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Defense Keys Win, To Jordan's Chagrin

ooh Jordan and defense in the same sentence.

still cant believe Holiday sat for the whole half after that performance. AI plays the entire 3rd quarter with Lou Williams not far behind.
even in a win like this you still come out with negatives.

great overall team defense on Evans. they really stifled his drive-to-the-hoop game. he needs to work on his put-the-ball-in-the-net-by-shooting-it game.
Thompson is a beast. even with our effort he still pulled 14 boards down.

Last night provided one of my favorite photos of the year, from Getty Images, shown in my write-up:

BTW, i almost died of laughter when Eddie Jordan talked about "balance" between offense and defense. He finally had it, but he's too oblivious to anything other than his offensive system to see it.

Back in H.S. we used to call that the "Ha!" defense. Even works sometimes, just not against the likes of Kevin Martin. Probably would throw a guy like Thad out of rhythm...

Duracorr on Jan 16 at 14:56

You saw it the same way I saw it. I can't understand Ed Stafanski tolerating Eddie Jordan's total disdain for defense. If the team had staarted with a defensive emphasis, then worked on the offensive system, they would have had defense to fall back on when shots wouldn't fall.
As well as Jrue played in the first half, he should have had at least 10 minutes in the second half. As poorly as Lou Williams played, Jrue should have gotten most of Lou's minutes in the second half.
It is unfortunate neither Smith nor Brezec seem to be able to compete or they could be used to almost always have two big players on the court.
I'm still going to the internet every day hoping to read that Jordan has been fired, but I guess it's not going to happen now.

"This is the invaluable thing about Andre Iguodala. Even on a bad shooting night, he's still the best player on the floor, affecting the game in every facet."

Sure, although Dalembert probably was the best player on the floor last night, but I don't think that anyone would argue that he's not our best player most nights. I just don't think that we'll be a very good team so long as he's our best player. On a good team, Iguodala would probably take 9 shots a game, mostly in transition, quit taking all the jump shots that he still can't make after 6 years in the league, and focus on the stuff he does well, like perimeter defense and rebounding. (Just as RJ, a very similar player - although a much better shooter than Iguodala and not quite as good a finisher - has seen his shots drastically reduced now that he's on a good team with real scorers.) He'd probably grab fewer rebounds because, on a good team, there would be more than one other good rebounder. So basically he'd be a 12, 5 and 6 player, at which point the notion that he's really this franchise player in disguise would become totally untenable.

I'm sorry, but this entire statement is nothing short of idiotic. Even though he's probably been asked to carry too much of the scoring load for the past 3+ seasons, he's still remained an extremely efficient scorer, by any team's standards. I'm also a little curious as to why you think his assists would drop if he was surrounded by more talented offensive players.

He's averaged between 13 and 15.6 shots per game over the past 3+ seasons, with a usage % between 22.3 and 23.8, Iguodala has put up TS% of 56.2%, 54.3%, 56.0%, and 52.7%. Kobe's career TS% is 55.2%, Wade's is 56.3%. To say Iguodala hurts his team by shooting too much is laughable, and to say "Well, if he was on a good team, they wouldn't want him to take shots" is, as I said, idiotic.

jkay reply to Brian on Jan 16 at 22:58

well Brian, i dont think the notion of Iguodala hurting his team when he shoots more is idiotic. if you're thinking jumpshots, that is. am not affirming it, but there is a case.

Tray: Karl Malone and Gary Payton joined Lakers teams that year with Shaq and Kobe. it does not diminish their ability if they play lesser roles on a winning-er team than their previous ones. no one knows yet what Iguodala would be on another team bcos he has not been on any other yet. the fact that RJ is a 12,5,6 player now, is on him not anyone else. remember he was also on a Milwaukee Bucks team and didnt exactly explode either, so much so that they traded his ass away after a test drive.

personally I think that most superstars, when then don't play, their team struggles to win many games. they might put up similar production but may come up short since they lack the necessary 'oomph' to get it done.
Iguodala is the kind of player that if he does'nt play his team will win and lose games, but their level of play will drop significantly.
it may not make complete sense but thats how I look at him. so when Brian declares that he's still the best player on the floor, I wont argue.

I was saying it was idiotic to say Iguodala would be limited to 9 shots/game if he was on a good team. Tray is making him out to be this gunner who takes way too many shots for a bad team to inflate his scoring numbers, and nothing could further from the truth.

I actually don't think the statement is all that idiotic. 9 shots/game might be a little bit of an exaggeration, but as I posted in the thread breaking iguodala down, Iguodala's effectiveness on his field goal attempts is fairly mediocre. His overall TS% isn't all that relevant, as he's perhaps the best transition player in the game. In the half court he settles for too many jumpers, which really isn't his strength.

On a great team, I definitely see Iguodala's half-court usage dropping, but his half-court ts% increasing, as he's not asked to carry as much of a load. I also do see his assists dropping, but mostly because if he's on a contender, it means he's probably on a team with a pg good at creating opportunities for others. There's a reason Igudoala's assists are at an all-time high. Because we don't have a point guard (that plays major minutes) that's really proficient at that, at least not before Iverson signed here.

Per-game stats are very reflective on time and situation. Put Iguodala on a great team, where he's asked to create for himself less in the half-court, and I see his attempts go down, his half-court effectiveness go up, and his turnovers down. Maybe not as drastic, but I think on a contender with an established #1 scoring option and a legitimate pg, I see Iguodala as a 16-6-4.5 player. With great defense, is that a slight on Iguodala? Not at all. I just wish we had a team where that's all he was asked to be.

ItAintEZ on Jan 16 at 19:06

This season is starting to remind me of the season when ES got hired part way into the year. We where playing bad and he told Cheeks to play the young guys and look to run, Mo was on the last year of his deal so probably figured I better listen to the new guy if I want an extension.

Now Stefanski tells Jordan to tighten up the rotations and start emphasising defense. In both cases it helped the teams record. The problem is that once the coach starts to feel secure in his job he goes right back to doing it his way. This got Cheeks fired and will eventually get EJ fired but unfortunatly some short term success may buy him some time at the expense of our teams development.

Heh. The Wizards just beat Sacto. Can't wait until we start hearing about how Evans/Martin can't play in the back court together.

I actually think they're going to be very good together. People just have unrealistic expectations, and if it doesn't gel IMMEDIATELY, they'll overreact (even though Sacramento is still a very flawed team).

that doesnt' mean their skillsets don't have a lot of potential going forward.

I think they have complementary skill sets, definitely. People were saying they couldn't play together after five games, though, before Martin got hurt. If their record drops off, which it should regardless, people are going to lose it.

6mauro4 on Jan 17 at 4:03

Wow!!! 13 minutes at small forward by TY

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