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Finally, Some Good News

Of the two you proposed, I like the Clippers one better. One of the reasons being I don't really care to see Amare on this team. Of course, the sixers need to commit to the idea that Jordan doesn't belong coaching here. Having Amare, or any other big name offensive player creates a distraction and gives Jordan (and Stefanski) a second chance to prove themselves.

The clippers trade is more humble and basically asures the firing of the coach ( I can't see them winning many more games). I like Eric Gordan, namely his shooting and upside. I also like the idea of having two draft options potentially in the top ten.

As you mentioned, it would clear a lot of cap space for the 2011 off season. This might be enough time for the new roster to be evaluated and give the GM a better idea of what is missing (notice I said GM and not Stefanski).

Also, in a slightly comical and skewed way, you could look at the Clippers trade as us getting Brand in return for Iguodala.

deepsixersuede on Feb 3 at 7:15

I think with the financial situation with this team draft picks have to come back in any deal. Minn. to me could be a late entrant because they have cap room this summer and really, who is gonna go there? Sam and Iggy both fit there and a package of 2 of their 3 #1 picks along with Ellington and Expirings may intrigue them. Brian, you keep mentioning that late 1st rounders are worthless but if we have money to sign the guy than they have value. Like Sam a few years ago there are some raw defensive bigs in this draft from the 20 to 30 range and giving Deleo 3 picks works for me.By the way, if your the Timberwolves, who have been starting R.Hollins and bringing Love off the bench, how does this starting 5 look; J.Flynn, E.Turner, Iggy, [Jefferson/Love], Sam ; not bad.

Gordon's a terrific young player, and underrated defensively. I don't see the clips moving him, and I certainly don't see them throwing in a first round pick as well.

Seems to me that Sacramento and the Sixers have a lot of parts that could be interchanged; however, not sure if either team would be better after an exchange.
Hawes, Martin, Caspri Greene, Rodriguez. A lot of softness but offensive skills there. I'm sure J. Thompson is not available.
They'd love to add a Sammy to protect the basket or an Iggy for defense. Lou might fit with Evans in the backcourt.
Not sure I'd trust Ed S to out smart Petrie in a trade though.

JohnEMagee on Feb 3 at 9:49

I admire your optimism and the spin coming from sixers land...I don't buy it, but I admire their attempt to spin it. I still think their biggest fear is the 2011 tax and Stef has a mandate to get under it as soon as possible.

As for your Iguodala Brand trade Brian, sorry, if someone take Brand (considered the most untradeable contract in the NBA, even more so than Arenas) off the sixers hand, Iguodala is the incentive to do so, if you get expirings a rookie who might have some up side and a second round pick you got a good deal.

question dudes,

how do we like wesley johnson. guy is a monster, quick, explosive. how we feelin about him?

JohnEMagee reply to Shawn on Feb 3 at 10:30

Syracuse gets on national (ESPN) much more this year than OSU - so I've seen a lot more of Johnson, I'm a big fan of what I've seen.

Though I hate so many teams playing zone in college

JohnEMagee on Feb 3 at 10:29

Iverson won't be playing tonight 'personal reasons'

Tom Moore on Feb 3 at 10:36

Sixers just sent a release that Iverson won't play tonight vs. Bulls because of an illness to one of his children. Would think that means starting Holiday and Williams in the backcourt. Release says they expect Iverson to play Friday in New Orleans.

So that means 44 minutes for Green and 10 for Holiday :) Or will they activate Ivey to get PT in place of Jrue?

BTW, am I the only one who gets more excited to see a game without AI. I guess its because they are less likely to go small and Jrue should get legit PT.

Tom Moore on Feb 3 at 11:06

Allows you to see players who are likely to be with the team next year -- and are part of the Sixers' future.

JohnEMagee reply to Tom Moore on Feb 3 at 11:13

If part of the sixers future involves lou williams starting or willie green playing 30 minutes per game - the future is bleak

Brian, I had kicked around the Iguodala for Gordon/Camby idea a few weeks ago. It is reasonable in terms of a deal that clears big contracts in return for young talent. I think Iguodalal is clearly the best player, but at least you are not simply dumping him, and it gives you the chance to add another good piece through trade or FA in 2011.

I doubt the Clips would do that deal, but Iguodala and Davis would be a nice fit.

JohnEMagee reply to tk76 on Feb 3 at 11:46

All reports that eminate out of LA sources are that the Clippers really aren't looking to trade Camby, more far fetched reports and speculations are that the Clips would be a nice landing spot for Lebron and they want to take their shot (which I don't buy).

There's a lot of chaos in Clipperland (as usual) and Mike Dunleavy is in charge but possibly also on the way out, I wouldn't expect a major move like that from them until some of the 'greater' chaos is settled to Sterlings liking.

Some good wins for bad teams last night.

Half full or empty the Sixers are now tied for the NBA's 4th worts... or 7th worst record.

It looks like 4-9 are going to be close. That is a huge difference in lottery odds and the talent level for draft picks.

My hunch is that they finish with the 8th worst record. I'd be much more happy if the had the 3rd or 4th. That should get them a top 5 pick, which gives you a dramatically better chance of landing a superstar- which is what is really needed to remake this franchise. It would make everyone else on the team that much better- especially Iguodala.

I've posted this before, but its a really good read:


Over 20 years through 2004:

picks 1-5 19 superstars (but 8 #1)/33 busts!
Picks 6-10: 4 superstars/40 busts!
Picks 11-14: 3 superstars/37 busts

Shows how difficult it is to hit gold in the draft. Amazing how many busts there have been even amongst top 5 picks.

Wish the data was updated a few more years.

Brian, I admire you for your ability to balance homerism with objectivity, but those two deals you have proposed seem kind of absurd to me. No way the other teams involved would even consider them.

You expect the Clippers to give up a nice chunk of expiring contracts (one of whom is their best interior defender), their best young asset (Gordon) AND a likely mid-lottery pick just so they can get their hands on AI9 and LouWill??

Look, I think as highly of AI9 as you do, but I think even the incompetent Clips front office hangs up the phone on this deal waaaay before you do. I could maybe seem them willing to make a deal like this if no draft picks were involved.

Moving to the next deal...you think Sacto is gonna part with a 2011 lottery pick for the right to exchange Kenny Thomas and Nocioni for SammyD? I know they need interior D but that's just a bad move for a team that cannot compete in the west anytime soon.

Then you have the Suns moving Amare, Richardson and a #1 (granted, a later pick) for Iguodala, one expiring contract and one albatross contract. Maybe--I guess they don't hang up the phone laughing like Sacto and the Clips--but I still don't see why they make this deal. Much as I think AI9 would blow the F up with Nash as his PG, I can't see them including the draft pick when they are taking on Nocioni's contract and giving up more talent than they are getting.

Giving that you would make these deals reluctantly or not at all, I can only hope for your safety and sanity if the Sixers do wind up moving AI9, because the return won't be nearly as big as you propose...

That's kind of my point, if the Sixers aren't really raping another team, it doesn't make sense.

In the second deal, I think Phoenix would jump at it. They'd save a ton of money, get Iguodala and Nocioni's deal isn't bad at all right now. He's signed for less money than Richardson and the third year of his deal is a team option, meaning they'd cut him after next season.

And I like Gordon, but he'll never be the all around player Iguodala is, he'll never be close. He's a better shooter, and a decent defender, but he doesn't contribute much elsewhere. Iguodala moves the Clippers forward a lot more than Gordon at his absolute best does IMO. And Camby is an expiring deal, being an interior defender doesn't come into play at all. They aren't going to the playoffs this season and he won't be there next year.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Feb 3 at 12:28

I still fear the 'get under the tax' imperative as it gets closer and closer to the 18th deadline...if stefanski has a mandate to get under a certain 2011 salary committment - that could lead to a real bad deal (and i bet other teams think that too so they're waiting).

I expect very little to get done with the bigger names (of which Iguodala is one) rumored to be available until after the ASG - Gm's gather, deadline gets closer, teams have another couple weeks to assess team (Cavs think about guards, maybe Lebron (the rumored 'pusher of him') decides Jamison isn't that important)

I would agree...don't see us getting a young SG with promise, a nice expiring AND a top-10 pick.

I don't want to trade Iggy, but I would do that deal in a nanosecond.

Iverson is their best player

JohnEMagee reply to Terry on Feb 3 at 12:47

In what way?

The Clippers would never make that trade. The Clippers would be better off trading Marcus Camby for Caron Butler and just steering away from Iggy's contract. With a potential lock out in 2011; Caron Butler who is a very good SF, and whose contract expires in 2011, makes so much more sense...


is a potent starting five...

Marcus Camby isn't just an expiring contract, Camby is the expiring contract. A countless number of contenders would break their necks in order to acquire that very productive center whose seasoned with playoff experience and who could seasmlessy fit into practically any system. Did i mention he is also in the final year of his contract. If i were the Clippers, i would forget about Iggy and his cap hurting contract; and i would trade Camby and Thornton for assets, while going after a cheaper but still productive small forward like Ronnie Brewer

Sign me up for that Clippers deal!

We get rid of Lou, get another lottery pick, and get a two that is a better fit for the team? Wow! DEAL DEAL DEAL

I like Iggy but I don't think him and Thad will ever be able to co exist, his contract is bad, and we won't be contending anytime soon anyway so I'd kill for that deal.

I say no to Phoenix. I hate Amare. I think Iguodala is better than Amare honestly. If Amare ever learned how to play defense and rebound properly it'd be another story.

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