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No Brandon Roy, No Problem!

1. A and b,2. mostly the players he was on the floor with for not getting him the ball,3. I have to imagine he will be taken out soon because he's not shooting well at all and something is definitely up with him lately, but our coach is eddie Jordan so that's a toss up, 4. It looked like a drawn up play when I saw it so I'm guessing Jordan called the play, 5. I agree I would have liked to go to brand too, but it's not a big deal that iguodala took the shot to me since he's been that guy for a while, 6. I honestly don't know. If he is a good gm who wants the best for his team changes will be coming soon but then again they should have been made a while ago.

1.) Fact: Jrue shot the ball better than Willie in this game. That is the only conceivable reason I can see Jordan giving him minutes in the second half. My opinion on this matter won't change until I see otherwise.
2.) I thought for a lot of this game the sixers were making bad plays on offense. They didn't seem to know what to do with the ball and were rushing their half-court offense. Compound that with the team still not figuring out how to use Brand and that's a small reflection of how the players on this roster are not being utilized to their full potential. If I had to blame someone directly, it would obviously be the coach. It could also be a sign of the players frustrated with the coach.
3.)If Jordan has a say in the matter, he certainly won't be removed from the starting line up. Afterall, we need him to clank jumpers and not rebound. I'm more in favor of removing Lou from PG, shifting Iguodala and Thad and placing Brand in at PF.
4.)I think that was Iguodala on his own. Another sign of him feeling the pressure to create at crucial moments when I don't necessarily think he's that type of player. I think the ball should be in his hands, but I would rather him try to make a play rather than feel the need to get off a shot no matter what.
5.)As I said in #4, I want the ball in his hands, and I would rather him take a shot over some of the other players out there, but he should be looking for the best shot. He has good court vision, but he doesn't always play to his abilities when he's under that type of pressure. Eventually he will either improve on his jumper or figure out a different option. I hope.
6.) My heart tells me he will fire Jordan after they lose these home games. My brain tells me he won't even consider firing Jordan until he hears it from Snider...so, who knows? I really hope they don't butcher this roster to suit Jordan's needs.

6mauro4 on Jan 21 at 9:23

6. On 02.05.2010 we will lost vs. New Orleans and ES will fired EJ.

3. God, I hope so... but you nenver know with our Moron. He's head-over-heels in love with Thad.

6. Yeah, there's simply no way to know. It's already gone on way, way, way too long. Stefanski could easily ride out the rest of the season with Clueless at the helm and I wouldn't be surprised. Of course, the All Star break is coming soon... that would be an excellent time to pull the trigger. I'm really crossing my fingers.

JohnEMagee on Jan 21 at 9:51

Jrue played because of shooting
Elton Brand didn't get the ball because he's just not that good
Thaddeus Young won't be pulled out of the line up unless he's injured
Yes I believe Joran called that play because it so typifies how the sixers run their offense out of timeouts this year
Stupid play call by Joran - but then again - Joran called the play
Stefanski should be fired

Who is the more foolish? The fool or the fool who follows him?

I am tired of bitching about Eddie Jordan--can it be any more obvious that it's STEFANSKI who needs to be fired?

Stefanski chose to hire a guy who simply can't coach a lick, and now he either can't or won't pull the trigger on getting rid of him.

With each day that passes without acknowledging what was obviously a terrible mistake, Stefanski's incompetence grows. Either he is too stupid to see the obvious, too stubborn to admit it, or too afraid for his own job to act on it. Whatever the explanation, he incapable of discharging his duties as GM and must be replaced.

couple things.
- Wouldn't surprise me if Iggy was dealt for cap space since he does not seem to bring people into the arena. Agree, with the line of thinking that he is being asked to play a role that he isn't really suited for(primary scorer). I do think EJ emphasized taking the ball to the rim on that posession but Iggy's instincts said take the first quick shot that he's always been encouraged to take by the coach which was the rain maker.
- I'm tired of lineup decisions based upon our coach's instinct. His instincts suck. Use logic not instinct.
- I almost didn't watch any of the game. Tired of rooting for them to lose. Couldn't stay away from the 4th qtr. Fortunately, they did lose. The coach really has to go.

JohnEMagee reply to sfw on Jan 21 at 10:13

Iverson brought fans in for one game

Fans will show up when a consistent winner with a real shot in the playoffs is built.

You have a better chance of building one of those with Iguodala then without.

agree. We are a lot closer with Iggy then without and gotta give you props for calling the attendance accurately. I was completely wrong about that.

I didn't see the game, how did Jrue play? soundslike he was on the floor when Bayless went beserk.

How would you grade Jrue's performance? Why did they lose?


Bayless blew by Jrue a few times, but for the most part Jrue was on Miller. And Miller looked a bit afraid of Jrue after he stripped him and forced him into some desperation shots.

Overall, I though it was one of Jrue poorer outings in terms of his defense and floor game. He allowed penetration and left his man a few times. he also made some careless TO's. Their were still evidence of his talent in a few stellar defensive plays and passes, but overall not his best game.

Of course he hit his first four shots, so Jordan decided to award him heavy minutes. Jordan likes to reinforce bad habits like that...

Please ignore grammar and their/there. My fingers are lazy and you can't edit a post.

If this happened I know Brian would blow a gasket... and justifiably:

"sixerfan1976 wrote:
I know we tried to get houston to do Lou, Dalembert and Iguodala for McGrady, Cook and Lowry but they declined."


If I had any gaskets left they'd be blown.

OK, the I would blow a gasket. Any major Salary dump that sacrifices talent has to involve Brand.

Agreed. There's absolutely no point if it doesn't involve Brand.

JohnEMagee reply to tk76 on Jan 21 at 11:47

Marc Stein in his 'rumors' post on true blog mentioned that yes the sixers would consider moving iguodala to save money - he did mention the rockets - the mavs - and the cavs

I'm on record as saying the mavs are the team that scares me the most

Forgetting for a minute that this guy hasn't gotten one move correct since Stefanski got here, that deal is horrible, but still better than just Dalembert and Iguodala for McGrady. At least they'd get Lou off the books too.

(3) I thought Thad "gave as good as he got" last year when he started at PF, but it hasn't worked out this year. If he's not scoring, he doesn't do anything else well enough to justify his continued starting over Brand. A sensible starting lineup at this point (not that the coach ever does anything sensibly) would be Iguodala-Brand-Dalembert-Iverson-Holiday. That would leave a high energy group of Thad-Speights-Lou-Green to come off the bench (or Carney for Green). The defensive shortcomings of that group would be offset by the fact that the opponent would also be playing its (supposedly) less offensively-capable reserves.

(4) Postgame comments seem to indicate that Iguodala took the shot on his own. EJ said that they emphasized "get to the rim" in the huddle. Iguodala said he had an open look, so he took it.

(5) I didn't have a problem with the fact that the shot was a 3, but rather with the type of 3 (his feet weren't set, and we know his percentage is very low when he's shooting jumpers on the move). If someone had penetrated and kicked to an open and "set" shooter for a 3, that would have been a good play. Keep in mind that they were down 4, Dalembert had fouled out, and Iverson was in the game. So Portland would have had a good chance for 2 on the next possession, after which the odds of coming back would have been even lower.

(6) It's a lost season no matter what happens, but the determining factor for me (if I were the GM) would be whether the players have stopped playing hard for the coach. If the team stops playing "good basketball" (to the extent of their abilities) and starts playing selfishly, that kind of poisonous attitude can have repercussions beyond this season. Right now, the team seems to be playing hard and finding ways to lose (with help from the coach), which is perfect for a team playing for draft position (i.e., tanking without looking like it).

") It's a lost season no matter what happens, but the determining factor for me (if I were the GM) would be whether the players have stopped playing hard for the coach. If the team stops playing "good basketball" (to the extent of their abilities) and starts playing selfishly, that kind of poisonous attitude can have repercussions beyond this season. Right now, the team seems to be playing hard and finding ways to lose (with help from the coach), which is perfect for a team playing for draft position (i.e., tanking without looking like it)."

Agree, but I would add that they need to make sure the young players get regular minutes and are not being taught horrible habits.

Statman reply to tk76 on Jan 21 at 11:42

By the way, what was your proposed Sixers-Cavs trade again? Now that Marc Stein mentioned Iguodala to the Cavs as a possibility again, I've read a lot of discussion from Cavs fans about the pros and cons of trading for Iguodala.

JohnEMagee reply to Statman on Jan 21 at 11:48

The basic tenets of Brians Cavs/SIxers Trade

Sam/Elton/Iguodala for Biz Z Shack JJ Hickson and one other player...

It strips the sixers bare but man does it save em money :)

I'm a little off topic here, but Eddie bashing gives me a headache...and a bit of a heartache. Our poor Sixers. Maybe this could be a way of brightening up the future...

I was just on ESPN's trade machine looking for ways to land us Rudy Gay. I've read a few places he is on the block for the right price...but I'm not exactly sure what would make that work for the Grizz. Would something like Lou, Brand, and Thad for Gay, Randolf, and a throw in like Marcus Williams sound good to anyone? We'd get a stud 3 to try and resign, and then Randolf and Dalembert would come off the books after next season. It would only be worth it if we could lock in Gay to a long term deal and if Iggy moves to the two permanently. Thoughts?

Gay as a scorer is very, very similar to Iguodala. His 3pt% is a tad better, but he's not exactly the kind of guy who stretches the floor. His PPG is high because he takes a lot of shots and he can't even say defense, let alone spell it. I don't think they'd really compliment each other very well. He also has a 1 to 1 assist-to-turnover ratio, which isn't what you're looking for. Essentially, he's a better version of Thad, but not really a stud by any stretch in my mind.

JohnEMagee reply to ryano on Jan 21 at 11:49

Why would Memphis trade Rudy Gay right now when they're in the hunt for the playoffs and possible about to get ronnie brewer from the jazz for squat

Here's another blow it up trade option:

Sixers send Iguodala, Brand and Speights to Orlando for Vince Carter, Marcin Gortat and JJ Redick.

Redick expires this summer, Carter has two more years left on his deal, but there's a team option on the third, so essentially after making this trade you'd have Dalembert, Green, Kapono and Carter coming off the books after next season.

You'd have Thad, Lou, Gortat, Jrue plus your #1 pick this season and your #1 pick next season under contract for roughly $25M (Thad would be a restricted free agent and I'm assuming you'd let Smith walk).

that's another way to completely nuke it.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Jan 21 at 12:29

I believe that any 'blow it up option' has to reduce the salary cap / luxury tax numbers for the 10/11 season.

Is losing redick enough to drop that 66/68 million for next year?

Vince Carter is one of those players I'm not sure I could root for

Hey, in this deal the sixers get a guy you want on the roster :)

This deal would drop them to about $60M committed to the players on the roster, plus their first-round draft pick, so somewhere between $62-64M, and under the luxury tax.

I have no idea what their starting five would be next season. It would be pretty funny to watch this group:


Part of me hates these nuclear option deals- especially when you send away a young player (meaning you will spend a lottery pick replacing them.) But big picture its still better than standing pat. But I wish there was a way to move Brand.

bebopdeluxe reply to Brian on Jan 21 at 12:46

I just can't get my arms around why we would "blow it up" right now.

A lineup of Jrue/Iguodala/Thad/Brand/Sammy. A 2nd unit that includes Lou/Speights/Carney/Smith/Green...coached by a guy with a freaking pulse who stresses in-your-jock D and accountability on the floor. A coach who can actually get his team a good shot out of a time-out. A coach who understands lineup balance and matching up against opposing teams in the "guts of the game".

Any salary dump that either 1) trades away Iguodala, 2) packages our young talent to move Brand or 3) both will only serve to set this team back for YEARS....and it saves us SQUAT this season. The only thing that stops the Roberts boys and Snider from losing another $5-10 million this season is a team that WINS MORE GAMES. A team that looks like it has a clue out on the floor.

In short - a team not coached by EFJ.

If we changed the coach - NOW - with a guy with a freaking clue could potentially get this team to improve its play enough to offset a big chunk of the money we would owe EFJ...it would keep us from "selling low" our good young talent - wouldn't we still be able to do a package deal like Brand/Young/Sammy this summer (and potentially get a better return)?

If we bought in a coach with a clue, we could 1) stop the declines in the live gate at the Wachovia Center, 2) play our young talent in their natural positions, 3) insert Brand into the starting lineup and give him the minutes to either keep him here or trade him this summer..and 4) perhaps realize that this thing could work.

So...rather than do all of these things that could create more revenue in the 2nd half of the season, give our young players valuable minutes at their natural positions, and re-establish Brand's value...

Rather than all of that - we protect EFJ and Stefanski's jobs?

Man...I thought that ruthless business guys like the Roberts boys and Snider were supposed to be SMART.

JohnEMagee reply to bebopdeluxe on Jan 21 at 12:49

A lineup of Jrue/Iguodala/Thad/Brand/Sammy. A 2nd unit that includes Lou/Speights/Carney/Smith/Green...coached by a guy with a freaking pulse who stresses in-your-jock D and accountability on the floor. A coach who can actually get his team a good shot out of a time-out. A coach who understands lineup balance and matching up against opposing teams in the "guts of the game".

And you feel at some point that roster would become a ECF contender before Brand breaks down?

I have no idea, but to me it's much preferable to watching the garbage we're watching on the floor right now. I do know that making personnel changes before a coaching change (and possibly a front office change) is going to be nothing but guesswork based on flawed logic.

bebopdeluxe reply to JohnEMagee on Jan 21 at 13:07

I think that it is possible...it would obviously depend on how good said coach is in developing the young talent at his disposal. The other key would be whether DiLeo could pull one more rabbit out of his hat and get us a shooter in the mid-teens.

The problem is the EFJ is bad on a level that is almost unmeasurable...so making any determinations on how the trio of Iggy/Thad/EB can play together is impossible right now - at least for me.

JohnEMagee reply to bebopdeluxe on Jan 21 at 13:10

I'm not trying to be difficult - but my problem is that while I believe the young guys (Speights, Holiday, Young) are going to get much better, I don't think they'll get there before Brand breaks down so you are still short one player (I think) even with Iguodala.

Now, if you start looking at Evan Turner and he does pan out you might have a starting 5, but in my opinion the bench is truly horrid for a real competetive team.

Williams is a nice guy to get points - and do little else
Willie Green shouldn't get minutes on a team that is serious about winning
Kapono is broken - something snapped in him in Toronto and I think he is on his last contract
Smith is not good defensively
Carney might be nice for a spell

It's a pretty weak bench - to me - looking at those 5 names (I presume that Dalembert is gone one way or another)

bebopdeluxe reply to JohnEMagee on Jan 21 at 13:24

At this point, I'm OK with letting Sammy play out his deal. If he can play this well with a loop-job like EFJ coaching the team, having him out there next to EB, being coached by somebody with a clue isn't the worst thing.

I would also be fine with seeing if I could restore Lou's value enough to trade him for a defense-first PG for the bench (i.e. a better Royal Ivey). If we re-signed Carney, you run this new PG with Carney, Smith and Speights (not all at the same time, obviously) and we could live with that.

I'm not projecting the Lakers/Cavs here...but a 50+ win team that could get hot at the right time. It wou ld all come down to DiLeo getting one more pick right this summer...and finding us a shooter.

JohnEMagee reply to bebopdeluxe on Jan 21 at 13:26

My problem with Smith/Speights as your back up big men - at this time at least - is that they both stink defensively - you need a big man off the bench who can play defense - and not reggie evans -s omeone who can actually play defense AND not kill offense entirely :)

So what if our GM is up against this scenario:

1. Comcast has you under orders to be under the Lux tax next year.

2. After surveying the market you are certain:
-Teams will not take Brand.
-Teams will only take Sam if you throw in a top prospect
-No one will take Kapono or Green unless you throw in picks or a prospect

...so what do you do (after you have a good cry?)

Would you consider something like:
Iguodala for Gordon/Jordan/Camby from the Clipps?

-That would give you two young pieces who fit pressing needs (a SG with range and a cheap true C to replace Sam.) It also would free up about 8M next year that could allow you to add a big piece through FA or Trade next year.

If you were in that bad situation, that is about as good of a worst case scenario as I can come up with.

JohnEMagee reply to tk76 on Jan 21 at 12:40

If reports are to be believed, the clips are 'playing' for the playoffs, have no interest in trading camby and have enough cap room to be serious players in this off season so might not be interested in that deal...plus, I'm not sure about DeAndre Jordan - do we want the next 'pure center' on the sixers to have the same work ethic/motivational issues they dealt with for the Sam Dalembert era? I know I don't

I like Eric Gordon, but isn't he a tweener?

I like Gordon, but I don't think so. Even if he's under orders to get under the lux tax next season, he has until the trade deadline next year to do it, and no one knows exactly what the number is going to be. You've got time to figure out a way, and you've got a ton of expiring contracts, they'll be able to do it next year if that's really priority number one.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Jan 21 at 12:44

However, this is the season with a lot of cap room for a lot of teams - their might not be as many options next season (before the deadline) as there are this year...

Good point. I guess they have more breathing room than I thought.

I do wish they could find a talented SG with range to put plug between Jrue and Iguodala. It would really help their chemistry issues.

JohnEMagee reply to tk76 on Jan 21 at 12:51

Evan Turner?

I can read your mind. Coke please.

JohnEMagee reply to tk76 on Jan 21 at 12:55

Damn, couldn't find it on youtube -

To paraphrase, no coke, pepsi

I guess Jem is has suggested Turner. Haven't seen him play, but I figure most rookies won't be ready to step in and take the starting SG spot.

JohnEMagee reply to tk76 on Jan 21 at 12:53

Andre Iguodala stepped in a starter his rookie year

Jrue Holiday at this point is (to me) a better starting point guard option than Louis Williams

And keep in mind that aside from Iguodala, Speights Holiday and even Young are still pretty young next year

Turner is a junior - so he's 'more NBA ready' than a Freshman one would think isn't he?

Chad Ford gives more credence to the Iggy and Dalembert for McGrady swap:


If it happens I'm swearing off the team for good.

JohnEMagee reply to Nick on Jan 21 at 12:56

Chad Ford has low credibility in my mind in general - and that's an insider only thing...so some paraphrasing would help

If these last 5 years have not broken you then one more bad move should not.

Its probably not:
-#1 overall for Roy Hinson bad.
-Moses for Ruland bad.
-Barkley for Lanh/Hornicek/Perry bad

...but its pretty brutal.

Marc Stein seems to believe we are looking to send Iggy somewhere. I honestly hope we aren't.

My first comment regarding Gay was an option that I thought could keep us respectable and would have given us a way to get rid of Brand's contract, would force PT for Holiday, and would upgrade Thad with Gay. It was a stretch.

I'm in the camp that the only real fix we need right now is to get rid of EJ. I do think we have a decent squad that should be making the playoffs in the East and building to a contender within the next two years. I'd just like to see what we really have here. All the trade talk is really just more interesting than beating the same old drum.

Ford says he originally dismissed the idea, but "after talking with a number of people close to the situation, I think it's plausible" that Iggy and Dalembert could be swapped for McGrady. Says the Sixers want a prospect in return; the Rockets could offer Trevor Ariza or Aaron Brooks "to sweeten the deal, but it sounds as though talks haven't gotten that far yet."

JohnEMagee reply to Nick on Jan 21 at 13:01

I can't see them giving up aaron brooks but maybe ariza if they think iguodala duplicates (but I don't think he does) - Ariza started off hot but has cooled off and the folks who dislike trying to 'build a team with iguodala as a leader' are going to hate ariza for the same reasons

Statman reply to JohnEMagee on Jan 21 at 13:53

Just curious, and I'm asking because I don't know: what is Houston's motivation to make this deal? Are they in a win-now mode? Because right now, they're tied for 10th in a brutal conference where 11 teams are on pace for 44 wins or better. Iguodala is better than Ariza across the board (I just checked the stats and it's pretty amazing -- Iguodala betters Ariza in every single "basic" stat except AI9 commits slightly more turnovers), but would the Iguodala/Dalembert combo be enough to make them a serious contender in the West? And doesn't Rick Adelman also employ some form of the Princeton offense? Amazingly, it seems the Rockets might need Dalembert more, since right now they're starting the undersized and mostly useless Chuck Hayes at center.

JohnEMagee reply to Statman on Jan 21 at 13:56

Well according to the rumor - the deal was proposed by the sixers and houston said no :)

So I guess they don't do it :)

JohnEMagee on Jan 21 at 13:03

Tony Bruno is actually talking sixers toady - I mean it's bad but it's sixer talk :) SO it's a start

That to me is the one question and only remaining question to this season - Does Ed go 'nuclear' at the trading deadline to free up major contract spaces and fire Eddie Jordan or does he make a half-a$$ed move to attempt to position himself to try to make a largely pointless run for the No. 8 spot.

If Ed goes "nuclear" how is that not directly an indictment of him as GM? He signed Iggy to that contract. Dalembert comes off the books after next season -- the only reason to panic and move it now is because of the albatross created by Lou Williams's and Elton Brands's contracts -- both of which Ed signed. The team is losing with Ed's coach. Each and every one of these moves is directly his fault. And now he wants to trade the franchise's best player because of his own mistakes?

I reiterate that if Ed is allowed to make this move and is not fired, I will stop being a Sixers fan and encourage others to join me.

JohnEMagee reply to Nick on Jan 21 at 13:13

Dalembert may come off after next season but at this point the sixers are over the projected luxury tax line - and that's the trade deadline, not the end of the season, and Comcast has indicated there's no way that's going to happen, paying the luxury tax

But they've over the luxury tax next season because of contracts (Iggy, Lou and Brand) signed by Ed. What did he and Comcast think, that the team's performance would be good enough to pay the luxury tax? Well then that's at Ed's feet too, for hiring EJ.

JohnEMagee reply to Nick on Jan 21 at 13:25

Um, well, they didn't think a recession was coming...

Elton Brand is the black hole, and has almost 0 value even though he's a pretty decent player. So he's a no go.

Dalembert / Ig are your two best value chips that are difficult to match in salary. Trading away Jrue or Speights would make absolutely NO sense if you're trying to get younger and create a newer, cheaper core.

A salary dump like this without bringing back talent could send our team back 3-5 years easily. You'd need a center, a scorer, a perimeter defender, just an absurd new set of needs.

Here's another question that may require answering soon if we're trying to create a completely new team at this trading deadline (BAD BAD BAD - is Stefanski mentally challenged?) is Thad good? We have statistical evidence that he's not as good as last year, but on the right team, what type of player do you think we want him to be? How do you add him to the sixers top 7-8 in the rotation?

I like the idea of getting draft picks unprotected. I like the idea of getting expiring contracts, but I also would much rather get prospects that have shown flashes and aren't getting playing time on nba teams. Free agents in 2011 might not be as good of a haul, and are probably just pieces to the sixers rotation.

Kings are looking to deal Kevin Martin...How about Thad, Lou and green/brezec (to match the money) for kmart and rodriguez? Of course we would need to fire EJ too, but I'd love a lineup of Jrue, martin, iggy, brand, dalembert with Iverson, Speights and Carney coming off the bench. You think the Kings would have interest in that?

JohnEMagee reply to Eric on Jan 21 at 14:02

The press thinks the Kings 'have' to deal Kevin Martin - but Geoff Petrie is smarter than the Press and I don't think the Kings are looking to deal Kevin Martin just yet, and I'm not that excited about adding Kevin Martin to this roster anyway - talk about over paid

Eric reply to JohnEMagee on Jan 21 at 14:11

I'm thinking about down the road though. In 2 offseasons when a bunch of our guys are coming off the books, Thad's going to be restricted and if EJ keeps screwing him up, we probably won't resign him. However, if he can pick up his play like he did last season where he averaged 19 ppg post all-star, he could demand a big long term contract and we will be forced to give him just as much money as Kevin Martin, and for more years. Everyone is saying how this team lacks a scorer, and that we are clogged up at the SF position. I think this kills a few birds with one stone and doesn't really set us back cap-wise.

JohnEMagee reply to Eric on Jan 21 at 14:14

Well I don't disagree that Thad needs some stability - and probably to play at his correct position...but I don't think Kevin Martin makes the sixers that much better, and right now Thad's 'upside' (and cost value) is better than what Martin is right now (and Martin might have injury issues too) - I'd prefer playing out the string with Thad, finding the right coach and seeing what he can become - giving up on a 21 year old guy who you believed in only a year ago who is on his 3rd coach (and the worst one) in 3 seasons to add Martin isn't a cost effective move to me...Don't think it makes the sixers that much better in the short term versus what Thaddeus Young could become...I'm fine with a steap backwards in general if it looks like there's a plan in place for forward not dependent on 'winning' the lottery

JohnEMagee on Jan 21 at 14:15

Would you trade Andre Iguodala to Utah if they get the #1 pick (via New York) for a lousy contract if it got the sixers John Wall (the sixers would still keep their (hopefully) top 4/5 pick?

Not sure I understand.

If Utah wins the lottery with NY's pick then no way would they trade it away for Iguodala.

And if yu are talking about trading Iguodala for the rights to the NY pick, isn't that poor value. NY's pick will most likely be in the 9-10 range, but could be as bad as #15 if NY sneaks into the playoffs.

Keep in mind they are only 1 game out of the 8th spot in the East, and everyone else will be tanking while NY is trying to win in order to showcase their readiness for Lebron.

Also the odds of getting a top 3 pick from the 9th seed are negligible.

JohnEMagee reply to tk76 on Jan 21 at 14:34

Yes I'm aware of that - forgot that the knicks didn't suck any more :)

They still suck. But their coach is willing to give up on his system for a year in order to grind out some wins. He knows they get no reward for losing and they lack the scorers to play the uptempo system.

Our coach on the other hand would make any changes... and then abandons his scheme entirely when AI arrived. Confusing.

clarification: Jordan was at first unwilling to adapt his system, but then basically gave up when AI arrived.

I'm generally not into trade scenarios, but here's a wild idea if the Sixers are shopping Iguodala and Dalembert. What about sending them to Phoenix for Amare and Barbosa? Not sure if Phoenix would be willing to take the extra 3 years on Iguodala's contract, but both AI9 and Sam would be perfect fits for the Suns' running style, and defensive upgrades to boot. For the Sixers, they get a big-time scorer and fan attraction who would keep some interest in the team while they retool, plus two contracts that expire next year (three years sooner than Iguodala's). Or a bigger trade: Iguodala/Dalembert/Lou for Amare/JRichardson.

I'm hoping the Sixers don't trade Iguodala, who is my favorite Sixer of the last ten years (in case that isn't obvious already), but if they do trade him, I hope it's to a team that would be a good fit for his skills. And I can't think of any athletic wing player who wouldn't die to play with Nash ...

JohnEMagee reply to Statman on Jan 21 at 14:33

WEll that all depends if you think that

A. Amare would be willing to re-sign in Philadlephia
B. You don't care about defense much any more
C. You believe Amare is no longer injury prone

JohnEMagee reply to Statman on Jan 21 at 14:35

And no offense to Iguodala - but finding him a 'great place to play' is not high on the list of things to do when considering trade him...you trade him for the BEST possible 'haul' from any team - in EITHER conference - it's a business - you're trading Iguodala for the best offer of talent - I love Iguodala - but in terms of a trade - he's a commodity that's sought after- the 'best' place for him is irrelevant if they don't make the best offer

Statman reply to JohnEMagee on Jan 21 at 14:51

B. You don't care about defense much any more

Well, if the Sixers traded Iguodala, I'm not sure how much I'd care about the Sixers any more ;-). Though I'd have to admit, the possible Thad-Amare-Speights-Iverson-Lou lineup would be entertaining to watch (and possibly the worst defensive lineup of all-time). I think 90% of casual Sixer fans would like that lineup, however.

the 'best' place for him is irrelevant if they don't make the best offer

I'm no expert on cap issues, but from a business standpoint, it doesn't seem to be a bad offer. The Sixers get a marquee star and contracts that expire after next year. If Amare doesn't re-sign, they were planning to blow it up anyway. The only real downside is that trading for Amare instead of the ghost of McGrady would keep the Sixers from bottoming out entirely.

JohnEMagee reply to Statman on Jan 21 at 14:58

Well if you're going to blow it up - i say blow it up without any hope - Amare gives hope - plus maybe the sixers play better and it costs them a spot or two in the draft pick - if you're blowing it up - blow it up completely :)

JohnEMagee on Jan 21 at 15:01

Twitter from Martin Frank of Delco Times

Eddie Jordan on rotation: "I’m not sold on the fact that you’ve got to keep a short rotation." Look for J. Smith or Kapono vs. Dallas Friday

Couple of last points:

1. At this point, it is hard to see how any trade isn't going to going to end up with some egg showing on Stefanski's face. The excuses "Billy King's contracts" really don't hold that much water any more except for Dalembert. This is Ed's team with mainly guys he signed and a guy he picked to run it. PR spin from any trade will be really interesting to see.

2. Sheer economics might come into play with the real threat of a lockout looming and the Sixers bottom line not looking to rosy with really poor attendance and weak TV/radio ratings.

JohnEMagee reply to MG77 on Jan 21 at 15:07

He doesn't make a lot - but also having zero trade value - Willie Green will be the last Billy King remnant I think - at least in terms of bad contracts - and that's somehow fitting

What lock out? When is the CBA expiring - it's not that soon is it?

Maybe the players will take the NBA to court like NFL players are trying

MG77 reply to JohnEMagee on Jan 21 at 15:13

The NBA has to decide by Dec. 15, 2010, whether to extend the collective-bargaining agreement through the 2011-12 season. If not extended, it expires June 30, 2011 and the possibility of a lockout to the start of the 2011-12 season becomes very real.

JohnEMagee reply to MG77 on Jan 21 at 15:39

I bet they'll pick up that extension and then start negotiations if they haven't already

Right now the best thing that can happen is the Sixers continue to lose games. They have the 4th worst record right now, which gives them a great shot at a top 3 pick- maybe even a franchise saver like Wall.

But they are 2 wins away from the 8th pick, and5 wins from the 15th pick (making the 8th seed in the EC playoffs.) Missing out on a top 5 pick after all the crap thios team has put us through would be a worst case scenario...

My biggest fear is that Stefanski and Jordan feel they need to steal some wins to save their jobs. That is why I believe Ed needs to be fired. He's not in a position to make the moves this teams needs to take a step back in order to take 2 steps forward- because another step back might help the franchise, but it will cost Stefanski his job.

JohnEMagee on Jan 21 at 15:10

Stefanski on with mikey miss - sr950.com

I just booted it up and he was saying that 'defense is our most important...fuels the fast break'

Mikey Miss pushing the McGrady trade rumors and Stefanski dancing around the question - not saying no - 'that is an option'

JohnEMagee on Jan 21 at 15:12

"Elton has played his way well enough to get back in the starting line up"

This is fun :)

Usually when Edf says something like that it happens within a week.

I'm seriously worried that this team will not get a top 5 pick.

JohnEMagee reply to tk76 on Jan 21 at 15:35

I think Stefanski was floating trial baloons - he didn't deny the mcgrady rumors and said the thinga bout brand earning a start and hoping to hear the reaction on the radio - what do the fans think

Of course - listening to 950 for a few days I expect that tons of people will be pro get rid of iguodala cause 'he's not a number 1'

Oh good currently caller brought up Ty Lawson vs Jrue Holiday and Missanelli is pro holiday - missanelli earns a point

But he said Ty is 5'8...

You don't need to use hyperbole every 3rd sentence to make your point.

JohnEMagee reply to tk76 on Jan 21 at 15:43

Hey - trust me - after that 5 minutes of his 'all color team' in every sport nonsense dudes in a huge hole - i missed the beginning of the interview - when they post the link i'll put it up here.

I expect he's listening now to see how the fans react to the mcgrady thing and the brand starting thing...ought to be interesting

I enjoyed this too much.


add draft picks and water.

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