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You Suck.

I can live with this one since you linked your name to Philly.com :)

JohnEMagee on Jan 24 at 21:59

I know I suck

Does your wife know?

The Greek on Jan 24 at 22:38

I will not stand by and watch the quality of comments degrade to that of Philly.com. I have no interest in sifting through 10 "Iggy sucks, Iverson rulz," comments to get to the next thoughtful post

lol that's hysterical, and exactly the reason that I don't read the comments portion of philly.com. Brian isn't there a way that you can just ban the trolls from commenting?

Yes, as a last resort.

I think you rule :)

I think this post sucked. You couldn't even spell "rules" correctly.

"If the whole purpose of your comment is to tell me I suck, rest assured that I know I suck and you don't need to remind me. No need for the comment to be made at all."

I'm not sure why some people have chosen to do such actions, but my guess would be that they still haven't emotionally recovered from an initial disagreement some time ago. However, if there is a point that is trying to be conveyed within these responses, they are typically delivered in a verbose, trite manner, and thus not enjoyable to read.

As for the philly.com-esque comments, I hate to see what's going to happen once the sixers become a contending team.


Thank you. I have stopped reading several blogs exactly for the reasons you list above.

I have no problem with people disagreeing with me but want reasons. And I do not read the blogs on Philly.com for the exact reason you noted.

And, just one point that we can all agree to:

Fire Jordan!

Statman on Jan 25 at 0:58

Brian, I think you are well-respected and appreciated by the majority who read your blog. It's hard work and a thankless task, because negative (personal) comments are more easily remembered than positive ones.

For what it's worth, I think the signal-to-noise ratio (to use an EE term) is still much higher here than on philly.com, and I'm glad you're taking steps to keep it that way.

Court_visioN reply to Statman on Jan 25 at 2:29

come on statman i come on this blog to AVOID school not get more of it!!! haha just messin with you.

As for the post I don't see too much of an issue on this blog... it can be MUCH worse. but i'm glad you're taking steps to keep it from degenerating into other blogs/message boards.

You rule (or at least put together a very passionate yet coherent blog). Keep up the good work.

I always assume people that don't agree with me suck. But I don't let them know that I really think they are idiots- otherwise they probably would stop talking to me...

But seriously, having posters who are looking to argue instead of discuss is a problem at every discussion board and blog. I think its appropriate to have an aggressive stance to stamp out this behavior. Its one of the advantages of a blog over a more free for all discussion board.

Brian, great Blog! Keep it up! I'll try to stay within the bounds.

bebopdeluxe on Jan 25 at 12:00

The signal-to-noise ratio is much better here than at a place like RealGM (although I think Derek and the other mods do a good job of keeping a much larger universe of posters - with a much wider standard deviation of basketball intellect - in line), and that is why I like coming here. The one thing that RealGM has, however, is the "ignore" feature...if somebody is a tool, you can simply ignore their posts. While I don't think it is as necessary here, it would help keep the clutter in line.

Every forum/blog has its condescending know-it-alls, and this blog is no different. Your efforts to get those yabos in-line is MUCH appreciated.

For me, finding this blog was just like the first time I moved from the nosebleed seats to the lower level. The comments are much more informed, and people are there for the game, not the hot dogs.

Thanks Brian.

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