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AI3 Needs To Play the Willie Role

Yeah, I just don't get the point of winning. If we traded Iguodala and Brand for expiring contracts and Brian Scalabrine, and then just told Scal to chuck up threes the rest of the season, not only would I be happy, I'd enjoy watching the team, knowing that with each airball our chances of winning the lottery were growing. If you want to develop our talent that's one thing, but worrying about how to win games seems really counterproductive.

When I write posts like this, just read them as what not to do for your purposes.

Sounds like Brian wants this team to makes the playoffs and remain in mediocrity because it gives this team the best chance of keeping Igoudala...

Tray reply to Luther on Feb 7 at 17:38

No in fairness, he thinks keeping Iguodala gives the team the best chance of winning because he believes the chances of coming up with a great player in the draft are really low, but if we keep working on our Iguodala-centric defensive identity, we could be the only non-Pistons team to win a championship without a great scorer ever, that or Speights will develop into Amare Stoudemire. And yeah, it's true, any given draft is a crapshoot and some drafts lack even one franchise player. But I think your chances are better going that route than the current one.

But I agree with Brian that trading away Iguodala as a salary dump, while keeping Brand for another 3+ years is counterproductive to any plan.

At 26 Iguodala can be part of longer term rebuild. But they have to clear up enough resources to bring in more firepower to where Iguodala is not counted on the score or be the man.

If they miraculously unloaded Brand they would have enough cap space in 2011 to fit in another big contract superstar to be batman to Iguodala's robin.

Dannie Evans is a sensitive PUNK on Feb 7 at 17:26

At this point you have to wonder if Iverson ever does come back. It's amazing that they went streaking without him.

eddies' heady's on Feb 7 at 17:34

"The fact of the matter is that sometimes I just want to talk about basketball. Stuff we all watch on the court every night."

Sweet melody, sweet melody.....music to my ears!

eddies' heady's on Feb 7 at 17:40

As for a counter to your article above, I'll just re-post a comment I made during the second half of last night's game thread:

"Willie is playing good. If they are gonna sure-fire promise AI that he's got to start, I'd rather have Willie starting. He shoots just as well sometimes and he's a better defender."

JohnEMagee reply to eddies' heady's on Feb 7 at 18:11

For ever 'good' shooting night willie has, he has a bad one, he's not as consistent (fi you want to call it that) as Iverson, he can't draw fouls, he gets no respect from the refs, and being a better defender than Allen Iverson is like having an IQ higher than Forest Gumps...

Dannie Evans is a sensitive PUNK reply to JohnEMagee on Feb 7 at 18:14

Wasn't Gump a genius in a rain man sort of way??

Not by his IQ standards...no

eddies' heady's on Feb 7 at 18:15

Oh,... have I stated how much I have been missing articles like these this year and what a refresher it was!

And the real kicker - not once was he-who-not-be-named named.

The music gets louder....!!

I actually agree. I'm almost at the point where I'm going to refrain from post-game posts/articles. It's really draining the life out of this season.

I'd say there's a 50/50 chance the team goes back to Iverson isolation plays.

I think they are a better team without this style, but I don't necessarily think they were better at the beginning of the year before Iverson. It's still strange watching this team play, because I still haven't figured out what they are besides some mismatched pieces.

However, if this 4-game win streak has shown anything, it's that they really can play with some consistency. Namely, if the offense goes through Iguodala/Brand.

Also, I really like Thad coming off the bench. Rather than hitting some shots then getting lost on the court, he's coming out with energy and trying to utilize the reduced minutes he's been getting. It's really an eye-opener for a 21 year old.

deepsixersuede reply to Jeff on Feb 7 at 22:55

I thought that was the best small forwardish game Thad has played all year, showed a lot of different ball handling skills and used both hands. Could Iverson shock us all and tell his coach he will come off the bench so he doesn!t mess up the streak?

I've actually seen a significant (not enough, but a good start) improvement in Thad's right hand as the year's gone on. A lot of work still to go, but gives me hope of what he'll be like in his prime.

eddies' heady's reply to Derek Bodner on Feb 7 at 23:26

Does anybody remember that play last night where Thad faked hard to his left and crossed back over to his right straight down the middle of the lane and threw it down for a monster dunk?

Not sure what quarter it was, but it was hard to forget the move. He showed trememdous improvement in his handle on this move.

Rich reply to Derek Bodner on Feb 8 at 1:11

He still shuffles the feet on a catch once a game though. I would say he's done it a little less lately, but it's always jabbing left and pulling the ball through to his right hand. I wish he would just learn how to put the ball down on the floor in the motion of swiping it through. That drives me crazy.

eddies' heady's on Feb 7 at 23:55

I love the guy to death...but AI isn't coming back this week to disrupt this newfound chemistry, is he?


They have been running whatever version they are familiar with of the Princetion offense very smoothly and crisply in his absence. It has been creating open looks and favorable isolations.

Iverson will not play tomorrow.

Good article, that's my favorite part of the game, X's and O's. I totally agree with this. I think part of the reason Iverson has been better is that he's a little more "aggressive" with his mid-range game than Willie does. For some reason, Willie loves shooting 20 foot jumpers. Maybe it's the arc of his shot, maybe it's his form, I don't know. For some reason he loves the 20 foot jumper, the most useless shot in basketball. Iverson on the other hand kind of tries to cheat to get a 14 footer when he could have settled for an 18 footer. His form is so much better now too, and I'm really impressed. I'm really down on Lou right now, and as far as watching him on the court, he's not a good fit. His stats aren't as bad as they should be because he's hunting for them. No way he loses any minutes to AI, but he would lose a lot of them if I were coaching. He's not playing team basketball, which AI is.

On another note, I can't wait for the deadline to pass, whatever happens. I'm sick of trade rumors and all that because for the most part, it's all smoke and mirrors. Don't get me wrong, it fascinates the hell out of me, but it's pretty draining.

I hear ya, it's draining for me too. Imagine what it's like for Iguodala.

Great post. Really great post...except for the title...

Jesse reply to Jesse on Feb 8 at 1:46

Please never have Allen Iverson and Willie Green in the same sentence. I get your point, but it's too painful to read.

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