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SixersBeat Radio Show Tonight

AI to AI on Jan 14 at 16:38

Why is there so much hate on Dalembert? Is it more his outrageously large and horrible contract or his play? He can rebound, block, and provides an inside defensive presence. And as for his offense, all he should be told to do is get the put-backs, the alley oops, or easy dunks. I'd like to have him back when his contract expires and he, for some reason, accepts lower pay, but I feel like I'm in the very small minority on this one...

Good question. Listen tonight, we'll cover it.

Yes he can do all of those things. He even does for short periods of time over the course of his 8 seasons in Philly. Its all of the other games that are frustrating, knowing what he can do when properly motivated and following direction.

Okay. If Iguodala's so great, and not just a second, third, or fourth banana - I'll go with third - why is this team so awful? Has any player who led his team to a championship ever played for a team with a worse record than this one? No matter how bad the coaching and supporting cast, if you're NBA Finals MVP good, you shouldn't be able to be this bad. You could cite Miami in 07-08, but Wade missed 40% of the season, wasn't himself in the 60% he did play, and the rest of the team was hurt too. At the end of the year the guy with the second most total points was Ricky Davis. The 04-05 Lakers managed to win 33 games in a year where Kobe missed 16 games and their third leading scorer was Chucky Atkins. The year after that with Kobe healthy all season, they won 48 when their third leading scorer, and starting point guard, was Smush Parker, who at the age of 28 is not in the league anymore. And they were 8th in the league in offensive rating. Duncan and Shaq have, of course, never played on a bad team (with the exception of 07-08 Miami, and that hardly counts). Olajuwon never played on a sub-.500 team except in years where he missed half the season or was washed up. Finals MVP Paul Pierce's worst year, aside from the tank year, was a 33-win season. (Actually, the lockout year his record would have prorated out to 31 wins. That year Walker was very bad, the #3 guy was Ron Mercer, and the other starters were Kenny Anderson and Potapenko.) His supporting cast was Ricky Davis, Wally, and Mark Blount, which is way less talent than what Andre has to work with. KG's worst year, not counting his rookie season when he scored 10 points a game, was a 32-win season. His supporting cast that year was also Ricky Davis and Mark Blount. In Jordan's worst year the Bulls won 38. Assuming LeBron wins one day, his worst year was a 35-47 season. The starting backcourt was Jeff McInnis and Ira Newble. Currently we're on pace to win 26 games. If that held up, and Iguodala were to one day lead a team to a championship, it would set a record for worst year a champion's franchise player ever had when he wasn't injured half the year. And it would do so even though his supporting cast is a whole lot better than the worst supporting casts that other stars have played with and led to substantially better records.

Iguodala's low right now is 35 wins. If they finish this season with fewer than 32, ask your question again at that point. Right now, it's pointless.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Jan 14 at 17:36

As I understand it - most NBA teams play 8-9 guys a night on average - not one right?

JohnEMagee on Jan 14 at 16:46

I can explain why people 'hate' on dalembert if anyone has paid attention to his entire career as opposed to just the past couple weeks.

There would be less "hate" and frustration if we did not know what he is capable of.

JohnEMagee reply to tk76 on Jan 14 at 17:01

Hence the quotations - but you said it pretty clearly above - not sure what else there really is to say :)

Here's an example trade:

Sixers send Brand, Lou Williams and Thad Young and a lottery protected #1 pick to Indiana for Troy Murphy and Mike Dunleavy.

Sixers save about $1M this season. They save about $1M next season, then Murphy, Dunleavy, Dalembert, Green and Kapono come off the books the following summer, leaving the Sixers with these guys under contract for a total of about $25M-$27M.

Smith (restricted free agent)
#1 pick 2010
#1 pick 2011

Would Indiana do it? Probably not. They'd be taking on two extra years of Brand's contract, but Lou would be a good fit for them considering they get zero production from their back court, they'd get that lottery-protected #1 pick, (I'd make it lottery protected for the next 2 years, then top 3 protected for a decade, just in case something bad happens), and they'd get Thad to play the three for the 30 games Granger misses every year.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Jan 14 at 18:15

Not to be nitpicky - but that's an invalid trade - you can't trade your #1 pick two years in a row (technically)

He didn't.

when he listed this years #1 and next years #1 he was talking about who would be on the roster. He only traded one #1.

Not to be nitpicky :P

JohnEMagee reply to Derek Bodner on Jan 14 at 18:42

Mis-read it - my bad - and I can always count on you to correct even the tiniest mis-statement in one of my posts

I'm not sure how it can be a "tiny mis-statement" when it completely invalidates the point you made.

How long the the archived show take to post? Went to listen but only has the 1/7 show.

usually about 20-30 minutes.

It's online now.

Thanks, I'll listen.

I just posted a rambling entry at phillyarena. Derek, can you trim it so that only the 1st paragraph or two shows? As it is now it takes up the entire front page of your site :(

Great opening... then several minutes of sound issues.

Cleaned up after 5 minutes (as you know.)

The no Holiday/Iguodala/Young PG/SG/SF comments make me sad. If I was coach that would be my starting lineup.

With a frontcourt rotation of Sam/Brand/Speights and Lou coming of the bench.

JohnEMagee reply to tk76 on Jan 14 at 23:10

At this point - since Iverson is here - and Jordan is Jordan - I'd settle for Iverson/Holiday (williams is shorter) Iguodala and Thad as a compromise

Sure, I think Iverson actually helps Holiday. He pushes him to be more aggressive and lets him handle the ball.

But then again I want AI to be made the interim player/coach...

JohnEMagee reply to tk76 on Jan 14 at 23:51

I try to focus on things that might have a chance of happening...I mean who would have thought Jrue would ever be the first guard off the bench with Jordan as coach?

PS - if Iverson made himself player coach - you don't think he'd start him self :)

Part of the contract. Player coach, but max 20 min per night (to protect his knee and allow him to actually coach.) I think the kids would run through a wall for him, and he's actually helping Jrue. And if Lou returned to being 6th man I bet he could teach him how to really attack offenses instead of masquerading as a lousy PG.

Yeah. My headset flat out died. I only figured it out because Brian kept not responding to my questions :P

I'm going sans-headset from now on.

Going to try to have a week-in-review sound recap every week.

bonus points for anyone who knows the song used on the tail end of the intro.

JohnEMagee reply to Derek Bodner on Jan 14 at 23:50

Won't be listening until the podcast in the morning - makes work go faster but hopefully no one will have guessed by then :)

I was wondering where that riff came from... but I couldn't place it. Something obscure?

Fairly mainstream band (at least, they were 15 years ago), but obscure song. Never released on a studio album (or even as a b-side).

Sounds a little like the Stone Temple Pilots...

close, but not quite.

then I am not sure if it is nirvana or pearl jam.

Brother. A pearl jam outtake from Ten, which they released as an instrumental only on the b-sides collection Lost Dogs in 2003.


I'd probably guess you'll see more intro's from that era of music. From Alice in Chains to Soundgarden, to Pearl Jam and Mudhoney, that's pretty much my favorite era.

JohnEMagee reply to Derek Bodner on Jan 15 at 17:14

Then what the hell is the name of the song that goes 'don't call me brother...'

You mean don't call me daughter?


JohnEMagee reply to Derek Bodner on Jan 15 at 17:17

Crap, never was the hugest pearl jam fan to start with (did have 10 though) and as eddie vedder starts to remind me more and more of bono attempting to be jesus I like them less...in my mind it was always brother - makes sense now :)

I was still young back then, so I didn't get caught up in the vedder ideology back then (only really cared about music), but it probably would have been a bit over the top for me. Then again, I do respect that, at the height of their popularity, they refused to make music videos and tried to boycott ticketmaster venues, which pretty much prevented them from touring for 3 years.

Vedder's actually mellowed out quite a bit over the last 5 or so years, to the point where he actually seems like he's having fun. Of course, his voice has gone to absolute shit. Lead singer's should never be chain smokers.

I think Temple of the Dog could be my favorite album from the era, actually.

JohnEMagee reply to Derek Bodner on Jan 15 at 17:32

I suppose I was 'young' when the whole grunge thing hit (freshman/sophmore in college) and I did enjoy it at the time - it was over time as vedder got more preachy and such that I lost interest in them...course I always had these bizarre musical intersts picking up the who and the dead and james taylor before i was 10 :)

They made videos, right? I remember Jeremy.

Jeremy was the last video they made before this year. After that video they refused to make them, with the exception of an animated music video in 1998. That was the only music video they made from 1993 -> 2008.

Overall very interesting show. The last few questions by Ricky were good ones, and Tom added some good insider insight. Kate next week?

JohnEMagee on Jan 15 at 11:33

Damn, just got to the part with Moore and the luxury tax, was hoping to get some insight on him regarding possible trade moves this year...he's the one who came forth with the source on the rockets/sixers discussions right?

I was surprised by his answer, but perhaps more than that I was surprised with how sure he was on his answer. We probably should have pressed him more, but it's not like we were interviewing a GM or a coach and trying to press them on why they do something. We had him on to get his opinions, not grill him over minor details. Knowing salary cap projections for future years really isn't all that common (from a fan question point of view) anyway, and he did follow it up with acknowledging that there are no major players coming off the books after this year.

Other than that, I thought his answers were spot-on.

JohnEMagee reply to Derek Bodner on Jan 15 at 11:41

Oh, I'm not debating that he was excellent - and it was interesting to hear that he thought the sixers might not be over the tax for next year (I don't believe it since they are up against it this year and the cap goes down next year so the logical point is that the tax level goes down as well) but was just hoping to hear more about his 'source' and the rockets discussion...just my own curiosity :)

I'm pretty sure they'll be over it next year if the cap drops below $55M. Typically, the tax is about $12M higher than the cap, and they have $66M committed right now, plus their first round pick and then filling the roster out to 13 or 14, and you're at maybe $68-$69M. So between $1M and $3M over the lux tax if the cap is $55M, if the cap drops to $50M they're in really bad shape, possibly as much as $9M over the lux tax, which would cost the team $9M in penalties plus they lose out on the $3-4M teams under the tax share as a bonus for being under it.

Not a fixed number, but based on the basketball related income. The salary cap is 51% of the BRI, the luxury tax is 61%. So as the basketball related income decreases, the difference between the two actually decreases. If the cap is set to $50m, then the then the tax would be just about $60 million. If you include $2 million (or thereabouts) for the 1st round pick in this coming draft, the Sixers are already at $68 million.

The cap would have to be at around $57 million for the Sixers to be under the luxury tax. That's

JohnEMagee on Jan 15 at 12:16

Has anyone seen any salary cap projection that exceeded 54 million for next year? Assuming that 54 is the best possible outcome for the cap, the tax level is set at about 64.5 million dollars, and the sixers are over, not hugely, but they're over...so if Comcast behaves in a way similar to this off season (which to me was to avoid the luxury tax, especially in the Andre Miller dealings) they'll have to move a contract to someone with the space to absorb a portion of it.

Sucks to be the fan of the team making the moves purely to get under the tax, just a recipe for bad deals...storytellers is my best source for contracts - they list ivey with a deal next year but then say he only signed a one year deal...is ivey on the books for next year?

The 'nice' thing about it though is that IF the cap is as high as 54 million the sixers might be able to get under the cap with 'simpler' deals like getting someone to absorb willie green for a second round pick?

Don't forget the draft pick. If we pull a Phoenix Suns and get rid of a pick that becomes an Iggy/Deng player purely for financial reasons, I'll lose it.

My prime candidate to move is Lou. Moving $5 million should get us squarely under the luxury tax threshold, and Jrue's the future at point. An instant offense combo guard is more replaceable than doing something drastic, like, say, trading your best player to get out of one year of Samuel Dalembert's contract.

JohnEMagee reply to Derek Bodner on Jan 15 at 12:31

I was using your 68 million number which included the draft pick - if you dump green at 3.9 and ivey at a 1.1 - that's 5 mil off - so you're at 63 which is under the 65 IF the cap is at 54...if the cap is lower - then obviously it's harder...I was just sort of spelling out the 'best case' scenario in terms of salary dumping...if it's ONLY green/ivey that needs to be dumped I feel confident that a guy like Iguodala isn't going anywhere, but if the cap is lower and thus the tax is lower I then worry that Iguodala is dumped...and that Mavs rumor with no factual basis worries the crap out of me because I believe the Mavs would jump at it :)

I don't disagree with you on moving Lou but what team out there is going to absorb all 5 million of him for multiple years - and what would the sixers have to give up to get them to do that - with a guy like green it's only that single season that has to be abosrbed...to get a team to use 5 million of cap space on Lou for multple season is the kind of thing that could cost you a first round pick...

I think there might be some teams that view a bench player as being worth $5 million. He is still only 23, and is having comparable season (statistically) to Jason Terry. I wouldn't give up a future #1 to get rid of Lou.

I agree Sam's probably A guy who could be moved next offseason, but your window of getting that deal done would be small. It would be hard to find a team with a TE that large, so you pretty much have to do that deal while teams still have usable cap room.

I think the window opens when the premium FAs sign, most likely.

I realize they aren't the same caliber player, but what did Denver get for Camby? A 2nd-rounder?

I'm not so sure they couldn't move Lou. There were rumors of interest in him last season, and he's scored the ball very well this season. If Charlie Villaneuva can get the deal he got, and Ben Gordon can get the deal he got, I think there's a market for Lou out there.

If they're only a couple million over, they can get below pretty painlessly by the trade deadline next season. If they're $9M over, they're either paying it, reducing it, or having a fire sale.

By fire sale I mean they could trade Iguodala for a young player (possible drafted this summer) and future picks to one of the teams that has space and loses out on LeBron/Wade/Bosh/Joe Johnson.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Jan 15 at 12:33

Ooh - forgot about those teams with cap space that will miss on free agents who might want to help the sixers get under the luxury tax...once the dust settles you might be able to get someone to take sam for a year just to get him on the court without too much motivation because they get the cap room back at the end of the 2011 season

JohnEMagee on Jan 15 at 13:00

Trying to avoid massive indentations so going down here

Ok, I see what you're both saying about Lou William, but that's why I prefer to keep him and dump willie / ivey to get under :) Assuming a new coach and common sense you're starting back court is Jrue/Igoudala and Lou slots back into the ideal position for him which is the best thing for the sixers on the court

I think holding of on seeing 'who misses' in the 2010 bonanza might be nice but it's not just the upper echelon that needs to get done but the second tier as well. When the big names settle than those teams with cap room start to look at guys like David Lee (or over paying 'nate the grate') and Rudy Gay has a lot of hype around the league this off season.

I believe there might be teams that completely miss and have money at the end of the FA season but it might be closer to the training camp if not after training camp starts.

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