 100% sure it's an effort thing. It may be more aggression than anything, he's trying out there, but he's shy of contact. The effort seems to be there on defense, but he just looks lost, like he needs clear direction. Who knows. I'm pretty confident he'll figure it out on the offensive end, I'm not as hopeful about defense right now.

JohnEMagee on Jan 15 at 10:10

3 coaches in 3 years, each one progressively worse and maybe it's the whole play calling thing...i go back to that quote before the memphis game, very troubling, about not remembering plays, in the basic system Jordan was trying to run at the time.

I don't think Thad is a guy you run plays for because Thad can't remember the plays...but playing the correct position and some coaching stability probably wouldn't hurt

But you know, truthfully, it is probably Iguodalas fault

"I don't think Thad is a guy you run plays for because Thad can't remember the plays...but playing the correct position and some coaching stability probably wouldn't hurt"

Wow, talk about basing a lot off of one quote. Just because the PO never saw the court doesn't mean they weren't TRYING to implement it during practice. I've heard 18,000 guys, in all sports, say "this is a complicated offense that takes some time to pick up".

But I"m sure that one quote overrides every other coach and scout I've ever seen interviewed about him. I'm sure they were all wrong and, because of that one quote, he's really an idiot.

JohnEMagee reply to Derek Bodner on Jan 15 at 10:45

Well we don't all have your 'inside' sources (so you say) that you have without any actual back up - I can only go on what i've read.

Thad saying it's hard to remember the plays during the game
Jordan saying they did try to implement a form of the PO early in the season
two previous coaches who said they don't run plays for Thad.

Of course, based on your lack of response, you probably agree that it's his girlfriends fault....

Derek - it's simple - just fuck off already you useless petty douche

I'm not going off of inside sources. I'm going off of public interviews with DiLeo, Stefanski (who interviewed him when he was with the Nets), and Paul Hewitt.

I'd point out the rest of the fallacies in your argument, but it's pretty obvious having an actual debate with you is something you're not capable of.

Every time somebody disagrees with you it's not over being petty. Last I remembered this is a discussion area. I respond to you exactly like I do with everyone else, which is to debate the post. You're the one constantly resorting to ad hominem attacks.

Settle down. Everyone settle down.

I wish he wasn't tanking it so hard right during trading season so he could be a viable asset. Sixers have some evil bad luck

Honestly, he shouldn't be starting and he definitely shouldn't be starting at PF. If he was coming off the bench to spell Iggy at SF, I bet we'd see excellent production from him. Simple as that.

Inviolable Fandom reply to Borlton on Jan 15 at 10:38

I agree.

For all of 8 minutes per game.

Borlton reply to Derek Bodner on Jan 15 at 11:01

Not necessarily. Iggy plays some 2 and some 3. Thad can easily get 20 minutes/game as a sub at SF. And frankly, at this point, with his skillset, that's all the team needs from him.

Same goes for Lou, subbing for AI and Jrue.

I agree that's what I'D do, but I think Eddie Jordan has all-but abandoned Iguodala at the 2 (and specifically paired with Thad at the 3). If that's true, there's virtually no room for Thad available on the perimeter.

Right now, I wouldn't be opposed to this at all. If Jordan insists on starting Iverson and Lou in the back court, then go with this starting lineup:


With Thad and Jrue as your first guys off the bench, for Lou and Iverson, leaving you with this lineup to close the first quarter.


Then Speights in to start the second for either big. Then maybe you go small for a stretch to give the other big a rest when Iverson or Lou comes back in.

I wouldn't be opposed to that at all.

There's still 30+ minutes/game for Thad in that type of rotation, say 20 at the 3 and 10-12 at the 4.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Jan 15 at 11:06

That makes an awful lot of sense you know...but I think we'll see the same line up continue and hear something from Jordan about Thad 'shooting his way out of it' (paraphrasing) or some such nonsense...

Borlton reply to Brian on Jan 15 at 11:08

Best case scenario, IMHO...


Then, at various times, Marreese, Thad, and Lou sub in... Lou for either A.I. or Jrue, Thad for Iggy, and Marreese for either Brand or Sammy. The real keys are: (1) never having Lou or A.I. in the backcourt without either Jrue or Iggy as a running mate, and (2) never playing Thad at the 4. These are the two critical mistakes that will hopefully cost our Moron his coaching job in the near future.

JohnEMagee reply to Borlton on Jan 15 at 11:11

As long as Iverson 'must' start that is the starting line up I'd like to see starting the game as well...but Jordan seems in love with the Iverson/Williams back court.

Kate Fagan reported that Willie has a sinus infection and is a game time decision

I may be really going out on a limb here, but anyone else think Lou has been hurting this team more than Willie recently? I almost rather see Kapono/Ivey out there.

Wait, did I really say that?

Willie is clearly a defensive upgrade, and he's playing within himself (meaning, mainly taking open jumpers). If he would just stop trying to play the point when he's on the floor with Jrue, I'd say he's actually contributing. Well, compared to Lou.

I do have to give Lou credit for increased defensive efforts over the past week or so, though.

Inviolable Fandom on Jan 15 at 11:28

I wanna trade Lou so bad right now. And resign ai on the cheap with one of those "I enjoy playing basketball here so much it's not about the money" contracts.

Those dudes can't coexist on the same squad and have success. After watching jrue, lou's flaws are so apparent.

Jordan's playing time for Thad has fluctuated like crazy too. At this time, to properly play EB, I think about 30 minutes would be good like Brian said. The problem with that is the coach refuses to play him at 3. But beyond that, Thad is probably confused with his PT. Before last night, he had played for an average around 24 or 25 for 7 of 8 games. The other one? 46 minutes against Toronto where he shot 9-24 and to be honest, was just awful. On the floor, I think that he basically is pretty soft with his moves. He likes to adjust and shoot floaters rather then go into the lane and get fouled.

Here's a bad stat. Since December 11th (a time of a little more than one month), Thad has shot 3-24 from three. These are open looks too.

Hopefully, the shooting coach will help w/ the three-point stroke. The kid is just all kinds of messed upon the offensive end.

Technical question. On the chart above, it says for the first 29 games, Thad had 3P: 0.1, 3PA: 0.9, 3P%: 36.8%. Is this a typo?

Probably. I need to stop fooling around w/ spreadsheets at 3:30 a.m.

He was 28 for 76, total. So it should've been 0.9 made and 2.5 attempted on the threes. He's actually taking significantly fewer threes. Good eyes.

Nothing to add except that this is a fantastic post, and in-depth analysis like this might actually get people to read newspapers again...

Inviolable Fandom on Jan 15 at 19:04

This is the news paper...lol. Gotta save trees!

Funny how when Thad's scoring, he isn't rebounding.

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