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A Solid Win

Part of me is thrilled they got a quality win and started Brand and Jrue. Part of me squirms as it means Jordan will stay even longer.

CSNPhilly is saying teams are actively inquiring about Iggy. They mention McGrady (please no) and also Howard from the Mavs. I'm not crazy on the Howard one either. I wish they'd move WG, Lou or Sam (though he is playing well lately) than the others.

I think Thad's reduced scoring in the second half had more to do with Gooden than Speights. They would have had to set picks to get him the ball.

Was Gooden on Thad in the second half? I thought Dallas spent most of the half in the zone.

Speights had 8 shots in the 2nd half, 7 in the fourth quarter. Thad only got one shot in the 3rd, one shot in the fourth. Seemed to me like he was getting the looks Thad got in the first, mainly because he wasn't afraid to attack the zone.

Rich reply to Brian on Jan 23 at 3:57

Looked to me like Speights got the same opportunities Thad had, but the looks are different. They would catch it basically in the same place and have their number called in their respective halves. While Speights will look to shoot a jumper after analyzing the defense or take a guy off the dribble into the post for a tough turnaround, Thad likes to catch and shoot wide-open mid-range jumpers (or threes tonight), attack the hoop on the left side, or catch it in the gaps near the hoop.

Simply it was that Thad is probably more effective against man because of his skill set. A man may sag off of him and with good floor spacing the driving lanes are better. Speights is just as comfortable with a zone because he's a good mid-range shooter with a quick release and that he's used to taking difficult shots while not trying to go all the way to the basket.

It's interesting because the wing would usually be better against the zone and vice versa, but the Sixers aren't exactly a conventional team.

Agree, Speights's offensive game is well suited to bust the zone. He likes to operate in the soft spot by the foul line. He also is more active on the O-Boards, which you need to take advantage of against a zone.

Thad seems lost against a zone. He's best taking his man one on one.

I noticed more than a couple times that Lou tried to get the ball to Thad on the left side and Thad couldn't shake free of Gooden. So it went to Speights as the second option. And once Speights gets the ball that's the end of the story.

Same perspective as Brian. Can't dispute the substitution playing time when they are performing but going forward this will be interesting to moniter. Professionalism. Time for Lou, Speights, Thad to gain some maturity and learn about that. Come to play with concentration and effort every night. Obviously, they took their benching personally. Let's see if thie effort continues. The Sixers have an opportunity to win 4 of the next 5. Can't wait to see how EJ sorts out the minutes when the subs are not performing well.

Did anything REALLY change? We still had a small lineup with Thad at the 4 for ~25 minutes. Iverson and Williams still played quite a bit together. When they weren't, Iverson/Green or Williams/Green played. Jrue still only got 15 minutes.

Only substantial change:
- Brand was playing with Dalembert instead of almost exclusively with Speights
- Speights now combo's with Young (ugh)
- Williams is more likely to be paired with Green for long stretches than with AI (Good, I guess. Can we avoid entire lineup changes please?)
- Jrue's guaranteed at least two shifts. One per half, with a decent lineup.

Left to his own devices, I have no doubt Eddie's still going to try to get "his" lineups in there as much as possible.

Really, maybe it's time for Stefanski just to come down and be the coach too.

Derek, we'll know for sure(I agree with you) over time. EJ will still push his offensive minded agenda. Eventually(at year end?), it will be his undoing.

Holiday is the youngest player in the NBA, and he's starting. I don't mind going slow with his minutes, as long as he remains our starter. As he gets more comfortable I think even Jordan will extend his PT. As a starter you default to regular minutes, and a coach has to be pro-active to cut them. And I don't see EJ constantly pulling Jrue even when he is doing well.

I'm very happy overall with the new line-up. And its great to set a defensive tone to start a game. But I do worry that they lack firepower. The starters are reliant on AI, Iguodala and Brand for their scoring. Do you think those three can consistently score enough against other teams starters?

sfw reply to tk76 on Jan 23 at 9:03

Prefer that to the opposite when the opposing team pushes up around to start the game. It's up to coach to mix and match after that.

If he ever could play D, I'd love to see Speights start and score a bunch to where he forces the opposition to make an adjustment.

sfw reply to tk76 on Jan 23 at 9:14

Blows me away that EJ was kissing Lou & Speights asses and rewarding them with minutes when their defensive flaws were so obvious. Especially, Speights. It's obvious that the other team takes advantage of him as soon as he enters the game. This should have been obvious in practice and should not be tolerated. That's the only way these guys learn to play the right way.

sfw reply to sfw on Jan 23 at 9:26

need a thesaurus. gotta stop using the word obvious......................................


JohnEMagee reply to sfw on Jan 23 at 10:54


Your redundancy is Unquestionably, Indubiously self evident :)

sfw reply to tk76 on Jan 23 at 13:02

Thanks! I get the obvious point!

Valid question about the offensive firepower of this lineup. I have them down as playing 31 minutes together so far this season, they've scored 55 points and allowed 55 points. http://www.basketballvalue.com hasn't been updated yet with yesterday's games, but they have that unit with a 133.0 OFR coming into yesterday's game (albeit in only 16.9 minutes).

Personally, I think they'll get out on the break for easy points fueled by the defense. In the half court, they absolutely have to run things through Brand. Pick and rolls with Jrue or Iverson. In the low post, in the high post. Get him doubled and cut off him.

It's going to be difficult to keep defenses honest, they don't have a shooter on the floor, but they should be able to offset their half-court deficiencies with transition points and defensively, they should be stout.

If they can get a shooter in the draft that they could plug into Iverson's spot in this lineup, they could really be onto something for next season. Provided Jordan's gone, of course.

Hm...our numbers are slightly off. I have them at 30:18 with outscoring opps 56-62. We're probably off a few free throws at before/after subs.


Yeah I always count FTs to the exiting unit, it sways things a little.

I try to. It may not be 100% though. I think I may have missed a couple earlier in the year. I find that the official boxscores aren't even consistent in that.

Personally, I'd like to see the kid rewarded for good play. Make those two stints w/ the starting lineup the baseline, the minimum, then if he's playing well, you extend him. If he's not, you don't and you let him know why.

Jordan's still playing the lineups he wants for the majority of the minutes, he's still a moron, but getting regular minutes for Jrue w/ that lineup is valuable experience and, dare I say, development? That's more than I can say for the first 41 games of the season.

For some reason I'm really looking forward to the next few games. Really excited to see the youngest player in the NBA start at PG.

Useless fantasy trade I want your take on...

Thad(2M)+ Sam(11.3M)


Bynum (12.5M) and age 22

Financially this actually could work for the Sixers, but they would be pretty locked with the remaining roster. They would need to hit a HR with finding a good starting SG with their #1 pick this year. But leaves them with a talented roster with a good mix of defense and scoring.

JohnEMagee reply to tk76 on Jan 23 at 11:19

We're talking Andrew Bynum, the starting center for the world champion lakers right?

Why would the lakers do it?

If they wanted to get out from his long term big contract while getting a good young player back. And Sam would work nearly as well as Bynum for them for the next 2 years.

I agree, I seriously doubt they would consider it...

JohnEMagee reply to tk76 on Jan 23 at 11:25

Seeing as how the last Bynum rumor was Chris Bosh who they would have to sign long term - I don't think the Lakers would be interested. I don't think Sam would get the triangle, I don't think Thad works in the triangle.

The Lakers aren't a 'normal' NBA team - think of them as the yankees - they're almost recession proof - they make an ungodly amount of money from ticket sales compared to other teams and as along as they continue to win - the 'movie stars' will show up so they can continue to charge ungodly amounts for their seats because of the status attached to getting those courtside seats.

How easily people trample upon my dreams...

Well at least we have the right starting PG :)

Guard rotation:

PG: Jrue(19).../Lou(23)
#1 pick(Turner/Wesley?(23).../AI/Green

Could that grow into an elite team given the talent and ages?

Yeah, I mean, I'd do it in a heartbeat. Bynum needs to prove he can stay healthy, but he's got superstar potential if a great coach like Eddie Jordan can mold him into a 20-foot jump shooter :)

I don't see the Lakers doing it, but it's a no-brainer that the Sixers would want to. I'd love to see Jrue and Bynum playing together for the next decade.

Anybody hear Jordan say after the game that Lou gets the team in better sets than Jrue?

Jrue sometimes struggles to recognize the zone. A few times he wasted 10 sec dribbling before the offense started into its dream weave 9and heave.)

He also said he wanted to get a little more defense into the lineup with Jrue, then clarified that AI/Lou hasn't hurt them defensively, but they just wanted a little more with Jrue.

Always covering his own tracks.

As stated above, my biggest concern is Jordan staying on longer with this lineup. I also think it is much better that Jrue's limited minutes are atleast w/ the starters. They do need to shoot better than last night, however!

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