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Hmmm, looks like I forgot Sam vs Hibbert. Let's call it a wash with Sam getting the nod on defense and Hibbert on O.

Big thing to watch, as usual, is Sam's foul situation.

As the season goes on, it's becoming clearer and clearer that Jrue was a great pick by the Sixers. The youngest player in the league and already a legitimate starting point guard. I can't wait to see what the future holds for this kid.

"While Granger has made an All Star game, he has failed to bring the Pacers back to the playoffs, something Iguodala has done twice."

Iguodala? Twice? Ummmm...remember Andre Miller?

Yes. I remember Andre Miller. What does remembering him have to do with the sentence you quoted? Was Iguodala the best player on a team that went to the playoffs two straight seasons? Yes. Was he the leading scorer on a team that went to the playoffs two straight seasons? Yes. Can Granger make either of those claims? No.

Anyone else wonder what happens w/ Jrue if we get John Wall?

gerrymac reply to Mike W. on Jan 23 at 18:03

Wall starts? and Jrue comes off the bench? or he starts with Wall in the back court??

Cross that bridge if we come to it. If you get the #1 pick, you take Wall, there's no question at this point.

gerrymac on Jan 23 at 18:06

Here are my picks after Wall..........1)Turner 2)Favors 3)Davis 4)Wes Johnson 5)Motiejunas 6)Cousins 7)Henry

The Greek reply to gerrymac on Jan 23 at 18:43

Favors will see his stock fall bigtime with his Tyrone Hill range from the wing and Shaq like free throws.

Anyone else having a problem with their league pass tonight? I've got nothing but a black screen on all my league pass channels. God, I hate Time Warner. They screw me every year.

Actually interested to watch this game at the tipoff for several reasons including to see how the new look staring lineup does, what the early sub rotation looks like, and to see what O'Brien (difficult guy who was put in a less than enviable position though) does.

And we're off. Same starting lineup.

Brand scores over Murphy, good way to start.

Iguodala draws an offensive foul on Granger for the turnover.

Nice lefty scoop by Jrue.

Phew, I thought he'd yank Jrue when he picked up his second foul. It would be pointless to protect a guy you have pegged for 15 minutes/game, so at least he's being clear about his intentions.

Ugh, can't foul a three-point shooter, Iguodala. Unforgivable.

Yes. Things like this happen with a broken play. But no excuse as AI9 should know better.

"If you aren't familiar with Granger, he's probably the guy all the Iguodala haters out there would rather have than AI9."

Now that's a straw man argument if I ever heard one. I would rather replace our pseudo-franchise player with a real franchise player we'd acquire in the draft, not some second tier scorer on a bad team. I'm very on board with the argument that Iguodala's at least as good or better than Granger, Kevin Martin, prime Michael Redd, those sorts of guys. I just can't see building a team around him. He would make a good second or third best player on a good team, as Granger and Martin would.

That said, Granger didn't singlehandedly fail to lead his team to the playoffs, he just happens to play on a team that lacks the defenders to be good defensively, and lacks the scorers to be good offensively. On defense, last year he was out there with Dunleavy, T.J. Ford, Troy Murphy, the coach didn't believe in giving either of their centers real minutes... and on offense, they're all mediocre jump shooters. Some of them pretty good shooters for their size, but still, you're not going to be very efficient like that. Iguodala didn't have as weak a roster to work with. And we were only 5 wins better than them the one year, 4 wins better the other. Being .500 isn't this great achievement.

Granger has 4 turnovers already.

Previous comment wasn't a reply to this.

Anyway, there is a big difference between being .500 and going to the playoffs, and being 5 games below and not. No matter what record it takes to get that number 8 seed, teams are playing for it. Granger has fallen short, Iguodala has not. And when you mention the shortcomings of teammates, you should probably ask yourself if playing with Danny Granger makes them better or worse.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Jan 23 at 19:34

Come on - all iguodala does is lead his team in scoring assists and second in rebounding and one of the better defender in the league.

You know granger is better than all that

Three on Jrue and he's bloodied, probably broke his nose. Extra minutes for Lou!!!

Jrue got his 7.5 minutes anyway.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Jan 23 at 19:32

not sure how diving to the floor and earl watson tripping over him and smashing his face is a foul on Jrue - but that's how it works I guess

Nice two-man game with EB and AI3. Defense is atrocious.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Jan 23 at 19:39

I love the open looks at the 3 they get when you play the back up 4 and Iguodala


JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Jan 23 at 19:41

In grangers 'defense' for the number of 3's he takes - he is coached by Jim O'brien - and if you pass on even a partially open 3 you might get yelled at

Up dos after uno.

Brand took 9 shots in the first quarter, he only got 9 in all of last night's game, so they are going through him, unfortunately he's only 3/9 from the field. They're being physical w/ him down there and he hasn't been getting the whistles. Interested to see how this reserve unit looks in the second.

ItAintEZ on Jan 23 at 19:43

why the hell do we walk the ball up every time lou comes in. Are we that great in the half court?

The next time Thad fights through a screen will be the first time.

Sweet contest by Speights on that play. Jump into him, then pull your hands back so you don't accidentally block the shot after you've already fouled him.

JohnEMagee on Jan 23 at 19:47

Wow - the athleticism of Mike Dunleavy is awesome

This is pretty much the type of defense you can expect from this lineup.

Sammy's busting heads down low. Refs are completely swallowing their whistles on Sixers drives.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Jan 23 at 19:54

Yeah, it's easy for the pacers to play real physical defense when the refs feel the sixers deserve to get fouled it seems

JohnEMagee on Jan 23 at 19:54

Holiday, 12 stitches, will not return.


will return.

From Sixers twitterman: "Jrue Holiday receives 12 stitches above right eye; he will return to play."

I wonder if Iguodala being the best player on the team, and pretty much refusing to miss games for minor injuries influences a guy like Holiday in a situation like this.

I am still hoping the Pinckney gets better but man he is just tough to listen to as the color guy. He doesn't have a bad voice/repertoire but man he just doesn't much insight.

Big finish by Young there and he actually sought out contact. Need to see more of that from Thad.

Thad's a streaky shooter from three, looks like the start of a hot streak now.

Sweet move there as well.

Has Iggy guarded Granger the whole half? 5 points of 0-1 shooting is a nice job.

Iguodala sat for about 3 minutes, not sure if Granger was out there or not.

JohnEMagee on Jan 23 at 20:04


4 guys, heavy rotational minutes, all with the same (sole) ability (to varying degrees) - they can score - and do very little else

Muddy Speightacular reply to JohnEMagee on Jan 23 at 20:22

Which is fine enough, for a backup crew, as long as they outscore.

JohnEMagee reply to Muddy Speightacular on Jan 23 at 20:25

It's not good if they're all on the court at the same time though :)

EB should take Hibbert outside all game. That was too easy on that last one.

EB has taken over this game.

And Jordan takes him out. Awesome.

The hand-off play to the shooter is Jordan's favorite play out of the half-court to get a quick shot. I'd like to see EB (or Thad) fake it and take it to the hoop or make a play.

Better second quarter on both sides of the ball. Sixers up seven at the half.

Brand picked things up, finished the first half with 11pts/5reb/3ast/1stl but he needed 11 shots to get his 11 points.

Thad had 6 boards in the first half, nice.

Muddy Speightacular on Jan 23 at 20:20

There's a whole series of inviolable narratives in this depressing joint, the chief one being that jordan is the world's dumbest basketball coach and is only now doing something vaguely resembling the right thing because stefanski's dim bulb is just bright enough to calculate that he'd best do the bidding of his blog masters.

Does that really sound like the most likely scenario? Isn't jordan in the first year of a hardly-cheap contract? Even if Washington's paying a good chunk of it (or perhaps especially because of that), why would the sixers management, who've shown themselves of late to be, oh, shall we say "cautious" with their funds, be ready to pay him out so early? Isn't the cold fact of the matter that jordan actually has philly by the short an curlies and he can do more or less what he pleases? You don't think he knows this?

What if it's a deal that jordan's just a stubborn old goat who gets off on complex offenses, likes to experiment, but has a strong distaste for the obvious tack. These would be weaknesses, no doubt, if taken to the wrong degree. But as unpressured as jordan may be (at least from the higher ups), is it really so much of a stretch to suppose that at the end of the day the fella still prefers winning to incessant losing? I mean, at some point.

The puppet narrative, while providing sweet bolstering of our never-satisfied superiority complex, doesn't make sense if what we assume re sixers spending habits is true.


Now, Go Sixers!

JohnEMagee reply to Muddy Speightacular on Jan 23 at 20:27

What was the point of all that

The assumption is that Coach Joran changed the starting line up because he was told to by Stefanski, Stefanski even said publicly it was time for Brand to be back in the starting line up.

this coach has a 430 or so career winning percentage - he's a bad basketball coach

Kudos for actually reading it.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Jan 23 at 20:35

Scanned, a certain word stood out at the beginning, so I wanted to see if it was who I thought it was, and I think it is

Jrue out there to start the second half. Good for you, kid.

Brand taking over, again.

EB is showing how Charmin soft Murphy is.

Another nice teardrop for Jrue.

And a bad shot by Jrue.

Why the timeout there? I guess Jrue wasn't supposed to take it to the basket.

JohnEMagee on Jan 23 at 20:35

Two games in a row the sixers extend their lead to start the 3rd and Jordan calls an early time out, last night it was 8 minutes (and I believe he pulled Holiday) tonight it's 7:28, I expect to see Holiday out again - yes the perimeter shot was poorly thought (and poor form) but the drive to the basket was nice, he just missed, and if he's benched after coming back from those stitches what's that gonna do to his psyche?

He's still in there. I think he's obligated to play him 15 minutes :)

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Jan 23 at 20:45

I was shocked to see him come back out - now the time out made less sense

Please put this bad team out of its misery.

Five turnovers for Granger now, 0 assists.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Jan 23 at 20:52

IMpressive move by speights to pass it up - stupid play by the pacers

JohnEMagee on Jan 23 at 20:36

Give brand the ball, get out of the way

how hard of an offensive plan is that?

Rich reply to JohnEMagee on Jan 23 at 20:39

Don't have to go to Princeton to find it out.

6 turnovers for Granger, that's the third charge Iguodala has drawn on him.

And hit the bench Jrue, you're done for the day.

Yep. Had to get Willie in there after that group stretched the lead to 14. Ugh.

JohnEMagee on Jan 23 at 20:42

Damn it Speights

JohnEMagee on Jan 23 at 20:43

Since he made no substitutions, and the sixers had stretched the lead, anyone have any idea of the time out at 7:28?

Nope. Wanted to tell them to stop going to Brand maybe.

JohnEMagee on Jan 23 at 20:44

With actual shooters theres no reason Brand shouldn't go for 20/10/5 every night

Willie, how many 3s you gonna give up?

7 turnovers for Granger. Double-double?

GREAT play by Sp8s.

Nice play by Speights to end the third, great awareness, patience and anticipation. Impressive.

Sixers up by 13 after three. What lineup does Jordan use to hold the lead?

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Jan 23 at 20:54

The best defense is a good offense

JohnEMagee on Jan 23 at 20:53

IMpressive move by speights to pass it up - stupid play by the pacers

JohnEMagee on Jan 23 at 20:55

The sixers didn't have a single team foul in the 3rd according to the announcers

Put the starting 5 back out to start the fourth

Nope. He kept the all offense team in there.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Jan 23 at 21:00

For Carney - the only guy of those 5 who played defense - carney is the 'last minute of the quarter' guy :)

EB back in, that's a step in the right direction. I'd make another two subs right about now as well.

CB reply to Brian on Jan 23 at 21:00

Nah. Let the lead dwindle some more.

Five-point game.

They're just making shots.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Jan 23 at 21:00

When no one is in front of you it's easier

Muddy Speightacular on Jan 23 at 21:00

Nostalgic for the days of the second quarter utter breakdown crapout? No, not really. Already seems like a long while ago tho.

Who said Speights can't pass? Sophomore is learning to share a lil bit. He'll learn it'll only help his overall offensive game, help the team.

Go Sixers

JohnEMagee reply to Muddy Speightacular on Jan 23 at 21:01

He averages .6 assists per game so he passes some times - but more oftn than not - he gets the ball and it's a shot...

Muddy Speightacular reply to JohnEMagee on Jan 23 at 21:34

LOL...yes, let's stick with that narrative like it's a life-preserver, let's use the worst slant possible. par for the course.

btw, jrue's a/t rate in the last month is appreciably better than it was at the start of the season (or his season average, for that matter). i only offer you the good news because i'm sure you didn't realize it (you trend-watcher, you ;-).

I think Speights is a fine passer, actually.

It's the willingness I question.

JohnEMagee on Jan 23 at 21:05

Put Sam in for willie and I'll live with this 5 for the rest of the game

Thad with the right hand there?

Rich reply to Rich on Jan 23 at 21:06

Nah, I can only dream.

I don't even enjoy it when the Sixers might get a win, it's sad.

JohnEMagee reply to CB on Jan 23 at 21:06

Enjoy the little things - this is Elton Brand, this is the guy they signed - this is the guy the moron has been not starting for a while now. Holiday's development, and um, well, um...yeah - those things

But I just hate Eddie Jordan's face so much.

JohnEMagee reply to CB on Jan 23 at 21:09

I know - gotta let it go

Keep going to the hoop.

Any reason Sammy isn't in the game right now? 12 boards, 4 steals, 2 blocks, only 1 foul.

CB reply to Brian on Jan 23 at 21:06

Because Eddie has a "feeling" about who can help the most, and Sammy is not in that group.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Jan 23 at 21:07

Like I said- pop willie out for sam and i'll live with lou as the 'point guard' with thad and the other 3

And 1.

Remember Thad right before he messed up his ankle last year? Was that the best stretch of his career?

JohnEMagee on Jan 23 at 21:10

Steal, and a beautiful pass to get Young the And One

I love to watch Iguodala play basketball

And this has to be brands best game as a sixer?

I certainly don't remember many times where he had 20 before the 4th for one thing.

Garbage time for Jrue? Come on, do it Eddie.

This is the season Andre Miller came and made us think a crappy team could contend all over again!

YEAH! I can't wait till we...

A.) Become one of the "hottest" teams in the regular season and then get ousted in the first round of the playoffs by Cleveland. Then we'll get a pick in the teens! AGAIN! YEAH!


B.) Commence the fire sale/tanking WAY too late and STILL get a pick in the teens while giving away Iggy and Sammie D for no reason.


Game. Iguodala seals it with defense.

I hope people who don't value Iguodala's all-around game are watching this game. While Indiana has a guy like Granger who can score it well, they don't have a guy who has that toughness Iggy has. Dahntay Jones, who was a defensive specialist on a good team last year, doesn't make these guys even close to good. Getting a guy who can play like Iguodala would be something Indiana would love to have. Dahntay Jones is a 5th option on offense like Shane Battier and he doesn't make his team good around Granger. Iggy is much more than a 5th option like Jones on offense (Anyone want to argue?), and as a player, how great is Danny Granger if he scores it well and has guys who can't defend like him? Granger doesn't even set up his teammates who are primary scorers.

Tray reply to Rich on Jan 23 at 21:34

Indiana could use a player like Iguodala, could use any defenders, but we could use a player like Granger, or a better version of him. 9 points on 9 shots versus 22 points on 13 shots - who won the matchup? Not that I don't agree that Iguodala's the slightly better player, and a way better player than Dahntay Jones, but what is the point of these comparisons? Yeah, Iguodala is such a great player that he's capable of leading a decent roster in a good year to a .500 record and a first-round loss, while Granger has only led his less talented team to a .450 record. Both are pretty good players, neither is someone you should be building around.

9 points on 9 shots versus 22 points on 13 shots - who won the matchup?

Thanks for making my argument for me. Pay no attention to the fact that one player forced the other into 7 turnovers. One player was a +7 in 41 minutes and the other was a -14 in 38 minutes. PPG, the only thing that matters.

+/- for a game is a bad stats, particularly when talking about players playing 38-40 minutes per game.

Granger could really use a great penetrator playing with him. He's an easy guy to build around. Give him a great penetrator and a post player and he's set.

Alright, second good game in a row. Really liked the starting lineup tonight, even though they only got 11 minutes together. Chance to put together the first 3-game streak of the season against Indy on Monday in philly.

Thanks for taking part guys, my wrap will be up later.

Go Thaddeus

Muddy Speightacular on Jan 23 at 21:37

Was it that long ago when we were pretty sure Brand was washed up, didn't have it anymore? Can hardly remember it.


lebron just blocked durant's layup to preserve the W in cleveland

The startering line-up worked in that they locked down Indiana to set the tone for the start of the game and 3rd quarter. Combined 20-6 to start those quarters.

freemason on Jan 23 at 22:17

Okay, Eddie really needs to adjust one more time in the starting lineup. Try it for one last time. C-Daly PF-Brand SF-Young SG-Igoudala PG-Holiday...First off, they have never experimented that lineup with Holiday at point. And last, Igoudala finally changed his "franchise player/Kobe" type of role back to his original role, which is an all around player. If we adjust Thad more into a spot up shooter/post role on offense, we're set. Also, alot more plays with the pick and rolls/pops with Holiday and Brand.

Hate rooting for the Sixers to lose but why do I have the feeling that Eddy thinks this team is better than the 6-5 record this month (easily could be 8-3) and is poised for a run at #8 spot?

because Eddy does.

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