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Hello Again, Indy

JohnEMagee on Jan 25 at 18:33

Also of note, Jordan deactivated Jason Kapono, re-activated Royal Ivey. So no chance of Kapono tonight.

So sayeth Fagan

Nice. Can't wait 'til Ivey takes minutes away from Jrue.

Same starters for the Sixers. Pacers are going small with their starters, Granger at the four and Murphy at the five.

Granger guarding Brand, huh? Expect a zone right away.

And we're off!

AI9 in the post on the first play. God, they shoul kille them on the glass tonight.

EB starting the scoring off. I have a feeling we'll see more of that.

They're clogging the paint, but they don't have a shot blocking presence in there. It's just small bodies.

I really don't get the whole Troy Murphy thing.

No defense, decent rebounding, shoots threes. That pretty much sums him up.

Sick feed, sick dunk. JH to EB.

Jrue for three, nice find by Iverson off baseline dribble penetration.

Jrue to EB lob over the top for the dunk. Sweet.

It should be really hard for Indy to wind up with a size mismatch w/ this lineup. Still trying to figure out how Iverson wound up on Granger on that last play.

Attaboy, EB.

Jrue's shot looks pure tonight.

Pretty backdown by AI9 that time.

Iverson's getting exposed a little on the defensive end.

Rich reply to Brian on Jan 25 at 19:28

A little? :)

Jrue's in scoring mode right now. Did you see EJ smirk on that pull-up jumper by Granger?


Jrue gets fouled leading into the TV break, he's at the line coming out of it. Means Jordan can't sit him yet. Heady move by the rook. :)

there's that damned ad for sixers kids camps. gets me every time. how could people do that to their kids?

He's not scoring, but Iggy's aggressiveness has lead to good things on the boards against these midgets.

looks like Carney and Lou are in at the next whistle.

Bad call right there, see you in the third, Jrue.

I think Lou will take a step up in the terrible defenders hierarchy if Price lights him up again.

Why walk the ball up the floor when you had a chance at a two-for-one?

Overall, strong start to the quarter, weak finish.

Up by 4 after one.

Iverson had a really nice quarter, 4/5 from the floor, 4 assists.

Well, Jrue had a nice quarter. Would like to see more, as always...

I think you jinxed Iverson, Brian, in a good way. 4/5 shooting, 4 assists, 1 turnover.

I was thinking the same thing :)

Jrue & AI have gone nuts on offense.Jrue must play at least 30 minutes tonight.

I wish.

I think those changes O'Brien made were more about getting Hibbert in there when Sammy was on the bench than how his starters would match up.

It'll be interesting to see how this unit defends. They were excellent against the same squad the other night.

Looking pretty good so far. Indy is hapless defensively, this unit is pretty much just taking turns abusing them.

Speights is just a scoring machine.

this 2nd unit does not defend. they are scoring pretty well 2 nite though. get the starters back in there except speights

Problem with this second group. Miss a couple shots, and the game swings very quickly.

10-0 run for the Pacers.

eddie let indy get back in it.

He should really come back with the starters for the rest of this half right now.

EJ maybe should've taken a TO earlier, and this lineup is probably not a good idea, but that happened really fast. They were playing well. Not really on him as a coach, beyond playing a zero defense lineup.

I have no idea why Sam and Jrue didn't come back in right there. No idea whatsoever.

No defense, no rebounding.

willie green not looking horrible on d

Jrue back in. And then Sam.

EB wit tha J

What a pass by Jrue to AI9 for the slam+1

61.5% from the floor and only up by 3. That's not exactly what I'd call a strong defensive half.

Need to extend the minutes for the starters in the second half.

Up by three at the half, 56 points allowed, Indy 5/12 from three.

Granger had his way w/ the bench and then Brand in the second quarter. He's up to 18 points.

Sixers traded baskets, then just conceded them. So to break the Pacers run EJ brings in AI?


Nice defensive play by Jrue followed by a poor play on the Head drive.

if elton got his old rebounding form back while sammy and iggy maintain their numbers this team would be unstoppable on the boards.

Terrible turnover by Jrue there.

good one iggy we need a bucket

Jrue's coming out. 3:49 in the second half.

Come on EB, we need that board.

AI looks horrible on both ends... so you bench Jrue.

Not a lot of points in transition tonight.

They're +5 on us in fast break points.

Why does AI9 not just go strong there? He always dribbles out of the lane.

Down four heading into the fourth. Wonderful.

They need to have Brand or Speights in and operating at the FT line to loosen the collapsed defense.

Lou and Willie run no offense whatsoever. I hate it.

Gotta take out Thad (and Lou and Green)

Bring in Sam and Jrue. Maybe play some defense and close down the lane?

Not likely, EJ's answer to every problem is a 20 foot jumper. Expect AI.

AI & Speights?

WTF EFJ!!!! Put in Jrue.........I swear, it is too hard to watch this POS team. I hope they trade Lou, otherwise more minutes for Louuuuuuu. The fuck outta here.

So I guess there is no 5 sec rule. he called that T.O. after holding the ball for NINE seconds.

I think it's only if you're backing a guy down in the post.

asdfasfs on Jan 25 at 20:59

Thad is nothing more than a spot up rotation player (role player).

haha i love mark zumoff trying to sell the all you can eat tickets. mommy i want, daddy i want, and suddenly its..its all you can eat!

still can't get it around my head why lou williams is in right now. he's such a bad defender it's remarkable.

Wow, do I hate Jordan.

At least Brand's grabbing some boards now.

put jrue in for lou

sdafdsfa on Jan 25 at 21:03

The only excitment I get from the Sixers is observing Holiday, and yes indeed Jamie Maggio.

go AI3!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That whistle was about 5 seconds late.

Huge play by Brand to block it and then AI9 to break it free and knock it off the Pacers.

Great play Iguodala.

Granger pushes off pretty much every time. Not sure why they let him get away with it.

Alvin reply to Brian on Jan 25 at 21:33

He's a star, remember? Star calls.

Obvious foul on the Iverson drive

lou keeps getting beat WTF i seriously dont see how our coach doesnt see that

Lou's a stud on defense.

Good to see Iguodala being aggressive instead of settling for jumpers. It's a shame they don't have a prayer of getting a stop on the other end.

Lou Williams/AI defensive backcourt to close the game! Dahntay Jones scoring at will! Eddie Jordan Everyone! Here comes Williw!


Yep. Offense finally got hot, but it didn't matter because we were just trading hoops.

Willie and Iverson in the back court for the most important defensive possession of the game.

And that's it. Defense and rebounding.

nice coaching ed put willie on dahntay jones and leave ai getting beat by dribble penetration.

Allen Iverson Louis Williams

4 I's
1 Me
No D

21 minutes exactly for Sam, again.

Jesse reply to Brian on Jan 25 at 21:27

Yes but at least Thad got over 31 minutes and put up a really solid performance

Iverson 17 shots for the "heart and soul of this Sixers team- per EJ)
Jrue 16 minutes


Iguodala took a shot for the big macs. missed it.

I was wondering why he shot that... then the boos.

I hope we pick ahead of Indiana. But I doubt it.

EJ hates defense.

Man, what a horrible game.

The bad news: The Sixers lost.

The good news: The Pacers won.

I can't understand why Jordan refused to play two big men for most (all?) of the 4th quarter. Lou and Iverson are terrible defenders, but at least if you're going to play them have two big guys guarding the paint. Instead he left Thad in. I'd even rather have Speights.

Thad was getting after it. 3/12 from the floor. 4 boards in 31 minutes.

Silly me for thinking Jrue starting would mean the end of the Lou/AI "starting backcourt."

i can't wait to hear what eddie jordan says when a reporter asks why he didn't sub out lou williams earlier after he was contantly getting beat. he did get our defensive stopper willie green in there after a while though, and that worked our really well..

Thaddeus Young does not block shots. Ever. Nor does he alter drivers' shots. Why is he a power forward?

JohnEMagee reply to Jesse on Jan 25 at 21:48

Because the sixers are idiots - he's a small forward playing out of position

Ok I'm done

jesus christ.

reporter: did you think about going to sammy in the 4th just to clog up the lane?

eddie jordan: umm, no.

JohnEMagee reply to Tyler on Jan 25 at 21:49

Has anyone seen the movie Eddie (i've seen it repeatedly, it's just so ridiculously silly and awesome) - I swear the sixers should fire joran and go with the raffle theory of coaching the team every game - even away game - i'm sure fans of other teams could coach this team better

So far in the last week EJ has publicly stated:

1. AI is the heart and soul of THIS team (not referring to 5 years ago.)

2. AI is the only player on the team with a good attitude.

... sou the Sixers future can be summed uo in 2 letters: AI. Sort of like 12 years ago.

JohnEMagee reply to tk76 on Jan 25 at 21:52

He said AI is the only player on the team with a good attitude huh?

Anyone read the article from Kate Fagan today wheere she indicated that someone close to the team told her the team was doomed before game one because of Joran.

I'm not sure this guy ever 'had' the team, but his poor treatment and substitution patterns that make no sense guarantee he's probably lost them.

At this point, I don't want Stefanski to put one more fingerprint on this franchise....he must go...and then firing Joran is easily justified

EJ postgame: Dehanty Jones Jones just "had a a game out there."

Amazing what happens when you go with a Lou/AI backcourt.

EJ also commented on "wanting to get them back on the other end."

Translation: I wanted to trade baskets instead of going with defense.

JohnEMagee reply to tk76 on Jan 25 at 22:03

I really think Stefanski might WANT to fire him - but he has to figure out a way to do it WITHOUT linking it to his job - now - if Joran keeps saying things to alienate the entire roster - he could make it easier for Stef

It would be much easier to just fire Greenberg... I mean Stefanski.

Tyler reply to tk76 on Jan 25 at 22:18

if we lose to the nets he has to get fired...right?

I'm going to that game. I'd really, really love to be there for the game that finally prompts Stefanski to fire Jordan. I can't physically root for them to lose, but if they do, maybe there will be the best silver lining ever.

You are a better man than me.

JohnEMagee reply to tk76 on Jan 25 at 22:23

Well yeah, but that's why Stef looks for the out...savvy business men save their ass

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