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Casualty Number One

Not sure if anyone saw this yet, but Jasner did an article on Willie Green which is on Philly.com.


JohnEMagee reply to Scott on Jan 20 at 9:57

I'm still eating my breakfast, and the title of the article in the link makes me vomit a little.

The Greek reply to JohnEMagee on Jan 20 at 10:05

It's so funny because I just read that article and wanted to comment how I threw up in my mouth.

Jeff reply to Scott on Jan 20 at 10:06

I saw the title of the article. I didn't read it. I think my hair-line receded a bit more just from looking at it.

JohnEMagee on Jan 20 at 10:00

Brandon Roy is ready to play tonight according to reports

I'd probably be ready to play against this defense as well. You'd think Iguodala would be glued to him, but after watching Jordan put Lou on Tyreke, I'm not so sure.

Out of curiosity, I wonder what percentage of his made field goals were assisted last year in comparison to this year.
What I mean is, I think Miller could set Iguodala up with easier shots. The team doesn't have a true starting PG this year and thus Iguodala doesn't have that same advantage. As a result, he is carrying more of the burden to facilitate for others and create for himself. This might be a reason why his shooting percentage has taken a dive.
I know just off of observation alone, Miller was very good at finding Iguodala at the rim. Again, we haven't seen much of that this year and that could explain his lower percentage finishing at the basket.
Either that or he's really persistent on proving that all those jumpers he took during the offseason improved his shooting ability.
I think once this team realizes Lou isn't a starter, and Jrue is ready to take over, we could see an improvement in Iguodala's shooting percentage.
For the record, I really hope he gets hot the second half of the season. He's been slumping for a while, and is due.

Again, I can only find the numbers for the entire season, not through the first 40 games, for last season, but yes, his %assisted has dropped, drastically.

Attempts at the rim were assisted on 57.1% last season, down to 50% this season.

Attempts between 16-23 feet were assisted on 36.2% of the time last season, only 23.9% this season.

Those two locations account for 8.9 shots/game.

You know, it's funny, the Sixers brought in the Princeton Offense, and backdoor cuts seem to have completely disappeared from their game. Or I should say backdoor passes for easy hoops have disappeared from their game. Iguodala, Thad and even Willie used to get those easy conversions off Miller passes pretty frequently.

P.G. is more important than P.O.

At least IMO. Some coaches and GM's think otherwise.

Jeff reply to Brian on Jan 20 at 17:24

Wow, that's a lot bigger of a gap than I would've originally thought. I think it helps to explain his shooting struggles a bit. Thanks for researching that info.

The PO is a joke. Everyone higher than Jordan should have this figured out by now. Counting down the days...

The Greek on Jan 20 at 10:12

At the end of regulation Monday, when the Sixers had the ball and a chance to win, Jordan kept Iverson on the bench. Instead he drew a play for swingman Andre Iguodala, who ended with a difficult 19-footer that missed at the buzzer.

Wow this guy is a fkn rocket scientist drawing up that play. Also check out this EJ comment

With his team lacking it, Jordan tried to define "killer instinct."

"Killer instinct is a straight-line drive to the basket, not between your legs and a spin dribble," he said. "That sort of thing. It's a mind-set more than anything else."

Was this a mild slap at Iggy? He is the sort of dude who would be spin dribble happy.

eddies' heady's reply to The Greek on Jan 20 at 10:27

He really could be talking about half the team, but Thad sure does come to mind.

Yeah, I don't really think Iguodala when we're talking about a spin dribble. He's much more likely to do that hard dribble into the defender, then step back for a bad jumper. On that play, he basically got the ball, dribbled diagonally away from the elbow and shot fading away. The dribble hand-off that got him the ball basically handed a double team to the T-Wolves as well.

Still don't know why Iverson wasn't even on the floor, though.

Jordan said he didn't bring him back because "Iverson had been sitting".

apparently after 45 seconds of sitting it's impossible to get back into the flow of the game.


JohnEMagee reply to Derek Bodner on Jan 20 at 12:00

Eddie Jordan not only knows psyche but he knows arthritic knees too

At the risk of having Brian blow a gasket over another post on Iguodala's offense/scoring :)

I heaped praise on Iguodala last year for the progression in his game from a more Kobe-like jump shooter to a more Lebron-like Driver. Given his skill set this was a big step to him becoming a more efficient scorer in the 1/2 court. Last year only 64% of his FGA shots were from jumpers (less when you add the plays he was fouled), and his inside FG% was second only to Lebron. This was a market change from his prior 2 seasons, and I thought he had turned the corner...

But unfortunately this season Iguodala is back to shooting a higher proportion of jumpers... In my view any changes in Iguodala's performance this year boil down two 2 factors:

1. Miller gone so he is being relied on more for assists. Partly this can lead to him being more of a set-up guy and lead him to be less of a slashing scorer. Which leads us to...

2. Iguodala's is driving less and taking more jumpers last year. In the 1/2 court he now generates 20% of his shots from drives (down from 25% last year.) He is also getting less chances to score on the fast break.

Because of this his overall fg% on inside shots has dropped precipitously from an elite 72% last year to a merely good 62% this year. I attribute much of this to less easy baskets on the break.

Surprisingly, despite being more reliant on jumpers his eFG% on jumpers is improved- mostly due to a more respectable 3pt%. I don't feel that his 18-22ft jumper has improved- which unfortunately is his bread and butter (even more so in Jordan's offense.)

I don't mean this as an attack on Iguodala, more just an analysis comparing this year to last. If anything the blame should be placed on Jordan for his lousy schemes and Stefanski/Jordan in their stated belief that a PG is like an appendix.

In the right scheme Iguodala could return to being more of a slasher and inside scorer and shoot less jumpers. Guys like Lebron, Josh Smith and Iguodlala all become much more of a weapon the less the settle on jumpers. For all that it is great that Iguodala has turned himself into a respectable jump shooter, that should not be the main way he generates points.

This all makes perfect sense. Nothing for me to blow a gasket over at all.

This post wasn't a "defend Iguodala" post, nor was it a "bash Iguodala" post. I was seriously curious as to how his numbers looked this year vs. last due to all the conversation we've been having over him in the comments. Overall, it's a mixed bag. I don't like the higher reliance on the jumper at all.

Unfortunately you know this will eventually just devolve into the same "is Iguodala a star" argument...

I figure pretty much anything I write devolves into that at some point these days, so at least I'll make it on topic for the morning :)

And eventually I'll start spouting out about the need to trade Brand...

Its hard to find a new take on this team. There's only some many angles to coving something that is clearly broken.

Here are some more Iguodala stats from 08-09, in response to Tray's request. If one defines "crunchtime" as margin less than or equal to 4 either way at the beginning of the possession and 4:00 or less left in the 4th quarter or OT, Iguodala's stats were: 26-57 FG, 2-11 3P, 42-52 FT, 96 points, 11 assists, 10 turnovers, overall 118 points in 102 possessions. What is amazing is his turnaround right after the Denver game (on 12/26/08, which he blew by traveling on the last play). Up to that point in the 08-09 season, he was 4-17 FG, 0-4 3P, 14-16 FT, 22 points, 3 assists, 8 turnovers in crunchtime, a poor 28 points in 35 possessions. AFTER that game, he was 22-40 FG, 2-7 3P, 28-36 FT, 74 points, 8 assists, 2 turnovers, and a superb 90 points in 67 possessions. I argued time and again last year (though without stats for other players) that it would be hard to imagine anyone in the NBA better than Iguodala in crunchtime in the 2nd half of last year.

This year in crunchtime: 11-34 FG, 4-12 3P, 18-24 FT, 44 points, 8 assists, 11 turnovers, 63 points in 63 possessions (2 assists were for 3's). In game-ending situations (I define a little more loosely than Ricky, one-possession game [3 points or less], 24 seconds or less), he is 1-7 FG, 1-2 3P, 7-10 FT, 10 points, 1 assist, 1 turnover, 12 points in 14 possessions. In true must-have situations (Sixers tied or down), he is 1-7 FG, 1-2 3P, 2-2 FT, 5 points, 1 assist, 7 points in 9 possessions. (The 1 FG was a tying 3P vs. the Mavs with 0:05 left.) These numbers are certainly worse than last year's. I tend to believe that repetition made him better in crunchtime situations last year (the stats definitely show an improvement from the first part of the season to the second), but he may not get the same opportunities this year, with Iverson, Speights, Lou, and Brand getting their share of crunchtime "possessions."

Tray reply to Statman on Jan 20 at 13:26

11 turnovers in 63 possessions sounds like a lot.

Do you guys think he'll ever develop a post game? Seems like a nice addition for an average jump shooter like him. He'll be even more efficient then ever.

Iguodala has some moves in the post, but he almost always tries to get to the rim. That limits his effectiveness. Really good post players can kill you with a turn around or face up jumper. I've yet to see that be a staple of Iguodala's post game.

I haven't seen this tendency at all this year. I've seen him in the post and this is usually his progression:

1. Back his man down, looking for cutters through the lane.
2. If no cutters are there, use the dribble to back out for a 15-foot jumper.

Agree that the turnaround or face-up jumper from good post position is the key element that he's missing, and it shouldn't be that hard for him to add it to his game.

His post-up game kind of annoys me, actually. He takes his man down there, then uses his dribble to somehow get like a 15-foot fade-away. He actually used to be better on the post, and would power through guys. The fact of the matter is, when he has a smaller guy on him, he should be able to go down to the post, turn, elevate and just shoot over him for like an 8-foot jumper without too much of a problem. That's a big advantage he has over most shooting guards in the league that he isn't taking advantage of.

ItAintEZ reply to Brian on Jan 20 at 13:20

He would have a bigger advantage in the post if he was starting at the 2 and Thad at the 3.(Not that EJ would actually look to exploit a mismatch.)

Shawn reply to ItAintEZ on Jan 20 at 13:40

Another theory could be that he doesnt want to expend that much energy as post play may drain him. Another reason why this team needs a legitimate scorer to take pressure off igua..hed score same number of points and less shots if he developed a post game.

JohnEMagee reply to Shawn on Jan 20 at 13:46

Another thoery just as valid as 'doesn't want to expend' the energy is that the other 29 NBA teams have voodoo dolls of Iguodala that prevent him from making such moves.

I think they are both equally valid hypotheses

Shawn reply to JohnEMagee on Jan 20 at 14:11

Settle down ace, I'm not saying the theory was logical. I proposed it because it's hard to make sense of the idea that they have two potentially good low post options in Brand and Iguodala, and refuse to work off either of these players.

JohnEMagee reply to Shawn on Jan 20 at 14:13

And easy solution is that the coach is kind of an idiot and doesn't use guys in the post (and that brand is actually better in the high post by the fouul line isn't he?)

The best low post option on the sixers is speights right now

Rich reply to Brian on Jan 20 at 16:09

I agree completely. Earlier in his career he would power through guys for dunks. The big play in Denver was a play where he posted and went hard after spinning through JR "My Name is Earl" Smith. He got fouled and they won the game because of it. He doesn't look to score on the post, which in turn would make his passing game much better out of it. The dribble back to 15 feet thing is no good.

Charlie Ace on Jan 20 at 13:34

"Weave and heave" - I like that. But do you have to say, "score the ball"? You don't "score the ball", you "score".

I never said scoring the ball. I said shooting the ball, does that bother you too?

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Jan 20 at 13:59

Well if you shoot the ball then aren't we in gilbert arenas problem territory?:)

Court_visioN on Jan 20 at 13:44

Iguodala essentially only has one move in the post, the catch-and-quick-spin baseline to get to the rim. Problem with this is defenders are now shading the baseline side, forcing him to make a dribble move into the paint where he usually ends up giving the ball up. Consequently you see Iguodala dribbling it back out where he waits for a screen (which doesn't usually come) or a midrange jumpshot.

I agree a turnaround jumpshot is a move Iguodala MUST add to his arsenal. Didn't Andre Miller teach him anything???

JohnEMagee reply to Court_visioN on Jan 20 at 13:45

Didn't Andre Miller teach him anything???
Never got the impression that Andre MIller was much of a teacher - even his quotes today pointing out how much the sixers miss him - pure ego to me

Iguodala's high arching shot makes it so that it's not a higher percentage shot even from close range. his length and athleticism screams hook shot. but tell that to #9 who wants to imitate Kobe Bryant to death and ignore his own strengths.

JohnEMagee reply to jkay on Jan 20 at 14:14

I have nothing to back it up but I tend to think when I do watch games that the 'higher' the arc (within reason) the better percentage igudoala shoots it at - but that's purely my perception :)

jkay reply to JohnEMagee on Jan 20 at 14:19

you're right in the sense that the more arc on his shot, the better he will shoot it, FOR HIM THOUGH. but it does'nt change the fact that overall it just has a lesser chance of finding net than a more flat shot. compound that with closer proximity to the basket.

The Greek on Jan 20 at 14:33

Brian to echo your thoughts from a post the other day, I completely agree with you that Brand should be getting 15 shots a game.

I also agree with you that Jrue needs to be starting asap. If they see Lou Williams as anything more then a 6th man then we are screwed down the road. Only the sixers have this fetish for sg's who are midget tall and can't shoot.

I love how these philly reporters wait until Willie has one average game, and then they come out and applaud his leaderships and other bullshit qualities. Why is he so loved by the philly media? Does he play poker with them on the team plane? Nice guy but who gives a shit, and him being a lifelong 76 is a kick in the stomach.

I can't wait until the day that Lou, Willie, Sammy, and iggy are on the clippers where they belong. But wait in a kaiser soze flash, they might already be on the clippers except they call themselves the sixers now.

The Greek on Jan 20 at 15:37

Great read on Mo. Almond, who would probably be our best 2 guard.


JohnEMagee reply to The Greek on Jan 20 at 15:51

Except that Iguodala is the sixers best 2 guard

The Greek reply to JohnEMagee on Jan 20 at 15:55

Let me know when he plays the 2 guard position.

JohnEMagee reply to The Greek on Jan 20 at 15:58

He's done it before, he can do it again, if the coach started his best possible starting five he would most likely be at the two guard position.

Just because the sixers continually play him and Young out of position doesn't mean that's the position they should play.

Andre Iguodala is a better two guard than Morris Almond

And if almond was on the roster - he wouldn't start at the 2 guard either because the sixers have committed to starting Allen Iverson at the 2 guard.

So how about this - you tell me when the sixers have a coach with a clue?

Eh. I'm not really a big fan of guys w/ a 1 to 2+ assist to turnover ratio in my back court.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Jan 20 at 16:02

But the points...THE POINTS...and against D-League talent - that's quality players there

The Greek reply to JohnEMagee on Jan 20 at 16:49

First off I wish that the Sixers would play iggy at the 2 guard position instead of scrapping the plan 10 games into every season. And secondly its not about the POINTS, it's about having a 2 guard that can stretch the court and make other teams respect his outside shot.

If that's the only thing you care about, being able to stretch the floor, then you have that guy on your roster right now in Jason Kapono.

Be fair. That is not what he said. Ability to stretch the floor is a quality you like have in your PG. Its not the only skill, but if it is lacking you probably need to compensate by having a PG and SF who are good shooters.

No one player is going to be good at everything, but it hurt if you have overlapping weaknesses on your team. I'm not sure if long term Jrue/Iguodala/Thad shoot well enough to be a viable combination. One or two will have to either improve their shooting dramatically or be moved for a player who is a better fit.

JohnEMagee reply to tk76 on Jan 20 at 17:13

Dear Derek

Please tell us about Evan Turner

Evan Turner's my favorite wing prospect in the draft. I hope to have a post up on draft prospects shortly.

JohnEMagee reply to Derek Bodner on Jan 20 at 17:33

Hoping so - Draft Express has nothing written since March

CBS has a triple header this weekend but the 'middle' game of the troika is regional - there's an east coast game (has OSU) and a west coast game - and i get the west coast game - and according to yahoo - most of the OSU games are on Big Ten Network (which i don't get) and I'm not paying 20 bucks on one day to watch one guy play :)

I don't disagree at all. But just a guy who can shoot threes is not the answer, if it was we have the best to ever play the game sitting on our bench, percentage-wise.

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