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The Sixth Ten

Mike P. on Feb 8 at 8:45


The Sixers are so good they will break the laws of physics and get 9 extra wins. BY THE POWER OF EDDIE JORDAN! THEY HAVE THE POWEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRR!!!

MylesKong on Feb 8 at 9:00

After winning 6 straight the Sixers choose to stand pat at the trade deadline. Truly playing inspired basketball for the first time this season they go on to win 5 more games before lossing three in a row that started with a loss in LA on the tail end of a west coast swing.

Dannie Evans is a sensitive PUNK on Feb 8 at 9:32

They did the same thing last season, fooling that goofball Stefanski with a hollow winning streak that made him think it was wise not to deal Miller away even though he had no plans of resigning him in the off season. Stefanski is a fools fool.

I voted 6-4 last time. I just did it again. We are in the midst of the annual mid to late season Sixers run.

Tom Moore on Feb 8 at 14:01

Jordan was asked if Iverson starts when he comes back. "That's a topic we have to discuss," Jordan said.

Later, Jordan said, "That's for discussion when he comes. We're going to talk about that as a staff. We've had some of those discussions. We'll cross that bridge when we cross that bridge."

Tom Moore on Feb 8 at 14:02

Iverson is again listed as a game-time decision for Tuesday vs. Minnesota (wasn't at Monday's practice).

Tom Moore on Feb 8 at 14:16
MylesKong on Feb 8 at 14:37

I think it's over for the little big guy.
Hope his kid's alright. I'm glad he was able to stop through and drop some gems on the kids. Glad Thad and Jrue got a chance to be around him.

Now, time for the playoff push!

Sorry guys I enjoy winning too much. I can't condone losing especially when at the end it's going to come down to winning(the lottery) to make a change anyways.

Tom Moore on Feb 8 at 15:13

Oops, I almost forgot: Lou Williams missed Monday's practice with a sinus infection.


I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the economics of the blow it up option.

Say they can move Iggy and Brand for expirings. Then they move Sam for an expiring. What does that mean for the cap this summer and next summer?

When do we become major free agency players again?

If we can move all three of those contracts, we would have to do it. Nuclear is the only way to go. And we would end up with a couple top 5 picks. We are already bad. I could handle being awful for the rest of this year and next year, assuming Jrue, Thad, Speights get 38 minutes a night. Add two top 5 picks to that core, plus a big free agent?? I think you have to roll the dice on that. Otherwise, we will keep winning enough this year to probably make the playoffs. We will end up with Eddie Jordan again and the 8th seed again.

Big Ed, if you are going to blow it up. Blow it to high heaven. If you are going to move Iggy, Brand has to come with. Not Sammy. I think you could move Sammy on his own. Crazy huh.

btw--i am going to the game tomorrow. We gotta get some depressed fan gear so we can spot one another. I'm the guy in 112 screaming at Eddie Jordan the whole game while my wife hides her face in embarrassment.

JohnEMagee reply to CSTH on Feb 8 at 16:06

Not Sammy. I think you could move Sammy on his own.

The sixers have reportedly been shoping Sam Dalembert for close to a year now, upon Sam's own request, and he's still here.

I'm not sure why people think GM's are going to forget the past several years because of a couple good weeks/month...plus rightly or wrongly it's a 'bad contract' around the league.

f the sixers could have moved sam on his own - they probably would have long ago

This is worth a quick post. Check back in 20 minutes.

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