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SixersBeat Radio Show at 8PM Tonight

Will Ed Stefanski make a move before the trade deadline? If so, who is the most LIKELY Sixer(s) to be sent (based on what our organization/other organizations value)?

Respond to Stefanski's statements that Brand should start and McGrady is "on the table."

Also, the team has the 4th worse record, but 2 wins less than the 8th worse, 3 wins less than the 10th worse...

Do you see the team gettin a top 5 pick, or are they more likely to make another 2nd half run and end up around 10th.

deepsixersuede on Jan 21 at 19:43

What is the best possible return in an Iggy trade ? Expiring, 2 young players, #1 ?

I have a Q also: will you pick up my call? LOL

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