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The Fifth Ten

ItAintEZ on Jan 19 at 11:57

I voted 2-8. I think we beat NJ and Indy once. I think EJ is starting to realize it isn't going to work out here so if he's going down he's going to do it "his way." At the very worst he has added a couple years to his payed vacation.

The loss yesterday was the best thing that could have happend. A holiday @3:30 in the afternoon with nothing else to watch. So some casual fans say hey lets turn on the sixers and see whats up. I wake up and turn on the radio this morning and finally hear people killing EJ. Not that anybody was praising him b4, but this was the first time whole segments of talk shows have been dedicated to EJ bashing.

You are no longer under the cover of the Eagles season ES, time to step up and get rid of this idiot.

JohnEMagee reply to ItAintEZ on Jan 19 at 12:00

Dissecting the Eagles loss and projecting the off season
Talking about the upcoming Philadelphia Phillies season
Temple and Villanova playing well in conference

Those 4 things are more important to the sports media (and most fans) in Philadelphia than the sixers...

ItAintEZ reply to JohnEMagee on Jan 19 at 12:11

Well you are right about the eagles and phillies. The Flyers have a following of loyal fans but in the grand scheme of things most sports fans could give two craps about hockey. Temple and Villanova, sure if there is somthing interesting going on, not sure to the casual fan regular season conference play is a big point of conversation.

The point was this loss came on the perfect day that the sixers actually had a captive audience if you felt like watching a sporting event. If they hold on to win it doesn't even get a mention, but since we fell apart the way we did it gave the media somthing to talk about.

I agree with all your predictions, but I think the game against Chicago has the ability to be a solid win. Lou or A.I. will guard rose, but how about Jrue off the bench who has played some solid defense against Chris Paul and a bit against Tyreke Evans and Kevin Martin over the last week. I think we beat Chi-town, but finish the next ten at about 4-6. Great stuff here by the way.. look forward to more reads.

Brian G- http://thesixersense.com

I'd love to see Jrue guard him, I would've loved to have seen Jrue guard Flynn in the second half yesterday, or any other number of point guards who torched us for the majority of every game in which Jrue rode the pine. My point is that unless Jordan completely reversed course, again, Lou, Iverson and Willie will spend the majority of the game "guarding" Rose, and that's a recipe for disaster.

If I hear Willie referred to as a defensive stopper again I might lose it.

JohnEMagee on Jan 19 at 13:06

I was able to watch yesterdays game, and while the loss was ridiculous I'm trying to take some positives where I can find them.

yes Jrue should have played in the second half, but he didn't, but he was good when he played. Speights looked like he was giving effort defensively as well from what I saw...

Court_visioN on Jan 19 at 13:26

i said 2-8.

Philly loses the first 5, fire Eddie Jordan, and go 2-3 the rest of the way.

bebopdeluxe on Jan 19 at 13:30

I hope that it doesn't take 5 straight losses from here to get EFJ out of here. I'm hoping that Portland comes in here and blows us the frack out...with a Thursday news conference to follow.

Food for thought:

'That's [the Thunder] a great young team over there,' said the ancient Josh Smith, who’s all of 24 and who nearly generated a triple double. 'They’ve been able to have a lottery pick and get a marquee guy every year.'

Ironic coming from Smith, whose team has blown how many lottery picks in the past decade and is really built around Smith, who's their best player and not their best scorer.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 19 at 16:00

I don't see how Smith's being their best player and not their best scorer is ironic. What is a little ironic is that Smith himself only went 17th. As far as ATL's draft history, Marvin, Childress and Shelden were pretty big mistakes, but I think Horford was absolutely the right move. And Smith was quite a find. Anyway, the point of course is that good things come to non-Clippers teams that tank (and maybe even good things will come to the Clippers next season, when Griffin comes back).

JohnEMagee reply to Tray on Jan 19 at 16:02

You know - watching Corey Brewer versus the sixers last night I started wondering about the the Florida players and of those big 3 they seemed to 'disappoint' based on the hype, and I started wondering if there were programs in the NCAA that turned out more 'pro ready' players or more pro capable players than others...I don't know if anyones looked into it but the same thing goes for the urban myer teams - sure they're great in college, but alex smith was kind of a bust as an NFL QB and most evaluators going on TALENT alone don't think Tim Tebow can even play QB in the NFL when he was a 'great' College one...

It was just a thought I had...

Tray reply to JohnEMagee on Jan 19 at 16:12

I don't know... I think a lot of people knew that Brewer was not a scorer, that Horford's game was too pedestrian for him to be the next Amare, and that Noah had a lot going for him but was also really raw. There were occasional moments during the tournament where some talent evaluators would see next-KG potential there, but for the most part I think people knew what he was. To me Brewer's the only disappointment. Noah's an All-Star this year and Horford's a really solid player, 14 and 10 this year on 58% shooting and with all their various scorers how much more could he be expected to score himself? He could be a better rebounder, but again I think people knew that he wouldn't pull down 12 a game in the NBA.

I never said Horford was the wrong pick, but is he the foundation for a contender? The Hawks had how many straight picks in the lottery, and their best player was drafted 17th.

The Thunder also haven't competed for anything at this point. They're a borderline playoff team.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Jan 19 at 16:20

All I'm saying, the Hawks passed on Chris Paul

Tony DILeo would not have passed on Chris Paul

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 19 at 16:50

Yeah, the Hawks were comically bad drafters for a while. But as John points out, had we had those picks, we likely would have a team composed of Paul or Deron, Iguodala, and Brandon Roy/Rudy Gay. Right? Well no, because had Atlanta taken Iguodala instead of Childress, it might not have had the second pick and the opportunity to draft Deron or Paul. Although the rookie Iguodala probably wouldn't have made that much difference in their lottery chances. But at the very least, the rookie Paul or Deron would have kept them away from the 5th pick and the opportunity to draft Brandon Roy. Nevertheless, it at least seems to be the case that if we had gotten rid of Iverson Iguodala's rookie year, at which point it was already pretty obvious that he wasn't the answer (sorry), we might have had Paul or Deron. Or if you prefer, had we waited until 05-06 to blow things up, we could've drafted Roy, who might not have worked alongside Iguodala, but would still have been quite a tradeable asset. And if we had traded Iverson for nothing instead of Andre Miller, we could've drafted Horford instead of Young, which is a trade I'd very happily make today. And if we blew things up today, we'd have high lottery picks for the next couple years and a chance to do what OKC has done or what ATL would've done if their GM hadn't been a nut. As for the Thunder, of course they've won nothing yet. But their future is infinitely brighter than ours, and they've already matched last season's win total. Defensively they're already among the league's best, and offensively they're going to get there. They're essentially a team of rookies, so they can afford to bring in some good free agents. It would surprise me if they weren't in a conference finals in the next few years.

In a couple years? I'm not sure I see that. They're a young talented team who'll be picking in the 15-17 range and probably making early exits from the playoffs if they get there for the next couple of years. They're also going to have to start paying these young players in the next 2 or 3 seasons, meaning they're going to have a hard time making significant moves in free agency. Still a long way to go after, what, 5 seasons of total crap play?

While the Sixers are probably 3-5 years from fully bottoming out so that they can transition from the mediocre to the the crap era.

So you think 10 years until they reach a conference final again? That would be 1 in the past 37 seasons, if my math is correct.

Sounds about right. Could be a lot longer if they don't rebuild correctly.

There are 2 scenarios that could accelerate that timetable:

1. Get really luck in the lottery this year.

2. Trade away Brand in the next 18 months (probably will have to give away somewhat like Thad to get the deal done.) That might move up the timetable 2-3 years.

You can't be a Sixer fan if your sole goal is watching your team in the Finals...

JohnEMagee reply to tk76 on Jan 19 at 18:21

However, you want to see them moving in the right direction...i don't mind a step back in 'wins' if the sixers look like they're building a roster that will mature in to a contending team...I've said that repeatedly in various places.

My problem is, right now, regardless of wins or losses, I don't have any faith that the direction of this team is towards contending

Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

That's why my last 3 posts at Phillyarea have been:

-The Nuclear option (trade Brand and Iguodala)
-The Sixers Recurring Farce of Empty Wins and putting off the future
-For Stefanski Time has Run Out

Looking back at the past 5 years and looking forward the next 5 definitely gives reason to be a depressed fan.

I'm looking for a dramatic change in direction- am hunkered down for losing seasons and prepared for the worst.

I hope the Sixers know that is how their fans feel- if their fans even care anymore.

Looking at (another) poorly managed franchise like the Hawks... its been 50 years for them.

Their DFR is really, really impressive when you consider they don't have a shot blocker and their best player is a defensive sieve. Really impressive.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 19 at 18:05

Probably has something to do with lottery pick Westbrook, lottery pick Jeff Green, a good coach, and the fact that Durant is becoming a little less of a sieve. As for 5 seasons of crap play, I count just two - Allen and Rashard were still around as recently as 06-07 - but as far as watching a couple years of crap play go, I'd happily take watching a couple years of a really bad team with a budding superstar over watching a .400 to .500 team for nearly a decade in hopes that one late lottery pick after another will one day learn to score 20 points a game. Thad's turning out to be what the GMs who passed on him thought he was, and Speights... teams that heavily depend on post players whose only real talent is scoring rarely go far. Look at Eddy Curry and Zach Randolph's employers.

I count four seasons of crap basketball, and the draft that really turned their fortunes came off a 35-win season. So I'm not sure how that shows that tanking works.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 19 at 20:01

Well there were those two bad seasons with Allen and Lewis, but those weren't by design, whereas the last two were. Just like we didn't plan for this bad season. So if you're debating the merits of tanking, I don't get what the first two bad seasons that weren't caused by tanking have to do with it. And I think the draft that turned their fortunes came off the 31 win season, not the 35. Now did they tank that year? Allen and Lewis missed a combined 49 games, and Allen didn't play a game after March 18th due to ankle surgery. Seems to have been elective. They went 5-10 during that stretch. Before that, Lewis missed 22 games due to an injured hand. They went 8-14. Neither mark is much worse than their overall record. So I'll admit that even if they were trying to tank, it didn't work.

Horford and Noah are now good young players. Noah is having a breakout season and tries harder then anyone. He's like what we expected out of Sammie D before he started playing for Haiti.

2 out of 3 ain't bad.

And if we could flip rosters and front offices with the Thunder I'd do that in a heart beat. I'm pretty sure any team that isn't the Lakers, Dallas, Boston, or Cleveland would agree to that lickity split.

Sure, they haven't done anything, but they are putting together a team full of hard working character guys that is very very young and very very talented.

I stated 2 wins but who knows with this coach. Obviously, if EJ gets fired tommorrow, I would reverse it to 8-2. If Ed S. makes EJ play the right way, 5-5 would be my number. If Sammy does not come back, 1-9.

If this team even goes 4-6 in the next ten, we still see a backcourt of Lou and AI, with Green coming in for "defense" at the expense of PG skills.

I think they get one win from somewhere. That's it.

It doesn't matter how many wins they get now because the rotations are deplorable, the coaching is deplorable, the defense is putrid and the front management has allowed this moron to stay too long and do far too much damage to this team.

This team may not have a large fanbase but it has a loyal one that it is alienating. This current predicament is making a mockery of the team's history and the players who have once donned the team jersey.

I have more faith in Japan Airlines than EJ.

JohnEMagee reply to Alvin on Jan 19 at 23:25

I have more faith in Japan Airlines than EJ.

Am I missing something?

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