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Iguodala To the Cavs?

Mo Williams......Fisher

The Cavs would have more depth, but I'm not ready to hand anything to the Cavs until I see what kind of chemistry they can develop.

JohnEMagee reply to tk76 on Jan 25 at 17:01

Well if the sixes buyout shaq and big z - the cavs have some serious big man depth

JohnEMagee on Jan 25 at 17:00

I'm just wondering aout the credibility of all these guys floating these rumors...the cavs beat writer (twitter.com/pdcavsinsider) has nothing about this - only some vague mention of amare and nothing else that's 'close'...

All the talk about the cavs move hinges on teams agreeing to buyout big z (which means cleveland should also be blackmailed into including the max 3 mil cash if you're a smart gm) - and now today there are reports that if the cavs make an 'impressive enough' move - that Lebron will sign an extension right away.

The trade deadline usually is littered with nonsense from writers on a 'normal' year and with this years whole 'free agent bonanza' it's no surprise that the rumor mill is churning at a higher more volume rate, but in the end only about 1-2% of these things are even 'real' rumors

"I'm just wondering aout the credibility of all these guys floating these rumors...the cavs beat writer (twitter.com/pdcavsinsider) has nothing about this - only some vague mention of amare and nothing else that's 'close'..."

IMO, Marc Stein and Adrian Wojnarowski have more credibility than Cavs beat writers.

JohnEMagee reply to Derek Bodner on Jan 25 at 17:13

Even about the cavs?

Who has more credibility about the sixers (i'm not being a smart ass) - Stein or Moore since Moore 'dismissed' the McGrady rumors earlier

Who breaks Sixers stories? I think Lynam broke Jordan's signing, if memory serves. What has she had to say about trade rumors?

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Jan 25 at 17:17

She also works for comcast and thus the sixers, so I never trust her to have info like that - or at least share it :)

Moores the one who reported the source and the McGrady talks which seemed to counter the ESPN noise - I tend to listen to beat writers about their own teams...i wouldn't trust windhorst on the nets but Cavs I would

True, about working for Comcast. She probably gets the scoops before anyone, but she's not going to report on rumors from sources within the team, unless there's a reason they're being leaked. Her dad is also on the staff, which muddies the water a little more, you'd think.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Jan 25 at 17:30

Probably does

Be nice to get kate on the radio show this week and ask her what she knows - she tends to be real quiet on rumors - i wonder if she lacks sources yet?

Chris reply to JohnEMagee on Jan 25 at 19:07

The way Kate gashed Jordan for his coaching decisions earlier I don't think they are going to do her any favors and give her any leads / inside info of this kind. It is a shame as she a very good job and asks the hard questions and tries to get substantive answers.

A lot of the 'leaks' are to curry favor with beat writers so the team's favorable "story" on certain issues are told.

JohnEMagee reply to Chris on Jan 25 at 21:59

My favorite show (for four seasons) was the west wing...when Aaron Sorkin wrote it, and it's often relevant to things - there was an episode where something got out that shouldn't have - and not of any malice - but just because people 'in the know' want others to know that they ARE in the know...find the right person, give em a few drinks, a little flattery and they'll spill.

3 people can keep a secret, if two are dead (paraphrasing)...there's some one in the sixer organization who would spill on 'deep cover' or 'unnamed sources' just to have the ability to do so.

Hell, some guy at realgm (not SF1976) used to get inside information from a friend on the training staff (i figured out it was a trainer after the fact)...people who know love to share

I have a feeling this is all going to end awkwardly.

i would be so sad if iguodala left. i would understand the move if brand was with him but god damnit i dont want to be the franchise that gives its best players away because they wont be competing for a while. i am somewhat expecting something big to happen before the deadline, i just hope it wont set us back too far.

Sad thing is, first game back the Philly I doubt he'll draw a packed house of even much of a reaction one way or the other.

It'd be a full house to see LeBron, most likely.

That's a good point.

"More likely, they'd wind up landing Favors and Joe Johnson for way too much money."

So again, I'm a terrible capologist so I don't know if there's some rule that precludes you from just sitting on your cap space, but if Joe Johnson was the big get, I'd rather sit on our money and hope to get our star in future drafts, supposing we didn't get Wall. No team built around Joe Johnson will ever win a Finals, of that I'm sure. And we'd overpay and never have the money for a bigger star.

JohnEMagee reply to Tray on Jan 25 at 18:50

You can sit on your money - but if you factor in raises on contracts - extensions to thaddeus young (if you give him one) or a cap hold - you maybe don't have as much cap room the next season.

When the sixers signed Elton Brand (as it's been explained to me) with other contracts, and Iguodalas new deal, they wouldn't have had that cap room the next year?

Rich reply to Tray on Jan 25 at 18:56

That would be terrible. Most likely landing a big star would depend on getting Wall IF this happened, but Stefanski better have Brand's contract leaving town if he feels Iguodala is expendable.

The Cavs would be amazing too. Mike Brown is a very good defensive coach and can you imagine the big/small lineups they could have. If a team goes small, let Parker play 2 and slide Iguodala to the 3 and LeBron to the 4 with Sammy. No one would score on them.

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