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Dear Allen Iverson, Please Sit It Out

But if he doesn't play China will be angry. And if China is angry, we'll all pay.

JohnEMagee on Jan 21 at 22:46

The counter argument is that the ASG is 'for the fans' - and the fans voted him in.

Not for nothing, but KG doesn't exactly deserve to be a starter this year either.

I'm not saying I agree, but it's an exhibition that people put too much importance on. It's an election, and just like most elections in America, sometimes the people vote like they have the IQ of a turnip.

I don't really care about KG, he makes an ass of himself on a daily basis. I do care that Iverson made it there legitimately enough times that he doesn't need to take the charity of the morons who voted for him. I also care that he can barely stay on the floor simply from playing in Sixers games, and I don't want him putting needless minutes on that knee in an exhibition game.

I don't think Iverson will be playing.

Who would you rather have take his place?

My vote would go to Rondo. Undoubtedly he's one of the best PGs in the league.

Geez man,don't you have any respect left for him ? I mean yes he's not the old Iverson but you know what,I want to see him play.I think he should go out there,play 10-12 minutes and then sit out.There are thousands of people voted for him and we want him to play.We don't want him to go out there and try to be MVP or anything,but we want see him and that's what matters.I really like this blog but I completely disagree with this and your attitude against AI really pisses me of sometimes.

(English is not my native language I hope you got what I mean :) )

Alvin reply to Levent on Jan 22 at 7:07

There is a difference, I think, between respect for AI and wanting him to play in the All-Star game. I still like AI a great deal and I am pleased that he is still contributing positively to the team now even though I was against the re-signing at first. But I don't want to see him play in the All Star game.

I rather he rest his legs, especially since he has been battling arthritic knee problems. Also playing out there with younger, fitter guys will only show how his game has regressed and as a Sixer fan that is going to be difficult to watch, especially after witnessing his All-Star Game MVP performances in 2001 and 2005.

Granted, AI will feel obliged to play since fans voted him in, and I'm positive that's what he'll do.

I don't think I've really had an attitude against AI. My reasons for being against signing him had very little to do with him personally and I've said again and again that I'm very impressed with how he's changed his game. I just think it's a farce that he was voted as a starter in the all star game after playing what really amount to 19 games of mediocre basketball this season. Beyond that, he's having serious health issues and if he's going to help the Sixers, he needs the rest.

Brian - Might want to check the rules on ASG participation. It's somewhat mandatory if I remember correctly. I think there is some stipulation about not playing in the game before (and/or after) the All-Star game due to injury allows you to bow out of it.

I think Kobe had this issue last year or the year before when he wanted to sit out because of his broken finger but he had played in the games leading up to it so the league said no way you are playing. And the ASG coaches just helped him out by limiting his minutes.

I think once you are voting in, you pretty much have little choice unless you injury yourself in the game before to the point where you wouldn't be playing in the game after.

Really? I vaguely remember the Kobe situation, but can't recall the details. I checked the CBA FAQ and the rules listed on NBA.com but couldn't find anything.

Obviously, if this is a rule you can disregard everything I wrote above. I wouldn't suggest he should sit out the games surrounding the ASG just so he doesn't participate.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Jan 24 at 22:01

I remember some issue about this - you had to miss the game before the ASG (and I think after) if you missed the ASG and were a voted starter.

I wonder if maybe Stern would make an 'exception' if Iverson chose to step back and let someone 'more deserving' get the start (who in the east is more deserving, how do you decide - is it just the next top vote getter?) but Iversons comments indicate that he probably wouldn't consider.

Then again, those who were motivated to vote, voted for Iverson, so they wanted Iverson.

I'd much rather see AI play at the All Star game than for the Sixers. Given where the Sixers are, and their needs (a top pick and develop/evaluate young talent) I 'd prefer Ai be playing elsewhere.

I'm perfectly happy with AI being in the All Star game. Its what the fans wanted and the game does not count for anything. Its a showcase for NBA stars, and he is a star, even if he no longer plays at that level.

You actually state exactly my thoughts. I was going to state that last night. And your thoughts are my thoughts exactly.

JohnEMagee on Jan 22 at 9:40

Jeff Van Gundy doesn't believe that David Lee is an All-Star this season because the former Knicks coach feels that no player on a sub .500 team deserves All-Star consideration. “He's gotten a lot better,” said Van Gundy, who will work Friday's Knicks-Lakers game for ESPN. “He's a good to very good player. And that's not a knock to say that someone is very good at their job. But I think (Atlanta's) Al Horford deserves to go

So in Van Gundy's mind - over half the teams in the east have no deserving all stars

Chris Kaman comes out bitch slapping (in advance) the coaching voting this morning saying he doesn't think either Laker 'big man' deserves to be in ahead of him (and zach randolph)

I wonder if Kaman has a big fat bonus in his contract for making the All Star game. If that is the case he should be mocked mercilessly. maybe take up collections for him at games?

JohnEMagee reply to tk76 on Jan 22 at 10:53

He kind of has a valid point though - i mean it's the same argument ray allen used but chris kaman isn't ray allen in reputation (though Kaman deserves a spot this year and allen doesn't)

Its only a valid point if you see the All Star games as a reward for playing well for a 1/2 of a season. I see it more as an exhibition for the fans of their favorite stars.

They best players of the year should be measured by the All-NBA teams awarded at the end of the season.

JohnEMagee reply to tk76 on Jan 22 at 11:25

Oh I don't think ASG (or end of season awards) matter all that much - a lot of awards voters are like JVG on the ASG - it's not the MVP - it's the MVP on the 'winning team' - losing record disqualifies you from most awards :)

Individualistic awards, ASG appearances I find irrelevant but they are made a big deal out of by the so many.

My favorite award is the Andre Iguodala I played the most minutes last year award :)

Jeff reply to JohnEMagee on Jan 22 at 10:49

Kaman wouldn't have even opened his mouth if Reggie Evans was standing behind him.

Reggie Evans can't carry kaman's jock... but not for lack of trying.

CT reply to Jeff on Jan 22 at 11:18

LOL... nicely said.

I actually think this is a nice way for the fans to say goodbye to Iverson. Just like Jordan's being an All-Star as a Wizard.

Has this already been commented on here? Marc Stein says:

The Sixers are only growing more determined to make a deal before the deadline. I’ve heard that in strong terms from three different sources this week already.

Which tells me we should expect to keep hearing more trade scenarios that include Andre Iguodala’s name.

Foiled in its longstanding attempts to move Samuel Dalembert and/or Elton Brand, Philly has apparently come to realize that its best shot at a shake-it-up move is convincing one of the risk-taking/big-spending teams out there – such Houston, Dallas and Cleveland – to absorb the four years and $56.3 million remaining on Iguodala’s contract after this season.

JohnEMagee reply to Tray on Jan 22 at 14:20

Believe it was mentioned in a couple places - this is from something stein published yesterday isn't it?

Tray reply to JohnEMagee on Jan 22 at 14:46

Yeah, I just didn't see a discussion about it anywhere.

JohnEMagee reply to Tray on Jan 22 at 14:47

Well we haven't really had a 'trade' oriented thread yet so it sneaks it's way in :)

I'm sure if Brian has time with his other stuff going on he might slap something up about it as the deadline (18/19) approaches just to find something else to talk about aside from Jorans rotations :)

JohnEMagee on Jan 22 at 16:30

Not sure if people at ESPN are obligated to confirm wwhat other guys say but - from a JA Adande Chat

Jose (Princeton, NJ)
J.A., are the 76ers really shopping Iggy?
J.A. Adande (4:03 PM)
That's been the rumbling for a while. To the surprise of some other GMs, actually.

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