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Time To Kill?

Haha...I was just doing the same thing. It took me about 12 I guess. But it was worth it! Even a mock-pick of Wall was enough to get me excited!

JohnEMagee on Jan 26 at 12:01

At this time I would be comfortable with Turner and Wes as well when the sixers don't get the #1 pick

The Pacers project to take another lumbering big man huh Chaddy?

I'm turning into a pretty big Cousins fan. I'll have a full write-up hopefully this weekend. I have to find out more about him the competitor and person, though. I've heard some people say the rep he's gotten is largely overblown.

JohnEMagee reply to Derek Bodner on Jan 26 at 12:05

I'd be interested in the 'history' of cousins reputation - if it's mostly high school stuff that he's straightened out since he got to college - or finally to the right school - that's not as bad as say 'stealing computers' while you're at uconn :)

PS - what does DE folk think about that dude from texas who used to weight 400 lbs these days?

Pittman? He's been atrocious lately. If he had any hope of a first round shot he's playing himself out of it, IMO. I'm not a fan, but I can't speak for Jonathan or any of the rest. Way too many holes in his game. He's improved a ton, but he's still a mediocre defensive rebounder, and I'm not sure I see his shotblocking carrying over to the NBA, and his lack of range is still an issue.

JohnEMagee reply to Derek Bodner on Jan 26 at 12:20

Yeah, after the UNC game I liked him as a mid second round pick only but DE was popping him into low first round - maybe he'll adjust again...

The Greek reply to Derek Bodner on Jan 26 at 12:07

Cousins is a beast, plays very angry which is a good thing. But his attitude has been compared to that of D.C. which isn't a good thing.

Court_visioN on Jan 26 at 12:37

took me 6 tries whoohoo!


At least they got Wes most of the time.

18x... Got the 2nd pic 3 x.

Odds of getting Wall (double weighted lottery):

Nets: 1 in 4
T-Wolves: 1:4
#3: 1 in 6.5… Sixers 1 game ahead
#4: 1 in 8.5
#5: 1 in 11
#6: 1 in 19
#7: 1 in 35
#8: 1 in 60… Sixers 1/2 game behind

typo, #2 (Wolves) 1:5

bdownbear on Jan 26 at 14:13

It took me 6x........Sweeeet!!! I can't wait till the lottery.

Got Wall on my 1st try

Fourth try.

JohnEMagee on Jan 26 at 14:47

Hey - this is a good a place as any to start any kind of draft discussion I would think. Fact is, even with the worst record, the sixers are unlikely to get the #1 pick (and yes the NBA draft lottery is broken, but that's a different discussion :) - and David Stern is unlikely to rig the lottery like he did for Cleveland for the sixers ;)

So who do people like...I thought I liked Cole Aldrich after seeing hi play one game but the more I watch him the more lumbering, unathletic, slow and poorly conditioned he looks to me (seeing him get winded in games really is concerning to me)

I haven't had a chance to watch Evan Turner play yet (stupid west coast regional games and not haveing B10 network) but his numbers look like he's a scoring kind of guy the sixers can use. Johnson at syracuse as well but he's a forward I think.

I'm not as deep in to college ball as someone like Derek and am just interested in who others like

Rich reply to JohnEMagee on Jan 26 at 15:20

I've heard Turner compared to Roy before but I don't exactly like that one. He's not as smooth of a scorer as Roy is, his jumper is not as good (31 percent from three), and I think a little change in holding the ball on his FT's would do him wonders, but that's just me. The one thing that he does have that Roy can do is the ability to iso at the end of the game and get his team a good shot, whether it is for him or his teammates. He likes to drive it a little more than Roy does now in the NBA, but maybe he will change his game.

The other thing is that everything else is there. The rest of his game reminds me a lot of Andre Iguodala. Maybe he's not all the way there yet, but his rebounding is rediculous. He can pass it and his high TO numbers are due to no other real ball handlers and guys like Buford who can score but like to iso and be set-up. His toughness is crazy too with coming off the back injury so fast. I like his game a lot.

Brandon Roy with better defense is probably a pretty good comparison. He's similar to Iguodala in that he's not a great jump shooter and a good overall player with above average defense and court vision for his position, but he's a much better ballhandler than Andre, a much better finisher, and has a better first step. He's probably a better midrange shooter, too.

Hard to say on his defense, as it's very tough to gauge the transition, but he certainly has the tools and desire to be at least good, if not in Iguodala's league.

Statman reply to Derek Bodner on Jan 26 at 16:51

but he's a much better ballhandler than Andre, a much better finisher, and has a better first step.

This might be one of those semantic things again, but what does it mean that he's a "much better finisher" than Iguodala? If inside FG% is any indication, Iguodala was the best finisher in the NBA last year. So are you saying Turner would immediately step into the NBA and be among the best finishers in the league?

Meaning he has much better body control and is better at finishing after contact.[

Inside FG% != finisher. Iguodala's one of (if not the) best in the game in transition. That does not mean he's one of the best finishers (at least in how I defined it, and how I used it to describe Turner).

And even if inside fg% was a good stat to represent the skills I was referring to (which, IMO, it's not), last year's inside FG% was an aberration that Iguodala is generally not near that level of effectiveness.

Inside FG% is a statistic, not a skillset. It's why I generally don't approve means of evaluation based purely on statistics in basketball any moreso than I approve a means of evaluation based without statistics.

(I think baseball advanced statistics do a MUCH better job of isolating cause and effect, and hence provide a much better tool for player evaluation, but that's an entirely different subject).

Statman reply to Derek Bodner on Jan 26 at 17:27

That does not mean he's one of the best finishers (at least in how I defined it, and how I used it to describe Turner).

Fair enough; I honestly didn't know how you were defining it, which is why I asked. When I hear the word "finisher" in a basketball context, I think of someone who gets the ball on a fastbreak and dunks it, e.g., Dr. J or Worthy (or Iguodala). Conversely, I don't think of Iverson circa 2001 as a finisher, but he would be under your definition, which is fine. Thanks for clarifying.

My initial post probably should have been clearer.

Turner probably has a more diversified repertoire of ways to finish in the lane (drive, floater, fade away, etc.) Iguodala has the athleticism to dunk, finish a layup with either hand and occasionally his a short jumper.

Iguodala can get score at a high percentage inside without a wide array of moves because he is an elite athlete even compared to other NBA players. Turner will be more in need of the complete package when he moves up a level of competition.

Looking back over several years drafts seem to vary a lot in terms of overall talent level.

Is this year like Duncan's draft, where it is wall or bust? Or is this closer to Lebron's year, where there were many stars and one superstar?

Obviously you grab Wall if you ever get the chance, but after that I like Wes Johnson as the best fit for this team. Length, athleticism and above all else a shot-maker. Perfect wing partner for Iguadala. I like Turner, but he strikes me as more of a needs-the-ball-in-his-hands type player, whereas Wes Johnson can come off screens and stretch defenses. Both should be ok defensively, and Turner is obviously the greater injury concern. So in the end, I prefer Johnson for us, though I admit Turner has the chance to be the kind of player you can't believe you passed on.

took me 6 tries to get wall. weird though because 3 out of the 6 the pistons had the number 1 overall pick, and if that's true that wouldn't be so bad because they would probably fuck it up again by picking another foreigner

bdownbear on Jan 26 at 17:50

C-Dalembert PF-Brand SF-Igoudala SG-Turner(selected)PG-Holiday.....Bench-Young Speights Korver(signed MLE)......Thats only if we somehow could trade Lou, Kapono, and Green for expirings. But could that lineup contend in the east? You have defense starting and then some offense off the bench with the right coach.

deepsixersuede on Jan 26 at 18:37

Can Favors or Cousins become a dominant center? Favors doesn!t get many touches because of Lawal but he doesn!t force things either. Cousins is a beast but is staying in shape gonna be an issue for him. Turner seems like the 2nd best player, to me, without a doubt, he IS the p.g. for Ohio State.

the only concern i have for cousins (only saw him 2x this year, but based on what i saw), he is not comitted to defense. he looks like he has the physical ability. he is also a great shotblocker. but his post defense seems like it neeeds work. it might be correctable because he already has great size, but if speights is going to be a starter in the future, i am not sure about that 4/5 combo defensively.

JohnEMagee reply to zig on Jan 26 at 22:44

No one who comes out of college is perfect, Speights doesn't play defense out of college (and still doesn't) - ability combined with effort - if cousins has the ability and will put forth the effort - he'll excel.

I see a lot of zone in college this year.

i think people are overlooking xavier henry in this draft. he is a good player on a good team. he also plays off the ball really well. a 6-7 shooting guard fills this teams needs. hes also one of the best shooters in the lottery this year.

assuming the sixers don't get wall, i think shooting guard with turner or henry is the way to go. none of the centers in this draft really get me that excited. alabi out of fsu is probably the best, but hes young and quite the project.

deepsixersuede reply to person on Jan 26 at 23:35

A scoring, shooting and good defending wing is , in my opinion, the biggest need. Henry is the 3rd choice for me after Turner and Johnson.The good thing is he may be there if we go on our typical late run and get a pick 8 to 12 though if we move Sam and Iggy we don!t have to worry about that.

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