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Iverson Out, Minutes For Jrue?

Solid start to David Thorpe's chat:

Harry: David - who out of this year's rookie class do you see improving the most within the next couple of years?

David Thorpe: Jrue Holiday. Youngest kid in the NBA and very talented.

Of course, we have to give the disclaimer that Jrue was an IMG client, I believe.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Feb 3 at 12:06

Yeah, but we got the hoopsworld guy who worked directly with Jrue saying some nice things about him, and the other IMG guy pointing out that the biggest motivation for Speights to get better is his contract (which ain't a compliment to me)

Course I'm biased too - I want Jrue to be an All star

what does that mean Brian? what's IMG ? I don't get the reference, can you dumb that down for me, thx

Training academy for basketball in Florida where thorpe made his name - they work with a bunch of NBA players - hence this question later in the chat

Could you fix Iguodala's jump shot like you did with Corey Brewer?

David Thorpe (12:10 PM) Probably, but it takes more than one guy to help. Corey gets work in each day with his coaches in Minny.



Turns out it's not just basketball (didn't know that until today) but thorpe is the 'big name' at the basketball academy

he's also been known in the past to over hype guys he's worked with (Tyrus Thomas and Kevin Martin for instance) during his ESPN chats

JohnEMagee on Feb 3 at 12:05


Willie Green gets minutes because the sixers are 'lacking scoring' with Iverson out, plus Willie has veteranability that Jrue just lacks

John's famous:

John (Santa Barbara, CA): Do you suppose his recent stellar (limited minutes, coach is questionable) play has made Sam Dalembert attractive to a team that could use an athletic bigman on the defensive end? (Portland, Dallas, Sacramento)

David Thorpe: Yes, I think some teams value him more now than before, which always confuses me.

JohnEMagee on Feb 3 at 12:22

Three sixer related questions in an NBA chat on ESPN is some kind of record

Tom Moore on Feb 3 at 14:54

Believe Sixers are still willing to deal Dalembert, though the trade kicker makes it tougher. My sense is Iguodala has the best chance of being moved, though the Sixers need to get better offers than they're hearing now for it to happen.

The Sixers could kick in $3M which would cover the trade kicker, right? John has been asking this question for a while, not sure if we've answered it properly.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Feb 3 at 15:02

According to the Coon faq - if i understood it properly - it's around 3 million (and going down daily)...the question is would comcast kick in the 3 million :)

We all know Green will have Jrue's minutes tonight along w/ IA9 being in back court. Why, the coach just has a feeling.

I wish Eddie Jordan and Chris Matthews would use common sense and brains instead of tingling feelings.......

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