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SixersBeat Tonight, Free Ticket Contest

JohnEMagee on Jan 28 at 16:38

Was hoping you'd get that super secret surprise guest you were endeavoring - make quite a splashy show I'm sure.

Ah well.

Kobe Bryant needs 72 points to be the all time lakers scorer - does Coach Joran have the ability to help Kobe make that number in his home town?

Does inserting Holiday into the starting line up actually represent anything significant if he's still not getting more than 15 minutes when he starts? (Sure I guess the DNP CD is worse, but still)

What record at the end of the season do the sixers have to have to get Joran fired?

shouldn't you drop all the d's from any sentence containing Jordan's name?

"What recor at the en of the season o the sixers have to have to get joran fire?"

Thanks for the Q's, I'll a them to the show's agena.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Jan 28 at 16:48

But then we'd have a surplus of D's and have to put Thursday Next on the case and the space time continuum would compress

bdownbear on Jan 28 at 17:20

I love Holiday but he has no chance with Kobe tomorrow night.

JohnEMagee reply to bdownbear on Jan 28 at 17:21

This would be one of those games where it would be smart to start the Holiday Iguodala back court - Iguodala on Bryant is a better match up and Holiday can bitch slap derek fisher

What do you think are the chances of Dileo being coach if (hopefully when) jordan gets fired? I know after the blowout in the last game of the playoffs it seemed like no one would want him but he actually did a pretty good job with the end of the season and would be much better then the current coach.

Good question. I'll add it.

Here's my question: if you wind up shipping AI9 plus other assets for either Stoudamire or McGrady, how do you, as management, present that move to what's left of your fanbase?

JohnEMagee reply to Vaughn on Jan 28 at 18:05

You lie to them and tell them you need to take a step backwards before you go forwards and that you want to build around your young core and Iguodala was blocking their development, and you can use the 'assets' obtained in the Iguodala trade going forward to build a championship contender.

Or smething like that

Tray reply to JohnEMagee on Jan 28 at 19:39

"You lie to them and tell them you need to take a step backwards before you go forwards"

Not necessarily a lie. How did the Hornets explain trading away Baron Davis, just 25 at the time, for Dale Davis and Speedy Claxton, making their leading scorer for the remainder of that season Lee Nailon? They said they were rebuilding. And indeed, they got Chris Paul in that year's draft. I'd say that worked out very well for them.

Baron Davis also missed 83 games in three seasons (including the season in which he was traded), which may have had something to do with moving him. Plus, if the Hawks weren't morons, that rebuilding effort wouldn't have landed them jack in the draft.

Tray reply to Brian on Jan 28 at 20:02

If they had been really smart they still could've picked Danny Granger : ) Now that's the kind of player this team really needs. But seriously, if we tanked now, we'd do better than 4th in the lottery, right? Also, supposing that Paul had been gone at 4th and the Hornets had taken Marvin - he was quite a well-regarded prospect at the time, they still wouldn't have been any good the next year, and thereby could've landed Brandon Roy, perhaps, or Rudy Gay. And if that draft hadn't gone well for them, there would've been '07. What you keep missing is that rebuilding isn't a one-shot deal. If you screw up the one draft, you'll be bad again and get another crack at landing a star. Of course, some teams occasionally screw it up year after year. Chicago had a run of lottery picks that went Fizer, Curry (Eddy), Tyson Chandler, Jay Williams, Hinrich, Deng, Tyrus Thomas. But we tend to draft a lot better than that.

It's a weighted lottery. Any of the bottom 5 teams have a decent shot at a top 3 pick. But once you start dropping past 5 or six you have almost no shot at a top 3 pick.

JohnEMagee reply to Tray on Jan 28 at 19:45

Well the hornets situation has similarities - but everyone knew shinn was a cheap bastard slashing payroll and looking for a way out of charlotte and or the team...

JohnEMagee on Jan 28 at 18:30

Obviously you could talk about Coach throwing everyone under the buss a couple days ago and then the response from Iguodala.


Please discuss your thoughts on guys getting after each other at practice the other day.
What do you think this means in the long run (the rest of this season)?

AaronMcKie4MVP on Jan 29 at 11:38

Hi Brian. i am a first time poster here. im tired of having my questions flat out ignored on my old blog.

1) i have heard that Aaron McKie is next in line to be interim coach when EJ inevitably gets axed. is this true? what do you think of McKie as a coach? i loved his leadership and work ethic as a player. also, he is one of those liflong Philly guys ( alough this didnt work out for O'Brien).

2) i just want to let you know my feelings on iguodala. i really cant stand the guy. i never wanted to sign him. thought it was a mistake. knew that we would never be anything better than mid-tier team (in a weak East) with him as our top dog. A guy like that is better suited for a team that can afford to pay $14mm to a very good role player. teams are crazy to pay a guy that number who cant take control in crunch time.

1. I like McKie and I'd give him a shot as the interim if/when Jordan gets canned. Not sure if he's the heir apparent in the GM's eyes, but I hope so.

2. I disagree on Iguodala, but that's pretty obvious if you've read here for a while. I get where you're coming from. One thing about "taking over" in the fourth quarter that you have to keep in mind is that scoring isn't the only way to take over in a game. Crashing the glass, pushing the break, defending the other team's best scorer so he can't take the game over...Iguodala does all of these things, and he takes on more overall responsibility for the team when the game is on the line. He's probably not the guy you want taking all the shots for you down the stretch, but I can't think of too many other guys in the league who are capable of taking over all other aspects of the game when it's needed. That's valuable.

AaronMcKie4MVP on Jan 29 at 13:10

i hear you on Iguodala's other attributes. let me rephrase.... the makes too many bad plays at the end of games - mostly im referring to just bad choice of shots. i mean, we have lost a lot of close games in the past 2 seasons. i have a slew of memories of 19ft poorly selected jumpers and maybe 1 or 2 plays where he got it done. and even generally, in the first 3 quarters, i have always felt he makes a lot of bad plays.

maybe he fits well on plenty of other teams where he can let others make the decisions. but i dont think that type of roll ever warrants $14mm for a team that funtions within the salary cap. i would be interested in seeing what other 2-player combinations of $35mm (roughly Brand/Iguodala) exist in the league. and seeing where they rank versus ours.

Well, Brand + Iguodala = $27M, not $35M. And just a quick glance tells me 14 or 15 teams in the league have two players combining to make at least $23M who produce less than Iguodala and Brand.

It will continue to escalate. And saying other teams have worse duos making that kind of money does not make things better for the Sixers.

Also, out of curiosity, how many of those 15 other teams have those players on the books beyond next season... and would you want to root for any of those teams?

Sorry, not trying to pick a fight.

AaronMcKie4MVP on Jan 29 at 16:01

Brian , thanks for the response. i guess i was thinking in terms of average salary. after checking the numbers, iguodala's avergae for the life of the contract is $15mm and brand's is around $17mm. so $32mm, ok my $35 was a little off.

here are the tandem possibilities of at least $20mm that i found by going through the numbers team by team. its too time consuming to compare average annual salary so i used the current salary number of $27mm for the Sixers.

i list any tandems i can find over $20mm. I explain the dotted line later. where there is more than 1 possibility (i.e. chicago), i tried to use the worst combo. here is the source:


SIXERS - Iggy/brand ~ $27mm
knicks - larry hughes /eddy curry ~ $23mm
golden state - Monta Ellis / Beidrins ~ $20mm
clippers - baron davis / Kaman ~ $22mm
lakers - gasol/bynam ~ $28mm
suns - amare/ J Rich ~ $29mm
Detroit - Ben Gordon/ Rip ~ $21mm
indiana - granger/murphy ~ $21mm
Bucks - Redd/Bogut ~$27mm
spurs - jefferson / ginobli ~ $24mm
hawks - joe johnson / crawford ~ $25mm
charlotte - chandler / diaw ~ $21mm
wash - jamison/mike miller ~$21mm
denver - hilario/kenyon ~ $25mm
utah - boozer/kirilenko ~$28mm
Bulls - Brad Miller / heinrich ~$22mm
cavs - Illguskas / Shaq ~ $33mm
dallas - Dampier/Terry ~ $21mm
houston - mcgrady/battier ~ $30mm
memphis - randolph/jaric ~ $23mm
miami - o'neal/richardson ~ $32mm
orlando - carter/nelson ~$24mm
hornets - okafur / peja ~ $23mm

at first glance, it looks like our guys stack up pretty well. there looks to be a lot of crappy contracts out there. but, i think to do a fair analysis, you need to look closer.

1) obviously any group containing an aged superstar looks bad. they just get paid well more than their worth at this point in their career. This is not a fair comparison. Certainly when they signed those guys, they were far more productive than our guys at signing. So im ignoring Houston, Cleveland, Orlando (Vince), Miami (Jermaine O' Neal).

2) Many of these pairs are a few years in on the contract and therefore are not going to grow by much. So our $27mm is understated versus most other pairs (as i said, Iggy/Brand average annaul salary is $32). Therefore, it is silly to compare our tandem to the older contract pairs in the low $20mm range. For example, Dampier/Terry is obviously terrible at $21mm. But this is the max point of these contracts... How can I compare this to Iggy/Brand who will rake in $30mm in 2012? Of course they are better. The two pairs are not market comparables. Year 1 at $27mm cant be compared to yr 5 at $21mm - too extreme. I am removing Bulls, Memphis, Hornets, and Dallas for this reason.

This leaves 15 teams (including Sixers) to look at. The 15 are represented in the list above the dotted line. As you can see, a fair number of pairs are $20-$23mm. $4-$7mm per year is not rounding error. This amount of extra cash could mean a difference maker. Taking the extra cash into account and the obviously better Lakers/Suns combos, I think we are closer to the bottom of the list of 15. I prefer our situation to the Knicks, Charlotte, Golden State and Denver. but i think that may be it. By the way, 3 of these teams are better! LOL

Love to hear your thoughts

AaronMcKie4MVP on Jan 29 at 16:08

TK76. not trying to pick a fight at all. i think it helps the discussion to post real data and discuss our opinions. so i spent the time in my previous post.

im not just blindly bashing. im trying to illustrate the point that our management stinks. And, relative to the rest of the league, it still stinks. We need to be the Oakland A's of the NBA if we want to compete. we are 23rd in the NBA in total salary. we will never overspend in aggregate and pay the tax. so why do it on 1 player? stupid. we only have to make a handful of huge signing decisions every 10 years. we need to do better.

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